Tuesday Y&R Update 5/4/10

The Y&R Update Tuesday 5/4/10--Canada; Wednesday 5/5/10--U.S.A.


Written By Gina
Pictures By Juanita

Nick is brought to the interrogation and room and told that Pomerantz and Chance want to talk to him. Nick asks why but is ignored by the guard. Nick screams that he isn’t changing his mind about taking a deal.

Chance and Pomerantz discuss installing software and Nick being in the interrogation room. Pomerantz asks Chance if he knows what to do. Chance says he does. Chance calls Chloe to tell her he wouldn’t be home for a while. Suddenly, there's a stir at the police station and Chance has to go because there is shooting at the abandoned amusement park. Chance and Chloe hang up.

Amber is at the Chancellor mansion. She and Chloe discuss the shots fired at the amusement park when Daniel comes in. Amber asks why he is back. Daniel says he never made it out of the driveway. Murphy called and told Daniel that Jana was at the hospital with Kevin.

At the hospital Kevin panics over Jana’s situation while Katherine and Murphy try their best to console him. Kevin wonders where Lauren and Michael are.

At the amusement park, Lauren fires at Sarah after Michael pleads with her to give him the gun. Michael drops to the floor yelling for Lauren to stop shooting because the bullets are ricocheting.

Phyllis is on the ground but unharmed by the bullets. Both Sarah and Phyllis’s gun are missing. In the maze of mirrors, everyone creeps around looking for Sarah. Phyllis gets to her feet just as Sarah aims a gun at her. Lauren aims her gun at Sarah. Phyllis utters the word karma. Sarah asks what about it. Lauren says it’s a bitch and a shot is fired.

Amber, Daniel, and Chloe arrive at the hospital to see Jana. Murphy says they are still waiting for word. Daniel asks Kevin how he is and he says he’s hanging in there. Amber asks Kevin what happened. Kevin, Murphy, and Katherine fill them in on the details of the debacle. Kevin starts to cry over Jana’s convulsion. Katherine thanks god for Murphy’s helicopter flying skills.

Kevin then tells the trio that Daisy and Ryder also kidnapped Lauren. Amber is stunned that Sheila had a sister. The group discusses the whereabouts of the twins and Kevin says he hopes they get ripped to shreds by rabid dogs.

Chloe calls Chance and fills him on Jana’s status. Chance expresses sympathy for Kevin. Chloe asks if there is anything Chance can do to track down Ryder and Daisy. Chance says he can’t but that he hopes Jana is doing ok.

Pomerantz watches Nick from the window in the door to the interrogation room. Nick charges toward the door and wonders loudly why Pomerantz is doing this to him. Pomerantz ignores Nick and walks away.

Phyllis leans over Sarah’s body and notices a deep scratch on her arm. She remembers slamming Sarah’s arm in the door when she tried to choke her. Phyllis tells Michael that the woman on the ground is Sarah. Michael embraces Lauren and asks her if she’s okay. Sarah starts to speak and Phyllis tells her that she is truly evil. She tells Phyllis that she lacks imagination. Sarah asks where Daisy and Ryder are as her breathing becomes more haggard. Phyllis says Sarah will never see them again. Sarah tells Phyllis that Lauren will. Sarah takes her last breath and dies. Michael tells Lauren that he knew something had to have been wrong and that Fen was fine

Lauren asks Phyllis if she knows where Jana is. Phyllis says Kevin took her to the hospital. Sirens blare as the trio leave the scene and head to the hospital.

At the hospital Kevin wonders what could be taking so long and why they haven’t heard anything. Amber runs into the hallway crying. Daniel follows her and asks her what’s wrong. Amber says she was alone with Sarah. She says she can’t help but wonder what would have happened if Daniel hadn’t shown up.

Michael and Lauren arrive at the hospital. Kevin embraces them, happy to see them, as is everyone else. Chloe asks where Sarah, Daisy, and Ryder are. Lauren says she needs to collect her thoughts and that she would tell them everything. Lauren says the good news is that Sarah is dead. Michael backs it up by telling the group that Daisy and Ryder got away. Daniel is told that Phyllis is getting checked out down the hall and he wonders what she has to do with any of this.

Lauren tells Daniel that Sarah tried to kill Phyllis. Alone in her room, Phyllis has flashbacks of the shootings at the amusement park. She is obviously freaked out as Daniel rushes in and embraces her.

In the waiting room, Kevin and Michael discuss how they can catch Daisy and Ryder. Kevin says he doesn’t care about Daisy and Ryder, he just wants to know if Jana is going to be okay. Just then the doctor appears. He tells Kevin that Jana has had an aneurysm. The doctor says Jana is in need of an MRI and some quiet.

Phyllis heads into the lobby on crutches and is greeted by the group. Phyllis tells them she was shot in her cast but that she is fine. Phyllis says she doesn’t want to go back to her house where Sarah tried to kill her. Phyllis says something is still off about the whole situation. Daniel says he is going to take Phyllis home and the two leave.

Amber tells Lauren that Sarah was acting strange when she came to see her but that she didn’t know she was an imposter. Michael says Sarah fooled them all. Lauren says she will be eternally grateful to Michael for protecting Fen. Amber then fills Lauren in on the situation with Eric. Lauren tells Amber that Sarah was Eric’s dragon lady.

Katherine offers to pay for all of Jana’s medical treatment and Murphy adds that they will give prayers too. Chloe says goodbye and heads off to find Chance so he can find Ryder and Daisy.

Chance enters the interrogation room and tells Nick to have a seat. Nick stays standing and asks Chance why he is doing this. Nick says he isn’t answering any questions until he sees Michael. Chance says he doesn’t mind doing all the talking and that Nick is going to hear what he has to say.

Michael apologizes to Kevin for the earlier conversation about Ryder and Daisy. Kevin says he understands but that he doesn’t think Kevin is a threat.

Amber and Lauren figure out that Sarah was behind framing Daniel with the Deacon and the stolen art debacle. Amber wants to know why. Lauren says it was to get back at both Amber and Phyllis by getting to Daniel. Amber is worried that Daisy and Ryder might know something that could put Eric and the rest of them in danger. Lauren assures Amber that it’s finally over.

Chloe brings food to Chance at the station. The two are interrupted by Pomerantz who asks Chance if everything is a go with Nick. Chance says it is. Pomerantz says good, that Nick’s wife was going to be in for quite a surprise.

Daniel drops Phyllis off at the ranch and she urges Daniel to leave her there. Daniel says he can stay. Phyllis asks Daniel why didn’t make it there earlier when Sarah was trying to kill her. Suddenly there is a noise and Phyllis and Daniel start to freak because someone is in the house. As they enter, they see Nick standing in the living room. Phyllis embraces him.

Nick wonders what happened to the house and Phyllis and she says she’ll tell him all about it later. She hugs Nick again as Daniel sneaks out the front door.

Over coffee, Phyllis fills Nick on what happened with Sarah. Nick is horrified by the noise and wonders what would have happened if Summer had been there. Nick gets angry because he was in jail and couldn’t protect his wife. Phyllis assures him that it will be okay. Phyllis says what’s done is done. Nick wonders if Daisy and Ryder are going to come back. Phyllis says they can worry about it tomorrow. She starts to kiss him and says he’s the answer to her prayers.

Amber tells Murphy and Katherine how worried she is that Daisy and Ryder will come back to hurt her and Eric. Murphy tells Amber they will take her home as Daniel asks her if she is leaving. Amber says she has to stop Daisy from hurting Eric. He apologizes to Amber and tells her to go. Amber thanks him for understanding and leaves.

As they wait for news, Michael and Lauren discuss her being trapped with Jana and how close they became. Lauren says she is just glad this whole thing is over. Michael tells Lauren to lean on him for a change. They kiss. Lauren says she wants to take a shower and sleep in a real bed with Michael on one side and Fen on the other. Lauren asks again if Fen is okay. Michael assures Lauren that Fen knew Sarah was an imposter the whole time.

Kevin holds Jana’s hand as she lay unconscious. He tells her he’s there for her. He begs her to open her eyes for a second. Suddenly, Jana’s eyes begin to flutter. Kevin is happy as Jana opens her eyes and starts to speak. Kevin assures Jana that she will be okay and that no one can ever hurt her again.

Daisy and Ryder are arguing about what they will do next. Ryder wants to go their separate ways. Daisy rejects this offer. She says they are better off with each other the way it’s always been. Ryder tells her that’s fine and to drive far away from Genoa City then. Daisy says she’ll be back because her mother would want her to.

Chance is frustrating because his new software isn’t working properly. Chloe tries to help him figure out what went wrong and succeeds. He thanks her and she says she has to go. She wants to stop at the hospital to see Jana on her way home. Chance puts on headphones and starts to listen to a recording of Adam talking.

Nick and Phyllis discuss his sudden release from jail. Phyllis wonders how Victor is doing and Nick assures her he is just happy that Nick was released. Nick and Phyllis decide to go to bed. Nick says they will get a good night’s sleep and make a big breakfast in the morning. Nick starts to ramble and Phyllis shuts him up by kissing him. The two start to make love.

Kevin talks to a silent Jana who stares at him blankly. While he talks, Daniel twirls his wedding ring and thinks about Amber. Amber and Eric are bonding at the Chancellor mansion. Daisy and Ryder are driving away from GC. Nick and Phyllis are making love. Lauren is reunited with Fen. Gloria is reunited with Michael. Kevin tells Jana that he doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow, but he knows that he will never let her out of his sight again.

Michael thanks Gloria for bringing Fen so late. Gloria is just happy to see them reunited. Gloria goes to Jana’s room to see Kevin.

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