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Patty stands over a sleeping Phyllis in the hospital and whispers that it’s her time to die. Just as she is about to smother Phyllis with a pillow, a cell phone rings. Phyllis is startled awake and answers her phone. It’s Nick calling to say that Faith was proven to be his. Phyllis tells Nick to tell Sharon that she’s happy for them both. Phyllis is surprised to see “Emily” in the room, who quickly apologizes for startling her. Phyllis asks Patty what she is doing in her room.

Jack tells Ashley she was courageous in giving up Faith so easily. Ashley cries that the house just feels empty now. Ashley wonders how she will live without Faith. Suddenly Traci enters the room and says that Ashley will find a way. Ashley cries that she lost her baby. Traci embraces her sister to comfort her.

Victoria abruptly breaks from Billy’s kiss and asks him what they are doing. Billy says he doesn’t know but he doesn’t want to stop and pulls Victoria close for another kiss.

Chance presents Chloe with an engagement ring and asks her to marry him. Chloe is less than thrilled with the surprise and instantly turns down his proposal.

Victoria breaks away from Billy again and points out that she is married and furious with Billy for the article about Ashley and Adam in restless style. Billy again tries to convince Victoria that he wasn’t responsible. Victoria argues. Billy defends himself again. Victoria says the kiss shouldn’t have happened. Billy says she is right and Victoria leaves.

Billy goes in and is happy to see Traci. Jack and Billy leave to give Traci and Ashley a chance to talk. Traci picks up one of Faith’s toys that was left behind and Ashley comments that it was one of her favorites. She starts to cry and says she just doesn’t know what she is going to do now.

Nick and Sharon are bonding with Faith for the first time alone. They discuss how much of a blessing it is that Faith won’t remember what has happened. Sharon says that what they do now is crucial to Faith’s development, according to the specialist. Nick mentions that he and Phyllis should also find a specialist so everyone can be on the same page. Sharon says that in order to bond completely with Faith, she would need Faith to stay with her at night for a while.

Patty tells Phyllis she just stopped by to check on her. Phyllis jokingly asks if it’s because they are such good friends. Patty laughs it off and says that she and Jack are and he would like her to check in on Phyllis. Phyllis tells Patty that Jack already came by to see her. Patty comments that Jack always takes care of his obligations. Patty says she is lucky to have found Jack. A suspicious Phyllis says that she is indeed as Patty makes her way towards the door.

Chance wants Chloe to agree to marry him before sex because he wants his first time to meaningful. Chloe says she thought that’s what this was. Chance asks if after tonight they are going to keep having sex without any commitment and says that’s not what he wants. He tells Chloe he loves her. Chloe says it’s romantic. Chance says he thought she understood that. Chloe says she doesn’t understand and that she actually feels ambushed by Chance’s proposal. Chloe apologizes to Chance, telling him she is beginning to think this night is a mistake.

Ashley is sharing some her happy Faith memories with Traci and she starts to break down. Ashley worries that Faith will think she abandoned her. Traci assures Ashley that she will see Faith again. Ashley worries that Faith won’t love her anymore. Traci tells Ashley that she is still devastated that she couldn’t be with Colleen when she needed her most. She said she begged God for another chance with Colleen but she never got one. Traci reminds Ashley that one day she will be able to tell Faith how much she loved her. Ashley agrees that it is a blessing, but that it still hurts so much.

Sharon asks Nick to keep Phyllis at bay so that Nick and Sharon can form a parental bond with Faith. Nick is reluctant so Sharon backs up her claims with literature from the specialist. Nick tells Sharon that she needs to deal with the fact that Phyllis is going to be a part of the baby’s life. Sharon says she understands but says that now isn’t the time.

Patty rushes home in search of Jack. As she enters her cell phone rings. It’s Jack who is on his way home. He says he wants to talk because she hasn’t been herself. Patty starts to worry. She looks at the portrait of Emily and tells it that Jack needs to remember why he loves her and erase all the memories of Emily from his mind. She says she may know the way and runs upstairs to prepare.

Chloe calls home to check on Delia and tells Chance the status. He tells her they can’t ignore what’s going on and they have to talk about it. She agrees. Chance says he should have talked about the proposal beforehand but he didn’t because he assumed she would say yes. He asks her if she isn’t in love with him anymore. Chloe assures him that she does love him but that she isn’t ready to get married again. Chloe says she understands that Chance doesn’t want to have casual sex, but she has done forever twice and neither lasted very long. She says she can’t do that again. Chance tells her that this time is different because he wants to marry her for her. Chance tells Chloe all the things he loves about her and says he wants to give her everything she wants. He says it’s easier for her to hidr behind her past than take a risk. Chloe says that this isn’t realistic. Chance replies that she isn’t the one that’s being realistic. He tries to convince her to say yes one more time.

Chloe’s silence irks Chance and he asks if her answer is still no. Chloe says yes, the answer is no. She is scared that things won’t work out. She says they have a better shot of making it if they don’t get married. Chance says that’s cynical. He says he should trust her because he is doing it the right way. Chloe says marriage isn’t like in the movies, there is no happily ever after. Chance says it’s obvious that she has made up her mind. Chloe says she guesses she has. She asks what he wants to do now. Chance asks if she wants to go home and orders the cab driver to take them back to the airport.

Nick comments that he is glad Sharon and Faith are at the ranch so he can drop in any time he wants. Sharon says she is actually going to move into the club to spare Victor the pain of seeing Faith all the time. Nick comments that Sharon is making it harder and harder for him to see Faith on a daily basis. Sharon quickly tries to assure him that is not her attention. Nick laments that he hopes Phyllis is as supportive as he is.

Jack comes home and yells out for Emily. Patty, dressed in a blue robe, descends the stairs carrying her dried wedding bouquet. Jack is surprised and asks what she is doing. Patty says she wanted to remind him that she is still the woman he married.

Ashley takes a quick call from Abby, who has been informed of the baby debacle by Victor. Ashley cries over how devastating the loss will be for Abby. Traci comments that the family has already suffered so much loss. Ashley says she needs to grieve for the baby she lost. Traci asks her if she is sure that she has a miscarriage. Ashley says she remembers falling, but then speculates that if Adam was telling the truth, her baby could be out there somewhere. Traci gets up and puts on her coat, telling Ashley to get hers as well. Ashley asks where they are going. Traci says they are going to see Ashley’s doctor to get some answers.

At the hospital, Nick visits Phyllis, who asks why he isn’t with Faith. He says he had to see his hot wife and her cast. Phyllis shows Nick a get well card that Summer made her and asks how they will tell Summer about Faith. She says that they will have a nursery for Faith and that will be one way to break the news. Phyllis comments that if she were Sharon, she wouldn’t let Faith out of her sight. Nick tells Phyllis not to take it the wrong way, but that Sharon wanted her to keep her distance for a while. Phyllis is not amused.

Patty tells Jack that she knows she hasn’t been herself because she doesn’t sleep well without him. Frustrated, Jack says that Ashley needed him. Patty says of course. Jack says he is worried that Ashley will go over the edge again. Patty says she is well aware of that. Jack says that Patty is a perfect example of what he doesn’t want to happen to Ashley. Jack says that he doesn’t want his sister to become as nuts as Patty. Irritated, Patty says that “nuts” is a derogatory statement. Jack says he was just trying to make a point. Patty says she is sorry for being so insensitive. He says Emily has said a lot of things that are out of character. Patty says they have both been under a lot of stress. Patty quickly changes the subject telling Jack that she is officially changing her name to Dr. Emily Abbott, surprising him even more. Jack says he guesses he still has a lot to learn about her and the couple embraces. Jack says he was thinking about the day they went skating and asks what position Emily played because she never told him. Patty quickly covers, saying she doesn’t want to talk about her past, only the right here and now. Patty brings up their wedding night and the two start to kiss passionately.

Billy is on his cell with an employee when there is a knock on the door. Billy is surprised to see Victoria, who says she’s been thinking about what he said. She says she wonders if it’s possible to loath someone and want to be with them all the time. Billy says “what?” just as Victoria starts to kiss him. Billy pulls her into a passionate kiss and the two make love.

Nick tells Phyllis that if anyone besides he and Sharon bond with Faith it could be detrimental to her development. Phyllis says she is fine with that. Nick tells Phyllis that Sharon’s staying at the club. Nick says he has to go and offers to get Phyllis a pizza. He asks her if he has told her how much he loves her lately. She says yes, but she still likes hearing it and they kiss.

Ashley and Traci discuss Ashley’s hysterical pregnancy. Ashley says she feels so stupid. Traci says she was just trying to deal with the loss. Ashley says she wishes she could make the pain go away. Traci says she needs to just say goodbye and make peace with it.

Chance and Chloe return to the Chancellor mansion. Chloe says she is sorry and Chance says he is too. Chloe says this doesn’t change the way she feels about him. Chance tells her to sleep well and closes the door in her face.

After making love, Billy asks Victoria if she is leaving. Victoria says yes and he tells her he’s glad she came over. Victoria says she is too, and no regrets, but that it shouldn’t happen again. Billy agrees and they say never again. Billy laughs, says “maybe once” and kisses Victoria again.

Jack tells Patty that she is the woman that he fell in love with. Patty asks if he wants to take this upstairs. Jack says he will get a bottle of wine and leaves the room. Patty turns to the portrait of Emily and laughs, calling her a loser and telling it that she has Jack all to herself again.

Alone, Phyllis researches just how long it could take for Nick and Sharon to bond with Faith and discovers it could take months. She picks up the card from Summer and sadly reads it again.

Nick returns to see Faith, much to Sharon’s pleasant surprise. Nick takes Faith and tells her that her daddy missed her while Sharon happily looks on.

Traci and Ashley take a balloon outside to release it for the baby. Ashley says she isn’t ready to move on and won’t be until she knows what happened to her child. She wonders aloud where the baby is now.

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