Monday Y&R Update 10/4/10

The Y&R Update Monday 10/4/10--Canada; Tuesday 10/5/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Nikki slowly stumbles down the stairs at the ranch, and looks at the decanter of alcohol. She has a flashback of drinking at Gloworm, and goes to sit on the couch. Meggie comes in, and pretends to think that Nikki has food poisoning, and suggests calling the restaurant. Nikki says she just needs a cup of tea.

Nikki and Meggie sip their tea, as Meggie tells Nikki that she's probably dehydrated. Nikki, who seems out of it, and is speaking very slowly, says that there's more going on, and that the stress is making her second guess herself. Meggie brings up Victoria and Abby and says that they're tough to take on their father, and that Nikki wants to protect everyone, but she's no good to her family if she doesn't take care of herself.

Victor talks to Katherine and Murphy at the Harvest Festival. Murphy is collecting the proceeds from pony rides for the Veterans Association, and Victor says he has a donation that his assistant will drop off later. Murphy goes to take a donation from another person, leaving Victor and Kay together. Kay tells Victor that she's worried about him and Nikki. Victor tells her that everything is fine. Kay brings up Abby and Victoria's lawsuits, but Victor says he's sure that Jack, not Abby, is the one who came up with the plan to sue him. Kay says she doesn't think Jack would do that to another niece, after what happened to Colleen. Victor thinks Jack would continue to use every family member he had left. Victor says all this started right after Tucker made Jack co CEO of Jabot, and that Victoria joined the lawsuit right after she married Billy Abbot. He says that he doesn't think this is all a coincidence. Kay says that's no proof of a conspiracy; she thinks that Victor's daughters simply want their independence. Victor says Victoria wants revenge, and Abby is throwing a tantrum, but this plays into what Jack wants. He says to trust him, because he's right.

Jack, Phyllis, Adam, Skye, Sharon and Nick have all run into each other, by chance, at the Harvest Festival. Summer yells out 'Daddy!' and rushes over to Nick. Phyllis stares in Nick, Sharon, and Summer's direction, and Jack asks if she's okay. Phyllis asks if he means because Nick and Sharon, and says she's fine. She puts her arm around Jack, and they kiss. Skye and Adam watch, as Adam tells Skye that it has to hurt to see that. Through a forced smile, Skye says the only thing that hurts is the damage that Phyllis and Jack caused to the Newman Fund with the article.

Nick asks Summer if she'd like to get her face painted, and Phyllis talks about how fun that will be. Jack says it's a good day to throw darts, and Skye says rigged games are always fun, then tries to take a picture of Phyllis and Jack on her camera phone. Phyllis grabs Skye's arm, and Adam steps between them and puts his hands up to part them, and in doing so, brushes Phyllis's arm. Nick tells Adam to get his hands off of Phyllis. Nick says that the kids are there to have a good time. Jack decides to remove Summer from the tension, and takes her off to play another game. Nick suggests that Adam and Skye go in another direction. Skye takes a shot at Restless Style, saying it's probably being used to line the chicken coops, and tells Phyllis that the article was libelous. Phyllis tells Skye that the article was true, and tells her she got played, and to suck it up. She then walks away. Sharon tells Skye and Adam that she thinks they can plan things so that they won't run into each other anymore. Nick and Adam have words, in which Adam claims Nick is running away, and Nick says he doesn't need to because Adam is nothing. Nick says that the article is going to ruin Adam and Skye. Nick and Sharon leave, and Skye calls Adam pathetic. Adam asks what she was doing taking a picture of Phyllis and Jack, and Skye says she plans to post it anonymously to show that they're a couple, to discredit the article. Adam doesn't think anyone cares, but Skye says potential investors care. Skye asks if that's not why they're at the festival; to make people believe they're in love, or did Adam drag her there so he could see Sharon.

Adam tells Skye to let him worry about cleaning up their image, and walks away.

Summer and Jack run into Nick, and Nick thanks Jack for removing Summer during the argument. Nick brings up the article, then tells Jack that he's been busy. Jack says what can he say – they all love cotton candy. Nick says it might be more than a sweet tooth. Phyllis walks up and changes the subject to something more appropriate for Summer. Sharon joins the group, with Faith, and says the baby is hungry. As Nick and Sharon talk about what to feed Faith, Adam and Skye arrive, and Adam asks for the attention of all the festival attendees. He says his name is Adam Newman, and he has an announcement to make. He says that he wasn't raised in Genoa City, but loves it like it was his hometown.

Adam presents a large check to Murphy for the Veteran's Fund. Everyone applauds, as Murphy and Adam shake hands, and Murphy walks away. Skye encourages everyone else to donate as well. Phyllis takes Summer away, and Sharon talks to Faith, while Adam watches them. Skye takes Adam by the arm, and leads him away, telling him that he can't stop staring at his ex. She tells Adam that they're leaving. Adam tells Skye that he told her that she was going to stop ordering him around. Skye tells Adam that the article was about him and Sharon too, and he's making himself look like a moron, by staring at his ex all the time, and that it undermines the business. Adam puts his hands around Skye's shoulder, and grabs the back of her neck. He reminds her that he told her he might snap, if she keeps pushing him, then she'll never be able to push anyone again. Adam lets her go, and walks away. Skye begins massaging her neck, as Phyllis turns, and watches.

Sharon is alone with Faith at a pie stand, when Jack walks up to her. She's surprised he's with Phyllis, and asks about what was going on with Skye. Jack says things happen, and asks if she's with Nick. Sharon says she and Nick are there with Faith. Jack says with him being with Phyllis, and her being with Nick, it's like a time warp, as if none of the past few years happened. Sharon rubs Faith's back, and says they definitely happened. Jack jokes that he, Phyllis, Nick and Sharon should go in together and buy a magazine, as Sharon laughs.

Phyllis is texting on her phone, when Nick walks over, and asks if she's writing about Adam giving a check to Murphy. Phyllis says she overheard Adam tell Skye that he might snap, and is telling Billy about it. Nick heard Adam tell Skye something similar recently. Phyllis says Skye is a con-artist and Adam is crazy, and who knows what he's capable of. Nick and Phyllis wonder who'll be hurt if Adam loses control. Phyllis and Nick stare at each other for a second, then Nick says it almost seems normal between them, and he thinks it might be a sign that the worst is over. Phyllis asks if they're that enlightened?

Nick asks if Phyllis is okay with him taking Summer for the night, and Phyllis asks if he thought she was going to punish him for being with Sharon. Nick says he knows it was awkward. She says she's not surprised to see them together, and tells Nick that Summer can spend the night with him. Phyllis walks away, and comes face to face with Sharon and Faith. Phyllis tries to make small talk about the festival, but Sharon says she knows it's awkward. Phyllis tells Sharon that she and Nick share a brain. Sharon says that she and Phyllis share a common enemy, and Phyllis asks if she means Adam. Phyllis tells Sharon that if Adam is really her enemy, she should stop staring at him all the time. Sharon asks why Phyllis spends so much time obsessing over what Sharon does, if she hates her so much. Sharon tells Phyllis that she has changed, a bit, by learning to share – she says she's with Jack, who's sleeping with Adam's wife. Sharon says she guesses that counts as emotional growth, then smirks, and walks away.

Phyllis goes to the pie stand, and grabs a pie, as Jack walks up with Summer. He takes the pie away, and talks about buying it. Phyllis says she wasn't really going to throw it, because Sharon was holding a baby. Jack buys the pie, as Phyllis tells Summer that she's going to be going to her father's for a sleep over.

JT and Mac arrive at the Athletic Club. Mac asks if he's sure about what he's about to do. JT says he thought Mac was okay with him going to work for the police department, and she says she is, but this is a big step. JT is sure, this is what he wants. Mac kisses him, and tells him she'll wait for him. She has a seat at the bar, while JT meets Tucker at a table. JT hands Tucker his resignation, and tells him he's leaving McCall Unlimited. Tucker asks if this has anything to do with him asking JT to spy on the Newmans, and JT says it does. JT lets Tucker know that he plans to work at the GCPD as a consultant, to help clean things up. Tucker tells JT that he's glad to hear it, because the GCPD could use someone like him, with brains and a heart. Tucker tells JT that he made the relocation of McCall ULTD to Genoa City very easy, and that he won't forget that. JT says he appreciates it, and brings up giving a notice. Tucker says not to worry about it, and that he'll put Cane on JT's projects until he can find a permanent replacement. Tucker says the sooner JT is working with the police, the safer the city will be. Tucker and JT shake hands, as Mac, who's watching, smiles.

Cane is at his home on the phone, trying to find out who shipped the steaks to Lily. Lily walks through, pushing the twins' stroller, and he ends the call, and slips the DVD of Lily, into his bag. Lily tells him that she's taking the babies to the Harvest Festival. Cane tries to get her to stay home, telling him that it's cold out. Lily disagrees, and asks if there's another reason he doesn't want her to leave. Cane says it's not that, but just 'new dad paranoia.' He says he worries about keeping the kids safe, and suggests they take some family time, and go rent a cottage. Lily would love to, but can't because this is the anniversary of Colleen's death, and she has to call Tracy and Billy. Cane forgot, and apologizes, then tells Lily that she can make her calls now, while the babies are sleeping, and he'll go pick up some food. Cane leaves, and places a call to JT, telling him that he really needs his help

JT and Cane meet up at the coffeehouse, and Cane shows JT the DVD, and tells him about the steaks. Cane says he dealt with these people in Australia, but thought they would have lost interest by now. Cane says this is clearly a threat, and JT agrees, but says they haven't done anything illegal yet, so the cops can't get involved. JT says this is a job for private security, and offers to set Cane up with someone. Cane asks how he's supposed to explain the security to Lily, and JT says that Cane has to come clean, and tell Lily everything. JT says Cane has already lied about who he is, and who his family is, and shouldn't tell any more lies. JT says Cane has to be honest soon, because Lily deserves to know what's going on. Cane asks how he's supposed to tell Lily she's being watched, and says he can protect her. JT asks what happens when Cane is at work, but he says Lily is his only priority. Cane asks JT not to say anything, and says he wants Lily to be able to enjoy her life for awhile, without worrying.

Mac and Lily are at Lily's home. They talk about Mac's pregnancy, and Mac says she's more tired carrying one baby, than she was when she was pregnant with Lily's twins. Lily talks about Cane's odd behavior, not wanting to leave the house one moment, then wanting to take a vacation, the next. Lily says she gets the feeling that there's something else going on. Mac suggests that Cane wanted to rent a cabin because it might be easier for Lily to deal with Colleen's death in calm surroundings. Lily still isn't sure. Mac tells Lily that as Cane's wife, she knows him more than anyone, and if she thinks something is wrong, it probably is. Mac thinks Lily should go on the vacation, where there are no distractions, to figure things out. Lily says it's probably nothing, but Mac thinks the time away would be good for Lily's family, regardless.

Kay walks up to Murphy's booth, and they talk about Victor. Kay says she's worried about him. Kay and Murphy then tease each other about Murphy's love for the festival atmosphere, and Murphy points out that he also loves their bedroom. Kay says she has to leave, because she's still concerned about Victor, and Murphy asks her to pencil some time in for the two of them. They kiss goodbye, and Kay leaves, saying she'll be back.

Victor arrives at the Ranch, and sends Meggie off with a check for Kay. He asks Nikki how she's feeling, and she says she's better, and apologizes for worrying him. Victor says he was worried, especially when Nikki asked to sleep alone. Nikki apologizes again, and stands, but gets dizzy. She says she shouldn't have come downstairs. Victor tells her that they need to talk. Victor says there hasn't been any peace lately, and he's worried because he feels like she's pulling away. Nikki starts to cry and says everything is falling apart. Victor holds her. Nikki tells Victor that he's the greatest love of her life, and she doesn't want to shut him out, after all they've been through, to get to where they are. She talks about going with him to the clinic in Belgium, and watching him get stronger, and seeing his new heart working. Nikki says that his heart was open, then, but now he's back to his old vendettas. Nikki asks where that leaves her. She starts to cry again, but Victor tells her that they have each other, and kisses her forehead. Nikki says everything is different now. Victor promises to fix whatever has happened, and says he doesn't want to lose her. Nikki says she doesn't want to lose him either.

Kay walks into the club and over to Tucker, who's still at his table. She asks if he's behind the lawsuit against Victor, but Tucker tells Kay he has his own company, and half of hers. Kay says that's not an answer, and Tucker says everyone knows he wants Beauty of Nature, but that Victor's daughters are adults, and didn't come to him for advice. Kay tells Tucker that Victor thinks Jack is behind it, and points out that Jack is works for him. Kay says it would be wrong to pit child against parent, and family against family for a few dollars. Tucker says there are more than a few dollars on the line, and besides, it's not his family. Kay corrects him and says it does involve his family. She calls him 'son' and tells him that if she finds out he's involved, she's not going to back him, but will instead stand behind Victor, and that things will get ugly for their family, and their company.

Meggie arrives at Murphy's booth, with the check. Murphy, who has his back to her, tells Meggie that he's Kay's husband, and to leave it with him. Murphy turns around, and he and Meggie stare at each other in shock. She throws the check and runs off, with Murphy angrily yelling at her to come back, as he runs after her.

Victor tells Nikki that he and Murphy got disconnected, and says he probably wanted to talk about the check. Victor wants to continue the conversation that he and Nikki were having, and tells her it breaks his heart to fight with their kids, but he will fix things. Victor says he and Nikki have been through hell and back, but they've always come back, and will again. He asks Nikki if she believes him, and she smiles and says she does. They hug and kiss.

Mac and JT are at Crimson Lights, and she asks him how things went, working for the cops, instead of blocking corporate espionage. JT says it was frustrating, and he wishes he could do more, but it's better than not having a job. He looks back on his life a year ago, when he was working for Tucker, and things were falling apart with Victoria, and Colleen died. JT says the job with Tucker was supposed to give him independence, but it was a waste. Mac disagrees, and says it was a journey, that led him here. JT says the steps led them to her, and Mac places his hand on her stomach, and says 'to us, and we're glad you're here.' They kiss.

Cane arrives home to find Lily packing for the trip to the cottage. He's glad she changed her mind, and puts his bag, which contains the DVD, down on the couch, and goes to pack a bag for the babies. Lily takes the suitcase, and Cane's bag outside.

Jack and Phyllis return to her home, with him carrying the pie. Phyllis says he bought it to mock her, and Jack says she was worked up. Phyllis says she still is, and Jack says he's glad to hear it. They kiss.

Adam and Skye go back to their room, and Skye talks about Nick and Sharon playing the perfect family. She asks Adam if that's what he wants, or if he wants the money and power that their relationship can bring. She touches Adam's shoulder, and he stares at her, then tosses her onto the bed, then climbs on top over her, and they kiss.

Nick wins two prizes at the Festival, and gives one to Summer, and one to Sharon for Faith. Kay comes up to them, and asks if they've seen Murphy, and that she can't find him anywhere.

Murphy is in his car, trying to catch his breath. He says Meggie got away, and says he has to warn Victor. Murphy gets Victor on the phone, and tells him they have to talk, but before he can finish the conversation, Meggie gets into the passenger seat, takes the phone, and throws it outside. Murphy tells her to stay away from him, but she tells Murphy he won't be warning anyone. Murphy says he won't let 'it' happen again, and tries to get out of the car, saying he's going to tell Victor and Nikki who their assistant really is. Meggie says no he won't and grabs him. Murphy gets chest pains, and pulls out a bottle of pills, but Meggie takes them from him. Murphy weakly begs for her to give them back, as she snickers at him.

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