Wednesday Y&R Update 4/7/10

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Written By Jill
Pictures By Juanita

Lauren is in the cage. She utters Sheila’s name. Daisy finishes her sentence, “Is Mommy dearest.” Lauren can’t believe what she’s hearing. It doesn’t make any sense to her. Daisy explains that Ryder is her twin, Sheila is their mom and Tom is their dad. Lauren asks Daisy how that can be since Ryder is in his twenties and Daisy is just a teenager. Daisy asks Lauren if it’s hilarious that she can pass for eighteen. Lauren tells Daisy that she knew Sheila back then and that she didn’t have twins. Daisy tells Lauren that just because Sheila didn’t raise them, didn’t mean that she didn’t give birth to them and then pawn them off to someone else. Daisy says that Sheila was too busy with her vendetta against Lauren to raise them but that it didn’t work for Lauren because her brother and her would have had a mother if it wasn’t for her. Daisy goes on to say that because of that, they are going to make Lauren suffer like they did.

Victor comes down the stairs at the ranch and opens a paper bag, looks inside, then throws it in the garbage. The doorbell rings and the housekeeper goes to answer the door. Victor tells her to remember to empty the trash. It is Ashley at the door to see Victor. Victor is surprised to see her. She tells him she can’t stop thinking about what happened the night before at the GCAC and that the body found in the basement was dead before the explosion. She wonders if it is Adam. Victor tells her that the police are treating it as a homicide. Ashley asks Victor if he knows any more about it. He asks her what she is implying….

Patti is standing, looking out the window. Jack comes up behind her and tells her that “He’s not coming back.” Patti is startled. Jack apologizes for scaring her. They talk about how frightening it is to know that Adam could be out there somewhere but that he doesn’t think she has anything to worry about. Patti says that she hopes he is right and that she hates feeling so jumpy. The doorbell rings and Jack goes to answer it. It’s Chance at the door. He has a couple of questions for them about Adam.

Faith is crying in her bassinet. Nick comes down the stairs to pick her up and comfort her. He talks to her about her first night at his house. Nick tells her that he is always going to keep her safe and keep all of the bad men away.

Sharon is sleeping in the hospital bed. A shadow of someone appears over her. She opens her eyes and sees Adam with cuts and dirt on his face. She screams and frantically tries to push the call button. She wakes up from her nightmare to see that the doctor is in her room. She is terrified and tells the doctor that she was just having a dream. She turns and says to herself, “I thought he was gone.”

Chance, Jack and Patti are sitting in the living room. Patti tells Chance she doesn’t remember anything about the club. Chance tells her that is fine, he just wants to know what happened at the hospital when Adam escaped. Jack says that should be fine. Patti flashes back to her and Adam in the hospital and Adam threatening to expose her real identity. Patti turns to Chance and tells him there’s not much to tell. She explains they needed to sedate Adam so that the transfer to the jail would go smoothly. He somehow got out of his handcuffs and attacked her with the sedative. Chance asked if Adam was already out of the handcuffs when she got there. She says of course and that she didn’t undo them. Chance then asks her where the guard was. Patti explains that he and Nikki were in Adam’s room when she arrived, they left, and she assumed he was right outside the door. Jack asks her why she didn’t get the guard to stay. She reminded him that the conversations she and Adam had were privileged. Jack is surprised because she knew how dangerous Adam could be. Patti says she trusted the information that was given to her – that Adam was going to be in restraints and she had nothing to worry about. Chance wanted to know about the sedative and if someone had clued Adam into it beforehand. He wants to find out how Adam knew the sedative existed. Patti flashes to the hospital when she showed Adam the sedative and he told her to hand it over. Patti tells Chance she didn’t really speak to him since the psychiatric evaluation so she didn’t know if he knew about the sedative beforehand. Patti flashes to when she gave Adam the syringe. Chance asks her what happened when Adam grabbed the needle. She tells him she was preparing the sedative when it happened. Chance wants to know what position she and Adam were in. Patti flashes to the hospital again. Patti tells Chance that she knows to never turn her back on a prisoner so she was facing him and preparing the needle. Patti flashes to when Adam stuck her with the needle. Chance calls her name and tells her that accuracy is very important. Jack tells her not to worry, that Chance isn’t interrogating her, he’s just trying to get to the bottom of what happened. Patti gets anxious and gets up and walks around. Chance asks her if the police guard on duty came into the room before or after this happened. Patti first says yes, then no, then she doesn’t remember. Chance asks her what she had put in the syringe. Patti says she doesn’t remember. She is getting very agitated at the questioning. Chance and Jack both look at her.

Sharon tells the doctor she doesn’t need any sleeping pills, she got to sleep just fine, it’s just the nightmares that are waking her up. The doctor assured her that only he and the nurses have been in the room. He tells her that she is being discharged from the hospital to go home. Sharon says she doesn’t know where home is anymore. The doctor asks if there is someone she can call to come and pick her up.

Phyllis is sitting on the couch and Nick is holding Faith and walking around, talking to her. Nick has a bottle ready for her and asks Phyllis if she would like to feed Faith. Phyllis just looks at him. Nick tells her that she can hold the baby. Phyllis replies that she can’t, according to the expert that Sharon saw, Faith isn’t supposed to bond with any other women. Nick says that under the circumstances….. Phyllis replies that she wants to do the best for the baby and according to Sharon, that means not holding her. Nick relents and feeds the baby. Summer comes downstairs and watches Nick feeding Faith. Summer tells Nick she likes having the baby around. Nick says that’s good because the baby will be around more.

Victor tells Ashley he has nothing more to tell her, but if the body downstairs was Adam, he got what he deserved. Ashley is surprised to hear that Victor saw the body. Victor tells her he couldn’t identify the body. Ashley says she hopes it was Adam’s corpse and that he’s rotting in hell. Victor agrees with her.

Lauren tells Daisy the story of Sheila and Tom being her parents is unbelievable. Daisy says it’s not a story and that she and Ryder grew up hating Lauren. She tells her they have been setting her up for months. Lauren knows that she is responsible for the toxins in the office and the pictures of Paul, but wants to know what else. Daisy tells her to figure it out if she’s so smart. Lauren starts thinking back and realizes that Eden going to Paris was part of the plan as well as the rats at the store and the wedding. Lauren is getting frustrated. She talks about Ryder working for Deacon when he first came to town. Daisy tells her she’s getting warmer. Lauren continues onto Daniel being framed for murder. Daisy says she’s red hot. Lauren asks about the DNA test on Ryder and Kevin and if they manipulated that. Daisy says no. Lauren thinks out loud about them being Tom’s kids as well as Kevin… but realizes that Ryder’s stories about suffering the same abuse as Kevin from Tom are all lies. Daisy tells her they are all going to pay for the way they had to their whole miserable lies. Daisy tells her they were waiting for their mother to come back but she couldn’t because she was in a number of places because of Lauren. Daisy asks her if she has any idea what it’s like to grow up without a mother. Lauren says she does and that she’s been in the same situation growing up with a mother not around. Lauren talks to her about her own mother and that she understands the anger Daisy feels because she has felt it herself. She tells Daisy that she was able to move past it because she is strong and she knows Daisy is too.

Ashley tells Victor she had always thought there was a part of Adam she thought was worth redeeming but now she wishes he has either left town and never comes back or was murdered. Victor asks her why she is saying that. Ashley says she knows what people can do when they are pushed beyond their limits. Victor’s cell phone rings.

Nick is talking to Phyllis about the dry cleaning. He goes upstairs and Phyllis and Faith are left in the living room. Faith starts crying. Phyllis goes over to her and calls for Nick who doesn’t hear her. Phyllis picks her up and comforts her.

Patti tells Chance she has been over that night over and over in her head and if there was anything further to tell him, she would. Chance answers his phone and Patti tells Jack to get rid of Chance, that she is not in the mood for the questioning. Jack tells her that Chance is just doing his job and trying to figure out what happened. Chance tells them he has to leave because some lab results just came back in. Jack asks him if it has anything to do with the body. Chance says that Jack knows he can’t divulge any of that information and that he will have to reschedule a time to come back and take the rest of Patti’s statement. He leaves the house. Patti is happy that Chance is gone. Jack tells her he has to leave too because he promised Phyllis that he would stop by and see if she needed anything. Patti gives him a huge kiss. Jack asks what it is for and Patti responds that it’s so that Jack hurries home. Patti tells Jack she loves him. Jack says it back with a skeptical look on his face. He leaves. Patti turns to the picture of Emily and says, “I bet you think that’s funny – sending Jack over to see Phyllis.” She goes on to tell the picture she isn’t laughing and that Jack isn’t going to be with Phyllis again, she won’t let it happen. Patti leaves the house.

Lauren tells Daisy that she believes she is a good person despite the things she has done. Lauren tells her she has only heard Sheila’s version of what happened and begs her not to base her actions and decisions based on only one side. Lauren tells Daisy her sons need her. Daisy gets angry and tells Lauren not to talk about her sons. She says that Scotty is the reason their mother was never there for them. Lauren says that is right because Sheila was sick and was obsessed with Scotty’s father and then him. Lauren understands that Daisy is upset and angry, but tells her not to be like her mother and to end this now.

Nick walks into Sharon’s hospital room and is happy she is leaving the hospital. Sharon tells him she had another nightmare. Sharon says she knows that she was an idiot to trust Adam and that she should have trusted her instincts and everyone’s warnings. Nick told her that’s what troubled him the most – he could see how she felt about him, knew that Adam was going to hurt her and that there was nothing he could do to help her. Sharon tells Nick she knows that everyone is saying Adam is gone, but wonders if he really is. Nick tells her not to worry. He won’t let Adam near them again and that Adam will never hurt her again.

Jack is looking at Faith and tells Phyllis it’s hard to believe she’s not an Abbott. Phyllis says that she knows how devoted Jack was to the baby when he thought she was Ashley’s and before when he thought he was the father of Sharon’s baby. Jack comments that they have come full circle and says that the proof that Nick had an affair is sleeping right beside her. Phyllis asks Jack to open a window so that she can feel the fresh air. Phyllis asks Jack when he and “Emily” are going to start having kids. Jack asks for a different subject. He tells her about Emily being combative and possessive. Phyllis tells him she saw a bit of that at the ball. Jack tells Phyllis that every day he is having more doubts about marrying her so quickly. Patti shows up outside of the house and peers in the window to see Phyllis rubbing Jack’s arm to comfort him. She moves from the window and hides in the corner by the door, covering her mouth. She sinks down to a sitting position and remembers seeing Jack and Phyllis making love a long time ago. Phyllis tells Jack that if it’s not right, he needs to cut his losses. Victor’s dog sees Patti and starts barking. She tells him to get away. Jack turns to Phyllis and asks if she heard that. Phyllis says, “The dog?” and Jack replies, “No, it sounded like a person.” Patti has a stick and is using it to guard herself against the dog.

Phyllis calls for the dog. Jack goes to the door and looks out. He calls over to the dog who comes and brings Jack the stick. He comes back into the house. Jack tells her that he is committed to his marriage and doesn’t want to separate. Phyllis tells him she just hopes he is being realistic and that maybe the Emily he thought he married doesn’t really exist.

Patti is back at the Abbott mansion. She doesn’t realize that Victor got a new dog and thinks the dog she saw is Zapato and that she is seeing his ghost. She recalls killing the dog because he attacked Mr. Kitty. Patti says that Phyllis is going to be next if she doesn’t shut up about Jack leaving her. She says that she took care of Colleen and Emily and Adam. She thought it would be enough but that that tramp, Phyllis, doesn’t stop sticking her nose in other people’s business. Patti freaks out and tells herself to stop. She calms herself down and says that she can’t hurt anymore people. She starts smiling and says that she is Emily now and needs to think about how Emily would get her husband back. She relaxes and has come up with a plan.

Nick tells Victor he is surprised to see him at the hospital. Sharon says that she didn’t know who else to call. Victor says that he has told Sharon he will help in whatever way, including staying at the ranch. Sharon says there are too many memories of Adam there. She is concerned that he is not the person who died in the basement, then he will come back after her.

Lauren begs Daisy to let her and Jana go so they can help her. Lauren says that they are all Sheila’s victims and if they work together, they can take care of it. Daisy tells her to shut up and that she and Ryder know the truth because they had to live with it their whole lives. Lauren tells her that Sheila is gone and can’t hurt her anymore. Daisy laughs and says that Sheila isn’t gone and is still with her and is with her all the time.

Ashley arrives at Nick and Phyllis’ house. She comes in and says she came to see how both Phyllis and Faith are doing. Faith calms down when Ashley starts talking to her. Phyllis apologizes for how much pain it has caused that she has been digging through Adam’s secrets. Ashley tells her not to apologize and that she did the right thing no matter what pain it caused. Ashley understands that Phyllis must be regretful because now she has Sharon and Nick’s baby in her home. Phyllis says that Adam has caused so much hurt and anger that she is mad enough… Ashley continues for her, “To kill him?” Phyllis asks Ashley if she thinks the body in the basement is Adam’s. Ashley says that if it is, then whoever killed him should get a medal.

Victor wants to know what Sharon did to Adam. Sharon talks about the guilt she feels about luring him up to the cabin. Nick tells her not to worry about that and that they will protect her. Sharon is thankful and says that she will go back to the ranch. Victor and Nick leave the room when the doctor comes in to speak to Sharon. Victor tells Nick in the hallway that he realizes Phyllis is trying very hard to accept the situation with the baby and he is concerned that having Faith and Sharon that close may put a strain on his marriage. Nick says he will talk to Phyllis about it and that where Sharon is going to live is not their biggest concern right now.

Lauren wants to know what Daisy means about Sheila being with her all of the time. Daisy asks her what is wrong and if she is doubting her marksmanship. Lauren says no and that she did what she needed to do to protect her children. Daisy wants to know what about them. Lauren says she’s sorry that Daisy has this axe to grind and that they had a crappy life and they felt they had to do this, but she will never apologize for doing what she had to do to protect her children. Daisy says that this is the Lauren she has heard about – shrill and insulting and borderline hysterical. Lauren tells her she got what she wanted. Lauren is in the cage and Jana is in the crate. She wants to know what Daisy’s end move is. Daisy says it’s not up to her or Ryder, it’s somebody else’s call. Lauren wants to know if it’s Sheila or Sara Smythe. Daisy doesn’t answer and leaves the dungeon. Lauren starts crying. Jana calls for her from the crate. She tells her that she is fine and that Ryder had gagged her but she got out of it. Jana is confused – she wants to know who is working with Ryder and Daisy if Sheila is dead. Lauren says she doesn’t know. She isn’t certain that Sheila is dead.

Jack arrives home and calls for Emily. She comes down the stairs and says hello. Jack says they have to talk. Patti tells them she understands she has been acting different lately and now she knows why – she’s pregnant.

Ashley is at the ranch when Nick and Sharon arrive home. Ashley says that she went and is happy to see that Faith is doing well. Sharon says she is anxious to pick her up. They leave to go and get the baby and Sharon’s things and run into Chance at the door. He asks to speak to Sharon. Chance tells her he has bad news about her husband and that the body found in the basement of the athletic club was positively identified as Adam’s.

Phyllis is putting Nick’s suit in the dry-cleaning bag and gets blood on her hand from the jacket he had been wearing at the ball.

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