Thursday Y&R Update 7/8/10

The Y&R Update Thursday 7/8/10--Canada; Friday 7/9/10--U.S.A.


Written By Keith
Pictures By Juanita

At the jail Sharon visits Adam. So you are my visitor, Adam asks Sharon and states it doesn’t feel good being tricked. But he is glad she is there. He tells her he is glad it is her as he thought it was his father coming there to hassle him again.

Nick and Phyllis are off to a press conference - and then, Nick wants to put the pieces back together. He kisses and goes out to bring the car around, Phyllis does not look happy at all.

At the club, Nikki tells Victor how proud she is of him. Why? For going after Adam to save Nick. But did he really have to jump out of airplane? The Newman's are strong together again, Victor affirms.

In the courtroom, Patty doodles about as Owen states the evidence against her and concludes that she should be permanently committed to the facility for the criminally insane. Paul leans over to complain to Patty's lawyer - then asks the judge if he might speak for her.

Abby arrives at Crimson Lights talking on her cell about her cover shot which pushes the boundaries it's sure to get people's attention. What the hell? He tricked me! Abby's unimpressed when she sees a copy. "Uncle Billy you are so done"! Abby says to herself.

At RS, Billy's also on the phone discussing a second printing expecting sales to be high. An upset Victoria comes in and slams of RS down on his desk asks him, “how could you do this to me Billy?” When will he stop using his magazine to humiliate the Newman’s, she asks. Billy defends the issue and Abby's not even nude. The article on Adam is tongue in cheek, Billy claims. Yeah well, let's see how Vikki's father reacts. Billy reminders her that he owns a magazine and has to print the story because the Newmans are news.

Addressing the media Nick and Phyllis behind him, Victor denounces and disowns Adam who'll never be part of his family again). He's s sadistic menace, a psychopath. Adam Wilson is evil.

Sharon tells Adam that she'd had their marriage annulled there's no hope. But she has questions it all seemed so real - she believed him. Adam wanted to tell Sharon that Faith was alive - but was falling in love with her and knew he'd lose her if he told her the truth so didn't. How could Adam look her in the eye say he loved her? Sharon's never been so confused and he better try explaining that she needs to make sense of it.

With Patty clasping his hand, Paul tells the judge that Adam manipulated her to confess. Owen stands to disagree, because the security tapes prove they didn't cross paths. Paul's sure Adam coerced a confession. Look wasn’t Vikki deemed too short to have driven the pen into Adam's chest? Well Mr. Pomerantz? The forensics match - if Patti stood on a crate. Patty stands to tell Paul that he doesn't have to fight for her. Patti, says to Paul, “I am guilty”

Paul gently tells Patty to keep quiet. And she says, but I did kill Adam. And while her lawyer claims she's incompetent - Patty's confessions should be punished because she doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. Patti then gets agitated when Paul pushes her buttons about Jack being with Emily forcing her to 'confess' that she burned Jack's house down slashed Emily yes her real face I hate her! Now calming Patti down, Paul's made his point - his sister just confessed to things that didn't happen. Committing her for life would be a grave injustice.

Victor now turns the podium over to Nick who's relieved to be reunited with his family and thanks Michael Baldwin who couldn't be there and his father determined man. Thanks also to Mom you are the glue who keeps them all believing in miracles his sister his 3 kids. Last but not least his amazing wife, Phyllis no one could have been more steadfast and he'll spend the rest of his life showing his gratitude. As the camera flashes go off, Phyllis tolerates Nick's hug while Nikki looks at Phyllis like she knows something is not right with Phyllis.

Adam hates seeing Sharon tied up in knots. Yeah, well Sharon should have realized she'd get no answers from him. As she's about to march out, Adam starts talking, Yes, he went to the club to kill a man. He set up Hightower - but after Sharon threw his Mom's ring at him, he couldn't go through with it. He wanted to be the man Sharon believed he was. He was long gone by the time Patty killed Hightower. I need you. I'm nothing without you. In tears, Sharon leaves - unable to respond.

Back at RS again Billy can't sit on any more stories because he's having sex with Vikki. The Newman's are news. Vikki thinks him a pompous jackass. There will be no 'time out' - whatever they had between them is over consider yourself dumped! Victoria says, “put that in your stupid little magazine!”

Now Abby comes to blast Billy. Unimpressed with the cover, she feels the headline's an insult made her look like an idiot. Billy won't say sorry because he's not. There's 'the deal' fulfilled!

Paul explains he didn't mean to embarrass Patty but was he was trying to protect her. When the judge and lawyers return, the judge agrees Patty's not competent to confess - and she should be returned to the psych. facility until she is. Paul says Patty may never be fit to stand trial. The judge says that she has made her ruling. Patty looks at Paul and says it is OK.

At the press conference, Victor talks about his family. He just wants an apology from the DA Nikki takes Phyllis aside and tells her that she knows this is difficult for her. Nick loves you so much and they have under such stress. Perhaps she can watch Summer while Nick and Phyllis go on a vacation. Phyllis appreciates the offer and asks Nikki to watch Summer tonight? Owen steps up to the podium to introduce himself. As he drones on, Sharon makes a beeline for Nick - to confide that she just came from seeing Adam.

As Owen continues to address the media, Nick hustles Sharon aside - to express his opinion of her going to see Adam. Yeah, well Sharon's sick of Nick telling her what to do! As Sharon clip clops off, Owen talks of Adam being charged with conspiracy - Nick's free to go on with his life. As the Newmans grumble about the DA's failure to apologize, Vikki arrives to cause more drama - the latest edition of RS. As Victor excuses himself, Nikki worries how the article will affect Phyllis. Noticing that Phyllis is no longer there, Nick goes looking. Billy's such an ass, Victoria tells her Mom (who only cares about her daughter's happiness even if it is with Billy Abbott. Victoria is now wondering where Victor rushed off to then it comes to her that Victor is headed for Billy!

"You used me, Billy!" Abby yells. Billy lists how many people she has used. The 'little girl's lucky he taught her this lesson. Abby screams about loyalty and how he was the only one in the family she could trust even over Victor and how, wrong she was to trust him she comments.

Owen tells the judge that Adam is the spider in this tangled web. When the judge wonders where Adam's lawyer is, he stands to say that his lawyer was incompetent. He's defending himself.

The judge strongly suggests Adam get a lawyer, because the charges are longer than his arm. Adam understands and is prepared to take responsibility for his fate. Now, how does Adam plea to the first charge - conspiracy to commit murder? Guilty or not guilty?

Nick finds Phyllis at the tack house with Summer’s stuffed animal in her hand and crying. Nick asks her what’s wrong. Is Summer ok? Summer's fine and at the ranch for the night. Good, Nick wants to talk. Phyllis says, No, we are not talking anymore, in tears, she's played the good wife for a really long time and stood beside him in front of the cameras tonight but she's 'done'. No more. No more what? No more us!

At CL's, Abby's reading the RS article when Nikki comes in. So, you're a cover girl - but will her fans recognize her with clothes on? Abby snipes back - you're lecturing me on nudity? Isn't that the way everyone first met you here? Good one, Nikki acknowledges as she sits - then tries to give some advice on 'this heiress thing'. People care about what happens to Abby. Nudity will get her attention - but not respect. To this day, Nikki's past is thrown in her face just like Abby just did.

Back at RS, Billy says, “Awesome, hello Victor.” Hello Billy Abbot he says. Victor talks of what a good day he was having one son free the other behind bars where he belongs and now this. His daughter is off limits. Abby begged for this cover, Billy points out. You exploited her! Victor then shows what he thinks of Billy and his magazine by grabbing and hurling something off the desk shattering the large monitor that displays a digital image of the latest cover. That is what I think.

It's a different era, Abby proclaims pole dancing will likely be a sport in the next Olympics. Nudity is working for her. Checking her phone, she's delighted to see her videos made the top 5 on Viewclick. Nikki frowns at the phone. "My God, are you having sex," she asks. "Tomorrow, I'll be a household name!" She thinks the cover worked! She is so excited.

Back at the psych facility, Paul again apologizes. But it's all good - Patty feels she's where she belongs she gets to draw see Dr Fowler it's a relief not to be a threat to anyone and feels safe. It's a good place to spend forever Paul's in tears as Patty returns to her room.

Guilty or not guilty, the judge asks Adam. The judge wants an answer from Adam. He says, “Not guilty. Skye walks in smiling from hear to hear.

Vikki races into RS and says, “Daddy wait!” Victor wants one good reason why he shouldn't rearrange Billy's face. She says, “Because I love him.”

At the penthouse, Sharon mopes over the sleeping Faith - Adam or your Daddy, Why can’t she let them both go and which does she choose. If only she could let them both go.

Nick has no idea where this is coming from. Yes, really? Phyllis asks. Nick tells her he meant what he said at the press conference. Phyllis knows he was sincere and that she feels placated but things never change. Tearing up, Phyllis feels she deserves more and that she can't be his rock anymore. Phyllis says, “This is good bye, for good.” She leaves wheeling her luggage. Nick looks shocked and sad.

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