Friday Y&R Update 4/2/10

The Y&R Update Friday 4/2/10--Canada; Monday 4/5/10--U.S.A.


Written By Jill
Pictures By Juanita

Kay makes an announcement thanking everyone for their generosity and attendance at the ball. Nikki takes the microphone and tells everyone that she was looking forward to introducing Emily who was going to make a presentation on domestic violence. She looks to Jack in the audience who shook his head “no”. Nikki tells the audience that Emily had a personal emergency and would not be speaking. She passes the microphone to Murphy. Murphy thanks the law enforcement officers who helped with the evening’s event as well as the DA’s office. Kay also introduces Chance for being on the police force. The guests give them a round of applause. Pomerance leans over Heather’s shoulder and tells her to enjoy herself because the next day, she will find a notice of suspension on her desk. Heather looks worried. Victor addresses the audience and advises them that they are 10% short of their goal for fundraising and he hopes they all give graciously.

Billy tells Victoria he knows she doesn’t want to be seen with him. Victoria says she just doesn’t want to have to deal with her father. Billy does an impression of Victor and Victoria tells him he sounds like Jack. Billy grabs a rose from the centerpiece and hands it to Victoria. She pulls some petals off and puts them down her top saying, “I guess we just need to see who’s worthy of these.” Then she grabs Billy and pulls him onto the dance floor.

Lauren is in the washroom cleaning off her dress. The masked lady appears behind her. Lauren is startled but says hello. She asks who is behind the mask. The woman says nothing. Lauren says to her, “Do I know you?” The woman says no, but that she knows Lauren. She is about to pull off her mask when Phyllis comes into the washroom. The woman leaves. Phyllis looks confused and Lauren tells her the woman creeps her out.

Kevin is at Crimson Lights and receives a text message telling him that Jana is nearby. The person who sent it told him to remember the music playing the last time she phoned. Kevin leaves Crimson Lights hurriedly. Daisy walks up on Ryder as he’s putting away his cell phone. She asks him who he is texting and he says no one, he was checking the time. She asked why he had his mask up and he says he was hot. Daisy tells him he’s being “sloppy” and asks him, “What if Mama Bear finds out?” Ryder tells her not to worry about it and they shouldn’t argue because they are her eyes and ears at the ball. They look over to Paul and Michael who are talking and Daisy says, “They know something.” Paul is explaining to Michael about Sara Smythe and says that if she knew Tom Fisher, then that could explain why she would bail Ryder out of jail. Michael asks why she would bail out Daisy. Paul figures that Sara Smythe is using Ryder and Daisy to go after Lauren. He is worried it is an organized attack and they can’t leave Lauren unprotected. Michael tells Paul that after they talk to Lauren, he is going to the courthouse to ensure that a restraining order is part of Daisy and Ryder’s bail agreement. Paul tells Michael he will keep an eye on Lauren while he’s doing this. Michael tells Paul that Sara, Ryder, and Daisy have targeted his family for the last time.

Victor and Nick walk up to Jack as he’s on his phone saying, “I’m on my way” repeatedly. Nick asks what is going on. Jack tells him it’s Emily and that while at the hospital, Adam drugged her and ran off. Victor asks, “Adam escaped?”

Sharon and Adam are in the hotel room and Adam is holding Faith. She asks him to give her Faith. Adam tells Sharon that Faith likes him and there is still time for her to run away with him. Sharon goes to the phone to call someone. Adam asks her not to and says that it is between the two of them. Sharon looks nervous and worried.

Pomerance tells Victor that there is an APB out on Adam. Phyllis asks if they are supposed to sit there and act like targets. Pomerance says that Adam is holding a lot of grudges. Nick tells the small group that has assembled that he knows one reason why Adam would stick around and that is Sharon. Phyllis looks a little annoyed when he says this.

Adam tells Sharon that she shouldn’t be all alone in a hotel room. He wants to take care of her and take care of Faith. Sharon turns to him and says that he must understand that she can’t trust him. He says no, that she has her baby. Sharon replies, “No, YOU have my baby. Give her to me, Adam.” Adam tells Sharon he would never hurt Faith. He gives the baby to Sharon. He says, “See? Everything’s fine.” Sharon says, “No, everything’s not fine. You stole my baby.” Sharon tells him he needs to go or she is getting on the phone. Adam tells her not to give up on them and that he will give her a full confession to prove that he cares about her. Sharon promises to listen to him, but that is all.

Kevin is at the ball talking to Michael and Paul showing them the text he received. They tell Kevin that Ryder and Daisy are out on bail and about Sara Smythe and her connection to Tom. Kevin tells them that Jana didn’t leave him for another man and that if he can figure out the music thing, then he can find her. They ask him about the music he heard. He tells them it sounded like circus music. They figure out it is “Pop Goes the Weasle”. Michael says the circus isn’t coming for another month. Paul remembers that there was an old fair ground out by “Twin Lakes” that has an old wooden bear that played the song. Kevin goes rushing out of the ball to go there as Michael is telling him he’s going to get hurt. Kevin leaves and Michael and Paul go the other direction. Ryder and Daisy are standing back watching the scene.

Nikki and Victor are walking and Nikki tells Victor that as brazen as Adam is, she doesn’t think he would have the nerve to show up at the ball. She says that he would need a tux and a mask and she doesn’t believe his escape was that premeditated. Victor is looking at Victoria and Billy dancing. Victor doesn’t recognize Billy in the new outfit and tells Nikki he is happy that Victoria listened to him to not get too close to Billy Abbott. Nikki replies that Victoria knows better than to do that. They decide to dance. They walk right by Victoria and Billy.

Tucker walks up to Ashley and Neil and says hello. He warns Ashley that he has two left feet, but asks her to dance if Neil doesn’t mind. Neil hesitates and then says he doesn’t mind. Tucker leads Ashley onto the dance floor. Jill is standing behind Neil and watches Tucker and Ashley dancing.

Michael and Lauren are speaking. Michael has explained to Lauren about the situation. He rhetorically asks her who is more twisted than Tom Fisher and Lauren responds, “I know of one person.” Michael explains about going to the courthouse and that if he’s late at all, Paul will drive her home. Lauren stands there looking worried. Daisy and Ryder are behind her staring at her.

Jana is banging on the crate that she has been put in. She can hear Kevin calling her name. She says his name. Kevin is running around the building calling her name. He finds a broken board and gets into the building. Jana starts screaming as lound as she can. Kevin runs around asking where she is. He can’t find her.

Chance and Chloe are dancing and tells him their vertical dancing isn’t bad. She tells him he is good at everything. Chloe makes a comment about never being able to have sex again. Chance tells her he’s been thinking and asks if she wants to go talk about it, flirting. Chloe responds, “Yeah, I thought you’d never ask!” They sneak out.

Billy and Victoria are still dancing. Billy tells her that she makes the room spin for him. She tells him he should lay down. He says OK and suggests they go back to the trailer. She says it is too far so he suggests they go upstairs. She gets excited and starts to go. He pulls her back to him, tells her to go upstairs, he’ll book the room and get the champagne. They go their separate ways.

Phyllis and Nick are sitting. She knows he is worried about Sharon and Faith and that he should go upstairs and check on them. He tells her she is a great wife and passes her his plate. He leaves the table to go upstairs. Jack and Patti, wearing a kitty mask, walk in to the ball and say hello to Phyllis. Phyllis tells Patti that she is glad to see her after hearing about what happened at the hospital with Adam. Patti thanks her for her concern. She starts talking about working with deeply disturbed people when Jack cuts her off to ask Phyllis why she is sitting by herself. He asks where Nick is. Phyllis tells him that Nick went to check on Sharon and Faith since Adam is on the loose. Jack tells Phyllis to put him on her dance card. Patti grabs Jack and says, “He’s taken.” She bring Jack onto the dance floor. He tries to get her to slow down saying that she’s been through a big ordeal. Patti is very affectionate with him. Victor walks by and Jack asks him if there is any word on Adam. Victor replies that no one has seen him.

Sharon and Adam are in the hotel room. Sharon stands protectively in front of Faith’s bassinet. Adam walks closer to her and says, “It’s true. All of it. I was trying to scare Ashley and she lost her baby. It was an accident, but I covered it up. I know that if Victor found out… I blackmailed Dr. Taylor to come here convincing Ashley she was still pregnant. Everything was going OK until she went into hysterical labor. It was too soon and we didn’t have a plan.” Sharon continues for him saying, “So when I went into labor, down the hall the same night, how convenient for you. You used me.” Adam replies yes. He tells her that Dr. Taylor took her baby and Adam gave the baby to Ashley. Sharon says, “And then you told Dr. Taylor to tell me there was a tragedy and my baby had died?” She asks him if he had stolen the ashes that she and Nick had scattered and he admits he did and it was the final piece of the cover up. Sharon says that no, the final piece of the cover up was marrying her. Adam says no and that he does love her and wanted to tell her the truth every day. He reminds her of when he wrote it down in the plane when they thought they were crashing. Sharon remembers the incident. She gets angry at him knowing that he wasn’t doing it for her, but for himself because he thought he was going to die and was trying to clear his conscience. Sharon says that if Dr. Taylor hadn’t written that letter to Ashley, she would never know that Faith was her baby. Adam tells her they are still married and that it’s not too late for them. Sharon moves closer to him and tells him it’s over, she’s through with him, and he’s dead to her. Her wedding band falls on the floor. She tells Adam that he needs to go and get out of here, she never wants to see him again. Nick comes in the door and sees them. Sharon says, “Nick, thank God you’re here.” Nick stares angrily at Adam. Nick asks if Sharon and Faith are OK. Sharon tells Nick that Adam confessed to everything. Nick starts taking off his suit jacket. Nick tells Adam to come downstairs and turn himself in, that it’s the right thing to do. Adam says, “Are you sure you don’t want to take me out back?” Then he tells Nick it’s too bad, it’s not going to happen and makes a run for the window. Nick goes out the window after him. He tells Sharon to run downstairs with Faith and tell everyone that Adam is there.

Heather and Rafe see Billy at the bar. They inform him that because of the story he ran on Adam, they are both suspended from their jobs and could possibly be disbarred. Billy explains that he didn’t know the article was being published and that they should be angry with Adam for making them look like fools.

Chance and Chloe are sitting on the sofa. It’s awkward and they laugh nervously. Chloe tells him that when they were in New York, she felt “so unbelievably loved” by Chance, but explains that she can’t help her feelings. He says he understands she doesn’t want to get married right now. They acknowledge the tension between them the past few days and they both say they don’t like it. Chance says he thinks he needs to rethink his ideals. Chance says that when he said to himself he was waiting for marriage to have sex, but now he knows he was just waiting for Chloe. Chloe is touched by his sweet words and they kiss. They go upstairs.

Murphy, Kay, Jack and Jill are standing with a donation check that puts them over their fundraising limit. They look over and see that Tucker was the person who donated the money. Jack approaches Neil and they talk about how they don’t like that Tucker is getting close to Ashley. Sharon comes running down the stairs yelling for Jack and Victor. She tells them that Adam was here.

Jana is screaming in the box. Kevin is still running around the building calling for her.

Sharon informs them that Nick ran after Adam. Pomerance leaves and tells no one else to go look for him. Patti excuses herself. She finds Adam in his mask in the ball. Patti tells Adam that his plan sucked. He asks why and she explains that sticking two people with the same needle is dangerous. She tells him that she knows exactly who he is and he reminds her that he knows exactly who she is and calls her Patti. Adam walks away.

Paul and Lauren are sitting at the table. Lauren says she wishes Michael was coming back. Paul stays with her. They talk about the connection between this Sara, Tom, and Jana’s disappearance. They see Heather go to the food table. Lauren asks if Heather is OK and Paul says he should check on her. Lauren assures him she will be fine. Paul leaves the table. Daisy walks by and says out loud, “Some people should leave well enough alone.” Lauren recognizes Daisy’s voice and starts walking after her. The masked woman is standing in the corner and watching.

Sharon’s cell phone rings and it’s Adam saying he’s scared. Sharon loudly says his name and Victor, Nick and Jack all hear her and come over. Adam tells her he wants to turn himself in, but needs her to come to him. He tells her he can’t do it alone and needs her. He tells her that if she doesn’t come, a lot of people could get hurt. She says she will come to him and asks her where to find him. Adam says he’s in the basement of the club and tells her to hurry before he changes his mind.

Tucker, Kay and Murphy are sitting at a table. Kay tells him that it is quite a check he wrote for the foundation and he is indeed their hero of the day. She tells him how generous he was. Tucker sarcastically talks about miscommunication. Murphy says that there is such a thing as human error. Tucker brings up the magazine article that Jill published. Murphy states that Kay knew nothing about it. Tucker is not convinced. He shakes both of their hands. Neil and Jill are watching the exchange between Tucker and Kay. Jill can’t believe that Katherine would still trust Tucker after everything that happened.

Phyllis sees someone who has the same mask as Adam and pulls it off of him. She apologizes as it’s not Adam.

Lauren chases Daisy into the washroom asking if it’s her. Daisy pulls off her mask and turns around saying hello to Lauren. Ryder comes in behind her and says hello. The masked lady then enters the room behind Ryder. Lauren is very afraid.

Victor and Jack are walking around the basement with a flashlight looking for Adam. Heather, Paul, Ashley, Patti, Nick and Rafe are also looking for him. Nick notices that a gas pipe has been tampered with, covers his mouth and starts yelling for everyone to get out. Ashley enters the ball and tells the crowd that there is a gas leak in the basement. Everyone starts to evacuate the building. Nikki is aware that Victoria, Sharon and Faith are all still in the building. Michael tries to go in looking for Lauren.

Kevin continues looking around the building calling for Jana. He is exhausted, can’t find her, and collapses crying. He starts apologizing to Jana for not being able to find her. Jana is still yelling for him from in the crate.

Chloe and Chance are in the bedroom kissing and about to make love.

Billy and Victoria are having champagne. Victoria tells him she is still a married woman. Billy says it’s only on paper. Victoria tells him he’s sweating and he says it’s because she’s hot and so is the mask.

People are still evacuating the ball. Heather is on the phone to 911 advising of the leak. Phyllis got her dress stuck and couldn’t move. Nick grabbed Nikki to get her out of the room, but didn’t see Phyllis. An explosion and fire starts coming into the room. Phyllis and Patti are in there and see the blaze.

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