Monday Y&R Update 2/8/10

The Y&R Update Monday 2/8/10--Canada; Tuesday 2/9/10--U.S.A.


Written By Suzanne
Pictures By Juanita

Katherine and Tucker walk in to his office, discussing his sales of Jabot to Victor. She doesn't think he's satisfied with the sale, but he claims he is. She taunts him about his plan to take away what is important to her. He just stares at her, annoyed. She keeps taunting him about his plan not working. She reminds him that she gave him up the day he was born to strangers, but there's nothing that either one of them can do to change that. Later, Tucker is on the phone to someone, telling them about a ship. He gets off the phone and asks her to remind him what they were talking about. She says that they were discussing how his takeover had to do with their history. She doesn't know what he thinks he missed out on, being raised by an alcoholic mother in a miserable marriage. Whatever life he thought he was denied, it's time he got over it. He points out that she is the one who keeps bringing it up. They argue some more. She lets him know that she's never been defeated, and she never will. He smirks, and she calls him on it. He sucker-punched her, she says, but she's been hit many times before and has always come back swinging and clawing. She urges him to do his damnedest to dismantle her empire, and to watch her suffer. She hopes he will enjoy it while it lasts. She whispers that as he keeps chopping away, there's one finger that he forgot to chop off yet (I think she's flipping him off here, but they don't show it). He laughs at her, and she leaves. He laughs some more after she goes.

Jack talks on the phone to someone about Victor's buying Jabot. He declares that is must be corporate espionage. He yells at the person to also find out how much Victor bid. He hangs up, and just then, Victor walks in. He asks if Jack is having a rough day. Jack figures that Victor is there to tell him to pack. Victor agrees that many changes will have to be made, and he's anxious to get started. He adds that Jabot's new ambassadress is, too. Jack wonders what that means, and then Gloria walks in. She tells him to congratulate her because at long last, she's returning to these hallowed halls. Victor smiles as Jack looks disgusted and shocked. Gloria, who's dressed to kill, explains that Victor came up with the title and has set up meetings for her all over the world. Victor notes that she'll be perfect as the face of Jabot. Jack is thoroughly disgusted and reminds them that Gloria almost destroyed the company by herself. Gloria says that she thought he would have welcomed his involvement. He admits that behind-the-scenes might have been okay, but her public image is tarnished. She reminds people of lawsuits and poisoned face cream. Gloria thinks that people will see beyond that and see that she is a tough survivor. She reminds him that in the last year she's faced poverty, public humiliation, and prison. She thinks women need her kind of example right now. Jack asks Victor if he's kidding. Victor supports Gloria, saying that her approach adds enormous value to the company. Jack knows that Victor is just using her to get at him. He warns that he will make sure that his lawyers garnish her wages to meet the terms of their settlement. Gloria informs him that being there is not about the money, which is why she's agreed to work for almost nothing. She assures him that when he's gone, she'll take care of things. Victor suggests that she go look at the other executive suites to pick out one she'll like. Gloria leaves. Jack can't believe that he would destroy his own investment, just to get at him. Victor smiles and reminds him that he vowed to make his life a living hell before he went to Belgium. He warns him that this is just the beginning. Victor and Jack go back to arguing some more. Things get really nasty when Jack reminds him that he let Victor have his niece's heart so that he could keep on living. Victor accuses him of taking advantage of Katherine's tragedy to take back Jabot. He tells Jack that he plans to give it back to her. Jack wonders when, but Victor replies that it's none of his business. They argue some more and Victor hints that someone capable will be running Jabot now instead of Jack. Jack fumes.

Katherine visits Victor in Jack's former office and asks how he managed to top everyone else's bid for Jabot. He assures her quietly, with a smile, that he spent a ridiculous amount of money on it. She laughs and says it will be in good hands. He tells her that he will turn it back over to her. She says that will annoy Tucker. She tells him that Tucker hates her. Victor tells her not to worry because he doesn't know her. Katherine doesn't think Tucker wants to know her and that there isn't a sentimental bone in his body.

Tucker looks at Katherine's book and sees an old photo of her. He stares at it and then tosses the book on the desk in anger.

At the bookstore, Amber shows Daniel a photo on her phone of "Little D" and tells him that her mom sent it to her. Daniel looks sad. Amber tells him that she tracked her mom down and that he is fine. She got to talk to him, too. He wonders if he remembered her. Amber says he sort of did, and it wasn't like Deacon said. He's not surprised that Deacon lied. She also tells him that her mom is happy to look after him, especially since Deacon gave her a lot of money to look after him. Daniel laughs that he doesn't know what they'd do if they suddenly had a kid to look after because they are not ready for that. Amber gives him a look, so he asks her what that means. He hopes that the boy is not coming to stay with them. Amber says that he's happy where he is. She was just upset to hear him say that they're not ready for kids. He declares that they're not, but Amber admits that she is. Daniel looks worried. They discuss it. She talks about how great it was being a mom before and how it changes everything. She is sure that he'll be a great dad. He agrees that might be true someday. She is worried that with the past health problems she's had, they might miss their chance. He says that he needs more time, and he points out that they don't have the money. They argue. He tells her that he's not ready. She looks sad. Daisy walks in and sees them. She smiles in a wicked way. Amber and Daniel argue some more, and then they drop it. Daisy says hello and returns Daniel's camera. She tells him that she finally saved up enough money to buy her own. Amber is annoyed and leaves, telling Daniel that instead of dinner with him, she's just going to eat on her own. Daisy says goodbye and asks if she is okay. Daniel mumbles that she'll be fine. He looks at Daisy's photos on the camera and admires them. They joke around about them. Daniel decides he will stay and keep looking at photos with her, which makes her smile. She looks closely over his shoulder at the photos as he advises her about them. She takes notes on her hand and then takes a photo of him with her new camera. She smiles and flirts with him as he looks at her in surprise. They take some photos outside so that Daniel can show her what he was talking about. They come back in and sit down, chatting about it. He compliments her eye, so she thanks him. He figures that he should get going. She notes that Amber seems pretty ticked off. Daniel points out that making up is half the fun. She says that she wouldn't know because she's never had a boyfriend. Daniel is shocked. She says that she would rather be with someone more mature than high school boys. He laughs, so she wonders why. He explains that if she were his kid sister, he would advise her not to rush it and that these mature guys will be there long after she's grown up. Daniel thanks her and wishes her luck with her camera, then he leaves. Daisy looks disappointed.

Mac goes to J.T.'s place to baby-sit Reed while he and Victoria go out to dinner. She is disappointed that Reed is already asleep but wishes J.T. "Happy Anniversary". He thanks her but tells her that Victoria is stuck in New York. Mac sits down and has pizza that he brought for her. He tells her about his dinner plans with Victoria. She asks if he got her something special. He did, but he's not sure about it. He goes to get it, so he can show her, as she wonders why. It's a locket with a photo of Reed. Mac is sure Victoria will love it. J.T. is not sure because it's an anniversary gift, yet it's more about Reed than them. He notes that describes their marriage right now. Mac wisely says that marriages have ups and downs, and Reed is there to keep their connection. She thinks it's even better if they find their way back to each other because of him. J.T. tells her that's exactly what he needed to hear. He hopes Victoria feels the same way. Later, he suggests that Mac go home since it doesn't look like Victoria will be coming any time soon. She decides to wait in case she does, and they still want to go out. He jokes about her eating the pizza. He wonders if she is getting out there and dating. She can't believe that he would ask that, since she's carrying twins. She is still getting over Billy, she admits. She tells him that Billy is not easy to forget and hard to get over. Later, they play a board game, and she wins. He is hungry, but she has eaten all of the pizza. She goes to make him a sandwich. He follows her into the kitchen as they keep joking around.

Victoria phones to get a new flight out of New York. She is in an Irish bar and orders a beer. When it comes, it's very green, since it's an Irish bar. Billy also walks in, on the phone to Chloe, to tell her that his flight has been delayed. He is carrying a large stuffed dog as he tells Chloe to tell Delia that he has a big surprise for her. Victoria tries to hide, but he is standing right next to her. Billy orders a beer. Victoria advises the bartender not to serve Billy because she's seen him drunk. She says that he gets even more annoying then. They smile at each other awkwardly and drink. He tries to make small talk with Victoria, who mostly ignores him as she checks her messages on her phone. He asks her how Dublin was, but she corrects him that it was Dubai. When he asks her how it was, she snaps that she didn't get to see much of it because she was working. Victoria then asks if he got lonely on the road. He wonders what she means. She nods at the large stuffed dog and says that it looks like he had to buy a friend. He explains that it is for Delia's upcoming first birthday. He notices that she has a lot of presents for her child, too.

Billy wonders if she bought her husband a little something, too. She explains that she got an anniversary gift. He asks when that is, so she admits that it is today. He states that's a helluva way to spend it. She wonders sarcastically if that will end up in Restless Style, too, and he jokes back. She doesn't think what he says is funny, so he explains that it's just human nature to be curious about what goes on behind closed doors, especially really nice ones. She figures that he ignored her advice not to ruin any lives while she was gone. He digs out the latest issue, which has a picture of Victor on the cover. She sighs in exasperation, wondering what the hell he did now. She yells at him for his attacking Victor. They argue, but he is still smiling and joking around. He urges her to notice that Victor posed for the photo. She turns and glares at him questioningly. She opens the magazine to read what Victor said. She figures Billy must have twisted his words. Billy assures her that he didn't need to because he was out for blood. She reads the article. Victor says that Adam has no morals or scruples, and it's a shame that he bears the Newman name. She sighs and puts down the magazine. Billy wonders how it feels to see her least favorite Newman skewered in print. She says "No comment" and they keep joking around and sparring. Victoria is very sleepy and yawns a lot. She says that she has been traveling a long time. Billy suggests she order another beer, but she walks off. He tells the stuffed dog that he thinks she likes them. Victoria returns, and they joke around about whether Billy is wearing green or not. Billy ends up showing his underwear. Victoria looks embarrassed but also a little like she enjoys the show. They have some food. She is disgusted by the greasy food that he's eating. He offers to share it, but she refuses, saying that it smells disgusting. She's rather starve. He takes out a toy tiara that he got for Delia and puts it on her head, calling her "a little princess". She smiles and looks at him as if she's seeing him in a new way.

Katherine and Amber meet up at the coffee house. Amber thanks her for coming as they sit down. She doesn't think that she and Daniel will make it. Katherine asks her what's wrong. Amber thinks they have totally different goals in life. Katherine asks her what hers is, so Amber replies that she wants to be a mother. Amber tells her that Daniel is not interested in kids right now, maybe not ever. She starts to get upset. Katherine tells her to slow down and reminds her that maintaining her relationship is what's important. Amber wants babies with him but worries what will happen if they don't have them. Katherine suggests that Amber wait and see how things work out because Daniel might think differently in a year or so. Katherine assures her that she has plenty of time, even though she thinks her biological clock is ticking. Amber hopes she is right.

Still at Jabot, Victor asks someone on the phone to set up a meeting. Gloria walks in. He is surprised that she is still there. She tells him that she has many ideas and has written them all down. Victor kind of brushes her off, saying that he would like to hear it another time. She wants him to listen, but he gets testy. She can tell she's getting brushed off and wonders if he will ever want to hear them. He walks out, saying good night.

Jack finds out from someone over the phone how much Victor bid. He can't believe how big it was and wonders why he would do that. We can tell it is kind of driving him crazy, trying to it out.

Victor goes to visit Tucker, who offers him a drink. Tucker wonders how long Victor gave Jack to clean his office out. Victor doesn't answer but takes the drink. He thanks Tucker for his legal department being so cooperative. Tucker agrees that they wanted the deal wrapped up quickly. Tucker is fully aware that Victor plans to give the company to Katherine. He wonders if Victor will really do that, since combining Jabot with his Beauty of Nature line would give him dominant market share. Victor smiles and says that he's not sure yet what his plans for Jabot will be. Tucker notes that Katherine is lucky to have Victor in his corner because he's a powerful ally. Victor tells him that Katherine is powerful as well and that he underestimates her. Tucker agrees that she is definitely tougher than he thought. Victor thinks that he will one day find out how tough she is, and he hopes to be there to see it.

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