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The Y&R Update Monday 11/5/07--Canada; Tuesday 11/6/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Asiya
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JT is talking to Victoria while she lies there peacefully still unconscious, he tells her how her things liven up the room.  He jokes about hanging a picture of himself on the ceiling and says she can laugh when she awakens. JT spritzes some of her perfume on her wrists and tells her how he recalls her saying it reminded her of the flowers by the stables; he states that it reminds him of her. Colleen enters and agrees, she apologizes for her intrusion and JT says it's ok; Colleen expresses her concern by asking how she is. JT replies still sleeping, reminiscent to "Sleeping Beauty" ; Colleen agrees and says she has bought her a gift. JT comments on how the room is beginning to fill up quickly and Colleen compliments Victoria's gown and how good it smells in the room. She tells JT that perfume was always her "fallback" gift for Victoria and says that she looks so beautiful like she's posing for a picture. JT states that he wishes she were just posing. Victor sits in his office on the couch with Zapato when he hears a knock, he invites the person in; it's Neil who's kindly brought Victor a cup of tea. Neil reports that he has spoken with the engineer supervisor and he agrees with NIST findings about the cause of the explosion. Neil assures Victor once again that all the safety regulations were followed and shares that there was no way of them knowing that the monitor was defective. Victor understands this but says it does not change the outcome, Neil agrees. Neil tells him that he needs anything he'll be in the conference room and Victor thanks him.

At the Abbott's Jack is on the phone, following up on the progress of the relief checks; Sharon enters and wonders why the press won't report on this side of Jack. Jack says because it does not sell papers and reminds her that the press is most likely banging down Victor's door; he's curious to know what kind of "carefully crafted lies" he has to feed them. Sharon stresses the fact that Victor saved his life and Jack says only because he was trying to save Victoria; Sharon reminds him still he stopped and saved him. Jack says but he recently said if he had got a do over he would've let him die; he also calls to her attention all of his wrong doings in this matter; for instance taking a life. He tells her how "hell-bent" he was on "one-upping" Nikki that he did not even think about his actions consequences. Sharon tells him it could not have been intentional and asks that he prevent from having any altercations publicly with Victor because he is suffering. Jack thinks that's good be cause he needs and deserves to suffer. Sharon states  that him and Victor in the same room is not a good idea, as a matter of fact Jack points out it's explosive. She pleads with him to stay away from Victor and Jack says he has no intentions of seeing him; Sharon says of if he does though to be cool. Jack responds by saying, "I will try. But I'm not making any promises." Sharon stands there as he leaves extremely concerned and worried about the anticipated fallout between the two nemesis.

Neil is on the phone with the press stressing to them that he still has no comment. Lily walks in and he greets her gleefully, marking her visit as a wonderful surprise. She calls to his attention the abundance of reporters downstairs and he tells her security has been informed not to let them up. She invites him to take a break and join her at the coffee house, he tells her he can't because he's got some fires to put out; filling her in on the cause of the explosion. Shocked she mentions Victoria then expresses her concern for him, Neil says he's fine a "doing lot better then Victor". Lily has an epiphany and blurts out happily that Cane is off the hook because he was not responsible, she shares that it's such a relief. Neil looks at her suspiciously; which prompts her explanation of Cane and her relationship she says they are friends I mean acquaintances and he just happened to mention how upset Kay was about this whole Clear Springs disaster. Neil reiterates that Chancellor Industries had no involvement with the explosion suspiciously; Lily remarks how great that is and prepares to leave; Neil sits perplexed by her mood.

Cane is at Crimson Lights placing an order, when Heather and Maggie walk up; Heather makes a remark flirtatiously about him being a  head honcho and ordering his own cup a coffee. Cane makes a witty retort about being from a country founded by felons making him prone to sometimes go crazy and do things like order a, "Double mocha espresso". He then confesses that he needed a break from the office and the press; his phone is vibrating, excusing himself he shares that they have started texting him. Maggie admits that she too could use a break from the press and Heather makes her analysis saying how talking to them must rehash memories of the disaster. Maggie shares that going through it once was more than enough and Heather says she can't imagine how it feels and how thinking about it makes her feel like she can't breathe. Cane tells them that he thinks about the victims constantly and wonders why them and not him.

JT asks the nurse about learning the massages performed by the physical therapist, so he can give them to Victoria. The nurse tells him to be sure to asks the P.T. about them when they return later in the afternoon. He then tells him she'll be back with her meds shortly, as she leaves Brad enters greeting and hugging Colleen. He asks about Victoria's condition, JT beat tells him that nothings changed. Brad goes over to Victoria and reminds her that she does not want to miss anything about this pregnancy since she's been anticipating it for such  a long time; he expresses his hope that the baby gets her smile (JT looks on unamused), he then says that he hopes the baby will kick her hard enough causing her to wake up and come back to them. JT looks on and is still unamused by Brad's words or his presence.

Back at Crimson Lights, Lily spots Cane and he enthusiastically greets her. They toast to being on same caffeine schedule and she shares with him that Neil told her the news about Chancellor not being responsible. Cane admits that he somehow feels like he is to blame, thanks to the feeling in the pit of his stomach. Lily shares, "Yeah. It takes a long time for that feeling to go away. But on the bright side, I think it can make you... kinder and more aware. More grateful. I mean, if that makes any sense." Cane looks at her and confesses he had no idea she was "so wise." Brad still talks to Victoria while JT and Colleen look on uncomfortably; Brad tells her how strong he knows she is and that's the reason why he knows when she wakes up she'll be a great mother. Colleen offers her babysitting services and Brad says that the baby already has a budding entourage. JT mentions that the nurses get peeved when there's too many visitors when Brad comments about being at the head of the (entourage) line. Brad says he'll be brief and Colleen decides it's time for a coffee break and invites JT and Brad to come along. Both gentleman decline and she leaves unwillingly feeling the tension in the air.

Victor has summoned Neil and Karen to his office; he informs them that he is ready to make a statement and would like them to set up the press conference. Neil already prepared with an angle suggests a way to spin it; Victor shuts him down and Karen tries to add her two cents, but Victor also shuts her down. He says that he just wants them to arrange the press conference because he, personally is going to write the statement. They both leave hastily, Neil lingers briefly at the door staring a Victor concerned before leaving.

Crimson Lights, Jack has arrived and spotted his "favorite crime-fighting duo", Maggie thanks him for the compliment and asks what he wants. He shares that he can assist them with their cracking their Ji Min case; the one in which he is, "euphemistically referred to as a person of interest" unless he's been upgraded to suspect #1. Maggie intrigued would like to know what his "alternate theory" is regarding Ji Min's murder; he willingly shares that the culprit is Victor Newman who had motive, the dog and was there the day he was murdered. A shocked Heather says that he was not seen on the security camera and Jack thinks that it must've been malfunctioning or someone could have seen him. Maggie washes out that fire and says it's negative Victor was not seen; Jack thinks they don't believe him and Maggie says that's not the point it's all about the evidence. Jack questions if Victor has even been interviewed  and Heather says that information can not be discussed. Jack says fine no discussion is necessary, just go test Victor's dog's hair and Maggie says no can do and Heather adds a warrant would not be issued by any judge. Jack responds, "  Well, I always heard that justice was blind. I didn't know it was also deaf."  Jack realizes that no warrant was needed when they sampled Fisher's hair and Maggie's defense is because it was on her clothing, Jack says deliberately done by her hand. Maggie tells him that maybe he should consider taking his dog to the groomer more often and Jack replies that she should've gotten a search warrant. Heather adds her legal jargon suggesting that he "make a motion to suppress", this evidence when it goes further. Jack upset gets up to leave and states that he will.

Karen prepares Victor for the press conference; saying they will being going live to all the local stations as a special report. She continues telling him that the reporters were hand picked by her and he should not expect to be hit with too many surprises. Victor proclaims that he is not answering any questions. Karen says it's entirely up to him and offers to stand by him as a show of support. He declines stating that he wants to do this on his own.

Crimson Lights Lily has returned from studying and realizes Cane is still there; he admits that he was watching her and has never seen anybody "make it look so intense". Lily laughs and tells him that she missed her Anthropology class because she was watching the Clear Springs "cave-in", she confesses that she was worried about him. Cane apologizes for interfering with her studies; Lily jokingly responds, "I know. Can you think about me before you decide to get buried alive again? 'Cause that would be great. Thanks."  Cane shares that he thought a few times he would not make it out, she questions what he thought about and he says family, friends, his last conversations and then the "crazy things" he's done. Lily curious wonders about those crazy things and he continues sharing his love to climb and how he's climbed mountains with extremely "dodgy ropes", Lily expresses interest in everything but the "dodgy ropes". Cane is surprised and confesses that he thought she was, " just a pretty, you know, smart college girl." She does not deny this but adds that she's a lot of things and open to lots of possibilities and Cane says seductively; he likes that.  The silence and longing stares cease, when she says she is late and needs to go to the hospital to meet Colleen and visit Victoria. Cane asks that she give the family his best and Lily obliges but then expresses her happiness about his safety, she initiates a hug and they share a deep embrace then she places a kiss softly on his cheek; he caresses her cheek with his hand and breaking the moment she bids him farewell and he stands there in awe.

At the hospital JT grows impatient with Brad's presence, he listens as Brad tells her how he caught her dancing one day and stood for 20 minutes watching before she noticed him. He tells her he brought some "vintage rock n' roll" CDs. JT abruptly informs him that he's been playing jazz for her because she finds it relaxing. Brad shares that he read an article online pertaining to sensory stimulus; he said that it's supposed to be extremely helpful in coma patients providing examples like loud noises and then the odd one like ice on her stomach. JT finds that odd but Brad suggests they speak with doctor about it; JT's had enough and asks him to meet him in the hall so they can TALK. Brad flashes the look, like he knows what this talks about. JT breaks it down for Brad telling him how tough it is being in there with him around; explaining his need to be alone with Victoria who most likely appreciates Brad's presence. Brad tells him he understands and asks that he call if he needs any thing, then tells him he'll be back. JT lets out a sigh of frustration as he walks away.

Lily arrives joining Colleen in the cafeteria; she describes how peaceful Victoria looks and says at any given moment she could wake up and smile. Lily questions if that could actually happen and Colleen tells her that the doctor's constantly say "wait and see" which is not really all that comforting. She continues saying that JT's always by her side which is hard for Brad since both of them could be the father, however, she confesses that she hopes Brad is and expresses how happy she would be to have a baby brother. Lily supportively responds that she'd also like that for her; Colleen decides to change the subject and asks Lily, what's up. Lily shares her encounter with Cane at the coffee house, telling her how they talked and she went off to study and found him still there. She expresses to Colleen how she thinks he may have been waiting for her (or it's her huge ego); Colleen does not think it's her ego and asks what their conversation was about. Lily tells them it was about Clear Springs and how changed he feels having experienced it; she explains how it was a deep, weird yet comfortable exchange. She also confesses that she gave him a hug and kiss on the cheek which he just looked at her after. Colleen wonders what the look meant and Lily says her nerves caused her to haul ass out of there without even analyzing it. Colleen assures her that her actions were valid towards him given his life threatened circumstances. Lily thanks her for being there and wonders how she'd get along without her and Colleen responds, " dateless and paranoid". Lily laughs it off and drops the bomb that Enrique Iglesias will be performing at Indigo that night; she offers her and Adrian an invitation. Colleen decides to make an executive decision and tells her yes, Lily then asks if she should maybe invite Cane. Colleen tells her of course and Brad walks in, Lily greets him and goes off to visit Victoria. Brad tells Colleen he's leaving and Colleen figures  that JT kicked him out ; Brad states he understands JT's reason and respects it. Colleen tells him that he also has the right to be there; Brad admits it's hard to see her this way though putting up a brave front while not knowing her fate. Colleen asks that he not give up and they hug.

At Newman Enterprises, Neil calls the press to attention and Karen warns them not to ask any questions. Victor takes to the podium and issues this statement: " The explosion at clear springs has affected this state, this community, and me personally deeply. I want to assure you that we will investigate this terrible accident thoroughly, to the fullest extent. And we will let you know what we find out. Meanwhile, I want to say to those who were affected by this most deeply, that my heart goes out to them, and I'm asking for your prayers for those who have been hurt and injured severely by this accident. Thank you for coming."  Jack eavesdrop from the door while Victor makes his statement. When Victor finishes his statement the reporters bombard him with questions, Victor walks away pass Jack and ignores them. Karen and Neil are left to deal with the vultures (reporters); escaping the piranhas Neil and Karen go in the break room to get some coffee. Neil commends Karen are her fantastic handling of the press; Karen admits her exhaustion prompting Neil to come over and begin massaging her shoulders. He tells her that eventually they'll have to leave the office because they won't be of any use to Victor; Karen wonders what Neil has on the agenda. He tells her about Enrique Iglesias sold out performance at Indigo and invites her to come; after adding in the free drinks she decides she's in.

Noah asks Sharon if she was aware that Victor would be on TV; she tells him she did not know. He wonders if he is at fault for the explosion and Sharon tells him no one is and kisses it off as a terrible accident. Noah confesses that he had a nightmare; Sharon curious wants to know if he would like to talk about it, Noah says no because it will just scare him. She tells him when he's ready he can talk to her or Jack and he acknowledges that and then asks about playing his video game. Sharon concerned wonders if he's having trouble sleeping because of the nightmare and Noah assures her he isn't.

Jack pays a visit to Victor commending him (sarcastically) on his press statement referring to it as "Quite a little tap dance." Victor annoyed wants to know why he's there and Jack replies he's curious to know if Victor will take responsibility for his actions. Victor wonders if Jack will own up to killing Ji Min; Jack says nope because he is not guilty but innocent. He goes over to Zapato and comments on what a good and loyal dog he is; him being the only one who'll stand by Victor. Victor tells Jack to stop wasting his time and leave and Jack does but not without taking a big clump of Zapato's hair with him.. As Jack leaves pleased with himself he takes a good look at the dog hair in his hand.

Cane concludes a lunch meeting with a business colleague, Heather walks in on the tail end and comments about him "wheeling and dealing". Cane refers to himself as Donald Trump with better hair and she compliments that he's also cuter. She invites him to accompany her to the Enrique Iglesias concert and he agrees after teasing her about her accent fetish. As they wrap up their conversation Lily walks in and asks if she's interrupting anything. They both say no and Heather tells Cane she'll talk to him later.

Sharon calls Victor and tells him that she caught the press conference with Noah; she tells him that he had questions but she told him that no one is at fault and how she knows Victor's suffering. Victor says his pain is not the issue here Victoria is and then asks about Noah's recovery. Sharon says he's fine; Victor asks that she pass on his apology for not visiting and says he'll be by soon. Sharon says she will and asks if there's anything she can do to help; Victor says no and thanks her for calling.

Colleen and JT have a talk, she tells him she understands how hard it must've been to have Brad there. JT admits it was but said he expressed how important it was that he spend some time alone with Victoria. Colleen points out that Brad can be understanding and JT takes the hint she's giving and says maybe he should ease up. Colleen smiles and says yeah; he agrees to allow Brad to have some alone time with Victoria and also says how happy he is Colleen is there. He continues confessing he never thought he'd say that to her but now he's happy he can and they both agree that it's because they are friends.

Jack sporting a smug grin as he walks to the elevator is passed by a boiling mad Brad, who is headed to Victor's office. He smiles in anticipation at what's about to take place; Brad angrily walks in and begins reading Victor the riot act. Of course King Newman does not take to kindly to this and orders Brad the, "self-serving son of a bitch" out of his office. Brad tells him if Victoria and the baby don't make it through it's because of him and his greed and obsession. Victor tells him he needs to leave so he can see his daughter; Brad reminds him if Victoria was conscious and aware of his actions she would not even let him in her room. Victor shrugs it off and demands once again that he gets out; Brad leaves angrily pushing the door against the wall.

Lily invites Cane to the concert, he hesitantly tells her he's already promised someone else he'd go with them. Lily figures it out and says, oh you're going with Heather. Cane protests if she had not ask him then he would've...Lily tells him it's cool because she's been asking a lot of other people. Cane says well then next time a "pop star's" in town and she says, "It's a date."

Victor goes to see Victoria and explains his involvement in this whole disaster situation, he mentions how his anger, humiliation and competitive nature fueled it.  He shares with her these words expressing his feelings, "And now all those feelings are gone. It's dissipated. All that is left is an enormous sense of guilt and remorse and sadness. I'll never forgive myself for having done this to you. Sweetheart... when you were born you made me so happy." He then hopes that he'll be forgiven by her for his actions and professes his love for her.

Jack goes to Maggie with Zapato's hair and asks that she tests it; she refuses saying that it does not follow the "chain of evidence". Jack aware of  this  feels she's clever enough to find a way to make the sample ethical and admissible.  Maggie wonders why she would even want to do that and Jack says because her desire for the truth and leaves her with the sample. She ponders the thought, but then throws the baggie with the hair in the garbage and leaves.

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