Monday Y&R Update 9/20/10

The Y&R Update Monday 9/20/10--Canada; Tuesday 9/21/10--U.S.A.


Written By Christine
Pictures By Juanita

JT and Mac drop Reed and Summer off at Victoria and Billy's home. Billy is holding a slightly aged Delia. JT wonders if they're ready for that challenge, and Victoria tells him that they can handle it. Billy also thinks it will be good practice for when the new baby is born. Mac, smiling, offers to help out if they need it, but Billy and Victoria are confident that they won't. Mac and JT leave, then Billy and Victoria ask what the older children want to do. They both yell that they want to play, and run upstairs. Victoria and Billy comment that the kids are loud, but that they can handle it, and run off, laughing, to find them. They then come running back into the living room, being chased by Reed, and Summer, who have squirt guns. Victoria gets Reed's gun, and she and Summer squirt Billy, until Victoria realizes she had cookies in the oven. She rushes to get them, but it's too late; they're burnt. Victoria gets upset, and calls herself a failure, but after Billy and Summer begin squirting the cookie sheet with water, she calms down, and begins laughing again.

Exhausted, after the kids are asleep, Victoria and Billy are relaxing on the couch. Billy says having all three children at once was a bad idea, and Victoria reminds him that it was him who thought of it. She tells him that they followed his strategy for dealing with the kids, and wonders what happened. Billy lays his head on Victoria's shoulder, and says he doesn't know; they lost anyway. Victoria says to wait until the new baby comes, and they're even more outnumbered. Billy tells her he has eight months to think of new game plays to handle the kids. Victoria smiles and tells him that he'll be up early with the kids, then off to work, while she's at home, unemployed. Billy teases her about being unemployed, then suggests she take Tucker's job offer. Victoria doesn't want to. She says Tucker is the reason that the department of justice got involved with the business deal in Japan, and she thinks he's only hiring her to get under Victor's skin. Billy thinks that Ashley will take care of Victoria, and tells her Jabot is a good company, but Victoria says no. She thinks Tucker is too unpredictable.

Billy jokes that she should open a bakery, then suggests that she take some time off, and take care of all the kids. He thinks it would be fun. Victoria's response is 'God, no!' and asks if he's kidding. She then apologizes, and says it came out wrong. Billy understands that she's not the kind of person to be a full time mom. She corrects him, saying every mother is a full time mother, but that no, she's not the sort of person who could be a stay at home mom. She says she tried it when Reed was a baby, and it wasn't for her. Billy puts his arm around her, and says he understands, then jokes that she hates the children. Victoria says she loves them, but gets pride out of working in a business. Billy tells her he'll support her no matter what, and mentions her working at Restless Style with him. She says they'd kill each other. They then joke about having a reality show based on their lives. Victoria tells him she has cookies to bake, and they race into the kitchen laughing.

Billy and Victoria have changed into pajamas and laugh about how domestic they've become. Billy says they'll never lose their edge. Victoria suggests going upstairs, but Billy thinks the couch is a better idea for now. They begin making out, while suggesting other places in the house to go. Just as they are getting further into things, Reed and Summer call out, wanting something to drink. Billy, smiling, suggests that Victoria take care of it, so he can go to sleep, and get rest before his early meeting. Victoria agrees, then tells him to do it. They laugh, then run upstairs to tend to the kids.

At the tack house, Nick and Sharon are on the floor, playing with Faith. Nick says that Faith is an 'old soul.' Sharon laughs and tells him he said the same about Noah. Nick says Noah is also a genius. He asks if he's keeping Faith up past her bed time, and Sharon, joking, tells him that he is, and should leave. Nick smiles, and tells Faith that he hopes she inherited his sense of humor, and not Sharon's. They begin playing peek-a-boo with Faith, then Sharon, in baby-talk, asks Faith 'who Daddy was making out with?' When Nick asks what she means, Sharon tells Faith to tell her daddy that Phyllis was spreading gossip about him. Nick isn't surprised. He figured that Phyllis would come to Sharon after she confronted him at Jimmy's. Nick tells her that it sounds cheesy, but the woman who he kissed is a very nice person. Sharon wants to know if the woman actually looked very similar to her, and Nick says she did not. He tells her that it was a rough night, and that it seemed like the right thing to do. He says it didn't go further than the kiss, and is completely over. Sharon tells Faith that Nick seems to think everything she (Sharon) does is about him. As she's asking what Faith thinks, there's a knock on the door. She opens it, and finds Noah, and thrilled, hugs him.

Noah holds Faith while Nick snaps pictures of the two of them, then asks why Noah didn't let them know he was on his way home. Noah tells them it was a surprise. Sharon asks about Eden, and Noah says she's still in Paris, and that their relationship didn't work out. Nick tells Noah he's glad he's back, and thinks Noah should be single at his age, anyway. Noah jokes that he plans to take Faith out as a way to get girls' numbers. Sharon asks if he's home for good, and Noah says he doesn't have any plans. He asks if it's okay. His parents tell him it's wonderful. Noah thinks that Nick and Sharon are back together, and they tell him that they're not. Noah says he thinks they will be, within a couple of months. He thinks that it's a matter of 'when,' not 'if.' Nick and Sharon exchange glances, and Nick says they're not getting back together. Sharon agrees, and says romance is not on their minds. Noah complains about Phyllis' blog, and the things she said about Sharon. Sharon throws up her hands and says that Phyllis has always done things like that. Noah is still upset; he points out that things on the internet don't go away, and Faith will see it one day. Nick says Phyllis is just mad at him, and is taking it out on the town. He thinks she might stop once she gets it out of her system. Noah asks about Summer and Victoria. They tell him where Summer is, and that Victoria is fine. Noah then gets a text and goes upstairs to read it. Sharon wonders why he left, and Nick tells her he's older now, and needs his privacy. They then talk about how grown up he his.

At the club, Jack walks up to Phyllis and the two of them watch Skye and Adam finishing up their interview, and getting their photographs taken. Jack wonders what Adam is doing now, and muses that he's being interviewed for 'Sociopath Weekly.' the Phyllis wants to find out what's going on and they get Skye and Adam's attention as they're leaving. While Skye is pleased about the interview, Adam is visibly annoyed, and when Jack comments on his mood, he says that he isn't going to pretend to care about the conversation and walks out. Skye tells Jack that the interview was with a financial magazine which will increase profits. She congratulates him on being one of their investors, and leaves. Phyllis is surprised to hear of Jack's investment in the Newman Fund, and asks what his angle is. Jack changes the subject. He'd rather hear about what's new for Phyllis. Phyllis comments that he's flirting with her, and they smile at each other.

Jack uses his cellphone to look at Phyllis' blog. She calls it fluff, and he tells her that she's sticking it to people and enjoying every minute. Phyllis says so what if she is, it's a popular subject, and Jack points out that the people featured in her blog are her friends and neighbors. Phyllis scoffs at the mention of them being her friends. She says she started the blog because it's fun, and because she's tired of pretending to be a happy Stepford wife for the hypocrites of the town. She says she also misses publishing. Jack has his doubts that her blog counts as publishing. He says it's slash and burn, and that she's playing rough. Phyllis leans in and asks if he wants to lecture her or flirt. Jack says this is no lecture, it's admiration, because he thinks her behavior is 'Classic Red.' Phyllis tells him to learn from her example, and bring back the old Jack. Jack says the 'old Jack' hasn't gone anywhere. Phyllis tells him he used to be a 'roving wolf, instead of a 'snoring golden retriever.' Jack smiles, and asks if he should get them a room now, or wait until the drinks arrive. Jack says they were good together, and are both unattached, unless she's still hung up on Deacon Sharpe. Phyllis scoffs. Jack asks if she's ready to go, and Phyllis says no. She thinks it's wrong, and says it would be more right for her to go to bed with Deacon, because he's creepy. She then says she was only involved with Deacon as a power trip, and as a way to get back at Nick. Jack says he's willing to be a part of that sort of plan, but Phyllis laughs, and again says no. She says as good as she and Jack were together, on some level, she'd worry that her actions were driven by Nick, and that she's done that for too many years, and has enough pride to never want to do it again. Jack asks if he's understanding her correctly – she likes him too much to sleep with him? Phyllis tells him he has to pretend to understand. Jack says he can do that; and more. Phyllis laughs and tells him to stop. She says she loves him. Jack smiles and tells 'Red' he loves her too, and loves her even more when she's not being so reasonable.

Back at home, Mac tells JT that the house is so quiet without Reed being there. JT agrees, then mentions making Mac dinner, telling her he can make a sandwich with ketchup, jelly and croutons. Mac apologizes; she was supposed to get groceries, but hadn't. JT tells her it's okay, and comes to sit next to her on the couch. She does do the really important things, like spending time with Reed. Mac says that spending time with Reed is the best part of her day; aside from being with JT. Mac assures him that she knows Reed is Victoria's son, and isn't trying to replace her. JT says that no one believes she'd do something like that. He says Mac is a wonderful step-mom though, and will be a great mom one day. Mac looks down. She says that she'd love for that to happen, but Reed is enough, until then. JT smiles. With his arm around her, he tells her that he loves having her there, with him in bed, and he loves that she is so patient and loving with Reed.

He tells Mac that he wants to have this life with her forever, and that he wants to have a child with her. Mac is stunned. JT apologizes. He says he knows she's been through a lot, with being a surrogate, and running two businesses, and moving in with him and Reed. Mac agrees that she wasn't expecting him to say that, but smiles and tells him she's been thinking about it, and would like to have a baby with him too. JT wonders why she never said anything, and Mac tells him that she wanted to make sure she really wanted this for them, and that it wasn't a way to replace Cane and Lily's twins, and now she knows that it isn't. She asks if he's sure that his wish for a new baby isn't because Victoria is having one with Billy, and he is. He says he's been thinking about this for a long time, and that there's a part of him that wonders about the baby they lost before, and the amazing person he or she would have been. He says this feels right. Mac smiles and says she's going to be a mom. JT tells her that there's no pressure for it to happen right now, but Mac feels like tonight could be the night they conceive. She says if not, they'll enjoy trying. He strokes her hair, and they begin kissing and undressing each other.

Afterward, Mac and JT sit on the couch, her wearing his shirt, with her arms around him. She wants him to get a pizza. JT reminds her that she hates pizza, after eating it so often while pregnant with twins. Mac knows, but says that's what she's craving. JT doesn't think it works that fast, but Mac thinks it must have, and that she's pregnant. JT says he's waiting until there's a positive pregnancy test, but wants to practice again. They begin kissing.

In their room, Skye tells a shirtless Adam that the article is going to give more legitimacy to their hedge fund. Adam ignores her. Skye tells him that he should be thankful – she's securing his future. Adam asks what he's supposed to thank her for. He says she's a pain in his neck, and that he hasn't forgotten how she treated him before they went to the interview. Skye shakes her head, and sighs. Adam tells her that she thinks she can threaten him with revealing his secrets, and jail time, but that he has an ax over her head as well. While he says this, he strokes her hair, then brings his hands to her neck, and puts them around her throat and squeezes, slightly. With his hands still around her neck, He quietly tells her that he's had enough, and that if she keeps pushing him, he might snap. He lets her go, and walks away, leaving Skye, alarmed and rubbing her neck. Later, Adam has gotten dressed, and tells Skye he's going out. She stops him and tells him she's glad he said what was on his mind. She likes that they can be honest with each other and that's why she loves him. Adam questions her love, and she says that they don't need to say it all the time, but that the love is there. She says she pushes him because she knows that together, they can be unstoppable. Adam smiles and tell her she's good at bluffing at the card table, but terrible at it in real life. He says they made a deal – she got him a lawyer, and he gave her the Newman name. He says their deal has warped into a situation where she's pulling all the strings, and that if he walked away from his father, and the life Victor could give, he'd walk away from her in a heartbeat. He leaves.

Jack and Phyllis both reach for the check, and Jack lets her know he's paying. She says he can, since he invested with 'Satan and his bride.' Just then, Jack notices Adam storming out, and comments that he and Skye must be having trouble. Phyllis thinks Skye is deranged, but she pities her, because she knows what it's like to be married to a man who's obsessed with Sharon. She tells Jack she was tempted to take him up on his offer. He stands to see her out, and they stand very close, and lean in as if for a kiss, but say goodnight at the last minute. Jack goes to the bar, and is soon joined by Skye. He asks if she and Adam are having problems, and she says not for long, then orders a drink, and tells the bartender to keep them coming. Jack tells her that he hopes her bad mood isn't about the hedge fund. He says he trusts her, but not Adam with his money. Skye lets him know that she's not interested in hearing about his hatred for Adam again. Jack wants to know what she sees in Adam. He asks if she's testing how long she can torture herself without running away. Sky says she doesn't run. She takes pride in that. They flirt with each other, as Jack calls her gorgeous, and ambitious, then he insults Adam, and tells Skye that she's the reason Adam is where he is. Skye leans in close to Jack and says she wants to get her mind off of Adam. Jack smiles and says he'd like to help but doesn't know how. Skye is sure he can think of something. Jack then calls for the check.

Noah is at Crimson Lights when Phyllis walks in. They hug, and make small talk about how grown up he is, and when he arrived. Noah tells her that he brought lots of presents for Summer, and Phyllis knows she'll be excited to see him again. As Phyllis asks about Eden, and looks around the bar for her, she sees Nick, Faith and Sharon walk in. Phyllis says it's great that Noah's back, and tells Noah that his family is back together, and says they'll catch up later. She wishes them all a great evening and makes a quick exit. Adam sidles up behind Phyllis and asks if she ever goes home. He makes a sarcastic remark about her big empty apartment, and in response, Phyllis points out Sharon and Nick, happy with Faith, to him, and leans on his shoulder telling him to take it all in, while Adam stares at them, displeased.

In Skye's room, Jack has taken off his shirt, and he and Skye make begin making out on the bed. By the time Skye undresses, and the session continues, Adam walks in, causing Jack to jump up. He tells Adam his timing is bad, and gets his shirt, then says goodbye to Skye, and walks out. Skye says nothing, but smirks at Adam. Adam pours himself a drink, and turns on the TV. Then tells Skye that she didn't listen to anything he said.

At the end of the episode, we see Phyllis in Crimson Lights, writing a blog entry about pride, which we hear in a voice over. She calls pride one of the seven deadly sins, and says that pride is also supposed to be good, and names off things like team pride. She then says that pride can make people settle for the status quo when you want more. While this is being said, the camera pans to Nick, Sharon and Noah, who are doting on Faith. She next says it can make you feel like you rate, when you do not, and we then see Skye and Adam; her in bed, him with his drink. She mentions pride making someone try to get back at someone, and people swallowing their pride. Then we see Jack putting on his jacket, and walking away from Skye's room. She says her pride is now shiny and hard, but that some people are on their way to a fall.

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