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The Y&R Update Friday 11/23/07--Canada; Monday 11/26/07--U.S.A.

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Nick and Phyllis walk around the hospital. She is so happy to be out and enjoying her freedom. Nick is so upset about his parents fighting back and forth. Phyllis tries to take his mind off of it by thinking of good thoughts about next years Thanksgiving. She gets him to smile. They go into Victoria's room to see if there has been any change. Nick teases Victoria about her tennis playing skills.

Michael goes over all the process what will happen with the court hearing. Victor has a hard time understanding how a judge can decide who holds Victoria's life in her hands. Nikki is torn but admits that the longer they wait the more chance the baby has to survive. Brad agrees.

Sharon makes jokes about her and Jack situation with the press running off about Jack should leave office with all that is going on.

Kevin says he isn't going to put any pressure on Jana to marry him with all that she has on her mind. Gloria doesn't want to talk about Jana. She wants to get started on her revenge against Jack. She is in the middle if writing emails to all senators. She isn't very nice in her emails.

Sharon tells Jack they have to fight. Not let the press win.

Gloria tries to come up with a screen name that will make her stand out. Molly comes in and lets them know there is a problem with the website. Gloria quickly rushes her out. She gets back to her agenda.

Jack reads all the online blogs. He can't believe the crap they are coming up with. On the other side of the building, Gloria types as fast as she can. Stirring up as much turmoil as she can.

Victor threatens the mediator with a lawsuit if anything happens to Victoria. She lets them know that her and the office are doing everything they can to speed this up. Victor calls the judge himself. Michael tells him that isn't a good idea. Brad and Nikki think of ways to come up with more time. Michael takes the phone away from Victor, to talk to the judge. The judge is very upset that they would even call him. Michael knows he isn't happy. Victor doesn't care.

David doesn't think it is a good idea. He tries to plead with her that she will aggravate the judge and it will turn him on her. Brad doesn't agree with David and fuels the fire. Nikki is so confused.

JT is having such a hard time with all of it. He runs his mouth to Nick and accuses him of agreeing to let her die. That doesn't make Nick happy and he voices his opinion. Phyllis comes out and calms them down. Victoria wouldn't be happy knowing they are fighting the way they are.

Gloria is still feeding the blogs with post about negative points about Jack. Molly comes in again. Gloria is getting upset with being interrupted over and over.

Jack still sits and reads all the negative stuff people are posting. He gets very upset. Sharon tries to calm him down by telling him that what they say doesn't really matter. They don't know the real Jack. They have no idea that Gloria is behind all of the blogs and emails.

Victor ask the doctor what he will say in court. He is honest with Victor and tells him. Victoria will die if they don't do the c-section. Victor thanks him and lets Phyllis and Nick know that they are out of time. Victor receives a summons from the court. They can't find Nikki to serve her. JT helps them hunt everywhere. He ask David but he claims to know nothing. They all try her cell phone. She doesn't answer.

Jack lets Sharon know that he honestly thinks that Victor is responsible for Ji-Min's death.

They can't find Nikki in the hospital anywhere. Victor tells Michael to call the judge let him know that is going on. He doesn't want to wait on Nikki. This is crazy he says. Nikki has been there since Victoria has been admitted and now she can't be found.

Gloria and Kevin run into Jack and Sharon. Their talk isn't pleasant. They both go back and forth with smart remarks against each other.

Phyllis and Nick figure out what Nikki is doing, Phyllis understands but Nick doesn't know if he does or not. She tries to make him see that what he is feeling is normal. He loves his sister and wants her to always be happy. Phyllis brings up the story about when Summer was born. She would have died if it put her life in jeopardy. Nick sees that but it is such a hard decision for anyone to have to go through. He thinks that maybe bringing in a stranger to decide about Victoria is the best idea.

Victor finds Nikki in her office. He lets her know when the court date is. Nikki lets him know that it isn't his job to summon her. It infuriates Victor. He doesn't understand why Nikki is doing all this.

Jack starts to get phone calls and they aren't good. They have called a meeting to decide if Jack should be able to stay in office or not.

Michael tries to make Nikki see what is going to happen. She isn't hearing any of it. Nikki and Brad have came up with a plan to see if the court will allow him to be guardian of the fetus in court. Victor is furious. He can't believe that Nikki is going along with this.

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