Thursday Y&R Update 4/8/10

The Y&R Update Thursday 4/8/10--Canada; Friday 4/9/10--U.S.A.


Written By Jill
Pictures By Juanita

Victor asks Chance if he is there under an official capacity. Chance says yes and turns to Sharon and tells her the body found in the basement of the club is Adam. Victor asks Chance how they could tell since the body was burned so badly. Chance explains that they had Adam’s DNA on file from when he was in prison. Two different labs ran the tests and came up with the same result. Sharon goes to Victor who comforts her. Chance says that once the lab releases the body, the family will be contacted to make arrangements. Nick looks to Victor and asks where he wants to bury Adam. Chance says that it will likely be a while before it happens since the investigation is being treated as a homicide. He then hands Victor a search warrant for the Newman ranch and surrounding areas. Victor asks Chance what he is looking for. He replies, “A murderer.”

Phyllis is holding Nick’s jacket. Out loud, she wonders how blood got on it. There is a knock at the door. Phyllis asks who it is. It is the dry-cleaning service. Phyllis asks him to hold on for a second.

Jack is shocked that Patti just told him she is pregnant. She is happy about it and tells Jack it is a sign that new life was created in the middle of the chaos. Jack asks her if she is sure and if she has seen a doctor. She says she doesn’t need to see a doctor since she is one and realizes that Jack wants proof. Patti hands him a positive pregnancy test and tells him they are going to be parents.

Lauren is yelling for Jana and begging her to answer her. She says that she heard them come in. Ryder walks up to Lauren and tells her they moved Jana but she is fine and that Lauren and Jana were talking too much to one another. He then tells Lauren to get on the ground. She doesn’t move. He says, “Fine, you don’t want this stuff?” Ryder has a bag of things for Lauren. Lauren complies and moves to the other side of the cell and Ryder brings in the bag. Lauren begs Ryder to let her go. She tells him her family must be frantic and that she has never left Fen for any amount of time. Lauren tells Ryder that she knows he is upset about losing a parent. Ryder says he shouldn’t be talking to her about this. Lauren says she gets it – someone else is calling the shots. She wants to know who it is and asks if Sheila is still alive. Ryder says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Lauren reminds Ryder that he may be related to Daisy, Sheila and Tom, but he is also related to Kevin and wants him to think about what he is doing to Kevin. Ryder looks at her and then leaves.

Jack asks Patti why she didn’t say anything if she suspected she was pregnant. She explains that she thought her symptoms were stress, but when they didn’t go away, she decided to take the test. She assures him this is wonderful news and is happy to have Jack’s baby growing inside of her. Jack is hesitant to be happy about this – he appears to be more troubled than anything. Patti tells Jack she wants him to show some happiness about this since being parents is what they talked about. Jack says that with all of the stuff that happened with Adam and at the ball, he just needs a few minutes to wrap his head around this. Patti gets upset and starts to leave. Jack turns her around and says that he’s afraid. He thinks he did a better job with his stepsons than with his own children. Patti comforts him and tells him he is going to be a wonderful father. Jack tells her she is going to be a wonderful mother and this is great news. He apologized for not reacting the way he should have. They hug and Jack stares disbelievingly at the pregnancy test.

Chance and some other officers begin the search of the ranch. Victor says they can search anywhere, just as long as they do it quickly. Chance sends officers through the house. He also tells Victor that he is going to need the clothes that Victor and Nikki were wearing the night of the ball. Victor tells him the maid will know where they are. Chance then asks everyone to remain downstairs while the officers continue the search and that he will get statements from everyone later. Sharon looks nervous and says she needs some air. Nick says he will go with her. Ashley approaches Victor and asks him how long he is going to keep up this front. Victor asks what she means. Ashley says he must have some feelings about Adam being murdered. Abby walks in and asks why the police are here. Ashley says she is fine. Victor welcomes her home from her trip. Abby asks what is going on. Victor tells her about Adam. Abby gives her condolences to Victor. Abby turns to go upstairs and Ashley asks her where she is going. Abby wants to go to her room, but they explain about the search and that she has to remain downstairs. Abby gets annoyed and wants to know why bad things keep happening and that she just wants to be a normal family. Ashley asks Victor who he thinks the murderer is. Victor doesn’t answer, but assures her that after what happened at the cabin, they are all suspects.

Nick and Sharon are outside. She confesses that she feels absolutely nothing about Adam being dead and murdered. Nick tells her she is fine to feel that way. Sharon recounts the promises that Adam made to her and feels bad for herself that none of it came true. Sharon talks about Faith and how scared she was when she saw Adam holding her in the hotel room. She tells Nick she will do anything to protect Faith and the thought of Adam taking her away from them again. Nick reminds her he is dead. Sharon is thankful she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore.

Phyllis lets the dry-cleaning service in. She gives him the bag of clothes to be cleaned and asks him to make sure they get back a.s.a.p. and get cleaned as soon as he gets them to the store.

Lauren keeps Ryder listening to her. She tells him she knows she was hard on him, but was just protecting her family. She reminds him that Kevin and Jana helped him with a place to stay and food to eat until he was able to get the job at the bookstore. She begs him to let Jana go since this battle has nothing to do with her. Ryder says he tried. Lauren says, “Tried what?” She assures him that whoever is putting him up to this does not have his best interest at heart. Ryder says that Lauren doesn’t either. Lauren asks Ryder what he has to gain by doing this. Ryder looks upset.

Jack comes into the living room with milk for Patti. He starts rubbing her feet and is now showing excitement for the fact that he is going to be a father again. He assures her he was just surprised earlier. Patti says she thought she would sweep him off his feet with the news and was disappointed with his reaction. She tells him that everything will be fine now. There won’t be any more problems and they are going to be “deliriously happy”. She promises to give him everything he wants. She tells him it was her idea to bring Kyle to see him and that she will never hurt him like Diane did. Jack assures her that he wants to see Kyle more and that he and Diane are working things out. Ashley comes in and tells them that the body they found was Adam and they are going around searching for evidence. Jack says that they are all suspects because of the Restless Style article. Patti says that Adam had a lot of enemies and they are all going to be looked at.

Nick and Sharon continue to talk about Adam. Phyllis calls Nick’s cell phone and says that she needs to talk to him. He says he needs to talk to her too and tells her about Adam. Phyllis asks if they will want to search their house. Nick says yes. Phyllis looks nervous. Nick tells her that Sharon will be there soon to get Faith. Victor comes out and asks Nick for something. Nick tells Phyllis that he will be there soon. She tells him again that she needs to talk to him about something important. He says he knows and will be there soon. Sharon leaves to go and pick up Faith from Phyllis. Once Sharon has left, Victor tells Nick that if the authorities find anything incriminating, he will protect him.

An officer approaches Chance with the paper bag that Victor had thrown in the trash. Chance opens it and looks inside. He tells the officer to bag and tag it and he will phone the DA.

Ryder tells Lauren that things are going too far. Lauren begs him not to let Daisy and Sheila take him down. Ryder says it’s too late, they already kidnapped Lauren and Jana. Lauren assures him that if he lets them go, Kevin will forgive him. Ryder doesn’t believe her. Lauren begs him to open his eyes and see what is really going on. She tells him to look at the family he grew up with and to compare with the family he could be a part of. Ryder says they aren’t perfect. Lauren agrees, but says that they don’t poison and kidnap people. She tells him that Sheila’s schemes have never been successful. Lauren tells him that she believes it’s because good always triumphs over evil. Daisy comes up behind Ryder. She tells him he fed the animal in her cage and now it’s time to go. Daisy walks away. Ryder stops, looks at Lauren, then leaves.

Chance tells Victor they are all finished with the search. The officers leave. Nick asks Victor if he thinks they found anything. Victor says he will deal with it. Nick says, “WE will deal with it.” Victor sighs. He says there is no love loss between the Newman family and the DA’s office. He tells Nick to keep things close to the vest because of the high profile nature of the case.

Sharon enters Phyllis’ house. Phyllis is thankful to see her. Sharon is concerned that something is wrong with Faith. Phyllis says no and shows Sharon the jacket that Nick was wearing at the ball with the blood on it. Sharon asked if Nick said anything about it. Phyllis says no, he never mentioned it, but he wasn’t injured so it couldn’t be his blood. Sharon asks Phyllis if she thinks Nick murdered Adam. Phyllis says she doesn’t know what to think. Phyllis says she has no idea what happened in the cellar, but she does know that Nick hated Adam and had good reason to want him dead. Phyllis says she can’t have the police find the jacket and that she needs to protect her husband. Sharon says they both need to protect Nick.

Jack asks Ashley how she is holding up. Ashley says she thinks Adam got what he deserved, but now she will never know what happened to the baby she lost. Patti comes in with tea for Ashley and says, “Let’s not talk about Adam and death. Not today, please.” The doorbell rings. It’s Pomerantz with an officer. Jack asks Pomerantz if he is going to search the house. Pomerantz says he’s not, but the officer is and gives Jack the search warrant. Jack tells him to help himself. Pomerantz asks to speak to Jack privately for a moment. Jack says that whatever he has to say, he can say in front of his wife and sister. Pomerantz tells him the medical examiner found a silk handkerchief that they traced to London and it is monogrammed with Jack’s initials. Pomerantz asks Jack if he had one at the ball. Jack says yes and that it is upstairs in his tux pocket. Pomerantz tells Jack that the one he has was found shoved down Adam’s throat. Patti looks up at Jack.

Abby is at the old fairground with a bottle of liquor and on the phone to her friend, asking her to come and meet her. The friend says no, so Abby gets mad and tells her to forget it. Ryder comes up behind Abby and sneaks around so she can’t see him. She turns around and sees him and is surprised.

Jack brings his clothing to Pomerantz – everything but the handkerchief. Patti says that Jack is no murderer. Jack says he must have dropped it at the club and someone picked it up. Ashley asks Pomerantz if Jack could be so stupid as to leave a monogrammed handkerchief on the dead man’s body. Pomerantz tells them he asked them all to leave the search for Adam to the police and they didn’t listen. Jack asks if he is being arrested. Pomerantz says no, but that Jack is a person of interest and isn’t to leave town.

Nick tells Victor he doesn’t like this and they were both involved with what happened. Victor says he will handle it. Nick tells him that lying to the police is not the way to handle this. Victor tells Nick to go home and take care of his wife and children. Nick says he can’t just sit back and do nothing. Victor tells him to let him handle it and they will see how it plays out. Nick tells him to call if he hears anything.

Phyllis tells Sharon they may be overreacting and that the blood on Nick’s jacket could be from him helping someone who was injured. Sharon agrees, but looks skeptical and asks Phyllis if they take the chance. Phyllis says they need to get rid of the jacket. There’s a knock at the door and it’s the police. Sharon is terrified.

Sharon answers the door. Phyllis explains to Chance that she is stuck in the wheelchair and Sharon was dealing with the baby. Chance gives her the search warrant and she tells him to help himself. She assures him that there is nobody else in the house. Sharon quickly leaves with the stroller and Faith. Chance tells Phyllis he has some questions for her.

There is a knock on the door at the ranch. Pomerantz enters and Victor says hello to him. He tells him that the officers are still on the property if he is looking for him. Pomerantz says he is there to ask Victor a few questions. He tells him about the bag from the trash. Inside, there was a very expensive watch that only needs a crystal replaced and the blood wiped off.

Abby is surprised to have run into Ryder at the fairgrounds. She asks him if he wants some of the wine she took from Victor. Ryder takes the bottle and throws it over the fence reminding her she is under age. Abby asks if he heard about the explosion and that Adam is dead but that he was creepy. Ryder looks suspicious. She tells him that the police are looking around their house right now. Abby says she has the most screwed up family. Ryder responds with, “You haven’t met mine.” Abby says that Kevin seems nice and Ryder agrees that he is. Ryder says that he is glad that he ran into her but that she can’t tell anyone she saw him. She says she won’t.

Lauren takes out a bobby pin from her hair and tries to open the lock to the cage. She thinks she hears something and starts calling for Ryder and Daisy. She tells Sheila to show her face and that she’s not afraid of her.

Ashley says that Jack shouldn’t worry about things. She tells Jack she feels much more peaceful knowing that Adam is dead. Patti is on the phone with Jack’s lawyer. She hangs up and tells Jack that Pomerantz is not allowed to speak to him without a lawyer present.

Nick enters the house and asks Phyllis if Chance is there. Phyllis says yes. He asks about Summer and she tells him she is still at her playdate and will be there for dinner. Phyllis looks carefully at Nick and tells him he doesn’t have to worry about anything. Chance comes to them and asks for the clothes and shoes they were wearing to the ball. Phyllis tells him the shoes are by the door but the clothes are at the dry-cleaners. Chance asks why the rush to get the clothes cleaned. Phyllis assured him there was no rush, but they were dirty so they got them cleaned since the cleaning service comes the same time every week. She gives Chance the dry-cleaning sheet, he takes it, and says that he hopes the clothes haven’t been cleaned yet. Chance and the officer start to leave. Nick says he hopes they find Adam’s killer. Chance assures Nick they will. Nick looks at Phyllis. She assures him they won’t find Nick’s jacket.

Sharon and Faith are out walking in an alley. Sharon takes Nick’s jacket and throws it in a dumpster.

Pomerantz and Victor are talking about the watch. Pomerantz understands it is Victor’s watch and the lab will run the tests on the blood and the fingerprint. Victor tells him it is his watch and it was broken the previous night. Pomerantz asks if it’s Victor’s blood on the watch. Victor says no, and admits that it is Adam’s.

Abby gives Ryder her cell phone number. Ryder puts it in his phone. Daisy overhears their conversation. Abby tells Ryder that she really enjoys talking to him. He says she seems older than what she is. They make plans to see each other the next day. She tells him not to worry, she won’t say anything about seeing him there. Abby leaves. Daisy comes out from around the corner and tells Ryder he’s stupid for talking to Abby. Ryder says that he had to talk to her because she saw him. He tells Daisy that they can use Abby to help them. Daisy tells him that Abby better not be more trouble than she’s worth.

Lauren continues talking to Sheila. She says she can’t figure out how Sheila is still alive. She says she knew it was Sheila when everything started happening to her. Lauren yells to her about how she can turn her children into monsters like she is. She yells to Sheila to show her face. Sheila comes out and starts walking towards Lauren. She stands in front of her and takes off her wig. Sheila looks identical to Lauren.

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