Friday Y&R Update 9/24/10

The Y&R Update Friday 9/24/10--Canada; Monday 9/27/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

Nikki is at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting listening to Deacon talk about his struggles being an alcoholic while working as a bartender. He's thirty days sober, after restarting the process, several times, and is taking it day by day, but is having success due to the program. Later, Deacon is sitting next to Nikki as another person finishes telling their story to the group. Everyone stands and joins hands for the closing prayer. Deacon looks at Nikki as he recites the prayer, and she seems to be uncomfortable. After the prayer is over, Nikki's leaving when Deacon comes up to her. He knew she was in recovery, but not that she was an alcoholic. Nikki tells him it's called Alcoholic's Anonymous for a reason. Deacon thought they could help each other, but Nikki tells him she wants nothing to do with him, after what he did to Victoria. She pushes past him and leaves.

Victor is at home, leaving Nikki a voicemail. He apologizes for missing their lunch date, and tells her he had to go stop Billy from publishing the magazine cover featuring Skye, and lets her know it went badly.

Billy walks into his office, excited about having made plans for the cover, and telling Victoria that Skye is currently at the photo-shoot, when he finds Victoria suffering from stomach cramps. He asks if it's the baby, and she doesn't know, but the pain is coming from that area. Billy is worried, and Victoria tells him it could be nothing, but she wants him to get her phone just in case. He gives her the phone, and she calls her doctor.

Next, we see Victoria in a doctor's exam table, holding her stomach, with Billy pacing the room. Billy is complaining about the doctor making them wait, and Victoria reminds him that they didn't have an appointment, and he apologizes. Victoria says that she's starting to feel better. The doctor comes in and mentions that Victoria was seven weeks pregnant, with no prior complications. Victoria knows from past experience that the cramps could be a sign of a miscarriage, but the doctor tells her that they won't know anything until she gets an ultrasound. He goes to get the machine. Billy assures her that things are going to be fine, and he takes her hand. Victoria says this isn't what she thought her first ultrasound would be like. The doctor comes in and starts the procedure, as Victoria and Billy look on expectantly. He says that fetuses at this stage can often be hidden, and after spending some time looking, Victoria tells the doctor she remembers, but that at this point last time, he'd found Reed. The doctor locates the fetus, but tells them that there's no heartbeat. A crestfallen Billy asks if there's something the doctor needs to do now, and Victoria, who's trying to hold it together, tells him that the doctor will do a D & C, and that it's routine. The doctor says he'll schedule the procedure for tomorrow, and leaves the room. Billy asks Victoria if she needs anything, and with tears in her eyes, she asks to go home.

Billy's things are strewn around the living room, and Victoria comes in, says the house is a mess, and starts picking them up. Billy apologizes; he thought the house looked okay. He wants to know if she's having second thoughts about the two of them living together. She says she isn't, and asks if he is. Billy says no, but he's a slob. Victoria feels bad about getting Billy's hopes up about the pregnancy. She says she should have waited before she took the test. Billy tells her not to, and says there are no regrets. He offers her a bath, a massage, or ice cream. Victoria somberly says she wants all three, but that they need to talk first. She tells him he's being sweet to her, but he doesn't have to try and be strong; that they both lost this baby. Billy tries to make a joke, but she tells him it's okay to be upset. Billy says he's disappointed. He'd been imagining what the baby would be like, and he tells Victoria that they can try again if she wants to. She says she does. He wipes a tear from her face, and tells her they can try again, and again, as she smiles, and they share a couple of quick kisses.

Nikki drops by Billy and Victoria's home. She knows about the miscarriage already, and hugs and apologizes to them. Billy says he has some errands to run, and starts packing up, while Nikki asks what happened. Victoria tells her about being at Restless Style when the pain started. Nikki says that Victor was at Restless Style, too, and that he was upset about Billy's new story. Victoria tells Nikki that yes, Victor was there, and he let her know how he felt. Billy comes over and asks why he didn't know about this, and Victoria tells him that she was focused on the baby by the time he got there. Victoria says the argument started out about the magazine, but ended up being the same fight that she and Victor always have. She says Victor told her that she was ruining her life by staying with Billy and then he left. Nikki asks if that's when she knew something was wrong, and Victoria doesn’t know, just that she felt a cramp then Billy came and took her to the doctor. Billy seethes silently, while taking it all in. Victoria is tired, and wants to lie down. Nikki helps her put her feet up on the couch, and says she'll stay with her. Nikki glances at Billy. He says nothing, and walks out the door.

Nikki rubs Victoria's leg, while they talk. Nikki says Victor has gone too far this time, but Victoria disagrees, saying he went to far when he had her arrested at her wedding. Nikki says she thought that Victoria could repair her relationship with Victor but things are different now. She says Victor was still at Restless Style when Victoria started cramping, and that Victoria could have had someone get Victor before he left, so he could be with her, but she didn't. Nikki says that means more than any amount of screaming and yelling ever could. Nikki says that this is Victor's fault; that he stopped being the father Victoria felt she could count on. She's sorry. Victoria tells Nikki that she's her daughter too, and will be okay. Nikki strokes her face, and tells her that a lot of people are hurting for her, and that she knows Victoria will be fine.

Abby walks into the lobby of the club to meet Jack. She tells him that she knows there's no way he got access to her trust that quickly, and says she won't reinstate the lawsuit against Victor unless there's no chance she'll lose. Jack says Victor has made things easier, and wants to see her recent statements from Newman Enterprises. Abby sighs that they've gone over those already, but Jack clarifies that he needs the brand new statements, and tells her to go get them. Just then Adam and Skye walk in.

Adam tells Skye that he doesn't know why she'd get involved with an opportunistic person like Billy when he notices Abby and Jack, and says that the problems run in the Abbot family. Abby shoots back that Adam is a homicidal sociopath and a freak, then she leaves. Jack asks what Skye and Billy are doing, and she tells him about the magazine cover. Jack tells her he'd stand in line for a copy, and when they keep flirting, Adam leaves, saying he's going up to his room. Skye takes Jack's arm. He wonders if they shouldn't be more careful, because this could be dangerous, but Skye says they've already crossed that line. They begin kissing, then Jack stops. He says he overheard Adam tell Skye that he wished she'd stayed dead. He knows Adam is dangerous, and doesn't want to be responsible for something happening to her, but Skye says she can handle Adam. She kisses Jack again, then goes up to her room.

Adam says that was fast, and Skye tells him that she stayed long enough to get Adam jealous. Adam wonders why Jack is doing this, and tells her that it's not for the sex. Skye tells him that she's a user, she doesn't get used by other people. Adam's suspicious of what's going on. He points out that Jack is an investor with their hedge fund, and is sleeping with her, Billy is putting Skye on the cover, and Heather is trying to reopen his case. Skye thinks he's being paranoid, but Adam says that all those people want to bring them down. Skye says he might be right, but corrects Adam and says it's him that they want to ruin, not her. Adam says okay, and asks her to tone it down, for his sake, and stop sleeping with Jack, and back out of her plans to be on the cover of Restless Style. Skye smirks at him, but before she can answer, Malcolm shows up. He's there to take the pictures for the cover. Malcolm asks if she's ready, and while Adam glares at her, she tells him that she is.

Heather is in her office on a phone call. She asks the person if they're sure about what they've said, and calls it interesting. She then makes another call to Victor, and tells her she has information on Skye. Victor tells her to come out to the ranch. When Heather arrives, Victor tells her that it's best that they speak in private from now on. Heather points out that him contributing to her campaign fund for District Attorney is completely above board. She tells him that the Brazilian authorities had no information on Adam, but did have something on Skye. Heather says Skye was paying a judge, who was also a mob boss, for protection, but when Adam and Skye left Brazil, the judge disappeared, along with a large amount of money. Victor thinks that Skye and Adam used that money to hire Adam's lawyer Vance Abrams, and to start the Newman Fund. Heather says that Skye claimed to win the money playing poker, and Victor says if she didn't, they can use it as leverage.

Skye has stripped to her bra and underwear, and put on a man's dress shirt for the photo-shoot. She climbs onto the bed and poses. Adam decides to leave, and Skye flirts, and asks him if he's sure he doesn't want to watch, and asks him not to disappoint her. A montage plays of Skye's photo-shoot, with her using playing cards, champagne, money and poker chips as props. Adam sits in the background looking annoyed. Malcolm finishes, then kisses the top of Skye's head, and calls her a natural. Adam sarcastically says Skye's a natural at just about everything. Skye smiles. She says she thinks you should do things as if your life depends on it, because it just might. She sips her champagne and looks at Adam

While the camera is still on Skye, we hear Victor saying that Skye's major occupation is self preservation. The view then switches to the Ranch with Heather wondering what that means for Adam. Victor says that Skye wouldn't hesitate to sell Adam out to save herself. Heather says that works for her, personally and professionally. Victor says Skye handed Adam over in Brazil for a few million dollars. Heather thinks if she can prove Skye committed a crime, or make Skye believe she has proof that she did, that Skye will give Adam up. Victor tells her that he won't keep her, and says to go set the plan in motion. Heather leaves.

Victor gets up when he hears pounding on his door, and opens it to find Billy. Billy calls him a bastard, and Victor wonders what his problem is. Billy yells that Victor that he thinks he can ruin people's lives, and do what ever he wants, but says not this time. He tells Victor that Victoria lost the baby. Billy tells him that he doesn't understand what sort of father would start an argument with his pregnant daughter. Billy says Victor pushed her, and that Victor knew this would happen. Victor says he didn't want Victoria to lose the baby. Billy says that doesn't matter, because that's what happened. Victor says he's sorry, and Billy shouts that that doesn't do any good. Victor asks what Billy wants from him, and Billy screams that he wants Victor to stop attacking his wife. Victor calmly says he didn't attack Victoria. He tells “Billy-Boy” that he wanted Victoria to open her eyes, and warn her about the misery that Billy would bring her.

Billy calls Victor a bully, and Victor calls Billy a punk. Billy tells Victor he doesn't care what he thinks about him, and Victor shouts that he doesn't care what Billy thinks about him, either. Victor leans into Billy's face and calls him a womanizer, gambler and an alcoholic, and tells him that if he had to choose between his vices and Victoria, there would be no contest. Billy says he'd choose Victoria every time, and Victor hisses that he'd better go console her then, instead of yelling at him. Billy says Victoria chose him, and he wants Victor to stop punishing her for it. Victor tells Billy he's playing with fire, and Billy says 'all day long,' and leaves. Victor pulls out his phone and makes a call.

Victoria is sitting alone looking out the window, clutching a catcher's mitt, when her phone rings. She sees that it's Victor. She hesitates, before pressing the 'decline' button. She starts to listen to the voice mail Victor left, but turns it off after hearing him say that Billy was there, and told him what happened. Just then, Billy comes home, acting cheerful. He's carrying some bags, and tells her that he bought some things for her bath and massage. He also brought her favorite some ice cream. Victoria tells him she knows he went to see Victor. Billy asks if she's mad at him, and Victoria tells him she's not. She says Billy is her hero. Billy says he's wearing his superman boxers right now. Victoria says she has a request, and Billy jokes that the request is about the boxers, and offers to show them to her. She smiles, but what she wants is for them not to talk about her father right now. She asks him to hold her, and he takes her in his arms, and kisses her head. Victoria says that this is perfect.

Nikki goes to Gloworm and sits at the bar. Deacon turns around and says he'd think she was stalking him, if he didn't know better. Nikki sighs. She wouldn't have come if she'd known he was working today. Deacon says he knows she's lying. He pours her a drink of some sort of alcohol, and tells her it's on the house. Nikki hisses that she doesn't want it. Deacon pulls out his sobriety medallion. He tells her that he's lost and earned enough of those to know that she does want the drink. Nikki looks at the drink, then back at Deacon.

Nikki gets a phone call from Victor. He tells her about Victoria's miscarriage, and Nikki shortly tells him she already knows, and hangs up on him. Deacon tells her that the alcohol is going to waste. Nikki tells him he's a sick twisted S.O.B for serving a drink to an alcoholic. Deacon tells her she wouldn't be so angry if she weren't tempted to drink it. He tells her if she doesn't drink there, she will someplace else, so save the gas, and have the drink he gave her. Nikki says that the two of them have issues with alcohol, but he doesn't know her at all. Deacon tells her that she can't even say she's an alcoholic and Nikki forcefully says she's a person who wants to stay sober. Deacon tells her to push the drink away herself; that he won't do it for her. Nikki picks up his medallion and drops it in the glass, then shoves it at him, and crosses her arms.

Adam is holding his head in his hands while Malcolm packs up. He then shows Malcolm out, when Skye asks him to. Malcolm tells her that he'll email her the pictures, and shakes Adam's hand and leaves. Heather arrives and starts to push through the still open door, as Adam tries to close it, telling her to talk to his lawyer. Heather says she's here to speak with Skye, and Adam says to talk to her lawyer then, and again tries to close the door. Heather asks Skye if Adam speaks for her, and Skye says he does not. She invites Heather in, and offers her a drink. Heather declines. She wants to talk about the judge that Skye had dealings with. Skye acts as if she doesn't know who Heather means. Heather continues, telling Skye that the judge was taking bribes and ran the local mafia. Adam wonders what the world is coming to, and wants to know what Heather wants from Skye. Heather tells them that the judge, and a large sum of his money disappeared. Skye asks if she's blaming her, and Heather asks if she had something to do with it. Skye doesn't know what happened to the judge.

Heather pulls out a piece of paper, and tells Skye to look at the number on it. It's the amount of money that was withdrawn from the judge's bank account. Heather tells Skye that she knows Skye deposited a similar amount of money into her own account shortly afterward, and asks what the odds of that are. Heather then asks Adam what thinks about this, and he says that he and Skye barely knew the judge, and he has nothing to say. Heather says she'll let Skye know if she finds out anything else, and that maybe some new information will help jog her memory. Skye doubts that. Heather leaves, while Skye calmly sips champagne. Adam turns to Skye and says he tried to warn her that people were out to get them, and that she wouldn't listen. He tells her that this is Victor's doing, and that Heather has a new strategy. Skye is at the computer, and keeps typing. She thinks Adam is giving Heather too much credit, and says Heather is only fishing for information. Adam tells Skye that she's the bait, and that Heather plans to find something to use to turn Skye against him. Skye turns to face Adam and tells him that he'd better hope Heather doesn't find anything.

Victor gets a phone call from Heather. She tells him about her conversation with Adam and Skye, and that they kept up the act, but she knows they were rattled. Victor says Skye will be looking for a way out, and tells Heather that all she has to do is provide one for her.

Abby is back at the club with Jack, and he's poring over her financial statements, while she complains about being bored. Jack finds something, and when Abby asks if he's going to be able to stick it to Victor, Jack says Victor may have done this to himself. Abby starts going on about all the things she could buy with her inheritance, and Jack tells her to slow down. He wants her to see what he's discovered. Abby tells him it'd be best to keep the explanation as short as possible. Jack points out a number to her, and Abby sees that a large sum of money has been transferred out of her account. Jack says Victor has taken money from her trust, along with the trusts of Nick and Victoria's and used it to pay the fine from the Department of Justice. Abby is stunned. Jack says that Victor hasn't been acting in her best interest. Abby can't believe Victor thought he could do that and get away with it, and Jack tells her that it's time to show Victor that he can't.

Jack asks if she's ready to send Victor a message. Abby say she's tried before, and it hasn't made a difference. Jack tells her that Victor used her money to pay for his crime. He says any judge would find in her favor. Abby doesn't think Jack has her best interests at heart. She knows something is in it for him. Jack tells her that this lawsuit is in her best interest. Abby wants to know what happens if she loses, and Jack tells her that she won't. He tells her about a similar case where a girl her age sued for mismanagement of her trust, and won hundreds of millions. Abby is worried about the suit making her a family outcast, and Jack tells her she'll always have the Abbots, and that Victoria and Nick wouldn't turn on her either. The only one she'd have to worry about is Victor, and in Jack's opinion, Victor has already turned on her.

Abby shows up at the ranch, and Victor says he didn't expect to see her today. Abby serves him with papers for the lawsuit. Victor says he thought Abby was finished with that nonsense, and Abby says that was before she got proof that he was mismanaging her funds. Victor tells her that she'll regret this, but Abby isn't swayed. She says Victoria played by his rules, and it went badly for her, so she's going to do things her way, and Victor can't change her mind. She turns and leaves before he can say anything else.

Jack is at the bar of the club, and on the phone with Tucker. He tells him that Abby is serving Victor papers, and that Beauty of Nature will be theirs in no time. He tells Tucker that he's back to stay at Jabot, and tells him to make his name-plate there, permanent. Then hangs up, smiles and takes a drink.

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