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The Young & The Restless Update Thursday 9/27/07--Canada; Friday 9/28/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Dora

Jack ask if Sharon slept ok. She lets him know that she slept better than she had. They sit to have breakfast, Jack notices that Sharon's photo is in the paper. He hands the paper to her, she starts to read aloud of the info that is printed in the paper. The reporters have did a number on Sharon. Every bad thing she has done is printed in the paper.

Michael returns from picking Lauren up at the airport. Gloria blames Lauren's mood on her mother. Michael assures her that it isn't Lauren's mother that has her in a bad mood, it is his mother. Lauren makes sure that Gloria knows that she is very upset with her.

Victoria sits to have breakfast with Victor. While discussing Jack, Victoria lets Victor know that she is very happy to be able to go home to someone that doesn't have the last name Newman. Brad checks in on Victoria, Victor ask him to leave. Brad sees the newspaper with Sharon. He is upset.

Nikki reads the newspaper and is very upset that the reporters have included her grandchildren.

Jenna rants on that she is so excited that she knows someone in jail. Phyllis looks around to see if anyone sees them. She isn't happy that Jenna has taken up to her. Jenna grabs her hands, Phyllis pulls away. She lets Jenna know that she isn't there to make friends. Jenna continues to rant.

Lauren receives a call from Nikki that she would like to have a meeting about Fenmore. She lets Gloria have it. Gloria tries to defend herself, saying that their name will never be connected to the recording. Lauren, very upset, tells her that she doesn't care or believe anything that comes out of their mouths.

Jack phones the press and lets them know that Sharon is off limits to them. Brad phones Sharon to tell her he hates what is going on and ask her what he can do for her. She lets know that his call helped but she has to go. Jack walks back into the room.

Gloria confronts Lauren. she says she is sorry. Lauren doesn't want to hear it. She lets Gloria know that her actions speak for themselves. Michael is very upset with Gloria and vents against her. Gloria defends her actions.

Jack throws the paper outdoors. Sharon makes jokes about collecting all the newspapers in town. She worries that Noah will see the garbage they printed. Jack assures her that he knows the real deal. Tears run Sharon's eyes as she tells Jack that she hates that people will believe what was written. He eases her mind and they kiss.

Brad remembers a conversation he had with Sharon, where he confesses that they are the real couple, not her and Jack.

Brad walks over to Victor and tells him how upset he is about the article they printed about Sharon. A press representative walks in, Victor calls her over to his table. He threatens her, if she ever prints anything about Sharon again, it will be her last assignment.

Lauren discusses the future of Fenmore if she continues to let it be associated with Clear Springs. Victoria and Nikki assure her that her company will be taken care of. Lauren isn't so easy to trust them.

Phyllis talk to the warden about Jenna. She doesn't want to be associated with her. She wants to be moved to another cell. He says that he will see what he can do.

Jenna pushes the book cart around. Phyllis ask her what kind of books does she likes. Jenna lets her know that she likes serial killers books. Phyllis makes an excuse to remove herself from the table. She walks over to another inmate and passes her money for her calling card. The warden watches the transaction.

Michael confronts Victor. Victor isn't very happy with the ton of Michaels voice. Michael tells him how he is hurting other people with all of the recording. His wife is being hurt. Victor doesn't care.

Jeffrey arrives at Gloria's to discuss the things his brother left behind. Gloria remembers their conversation about a certain item. They go through the box, Gloria has questions. Jeffrey asks Gloria to put on plastic gloves before she opens the letters.

Phyllis phones Michael and asked him to have her moved. He isn't sure that he will be able to have this done.

Lauren meets Michael for lunch. She goes over what happen in the meeting with Nikki and Victoria. Lauren lets Michael know that they should be able to tell each other anything, if not, what kind of marriage do they have.

Nikki and Victoria try to salvage Clear Springs. Victor watches from his office.

Sharon doesn't want to go out and face the world. Jack tells her they need to face everything head on and act as if nothing has happen.

Victoria thanks David for all of his support where his mother is concerned. Nikki is pleased the meeting went well. David suggest they celebrate later.

The warden tells Phyllis to pack her bags and get ready for her move. She is excited and thanks the warden.

Fen starts crying. Gloria lets Jeffrey know that she must attend to her grandson. Jeffrey wonders why Gloria is still wearing the gloves.

Sharon runs into Brad at the office. He makes sure that Sharon knows he isn't happy with all that is going on. He lets her know that she is paying for Jack's mistakes. She defends Jack. Brad pushes the button on the intercom so that Jack can hear their conversation from his office. Brad leads the conversation so to bring up the kiss between Sharon and Nick. Jack is listening to the whole thing.

Phyllis tells the warden how happy she is that she is moved to another cell. He soon lets Phyllis know that he isn't happy with her actions. He knows about the buying calling cards from other inmates. She gets upset. Her new cell mate is Jenna. Phyllis is in disbelief.

Gloria tells Michael and Lauren about what happen with Jeffrey. She says he knows what she did with the cream.

Victor tells Nikki that her conference will do no good because of Jack's actions. She assures him that her project is going as planned. Victor lets Nikki know that when he met her she has nothing and he will leave her with just that.

David talks to the press about how Jack was involved with the death of Ji-Min. He wants an investigation in his death.

Brad continues to lead Sharon's conversation. Jack walks in with a look of disbelief in his eyes. Sharon and Brad change the subject quickly. Jack can't speak.

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