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The Y&R Update Friday 12/7/07--Canada; Monday 12/10/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Dani
Pictures by Amanda

Gloria is most pleased with herself for finally bringing Jackís sins to light. Michael and Ben argue about the authenticity of the letter, while Gloria testifies to Johnís state of mind at the time he passed away. Gloria tells of Johnís less than lucid mind in the time before his death and the many medications he was on to help him keep a clear mind. Gloria gets emotional telling of her love for John and his of her. Gloriaís tears dry up when she begins talking of Jackís cruelty before and after johnís death, but especially after John died. Sharon calls to check on Noah who is spending the night at a friends house. She over hears two reporters talking about Gloriaís testimony and what it will mean for jackís career, comparing it to the titanic. Worried, Sharon tries to talk to Michael who challenges her to really listen to what Jack says. He wonít lie, and he wonít admit to manipulating John, heíll tap dance around the answer. Certain enough it does appear as though Jack is reacting just as Michael predicted. Sharon listens closely analyzing every detail as Jack gives his own statement turning the tables on Gloria calling her a bigamist, and black widow, not to mention his favorite, gold-digger. Jack goes on to tell how Gloria hired male escorts to pose as her own sons when John wanted to meet her family. Gloria isnít looking so much like the poor innocent victim now.
Gloria promises Kevin anything he wants as she swells with thrill at the idea of how rich she is going to be. Kevin certainly doesnít try to harness his motherís spending before she gets the money, playing right into her fantasies. Gloria makes grand dinner reservations for the family so she can gloat about finally getting what is due to her. Lauren and Michael cannot attend. Michael hates to inform Lauren that with Victor being investigated and hounded by the police he is going to have to postpone their anniversary dinner. Lauren claims to understand though she is extremely disappointed. No matter how hectic their lives get Lauren is so glad that she married Michael.
Back in Genoa City Kevin keeps Gloria busy sipping Champaign and reveling in her near defeat, while Lauren keeps Michael otherwise occupied with an anniversary surprise. She makes him stay for three hours. Michael gladly puts work on hold to play with his wife. Lauren has rented a craps table to signify the night Michael proposed to her. The play strip craps and Michael looses terrible but in a game like that there arenít any losers. Lauren tells him again that she hit the jackpot when he married her. Michael feels the same way.
Jeffrey interrupts Gloria and Kevinís dinner to congratulate Gloria for her accomplishment in Madison. He then commends her on having a vast fortune, a fortune so large she can quit her job. No need for discount cosmetics, with her money she can afford all of the moisturizer she wants. Kevin and Gloria both know where this is leading.
Sharon confronts Jack at home, wanting the truth about the will and JohnĎs final weeks. No explanations just yes, or no. Jack still wonít simply answer, but blows up, claiming he hates Gloria and he had to do anything to protect his family from her. He hates that Sharon is hurt by what he did and he would do it again. Jack would do whatever it takes to protect his family and that is to include Sharon and Noah. Sharon knows now that he did manipulate John. Sharon canít live with the man that he has become. Every time she forgives his behavior he does something worse. Sharon walks out as jack begs after her to please not leave.
Victor verbally attacks Nikki for rubbing his nose in her affair after he finds the card David included in her office belongings. Nikki is angry Victor read her personal mail, more importantly she doesnít want to fight and have negative energy around Victoria. They argue very loudly and very forcefully. Nick and Phyllis interrupt. Phyllis invites Nikki to the tack house for girl time with Summer. Nick talks to Victor about his relationship with Nikki then about the police investigation.
Phyllis is kind and understanding towards Nikki who has been less than hospitable to her daughter-in-law in recent times. Phyllis thinks that Victor only got angry because he still loves her and wanted to get her attention. The idea of this brings a smile to Nikkiís face, shoe does and most likely will always love Victor. All Nikki can, and wants to, focus on is Victoria and her new grandson. Phyllis understands and believes that is the way it should be.
Nikki takes moment to call David and warn him that Victor found the card and is very angry. David reminds her she always has a safe place at his room. Phyllis asks Nikki if she would like to spend the night.
Nikki returns to the main house in hopes of peace and understanding. What she gets, is Victor kicks her out. Nikki is allowed all of the time she wants or needs with Victoria but she cannot live there. And one more thing, Victor wants to be notified when Nikki plans on visiting so he can make himself scarce. Nikki goes to the tack house for the night.

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