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The Y&R Update Tuesday 11/27/07--Canada; Wednesday 11/28/07--U.S.A.

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JT is trying to hard to tie his tie.  He tells Victoria to wake up and tie it for him.  Phyllis is staying with Victoria while they go to court.  Nick speaks up and says he is staying.  JT gets upset and goes off on JT.  He tells him he knows Victoria better than anyone does and she would be fighting for her baby and that this is about her not everyone else.

JT and Nikki have words.  He can't believe that she is fighting this with Victoria's life in jeopardy. 

Michael lets Victor know that he needs to keep his temper down and not get upset in court.  Neil wants to go to court with them so he is there to support Victor but he would rather him stay there so that everything is intact when Victoria is able to return to work.

Cane goes over paperwork from Clear Springs.  They need Victor's insurance to pay for the clean up so they can move ahead.  Cane calls Neil and tells them they need to get together and take care of this matter.  Neil is reluctant because blame hasn't been determined yet.  Neil gets a visitor and has to go. 

Gloria tells Kevin she needs that letter.  She gets a phone call from Jeffrey and they decide to get together later.  Kevin wants her to stay away from Jeffrey.  He tries to make her see the light where Jeffrey is concerned but she doesn't.  She can make him fall in love with her just the same way she did his brother and John.  Jill comes in and discusses business with her and Gloria.

Cane goes to see Neil to show him the phone report.  Neil is unhappy and tells Cane he will look over it.  That doesn't satisfy Cane.  Victor has more to worry about than those papers, Neil tells him.  Cane lets him know that if he has to wait, he won't do it.

Victor, JT, Michael are all waiting for the judge so they can start court.  Nikki and Brad arrive.  She takes some pills and starts to choke so Michael gets her water.  Phyllis tells them to stop the arguing.  She gets a phone call from Nick about Victoria.  He lets her know that her protein levels are going higher and they are watching her blood.  The judge finally shows up. 

Nick sits with Victoria and tries to talk her into waking up.  It is killing him to see her lying there.  He loves his sister so much.

Nikki's lawyer calls the doctor to the stand.  He lets them know Victoria's conditions at this time and says that it is vital that they do something now or they will lose both the baby and Victoria.

Lily runs into her father.  Neil is on edge and vents to Lily.  She doesn't understand why he is so upset and asks him what is wrong.  He lets her know that he had a run-in with Cane earlier.  He can't believe he is doing this while Victor is going through so much with his daughter.  Neil tells her he is sorry because he knows they are friends.  Lily says it is fine.  She finds a PDA and doesn't know whose it is.  She recognizes that it isnít her fatherís.  She opens it up and realizes that it is Cane's.

Michael questions Victor who agrees with the doctor.  Nikki's lawyer upsets Victor and he lashes out about a question that he thinks shouldn't even be asked.  Michael is on edge because he knows Victor is going to get even more upset.

Gloria comes up with a plan to make Jeffrey think the letter was about someone else.  Kevin can't figure it out.  It is Jill, Gloria says.  Cause her husband dated Jill first when he separated from his wife.  Gloria is very happy with herself.

Victor, upset, walks out of the courtroom and lashes out at Nikki.  She refuses to listen to anything else he has to say.  Michael comes out to get him.  She infuriates him, Victor says.  Nikki returns to the courtroom.

Gloria runs Kevin out of her office.  Jeffrey knocks.  He brings her a rose.  They decide to go to Gina's go have dinner.  Kevin rushes in the office and is venting about Jill.  Gloria starts to play along with the little game she and Kevin have cooked up.  Gloria and Jeffrey leave.

Nikki is on the stand.  She pleads her case and tries to make the court understand that she knows her daughter.  She knows she would want to save her baby.  Michael begins to question Nikki and stumps her from the beginning.  He asks how she knows that sacrificing herself for the baby would be what Victoria would want.  He asks if they talked about it or if she has any proof that is what Victoria wants.  Nikki just looks on in disbelief.

Lily returns Cane's PDA.  She lets him know Neil told her about his and Neil's argument.  Cane is proud of her for standing up for her father like that.  Her visit is the highlight of his day, he tells her.  This puts a huge smile on Lily's face.

Gloria and Jeffrey have dinner.  Gloria makes sure to plant all kinds of negative info into Jeffrey's mind about Jill and her past.

Brad is on the witness stand.  He tells the court all about Victoria's miscarriage and how much she wanted a baby.  This baby means the world to her, he says.  Michael isn't very pleasant when he questions Brad.  He brings up the reason for their divorce and all the shame he brought to his and Victoria's marriage.  Michael also brings up the tension between him and JT and blames that for being the reason that he is going against JT in this situation.  Brad has a thought and rushes to leave the courtroom.

Nick is still beside Victoria holding her hand.  There is another alarm with the machines and the nurses rush in.

Jeffrey asks Gloria if she thinks Jill could have ever done anything criminal.  Gloria plays into it and fuels the fire in his mind.

As Cane walks Lily out, they make small talk.  Cane promises to call her.  Jill walks in and thanks Lily for helping her come up with the idea.  The way she talked about her mother gave her the idea.  Lily is flattered.  Jill and Cane agree that Lily should enter the contest. 

Nick calls Phyllis to give her to news about Victoria's condition.  Her blood pressure is down a bit.  Michael asks Victor if there is any news.  He tells him there is no change.

Jill lets Cane know that she can't go through the same thing with this contest that they did before with Amber.  No one, and she emphasizes no one, can enter this contest that is in any way associated with the company.

Lily sits, looking in the mirror, and remembers Cane telling Jill that she was a knock out.  She smiles.

Jeffrey walks over and asks Jill about Gloria.  She lets him know that she wouldn't trust her.

JT arrives back at the hospital and has a break down.  He can't take it.

The judge has a verdict.  Nikki tries to stop him.  The judge says he has already decided.  Brad rushes in with a letter that he says will prove that Victoria would want to save this baby, even if it meant that she would die. 

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