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The Y&R Update Tuesday 11/13/07--Canada; Wednesday 11/14/07--U.S.A.

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Phyllis calls Daniel because she is worried about him. She assures him that she is fine. He doesn't need to worry. They hang up. Amber asks how she is.

Lauren and Michael give Paul crap about confessing everything to Heather. They can't believe he would do that. Michael really lets him have it.

Gloria tells Kevin to put away his laptop. She needs him to help her with something. She wants him to go over and keep Jeffrey occupied while she goes up to his room. She wants to search his room for the cream. Kevin isn't happy. Gloria lets him know that she has the master key. She stole it from the housekeeper. Kevin is in disbelief.

Kevin asks Jeffrey if he has a minute. Jeffrey lets him know that he doesn't, he has to make a phone call and he left his cell phone in his room. Jeffrey leaves to go to his room to get his phone. Kevin calls Gloria to let her know she needs to get out. She gets out in time and runs into Jeffrey.

Lauren thinks she is about to have a panic attack. Michael tells her to take her medication. Lauren lets Michael know that she will not be separated from Fen if Paul names them in the situation with Heather. They agree they will leave town if they have too.

Phyllis and Jana are playing cards at the prison. They discuss their lives.

Gloria comes down to talk to Kevin and explains her plan to him. Kevin is really not digging what his mother is trying to get him to do. He says he can't and won't do this. He tries to leave. She holds him back. He takes a straight shot of scotch.

Lauren answers the phone and it is Jeffrey calling for Gloria. He asks her out to have drinks. Lauren can't believe she is meeting him. Gloria tells her the plan to get into his room. Lauren wants her to leave all this alone. She demands that Gloria cancel her date with Jeffrey. Gloria leaves and Lauren calls Michael and leaves a message for him on his phone to call her ASAP!

Daniel and Amber discuss Heather. Daniel pleads his case about Heather to Amber. He says she could have turned her in for parole violation but she didn't. Amber doesn't buy it.

Michael gets Lauren's message and phones her back. He can't believe his mother. Michael sees Heather and walks over to her table. He tries to pry information from her about when she talk to Paul. She gets upset and tells him to go to hell when Michael implies that she can't do anything to Paul cause he is her natural father.

Jeffrey and Gloria meet. They have small talk. Gloria lays it on think.

Michael storms home and tells Lauren that Heather would not listen to a thing she says. Lauren tells Michael to hush, Fen is sleeping. Phyllis calls Michael to see if he has found out anything about her hearing. He isn't very nice. She gets upset and hangs up on him.

Amber can't believe that Daniel is defending Heather. He doesn't think she is as bad as everyone thinks.

Lauren shows up and asks to speak to Heather. Lauren brings up Sheila and proceeds to tell her how bad the situation with Sheila was. She tells Heather that her father, Paul is a very good man and he saved her life. Heather doesn't agree that Paul is a good man. A good man wouldn't have left his child, she tells Lauren.

Daniel tries to talk to Heather about his mom. She doesn't want to hear it. She can't believe he is defending her and she didn't even raise him.

Heather calls Paul to tell him she wants to meet him now. He tells her where he is. She is on her way.

Paul and Heather discuss why he wasn't there. If she has sisters or brothers. She doesn't understand how he could just abandon her. And she is very upset that it seems everyone in town knows about her and Paul and they knew before she did. He tries to explain to her.

Gloria gives Jeffrey the run around so she can search the room.

Michael talks with Lauren about court tomorrow. He doesn't think Lauren should have went and talk to her.

Heather continues to ridicule Paul. She tells him that she isn't pressing charges. But she is gonna make Phyllis pay for what she wasn't able to make him pay for.

Phyllis sneaks a phone call in to Nick.

Gloria makes Jeffrey believe that she is very nervous. There is a knock at the door. It is Kevin. He says there is an emergency that Gloria must attend too. They leave. Jeffrey isn't happy. Gloria tells Kevin about the letter she found.

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