Tuesday Y&R Update 10/12/10

The Y&R Update Tuesday 10/12/10--Canada; Wednesday 10/13/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

At the Ranch, Victor finishes up a phone call, telling the person he'll handle things himself, when Meggie walks downstairs. She has a small trash can full of empty liquor bottles, that she gathered from around the house over the last two weeks. She tells him that she told Nikki about the missing alcohol, and Nikki said not to worry about it, but she thought Nikki was so distracted, that she should tell Victor as well. He thanks, her, and sends her out of the room, then wonders where Nikki could be. He makes another phone call.

A confused Nikki is awakened by her cellphone ringing. She looks around, and finds herself on top of a strange bed, with a mostly empty bottle of vodka, and a picture of a young boy on the nightstand. Deacon walks in, saying he was in the bathroom, and asks her if her phone is ringing again. Nikki tries to get her bearings, and stumbles around the room, calling it a dump. Deacon tells her that he lives there, and that it has all the things a drunk needs. Nikki is upset, saying Victor would never marry her if he saw her in that state. Deacon suggests Nikki call her sponsor, when her phone rings again. Nikki sees that it's Victor, and panics, saying she can't talk to him now. Deacon tells her to just shut the phone off. He pulls out his 30 day sober chip, and talks about how many times he's earned it and lost it. Nikki asks about the longest time he's gone without a drink, and he tells her three years, eight months, and seventeen days. Nikki says she'd been sober for seventeen years, and was so proud of reaching that point. Nikki asks why Deacon relapsed, and he talks about how his life isn't what he hoped it would be. He wanted a respectable job, and a wife, and kids, but instead he's surrounded by alcohol all the time, is on parole, and has no relationship with his children. He says his daughter is an adult, who probably never thinks of him, and he's not allowed to see his son because of parole. Nikki says that she's failed her family many times, and they always remind her when she's messed up. Deacon holds up a glass of alcohol, and says that it seems to take the pain away. Nikki agrees that it does; for a while, and gets her own glass, and drinks it while Deacon watches.

At Gloworm, Gloria escorts a stocky man in a suit to a table, and tries to chat with him about the expensive car he was driving. He tells her he doesn't need a table, but is there to discuss business with 'Mr. Bardwell.' Gloria wants to know what's going on, but Jeffrey walks up, and sends her to tend bar. Once they're alone, the man tells Jeffrey that he's unable to reach Kevin, and that he and Jeffrey are late with dropping off the money. Jeff tries to keep the mood light, and says he's waiting to collect from another gambler, and that the money will be there soon. The man doesn't want to hear any excuses. Jeff's last drop off was short some cash, and he tells Jeff that he expects him to make up the difference, with interest, and drop off the rest of the money tonight. The man leaves. Jeff calls Kevin, and tells him that they are both going to be in trouble if Kevin doesn't deliver the money to Hogan tonight. Kevin, who's in his apartment with a young blonde woman, says he can't because he's on a date, but Jeff insists.

Kevin hangs up, and sits on the couch with his date. They start to cuddle and kiss, when Chloe walks in on them. She turns to go, but they invite her to stay, and watch the movie. Chloe, Kevin and his date watch the movie, and when Kevin and his date start getting close, an uncomfortable Chloe gets up to get something from another room. Kevin gets a text letting him know that the package is ready for him to pick up and deliver, but he ignores it. The movie ends, and Chloe comes back in, and says she thought it was too gory. Kevin reminds Chloe that she likes that kind of movie. Kevin suggests they watch another, but his date says she has to go. They walk to the door, and share a passionate kiss goodbye, while Chloe watches, smiling. Kevin is pleased with himself, afterward, and asks Chloe if she'd like to watch Goodfellas, or Heat.

At the Club, Diane goes back to Tucker, and explains that she wanted to check on her son, who's with a sitter. He says it's okay, as he's there to meet someone. They talk about her architectural firm, and Tucker has seen her work, and is impressed. He asks how she went from model to architect, and she says that she grew up after having her son. She shows him a picture of Kyle, and explains that she's in town so he can see his father. Diane says she remembers reading that he was Katherine's illegitimate son, then apologizes. Tucker says it's okay, and that he and Kay aren't close. He then tells Diane about Murphy being in the hospital, and Diane says she's sorry to hear it. Ashley walks up, and greets Diane, but it's clear that they're not happy to see one another. Tucker didn't realize they knew each other, but Diane says that they do know each other quite well.

Ashley and Tucker kiss, and Diane realizes that they're a couple, and asks how long. Tucker starts to answer, but Ashley says 'awhile.' Ashley asks how long Diane is staying, and receives the same answer in response. As Diane and Ashley talk, Tucker asks if they know each other through Jabot, and then he hears that Jack is Kyle's father. Ashley takes a jab about Diane moving away with Kyle, and Tucker asks if Ashley means Diane's move to Canada. Diane tells Ashley that she and Tucker have gotten to know each other.

Skye and Adam are in their room, and she's dressed up, and ready to make another public appearance, to convince people that their marriage is real. She tells Adam to get ready, but he's lounging around, and doesn't want to go. She thinks they need to be seen some place nicer than the festival, but Adam says he held her hand, and gave away some money, and thinks that's enough. She sits on his lap, and tries kissing him, to convince him, but he pushes her away, and says he's not interested. She begins to complain that she thought he was over saving himself for Sharon, and he grabs his jacket and leaves. She yells after him that he's pathetic, and tells him to go to Sharon and get rejected again.

At the Gloworm, Jack and Phyllis have a date, since Summer is with Nick. He's checking his stocks, and she gets him to focus on her, then asks when he and Victor are going to bring down Skye and Adam's hedge fund. She's looking forward to it, and offers to help. He tells her it might not be necessary. Jack pulls out a USB device and says it's going to make Adam wish he was still dead. Jack plans to connect it to Skye's computer, and use it to spy on her, and find out which stocks the Newman Fund is trading. Jack and Victor will then know which stocks to bet against, and when to pull their investment out of the fund. Phyllis loves the idea. Jack says they need to figure out a way to get into Skye and Adam's room to plant the bug, when Phyllis spots Adam, who's just walked in. They walk over to him, at the bar and ask about Skye. Adam says Skye's out of town, and says that she and Jack are so close, that he's surprised he didn't know. Jack says he'll have to find another way to amuse himself.

Jack and Phyllis walk way, and Jack says that with Adam at Gloworm, and Skye out of town, this is the perfect time to plant the bug. Phyllis slaps Jack across the face, then winks at him, to let him know she's not serious. They stage a loud argument for Adam's benefit, with Phyllis pretending to be angry about Jack saying he'd need to find other entertainment with Skye out of town. Jack says he's sorry he got involved with Phyllis again, and storms off.

At the Club, Jack steals a key card off a cleaning cart that's outside Skye and Adam's room, and uses it to break in. He sits down at the computer and quickly begins trying to figure out the password. Skye, who was in another part of the apartment, catches Jack by surprise. She smiles, and tells him the password. Jack covers, and says he was trying to find out which stocks the Newman Fund was purchasing in, in order to ease the fears of some of his nervous friends who invested. Skye asks why he didn't come to her for the information, then pulls it up for him. She asks if he's tired of Phyllis and is there to see her, instead. Jack claims he and Phyllis have some issues to work out, and Skye points out that she and Jack don't have issues, only a physical relationship. She pushes him into a chair, and begins kissing him.

Phyllis goes back to the bar, and sits with Adam, who's looking through his pockets for his wallet. She tells him not to close out his tab, but he doesn't see why he'd by a drink for someone who hates him. Phyllis keeps him from leaving, telling him that they're two people in a bar, and that it doesn't have to be black and white. Adam tells her to tell that to Jack, then makes a snide comment about how quickly their relationship fell apart. Phyllis says the same thing happened to him and Skye, then asks him what the two of them were arguing about at the Harvest Festival. Adam thinks she's looking for a new cover story, and wants no parts of it. Phyllis asks if he'd change his mind, if she let him tell his side of the story, the way Jill did. Adam says he's sick of Phyllis' games, and pays his bill, and leaves. After he's gone, Phyllis texts Jack to warn him that Adam is on his way back.

Adam walks into the Club, with Phyllis running behind him. She stalls him, by coming onto him, reminding him that he was attracted to her when he first came to town. Adam isn't buying it, and points out that she spent the past year trying to ruin him. Phyllis says that if the two of them slept together, it would bother Nick. As she leans in close to him, Diane notices the two of of them. Diane goes to say goodbye to Tucker and Ashley, then makes her way over to Phyllis and Adam. She introduces herself to Adam, and says that the two of them are are notorious, and black sheep in Victor's eyes, and suggests they get together sometime to compare notes. Diane then tells Phyllis that she's glad to see that she and Jack aren't in an exclusive relationship. Phyllis says that she never said they were, and tries to get Diane to leave. Diane asks Phyllis to let Jack know that Kyle had a great time with him, and is looking forward to seeing him again, and she leaves. Adam grins at Phyllis and starts to touch her. He invites her upstairs, but she suggests they leave and go to her place. Adam asks why they need to go across town, then whispers to her that he knows she's lying. He turns, and goes upstairs. Phyllis frantically tries to call Jack again.

Jack and Skye are making out, when he hears his phone ringing. He tries to get it, but she won't stop kissing him, and they end up on the bed.

Adam reaches his room, and Phyllis rushes up, and pulls him into a deep kiss, as he opens the door. The door swings open, and and reveals them to Skye and Jack, who are partially undressed. Phyllis and Jack make a quick exit, without saying anything. Adam asks Skye what happened to them pretending to be a power couple, and she tells him about catching Jack trying to break into their computer. Adam is shocked, and wonders what Jack and Phyllis are up to.

Downstairs at the club, Jack and Phyllis joke about what happened with Skye and Adam. Phyllis says she's going to wash her mouth out after kissing Adam, and tells Jack she'd have done anything to keep him from getting caught. They share a passionate kiss. She asks if he planted the bug, and Jack says that he did, and now he and Victor have to wait for the right moment to strike.

Meggie comes downstairs, and tells Victor she's leaving for the evening. She thanks him for helping her out with a place to stay, and he thanks her for being there to help Nikki out. Victor asks if Meggie knows what Nikki's plans were for the night, and she tells him that Nikki often goes to Gloworm to visit friends. Victor wonders who she could be going there to see, but Meggie claims not to know, and leaves. He tries calling Nikki again.

Nikki is distraught, that she's fallen back into her old pattern of sneaking around, and wonders what to do, when she sees that Victor is calling her. Deacon offers to call her a cab, and tells her that the two of them have to promise to be there for each other, because they're the only ones who understand what it's like.

Deacon goes back to Gloworm, to finish his shift, and Jeff tells him off for being gone so long. Gloria steps in, and says it's been a slow night, so it doesn't matter. Victor arrives, and asks if they've seen Nikki. Deacon says he has, but she left awhile ago. Victor asks who Nikki was with, and what she had to drink. Deacon tells him that she was alone, and always drinks a club soda. Diane walks in, and tries to talk to Victor, but he leaves the restaurant. Diane asks Deacon what's going on with Victor, and he tells her that Nikki is nowhere to be found. Deacon tries to get Diane to tell him what the fight she and Nikki had was about, and she asks why he's so interested. He says he's not, but has noticed Nikki there a lot, lately.

Jeffrey stuffs money into a gift bag behind the bar, and is cornered by Gloria. She asks what he bought her this time. She flirts with him, then walks away. Once she's gone, Jeff calls Kevin again.

Kevin and Chloe are at their apartment chatting about his date, Allison. Chloe thinks that he and Allison made a cute couple. Kevin's phone vibrates again, and Chloe asks why he's getting so many calls. Kevin covers, saying he has a bunch of girls calling, and when Chloe questions him, saying it's not like him to be dating a lot of girls at once, he goes into his room. His phone rings again, and Chloe sneaks over and picks it up. She notices that all the calls are from blocked phone numbers and wonders why. She then starts to read the texts about packages Kevin is supposed to deliver, and the one Jeff sent to Kevin having him pick up a gift for Gloria from Fenmores. The texts are all vague, and Chloe believes that they are really from different women. Chloe puts the phone down, when Kevin walks in, and and tells her that he's leaving for awhile. He walks out, and Chloe gets the phone again, and finds a text from an unblocked number. The text says “I think you have a gift for me. Let's get together.” She calls the number, and a man answers, and asks if it's Kevin. Chloe is surprised, and hangs up, without saying anything. Kevin comes back to get his phone, and leaves. Chloe picks up a 'Playboy' type men's magazine off the counter and looks at it, suspiciously.

Nikki is in her living room, using a breath freshener to cover the scent of the alcohol, when Victor walks in. He begins to interrogate her, asking where she was, and why she didn't answer her phone. Nikki asks him what he thinks she's done. Nikki is offended when Victor asks if she's been drinking, but he tells her to just answer the question. Nikki says that she hasn't, and asks why he'd think that. Victor thought that it would be natural for her to drink because she's under so much stress. Nikki is adamant that she hasn't, and asks if he believes her. Victor asks if she's wanted to drink, and Nikki says as an alcoholic, she has to take things one day at a time, but wouldn't throw away her progress. Nikki changes the subject to their wedding, and asks how soon they can go, to get eloped. Victor tells her that he wants to put it on hold for the time being, because there's a lot going on with Victoria's marriage, and Murphy in the hospital. Nikki persists, saying they'd only be gone a day or two, but Victor doesn't want to discuss it. He gives her a quick kiss, and goes upstairs. Dejected, Nikki stares at the liquor bottles when her phone rings. It's Deacon, checking to see that she made it home safely. Nikki tells him her life is falling apart, and says she can't talk right now. Deacon reminds her about their pact to lean on each other, and how they both poured out their alcohol. Nikki thanks him and hangs up. Deacon smiles at Meggie, who's at the table with him. He tells her that they're making progress.

Diane goes to her hotel room, and pays Kyle's sitter. She asks what he thinks of Genoa City, and he says he likes it there. Diane tells him that they're going to stay for awhile, and that she is going to find a school to enroll him in. She says that there are too many opportunities in town for her to pass up.

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