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Young and The Restless Update Monday 9/10/07--Canada; Tuesday 9/11/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Asiya
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Proofread by Fran

The tape has been released and Jack is in need of a beverage of the alcoholic nature.  Sharon thinks it's too early for this and tells him this and asks him if he knew about the tape.  He admits he did because Victor himself played it for him with "great pleasure.”  Sharon wants to know when and why she was not told about it.  Jack is as forthcoming as he can be, and explains it was the reason for him selling Jabot to Kay.  He confesses that he did not think Sharon needed to know about this and that Victor should be happy now because he's got what he wanted.  Sharon wishes Jack was more up front about this whole thing.  Jack admits his suspicions about Ji Min working with Victor and tells him that he was the one who sold that tape to him.  Sharon wants to know what makes him so sure about this.  Jack brings her attention to the timing and coincidence of the tape resurfacing.

Nikki wants to kill Jack because of this scandal, however, David says that he does not want to have to explain that to the media.  Nikki realizes all the damage control they did was in vain, as Clear Springs is still in danger.  David suggests that they continue the damage control.  Victoria walks in, angry, and wants to know if she saw the news.  Nikki and David admit they did and David takes it further, saying that he knew it was on the way.  Victoria only becomes angrier because she feels left in the dark and she asks how long they have been withholding this information.  She is shocked to hear the answer.  Nikki tries to tell her that the reason was because they felt it was irrelevant.  Victoria lets her know that this affects everyone not just Nikki.  To diffuse the situation, David suggests teaming up and putting a "positive spin" on the situation.  Victoria agrees to help but not without bringing to their attention the irony of this whole situation.

Jill is on cloud nine, beaming about how good the truth feels.  Kay sarcastically implies that she is so high that she could fly out of there right now.  Cane, the wonderful mediator, tries to keep the peace.  Jill talks about Ji Min's vindication and Kay asks her if she knows about their fate.  Jill reminds her that she does only because she's been drilling it into her head all morning.  Cane wants to know if they knew about the news report and Kay speculates that Jill does and wants to know how she orchestrated it.  Jill cuts that speculation and lets them know this was not her handiwork.  Cane brings Jabot up and wants to know how the news will affect it.  Jill tells him not to believe the hype Kay's been telling him and Cane says he is curious to know for practical reasons.

Neil and Karen are at AC grabbing lunch and they are talking about the tape and how it's not a good thing at all.  Neil is bummed because he feels work is cutting into his social life; and he tells Karen that they have to handle this issue fast by putting a "spin" on it so he can get back to more important things.

Victor is in his office with a smug smile as he watches the report on the tape being released.  Carter's voice is heard reporting the speculated fraud Jack is being accused of.  Nick comes over to pick up Summer at Jack's and Sharon inquires about his visit with Phyllis.  He only says, "It's a long story,” then thanks her for watching Summer.  Jack enters and he asks about Phyllis and Nick tells him she's fine.  Sharon discusses the craziness around the house and Nick tells them he heard about it on the radio.  Sharon asks that he take Noah with him and Jack tells him he'll owe him.  Nick obliges and reminds him that Noah is his son.  The telephone rings and Sharon suggests they unplug it.  Jack says they'll just let the machine get it.  Nick states sarcastically, "You better buy some answering machine tapes in bulk."  Jack shouts upstairs to Noah to come downstairs.

Noah is beaming his excitement over Summer saying his name.  Sharon adds to this explaining that Noah was so excited you'd think he'd gotten a new horse.  Nick admits it that was big with his signature "wow.”  Sharon says Noah will most likely tell that story a few more times tonight and Nick thinks it's a good distraction.  Nick goes on to offer Sharon his shoulder anytime but Jack is not having it, reminding him that he can take care of Sharon while Nick focuses on his own wife.  Sharon tries to stop the verbal battle, but Jack insists on letting the "Boy Scout speak."  Nick tells him if they are on the subject of moral and ethics, he better have some time set aside.  Sharon reminds them that Noah's still there.  Nick continues ignoring Sharon because he wants to know if he was going to tell Noah the truth or lie.  Jack responds by telling Nick, he does not know what happened and that it could be a "big misunderstanding.”  Nick agrees to take Noah before the reporters start arriving and Jack advises expresses his agreement to Nick’s decision. 

Cane acts as Jill's publicist, fending off the calls from the media.  Jill is thankful and so is Kay for his "common decency.”  The phone rings as Jill fussing at Kay, and Cane hangs up on the caller.  Jill reminds Kay that she can't hide from the press and Cane states he'll be her savior.  Kay tells him that will only imply guilt and Jill adds, "Or senility.”  Cane wonders if their bickering ever gets old as the phone rings and Kay stands behind her purchase of Jabot.  Jill adds that she thought her purchase of Jabot was right.  Kay places blame on Ji Min and Jill blames Jack for his deceit.  Kay reminds Jill that no matter if Jack deceived her, Ji Min's "complicity" is still not erased.  Jill tells Kay that her duplicity was not erased either. 

Michael explains to Lauren that Nick pretended to be his co-counsel during Phyllis’ visit and a guard recognized him from a photo.  Lauren is shocked and sympathizes with Nick.  Michael tells her he is to blame for the whole thing, Lauren disagrees but Michael continues to blame himself.

Noah wants to know about Nick's visit with Phyllis and he asks questions about what she wears and eats.  Nick tells him the food is comparable to cafeteria food and insists that she does not wear stripes like on TV.  Noah asks if they could take her food, Nick replies that they cannot because it's treated as contraband.  Noah then asks about the current happenings with Jack to which Nick responds that he is being accused of doing something bad.

Jack is on the phone with Nikki blaming Victor for orchestrating the whole thing.  Nikki thinks Jack got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.  Jack argues this and tells Nikki that it was Victor once again and requests she, “let that swirl around in your so-called independent mind."  David anxiously waits to hear what Jack said, while Victoria already knows he is placing the blame on Victor.  Nikki takes a walk to Victor's office to get an answer.  Victor surprisingly denies this and wonders why he would intentionally sabotage his investment.  He asks why Nikki thinks he'd intentionally hurt her.  Nikki then reminds him that it's their anniversary.  Victor nonchalantly says, "Oh, that" to which Nikki answers, "Yeah, that."

Lauren visits Nick, Noah, and Summer and, after Noah leaves to take pictures of the horses, tells Nick that she heard about what happened.  She goes on to say that she can't imagine what he's going through.

Karen tells Victor that all the news sites she's been to link Jack's involvement with Clear Springs.  Victor is not surprised and he asks if she and Neil are.  They admit that they aren’t either.  Neil says they are going to begin the preemptive measures and Victor notes that it's not a necessity but that they should focus all their attention on Dobson Pharmaceuticals because their contract is in breach.  Neil is suspicious of Victor's tactics but remains quiet.

Victoria is getting Kay something to drink while Nikki talks about the statement David is currently working on.  Victoria backs it 100%, stating that it is strong and touches on their investment.  Kay does not think it's enough and insists they hold a press conference, handpicking the reporters.  Nikki is not thrilled with that idea and Victoria stands beside her mother on this.  Kay applauds Victoria's loyalty and wishes Jill would take a page from her book.  Michael enters and Kay rallies him to support her suggestion of going to the press and hopes he can convince Nikki.  Kay goes into a speech that marks her and family as victims of a malicious prank and she expresses her outrage and desperation during their time of mourning.  Both Michael and Nikki are still not convinced that her idea is a good one and even suggest that it could blow up in her face.  Kay still thinks it will work.

Cane enters with food, wondering if Jill has eaten.  She says she has no appetite and he reminds her she needs to take care of herself.  Jill realizes the phone has not rung in a while and Cane tells her that he's unplugged them and turned off her cell and is now in charge of taking her calls.  Jill is gracious.  Cane asks about Kay and Jill's response implies that she is out saving her butt.  Cane wants Jill to quit being so hard on Kay because of the recent stress she is under.  Jill admits that she may have done more harm than good and she tells Cane she did not release the tape but she wanted too.  She wonders if she's tarnished the reputation of Ji Min because of her hatred for Jack, and says she is having second thoughts about stirring things up.

Jack gets off the phone with good news from his attorney and he shares it with Sharon.  He tells her that there cannot be legal repercussions because the tape was given anonymously with no chain of evidence and Ji Min cannot authenticate it because he's dead.  Sharon is upset and feels that he's losing sight of the bigger picture which is a man's death and the fact that he broke the law.  Jack admits he is guilty of handling things wrong but he knows he did the right thing for Jabot (his father's company).

Victor sends Karen on her way with the Dobson Pharmaceutical issue.  Neil and he speak about his "drilling rights" in  Clear Springs and agree that Karen does not need to know anything.

Michael offers his legal advice to Kay who is still hell-bent on conducting a press conference.  Michael advises that she tell the truth but bend it.  Kay is intrigued and so are Nikki and Victoria.

Nick puts Summer down for a nap and Lauren asks if she's asleep.  Nick says she is then explains that she senses something is not right.  Lauren reminds Nick that he is there to comfort her and Nick reminds her that he can't take Phyllis' place.  He then confides in Lauren, telling her how it felt to see her in prison, which he says was awful.  He tells her how helpless he is in this situation and that he will have to endure it for the next six year.  Lauren reassures him that Michael is working on an appeal.  Nick adds that Jack might be able to put a good word in for her.  Opening up the conversation to his recent scandal, Lauren asks how Sharon's handling this.  Nick says she believes the lies and he questions her support.  Lauren wonders if he'll get out of this and Nick he will by manipulation of the people that he loves including Noah.

Jack is on the phone with his campaign manager who is faxing over a statement.  Sharon reasons with him to tell the truth.  Jack thinks that is naive of her.  Sharon goes on to say it would be an unexpected move on his part as a politician.  Her point is that the public is expecting him to lie so he should prove them wrong.  When Jack wonders why she really wants him to do this, she confesses that it would make him a good role model for Noah.  He wonders if atoning for his sins is the only way he could be this role model for Noah.  Sharon lets him know that he owes neither her nor Noah any favors and that if he decides to tell the truth it, would be done solely for him.  Lauren agrees to stay with the kids while Nick meets up with Sharon at Jack's house.

Victor runs into Victoria in the break room.  They conduct small talk briefly then Victoria goes in for the kill.  She accuses Victor of releasing the tape to the press, Victor tells her she's entitled to her own beliefs.  Victoria applauds her father for allowing her to have her opinions.  He asks about the baby and tried to leave, but Victoria continues asking if he did this not to only bring Jack down, but also as a reminder to her and Nikki not to forget their place.  Victor reminds her that he loves and adores her tremendously because she's his daughter, but she's overstepping her boundary and needs to stop.  He also tells her Jack's responsible for digging his own grave.  He ends it by telling her to enjoy her croissant and leaves.

 Jack calls Nikki and Kay into his office to discuss how they are going to make this mess disappear.  Kay says she forgot her magic wand and she and Jack argue back and forth.  Nikki is not amused by their banter and wants to move on.  Jack reminds them how important it is that they get their stories straight for the media.  Nikki does not hesitate to say that he's created this whole thing.  Jack brings to their attention Clear Springs and the success of the project in light of this issue.  Nikki says she'll play dumb, but Kay disagrees.  Jack does not want their hatred of him to mar their decision.  Kay is quick to suggest that decisions may have already been reached before this meeting, and Nikki agrees with her.  Jack reminds them of the importance of sticking together, stating that if they don't "This project will fall apart faster than your credibility or your revenue."

Nick meets with Sharon who wonders who's watching the kids and she is relieved when he tells her that Lauren is with them.  Sharon comments on his tone during their phone conversation and he says he is upset because of the whole media situation with Jack.  Sharon informs Nick that Jack and she discussed her concerns and he understood, and that they both want to set good examples for Noah.  Nick tells her it's a bit late and Sharon explains that Noah is like a son to Jack and he would not hurt him.  Nick implies that he wouldn’t do it intentionally and Sharon responds that this will be over soon.  Nick tells her he wants Noah to live with him until it is over.

Sharon tells Nick that Noah is staying with her.  Nick argues that he does not want Noah around Jack or this situation because he thinks that Jack is a criminal.  Sharon rebuts that Phyllis is also, but he didn’t mind Noah being around her.  Nick tells Sharon he had to sneak around back because of the camera crews and ask if she wants Noah to deal with that.  The custody issue is brought up briefly then dropped when Sharon tells Nick that Jack is going to be in both her and Noah's lives just as Phyllis is in his.  She stresses the fact that Noah needs both of them during this time and that the living arrangement is still in effect.

Jack, Kay, and Nikki meet the press and release the statement about their reactions to the release of the tapes.  Jack, not taking Sharon's advice, called the tape a hoax.  He goes on to say that Ji Min's House of Kim was not used as a front to buy Jabot and calls this slander not only to him, but to Ji Min and his family.  He offers his apologies and condolences to Ji Min and his family.  He then passes the microphone onto Nikki.

Jill, watching this with Cane, is appalled by the lies as Cane tries to calm her down.

Nikki commends Ji Min for being such a good businessman for whom she has great admiration.  She is angered that someone would do this and question her respect for this great man.  She says he'll be missed.

When Kay is handed the microphone, Cane suggests they turn it off.  Jill warns him not to even try it.

Kay reminds them of her success as a businesswoman and describes herself as being thorough and approaching all her "acquisitions-- with due diligence and with advise of counsel.  She agrees that Ji Min did the same.

Jack thanks Kay and reminds the press that questions cannot be answered at this time because they are seeking legal recourse.  He takes this opportunity to state his dedication to his district as a senator and signs off.

Back in Victor's office, he, Neil and Karen watch the press conference and Victor comments on the fact that they looked as if they liked each other. 

Nick laughs as he gets beat at video games by Noah and is interrupted by Summer crying.  Nick gets up to get her but Noah insists on doing it.  Nick spots Phyllis shirt and holds it and then stares at their wedding photo.

Michael meets Lauren at the bar of the Athletic Club then asks about Nick.  Lauren says he's miserable to which Michael agrees that he is also and is exhausted as well.  Lauren spills that she has scheduled an "Afternoon of Pleasure" consisting of a massage and some quality time with her upstairs.  He remembers he has appointments and she says they are rescheduled.  They kiss and her phone rings.  Lauren’s mother tells her that she is having hip surgery so Lauren says she'll book the next flight.  Michael wonders if she could wait, and Lauren thinks she can for 30 minutes.  They go upstairs so he can help her "book her flight."

Back at Newman, Victoria commends Nikki on a job well done.  David marks the press conference as a success, even with Victor's absence to Victoria and Nikki’s relief. 

At Chancellor's Mansion, Jill greets Kay as "Jack's new best friend.”  Kay says she did the right thing.  Cane expresses that a heads-up would've been nice.  Kay says she couldn't because it happened so fast.  Jill doubts that and Kay says the truth was told.  Jill comments that she just scratched the surface and not to be surprise when the press comes around wanting to know more.

Sharon is disappointed with Jack not telling the truth.  Jack explains that he could not because he'd risk too much politically and financially.  She wishes he'd told her what to expect.  H tells her that her he couldn't, because things happened quickly.  Victor interrupts and sarcastically commends Jack's performance and tells Jack the fat lady has not sung so this is not over.  Jack disagrees, saying that the media is fickle.  Victor informs him it's not the media but the senate ethics committee he should be worried about, since they are initiating an investigation of his conduct.

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