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Adam works furiously to free himself from his handcuff and utters out loud that Patty better not back out now. Nikki enters the room and Adam inquires to what she wants. Adam says that whatever Nikki has to say, he doesn’t want to hear it. Nikki tells him she is there to give him one more chance at redemption.

Patty and Jack are at the club, and Jack is disappointed when she says she has to leave to tend to Adam. Victor comes in and asks what Emily is up to. Jack fills him on what Emily is doing and also about his conversation with Pomerant yesterday. Victor asks if an investigation will be launched.

Lauren comes out of her room dressed for the ball and Michael is impressed. The couple discusses how much better they feel now that Daisy and Ryder are in jail. Lauren ponders why the two teens targeted her. Michael tries to sway Lauren with a kiss when her cell phone rings. It’s Amber, calling to tell Lauren about a work emergency. Lauren agrees to meet Michael at the ball after the emergency is handled. The couple embraces and shares a kiss.

Victoria comes down dressed for the ball and both Reid and JT compliment her beauty. Victoria tells JT that she doesn’t have to go to the ball. JT says that she can go, and that times will pop out when he will have somewhere to be. JT says they have to work together as parents. Victoria says if that’s true, why does he want full custody? JT urges Victoria not to worry about the custody battle right now. Victoria offers to stay again, but JT tells her to go have fun at the ball.

Neil asks Ashley to go the ball, but she declines, asking if he will stay with her instead of going to the ball. Ashley says she doesn’t want to run into Sharon and the baby at the club. Ashley eventually agrees that going to the ball will be a great first step in healing.

Nick and Phyllis, in a wheel chair, arrive at the ball. The run into Jack and Victor and make small talk. Nick asks them to watch over Phyllis while he runs upstairs to check on Faith. They agree as Katherine and Billy arrive. Katherine excuses herself as Victor announces he has something to say. He says that the DA’s office has launched a full scale investigation against those who were present at that cabin. Everyone says they will not let the investigation interfere in Adam getting what he deserves.

There’s a knock at the door and JT answers it to find Mac dressed for the ball and carrying a pizza. She says she brought if for JT and Reid to eat. JT says Reid is sleeping, but he is hungry, and reaches for a slice.

At the ball, Billy encounters Victoria and asks if she is looking for him. She says no, she’s there to support her father. The two discuss JT and Victoria says she hopes she made the right decision. Victor suddenly interrupts and Billy says he was going to fill Victoria in on the investigation. Victor steers Victoria away from Billy and asks her to take a walk.

Nikki tells Adam if he has a shred of decency left in him, he will tell her what happened to Ashley’s baby. She asks Adam if he wants to unburden himself of the guilt. Adam says he thinks the sympathy approach is working. Nikki brings up Hope, but Adam is now swayed by guilt. Adam says that she and Victor make a vicious team. Nikki says that the last thing Hope wanted was Victor and Adam to find peace. Nikki prompts Adam to tell the truth.

Sharon tells Nick she is worried that Adam is going to escape. Nick asks if Sharon has had any sleep. She says not really. Nick tries to get Sharon to go downstairs and grab a bite to eat and let him have some alone time with Faith. Sharon reluctantly agrees and the two share a brief moment.

The ball is in full swing and everyone is dancing. Michael approaches Paul and asks where Nina is. After some small talk, Paul asks about Daisy and Ryder. Then he says that there is a loose end that needs to be tied up. Michael mentions the pictures of Paul and Lauren, and Paul apologizes again. Michael tells him to get over it.

At the jail, Daisy asks Ryder how he is doing. He replies that this is nothing he hasn’t been through before. Ryder says he is worried about Jana. They discuss how out of control things have gotten. Suddenly, mama bear is there, calling them screw ups and telling them she bailed them out. Daisy apologizes for screwing up and promises to make it up to her. In Lauren’s voice, mama bear announces that they are going to a party and hands the brother and sister two masks.

Nick is holding Faith and telling her about Cassie and her premonition and how much they wanted Faith. He tells her how beautiful she is and talks about the bond they will form together. Nick tells Faith how much he loves her.

Ashley and Neil arrive at the party and are greeted by Sharon. Ashley asks who is watching Faith. Sharon says Nick has her. Sharon says that Ashley must miss Faith and asks if she wants to go upstairs and visit. Ashley agrees and heads upstairs while Phyllis eavesdrops.

Victor calls Nikki and leaves a message for her stating that seeing Adam is pointless. At the hospital, Nikki assures Adam that it was her idea to come see him. Nikki says that deep down Adam just wants Victor’s love. Adam sarcastically grabs his heart and says she knows him so well. Nikki urges Adam to tell her the truth, for Ashley’s sake. Adam sarcastically informs Nikki how angelic she is. He angrily tells her that she should be thanking her for driving Ashley and Victor apart. He brings up Nikki’s stripping days, and an angry Nikki tells him he is a despicable human being. Security walks in just as Nikki threatens Adam’s life. The security guard urges Nikki to leave just as Patti enters. Nikki wonders why “Emily” isn’t at the ball, and then leaves. Adam tells Nikki to give hugs and kisses to daddy. Patty is left alone with Adam and he tells her to hand over the stuff she brought.

Sharon and Jack are talking and they run into Phyllis. Phyllis says it was lovely what Sharon did for Ashley and fills Jack in. Jack is surprised and thanks Sharon. Phyllis asks for a minute alone with Sharon. Sharon says she knows this is difficult for Phyllis. Phyllis says she is fine with everything that is going on. Sharon assures Phyllis that she is not trying to cut her out of Faith’s life. Phyllis assure Sharon she will love the baby as her own.

Nick lets Ashley in to see Faith. Ashley gives Nick some Faith advice and begins to cry, saying she misses her so much.

Victor and Katherine discuss the newcomers in town. Nikki walks up and they discuss the benefits of raising money via the ball. The trio toast to a successful night. Katherine excuses herself saying its time to mingle. Victor asks about Nikki’s visit with Adam. She responds that Adam is evil, but apologizes and says she tried. Victor says this is all Adam’s fault anyway.

Adam goes over the supplies Patty brought. They discuss the sedative and Patty pulls out a syringe. Adam tells her to hand it over. She asks how she can know she can trust him.

Billy pours Victoria a glass of champagne and they share small talk. Billy asks if they can finish their conversation about JT. He urges her to talk to him and get things out of her system. Billy says that confession cleanses the soul.

Mac and JT finish off the pizza and discuss Mac’s cravings. JT ponders why Mac isn’t at the ball. She agrees that she should go just as Reid calls out for JT.

Michael and Lauren appear at the ball and discuss how much Daisy impacts their lives even from jail. Lauren asks for a glass of champagne and says she wants to have fun. Michael says that first they have to do one thing and address the pictures. They agree to get it over with.

They approach Paul, Victor, Jack, Neil, and Katherine and explain that the pictures were all a part of a set up. Michael assures everyone that the matter is being handled. Jack wishes that the same could be said of the Adam situation.

Adam wonders why Patty would think he would blow her cover. He says that if she doesn’t do what he says, he will expose her for what she really is. Adam again tries to break free from his handcuffs. He says they can do things the easy way or the hard way. Patty almost stabs Adam with the sedative, but he manages to convince her to hand it over. Adam says they have to act fast if they are going to pull this off.

Ashley tells Neil how much Faith reminds her of Abby. She apologizes for coming, saying she can’t help how much it hurts. Neil tells her about his alcoholism and tells her it will take time. They embrace and Ashley wonders about the baby she lost.

Victoria tells Billy that she is worried about the custody hearing, saying she can’t do anything that will jeopardize things. She says she shouldn’t have gone to Dubai. Victoria wonders if JT is letting her attend the ball as leverage in the custody battle. Billy asks Victoria is she can really trust JT not to use the ball against her. Victoria says JT is honorable, but believes that JT thinks he is the better person. Billy says he is fun, and he can get them a room for tonight. Victoria shoots him a dirty look, but laughs it off. The two continue to drink.

JT tells Mac that Reid thinks there are monsters under the bed and he wants Victoria. Mac says that Reid can feel the tension between JT and Victoria. Mac wonders if JT is trying to separate Victoria from her son. JT asks why he would do that. Mac says it’s because he’s angry and wants sole custody. JT says he just wants to do what’s best for Reid. Mac says that what’s best is having both his parents.

Laruen tells Phyllis how fantastic she looks. Michael asks where Nick is. Phyllis fills them on Sharon’s living situation. Lauren is concerned about Phyllis, who defends Sharon’s actions. Michael says he will call Nick. Phyllis says Nick is doing the right thing to make sure she is involved. Michael gets a call. Lauren asks Phyllis how she is really doing. Phyllis says she can‘t let her doubts interfere in her marriage.

Nick continues to bond with the baby as Sharon watches from the sidelines. Nick asks Sharon how the party was. Sharon says she ran into Phyllis. Sharon sits with Nick and the baby and the three bond. Sharon thanks Nick for letting her get out. Nick says it was nice for Ashley to visit and asks if Sharon needs anything. Sharon says they will be fine. Sharon tells Nick to have fun with his wife, and he leaves.

Michael asks Lauren if she’s seen Paul and informs her that Ryder and Daisy have been released from jail. Lauren starts to freak just as they show up for the ball.

Nikki tells Victor that her heart just isn’t into the ball. Victor says with everything that’s going on, he doesn’t blame her.

The security guard enters Adam’s room and sees Dr. Abbott lying on the floor. Adam jumps him and injects him with the sedative. Patty and Adam plan for Adam’s escape, but Patty leaves her mask behind.

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