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The Y&R Update Friday 11/30/07--Canada; Monday 12/3/07--U.S.A.

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Jack is browsing through the paper reading all the negative press about him.  Ben is looking on the internet to see what he can find.  Sharon asks if they are going to use the audio tape and says that she doesn't want him too.  Ben says it will be very bad for him if he doesn't. 

Everyone at the hospital wants to see the baby but the doctor hasn't told them anything.  Victoria is better this morning.  The doctor enters and tells them they are doing everything for the baby at this point that they can.  He may have some disabilities because of being born too early.  The baby has a 50% chance.

Cane sits and thinks back to times of him and Lily.  He seems to think about her all the time.  He picks up the phone to call her but puts it back down.

Colleen puts in a call to her dad to find out how Victoria is but she gets his voice mail.  She asks Lily if she is entering the Jabot contest and Lily says she is.

Amber walks up to Kevin, but he doesn't know it is she.  She is all dressed up in a wig and make-up.  She lowers her glasses and stares in his eyes and he recognizes her.    

Lily doesn't think she has the beauty to win the contest and Colleen tells her that she isn’t thinking straight.  She tells Lily how beautiful her mother was, and says she has Dru's genes.

Jack, Sharon, and Ben listen to the audio tape.  It is defiantly Ji-Min and Victor and this gives them the evidence they need.  Ben wants to take it to the press now but Sharon won't have it because of the situation with Victoria.  Daniel arrives and fills everyone in on Victoria.  Phyllis sends her luck with the court. 

J.T. wants to be with Victoria but he can't right now.  Paul tries to calm him.  He won't forgive Nikki and Brad for putting off the c-section.

While Victor is gone to see the doctor, Phyllis, Nikki and Nick sit and wait.  Nikki wants to know if Nick thinks she did the right thing.  They assure her she did but she is having a very hard time because the baby is so weak and may not make it.  Nick holds her as she cries.  Victor enters the room.

Amber and Kevin make a bet that she can't pull her disguise off with Cane.  She walks up to Cane and starts to make small talk and Cane smiles.

J.T. talks with Brad about something he read on the internet about a baby that was born that early and made it after a series of operations.  Colleen says she has never seen a baby that small.

The doctor tells them they have Victoria on different kinds of medication and she is doing a lot better.  They ask to see her and go in to talk to her.  They love her and want her to wake up so she can see her beautiful baby boy.

Ben tries very hard to talk Jack into letting him go to the press with the audio.  Jack agrees, against his better judgment, but insists that it will be on his terms.  He won't leak it to the press and he wants to turn it over to the DA.

Sharon tells Victor that no matter what happens between him and Jack, she hopes they will remain friends.  Victor lets her know that she is a great friend and whatever happens has no bearing on their friendship.

Nikki hopes that Victoria will forgive her when she wakes up.  Phyllis lets her know that she was standing up for her daughter.  Any mother would have done the same thing.  She was Victoria's voice when she couldn't speak for herself.  She touches Nikki with her words.

Cane sits down with this lady that he thinks he is interviewing.  Amber thinks she is home free.  Cane asks her tons of questions to see what she knows.  He asks her to read one of her articles. 

Lily comes in and asks Kevin when the contest is officially starting.  He wants to know if she is entering and she tells him that she is thinking about it.  Kevin lets her know there will be a lot of entries.

Lily bumps into this lady in the lobby and a cell phone drops to the floor.  Lily says it looks like Amber's.  Kevin says he will give it to her.  Cane suspects something because Amber would never go anywhere without her phone.

Colleen lets Brad know that she had read that a baby born at 23 weeks has a 50/50 chance.  He feels confidant that the baby will be fine. 

Nick asks J.T. if the baby has a name yet.  Victoria and he never came up with a solid name because they thought they had more time.  Sharon lets him know that Noah was a preemie also and she almost died, too.  She and Noah made it but Noah was born at 28 weeks.

Amber feels great that she pulled the masquerade off.  Kevin holds her cell phone hostage for rent.  She tells him she will pay rent if he finds a way for her to enter that contest.  Daniel walks in and knows right off the bat that it is Amber.

Lily and Cane sit and talk about their music likes and dislikes.  He tells her that she has such a beautiful smile and asks her for a favor.  He would like her to smile just like that when she does her video for the contest.

Ben runs into Det. Sullivan who is having coffee with Paul.  He gives her the tape and asks her to view it.

The doctor now is saying he has run all the test that he knows of, and Victoria is stable now, but there are complications because of the c-section.  Victor and Nikki are not happy that there isn't a change.  The doctor says she may never wake up.

Sharon comes home and fills Jack in on what is going on at the hospital.  Jack lets her know that Ben took the tapes to the police.  Sharon is furious and she tells him to call Ben and make him stop.  Jack says he can't.

Nikki is having a hard time now that Victoria's isn't getting better as they thought she would once the baby was born.  She can't come to grips with the fact that Victoria may never see her baby boy.

J.T. sits with Victoria and tells her how beautiful their baby is.  He is like an angel.  The doctor's won't let him hold him because he is so small.  He needs his mother, J.T. tells her, as does he.  He tells her that she has to wake up and name her son.

Sharon is so angry with Jack.  He tries to make her understand why he has to do this.  It is terrible timing for Victor, she pleads. 

Det. Sullivan listens to the tape and Ben asks her what she thinks.  She says that she can't say for sure, but she will take it from there.  She confides in Paul. 

Victor stands and looks at his grandson, fighting for his life.

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