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The Y&R Update Thursday 3/25/10--Canada; Friday 3/26/10--U.S.A.


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Emily is sleeping on her cot when Paul enters and says hello. Emily asks Paul if he got the DNA test results from the tissue she gave him. Paul says he’s taking care of it. Emily says she knows he didn’t get it done. Paul says she needs to stop her obsession with Dr. Emily. Emily tries to tell Paul who she is and begs him to have the DNA test done. Paul runs out to get the doctor.

Lily is at the INS office with Neil, Devon, and Malcolm. She swears to the officer that she doesn’t know where Cane is. Neil wonders if the INS agent thinks they helped Cane escape. The agent says they will know when he views the video tape. He asks Lily where Cane is, she swears she doesn’t know. Michael comes in and Lily again says she doesn’t know where Cane is.

Adam is outraged that “Emily” has been assigned to his case, saying it’s a conflict of interest considering she is Jack’s wife. Patty reminds Adam that he was responsible for Ashley’s miscarriage and the other things he has done. Thinking that Patty is Emily, Adam continues to deny everything. Patty remembers Adam using her to pull off his gas lighting of Ashley. Patty asks Adam why Jack would help the Newmans if they were such bad people. Adam says they all lied to Jack in order to use him. Adam continues to declare his innocence.

Ashley kisses Faith and tells Victor it was the right thing to do to let Nick and Sharon hold the baby. Sharon thanks Ashley and Nick’s cell phone rings. It’s Summer’s babysitter, wondering where Phyllis is. Nick tells her Phyllis should be home soon just as Phyllis is being wheeled into the emergency room. Phyllis asks for Nick several times. Nick receives another call, this time from the hospital informing him that Phyllis was in an accident.

The doctor asks Phyllis several questions and Phyllis continues to beg for Nicholas. After screaming in pain, Phyllis is rushed to radiology. Nick, Sharon, Amber and Daniel all show up in the emergency room. The doctor informs them that Phyllis has a broken leg. Nicholas asks to see her right as Jack shows up. Jack mentions that Phyllis hit black ice on her way back from the Abbott cabin. The group all wonder what Phyllis was doing there in the first place.

Back at the ranch, Victor asks Ashley to come to the hospital and submit to a DNA test. At first, Ashley says no, but Victor convinces her that putting off the testing won’t make the situation any easier. Ashley agrees to go the hospital.

In the hospital, Adam fills Patty in on what happened at the Abbott cabin and Phyllis and Dr. Taylor’s letter. Patty tells Adam she isn’t there to judge him. Adam says that he had nothing to do with switching the babies. He then says that maybe Emily should ask her patient Patty what happened. Adam says that Patty wore Sabrina’s dress and pulled all the shenanigans. Again Adam says that his life is over and Patty asks if he is suicidal. Adam says no, but that she is the only person that can help him by having him put in an institution instead of prison. Patty tells Adam that if he trusts her, she will make sure things are the way they should be.

Nick visits Phyllis who is feeling the effects of the pain meds. Nick inquires as to why Phyllis was at the cabin. Phyllis gestures toward her purse. Nick pulls the plaque from Phyllis’ purse as Daniel looked on in wonder.

At the hospital, Sharon wonders why Ashley is there. Victor tells her that Ashley has agreed to the DNA testing. Nick comes out with the plaque and explains what Phyllis was doing at the cabin. Nick laments that he should have been there for Phyllis. From behind, an angry Daniel agrees.

Jack asks Phyllis what she was thinking going to the cabin by herself. Phyllis says she just wanted to support her husband. Phyllis tells Jack that there is no need for a DNA test, that she is sure that the baby is Nick and Sharon’s. Jack asks whose ashes they spread and Phyllis answers that it wasn’t theirs. Phyllis cries because the baby is going to be in her life, but says she won’t be the reason that she loses her husband.

Daniel starts to go off on Nicholas about not being there for Phyllis. Amber tells him he doesn’t know the whole story. Sharon and Nick fill Daniel in on the baby news. Daniel runs off to be with Phyllis. Ashley approaches Victor and Sharon and says she’s ready to get the DNA testing done.

Patty exits Adam’s hospital room and runs into Paul. He tells her he doesn’t want her consulting on his sister’s case anymore. Patty argues, but Paul is adamant, telling to stay far away from Patty. Paul says if “Emily” won’t stay away from Patty, he will get a court order to make her stay away from her. Paul storms off and Patty then runs into Sharon. Sharon tells Patty that Jack is in the ER. Patty runs off to be with him. From inside his hospital room, Adam calls to Sharon. She stalls, but goes in to see him.

Nick explains all to Daniel, who tells him that Phyllis needs to hear that Nick loves her from Nick himself. Billy walks up and asks Jack how Phyllis is doing. Jack fills Billy in on Phyllis’ condition. Billy asks why Jack summoned him. Jack says Ashley will get the DNA testing done. Ashley enters and says now is the time for the testing.

Patty runs to Jack and embraces him. He fills an unamused Patty in on Phyllis’ situation. Billy and Jack wonder why “Emily” is at the hospital. She explains that she is charge of Adam’s case. Jack is surprised and asks if it’s a conflict of interest. Patty tells Jack and Billy that Adam is a sick man. Billy can’t believe his ears. Jack is shocked as well, asking Patty if Adam is going to be fit to stand trial. Patty responds that she just doesn’t know yet. Jack looks at her strangely, and Patty says that it is her job to stay unbiased. Suddenly, Patty’s cell phone rings and she runs off, with Jack asking her why she was protecting Adam.

In Adam’s room, he is busy trying to convince Sharon that he loves her more than any man on the planet. He reminds her that he fell in love with her on Thanksgiving and says he just wanted to make her happy. Sharon begins to cry and asks Adam if it was to appease his guilt for the things he did to her. He says she can’t believe that. He tells her again that he loves her. Sharon says he doesn’t know what love is. Adam reminds Sharon that he saved Noah’s life.

Amber offers her help to Phyllis, who wonders what the catch is. Amber says its family rules, but that Phyllis can hate her again later. Nick enters and Amber leaves. Nick wonders why Phyllis went to the cabin. Phyllis says she didn’t want to go see Faith with him and Sharon because she didn’t want to complicate things. Nick says that he never wants Phyllis to think she is a complication and assures her that they will always be a team. Nick kisses Phyllis as the doctor comes in and announces that Phyllis won’t need surgery, just a cast. Phyllis and Nick are both happy with the news.

Adam says he told Sharon about his evil deeds before they were married and she forgave him. He says that Sharon has turned on him. She asks him why he did all those horrible things. Adam blames Dr. Taylor yet again. Sharon tells Adam that he conned her. Adam said all he did was love her. Sharon tells Adam that if he loved her, he would tell her where her baby is. Sharon begins to cry and asks Adam again where her baby is.

Adam says that Ashley is lying and that she never miscarried. Sharon continues to cry and asks again where the baby is. Adam tells Sharon that if she leaves him now, he won’t make it. Sharon asks again where the baby is. Adam swears on his mother’s grave that he doesn’t know. He says he hopes that Dr. Taylor burns in hell. Sharon says that Hope would be ashamed of what Adam has become. Adam asks Sharon what he has to do to convince her, begging her to look at him. Sharon says that the next time she sees Adam, it will be when the jury returns the guilty verdict at his trial. Sharon leaves.

Phyllis is fitted with a cast and released from the hospital. Daniel and Amber are by her side. Daniel gets a call on his cell and he tries to put it off, but Phyllis demands that he answer it. Daniel and Amber step outside. Nick tells Phyllis that he will be her personal slave for a couple of weeks. She says he doesn’t have to take care of her. Nick says he wants to, and says it is his turn to support her. Nick tells Phyllis to let him save her for once.

Victor tells Ashley and Sharon that the hospital is ready to do the DNA testing. Jack asks if the results are definitive. Victor says that the baby should be an exact match to the mother. Sharon thanks Ashley and Ashley says it’s the right thing to do.

Billy is at Murphy’s trailer home when he hears a noise outside. He grabs a baseball bat just as Cane busts through the door in his handcuffs. Cane asks Billy for help, telling him that Lily’s cancer isn’t gone and the chemo didn’t work.

At the INS office, Lily is surrounded by Neil, Devon, and Malcolm who are reeling from the cancer news. Billy shows up and Neil wonders why he’s there. Billy spins a lie to Neil in order to get Lily. Neil asks Billy if he has heard from Cane. Billy acts completely clueless, and tells Lily she needs a hug. During the embrace, Billy tells Lily on the sly to meet him in the parking lot. Lily says she needs some fresh air and leaves. Neil says he thinks Billy knows more than he’s saying.

Billy and Lily show up at the trailer and Lily asks Cane what the hell he was thinking. Billy tells Lily and Cane to get out of there before someone knows they are there. Cane tells Lily that he will hide and so whatever he has to do. Lily says he has to turn himself in because she doesn’t want to look over her shoulder all the time. Cane says he won’t. Just then, INS agents bust through the door and arrest Cane.

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