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The Young & The Restless Update Friday 8/17/07--Canada; Monday 8/20/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Suzanne
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At the coffeehouse, Colleen and Kevin discuss Jana's surgery, which might kill her. Adrian phones and asks Colleen if she can meet him at home, so she agrees. Colleen brings Kevin some coffee. Kevin can tell that Colleen is reluctant to meet up with Adrian, since they have been fighting. He points out that Adrian was only worried about her risking her life and urges her to go see him (but he does it in a sarcastic way as usual). She knows that he needs a friend, and she promises not to bail on him. Kevin smiles like it touches him when she says this. Eventually, Colleen leaves to go meet Adrian.

Brad runs into Adrian at the club and tells him that he had thought he was gone for good. Adrian was just at a conference. Brad insults him, so Adrian tells him that he took a side trip to Kutna Hora. Brad tells him that he never trafficked in stolen art and that trip was a waste of time. They exchange a few more icy words. Adrian says he will keep digging.

Adrian and Colleen meet up awkwardly at home. They hug and make small talk. He brought her an antique necklace from the Czech Republic. When he puts it on her, they start kissing. He shows her that he also brought her a rare book from Paris. He mentions that he visited his friend at the museum there (the one that offered him the job and then revoked it). Colleen finds out that her father donated a rare painting to the museum so that they would not hire him. She gets angry at Brad for what he did. He tells her that he is over it now and glad that her father accepts them as a couple now. He asks her what happened while he was gone, so she replies that a lot happened. When we next see them, she has told him about everything going on, and how she feels bad for Jana and Kevin. Adrian is surprised at her change in attitude toward Jana, but Colleen assures him that he would, too, if he could see her.

Sharon treats Noah to a smoothie at the coffee house, but he's not interested in it, or in going to visit his friend Dustin. He just wants to see Phyllis, so Sharon agrees to take him to her. Noah is excited once she agrees.

Phyllis, Daniel, Michael, and Nick discuss whether the probation officer believed Phyllis or not. They are optimistic about it, until there is a knock on the door. A police officer brings papers to Michael; he tells them that it is a legal document - the DA wants to revoke Phyllis' bail, so they have to go to court today. He tells them all that Phyllis was seen by airport security cameras. They all argue about it. Michael tells them that this will make the judge harder on her when they go back to court for the bail. Michael is annoyed to figure out that Paul Williams is the one that found the photo.

Phyllis, nervous and upset again, gives Daniel a lot of instructions about Summer, in case she doesn't get bail again. She worries and he tries to reassure her. Amber phones to see how Daniel is doing, since she heard about the verdict. Daniel tells her unhappily that they might revoke the bail, but then he cuts her off so he can help his mom. Nick tells Phyllis that he called the sitter, who is on her way. He also brings in Summer, so Phyllis fusses over her.

Sharon brings Noah by. He hugs Phyllis and tells her that he doesn't want her to go to jail. Nick assures him that might not happen. He says he wants to stay with her until she has to go. Sharon agrees that it's ok, so Phyllis says that's fine with her. She tells Noah that he has to first spend time with Daniel while she goes to report back to the judge. Daniel invites Noah to shoot hoops at the club, but Noah is upset and wants to stay with Phyllis. Phyllis, Daniel, and Nick joke around about how Phyllis will him eat broccoli, do chores, and other stuff if he sticks around. He finally agrees to leave with Daniel, which makes Phyllis laugh. He hugs her again before leaving. Sharon asks why she has to go back to court, so Phyllis tells her angrily that her bail might be revoked. She insinuates that it is Sharon's fault, but Sharon assures her that she did not tell the probation officer anything different than what Jack said. Nick backs Sharon up. Eventually, Phyllis seems to believe her.

At the club, Assistant D.A. Heather Stevens thanks Paul for helping to get the photo of Phyllis. She goes to get ready for the new bail hearing. Brad is sitting nearby and overhears their conversation.

Amber goes to visit Daniel at the coffee house, but he doesn't want to talk to her. She reminds him that he, she, and Daniel are in a lot of trouble and should stick together. She is freaking out and doesn't understand why he isn't. They argue/discuss how to handle the stress of their situation and possible incarceration. Amber has been having trouble sleeping and eating. Kevin thinks that if anything bad were to happen to them, it would have already. Amber worries that they will find more evidence.

Later, Kevin visits Jana in the hospital; she is in a wheelchair. He assures her that she will soon be her old self again. She looks forward to that because then everyone will know she didn't mean to hurt anyone, and they will be back together again. Kevin agrees and kisses her.

Adrian visits Jana, but Kevin clearly doesn't want him there. Adrian tells her that he hopes that she gets better. She asks him to forgive her. Adrian instead asks what she thinks about all day when she's there. She replies that she thinks about what she's done wrong and how to fix it, and about the places she's visited and wants to take Kevin to. Adrian tells her that he visited Kutna Hora and learned a little bit about her family for a book he's writing about the treasures. He wants to ask her some questions, but Kevin tells Adrian that she needs to rest. A nurse comes to take Jana for some tests. Jana asks Adrian to stay. Kevin is clearly worried and thinks she should rest, but she wants the company. Suddenly, Jana seems to not know why she is there. When Kevin mentions the operation, she doesn't know what he means.

Kevin and Adrian discuss how Jana mind has been affected. Adrian asks if Kevin has really forgiven her. Kevin just replies that he's all she has right now. He doesn't know why Adrian wants to ask Jana any questions, since she's barely lucid. Later, Jana returns. Kevin goes to speak with her doctor while she and Adrian chat. Adrian asks her information about Brad and his family. She tells him about how Brad took on a different identity.

When Paul says hello to Michael at the courthouse, he yells at Paul for what he did to Phyllis. Paul claims he was just helping out Maggie. Michael warns him to back off this case.

Things are tense between Daniel and Noah on the basketball court. Daniel tries to play basketball with him, but Noah is not into it. He is embarrassed by the fact that his mom wants to send Daniel's mom to jail and really seems to hate her. Daniel tells him that has nothing to do with them and they are still brothers. Noah is relieved to hear it. Amber comes by and offers to play with them, even though she is in heels. They joke around. Daniel asks her to help him distract Noah, since he is upset about Phyllis. Amber notes that she could use some distraction herself.

Colleen fondles her new necklace and thinks about her meeting with Adrian. She looks unhappy.

Sharon has lunch with Brad at the club and asks him why he told the DA about Phyllis' plan to run away. He is surprised that she isn't as happy about it as he is. Brad comments that there doesn't seem to be anyone in town not touched by Phyllis' blackmail. Sharon tells him about Noah being upset, too, although she admits that Phyllis has been nice to him. Brad sneers that she was only nice to her for her own ends and would turn on him in a second. Sharon talks about how Noah is mad at her, too. She worries that he won't forgive her if Phyllis goes to jail. Brad tries to be reassuring. She asks about Colleen, so he fills her in about Adrian's return and what he was doing. Sharon thanks Brad for lunch and they exchange a quick kiss. Colleen watches Sharon kiss him and leave, and then goes over to Brad. She glares at him for what he did, but he doesn't know why at first. She tells him she knows what he did to make sure Adrian didn't get the job in Paris.

Phyllis and Nick go to the court house. Phyllis asks Nick to tell Michael they're there. She goes over to Paul and calls him names for what he did. Paul tells her to save it for the judge. She reminds him that he held a woman captive for weeks and threatens that if he hurts her again, she's going to make sure that he is in a cell next to her.

Inside, Nick tells Michael that he is there with Phyllis. He asks Michael what her chances are. Michael is not too confident.

The hearing starts. Heather shows the judge the photo of Phyllis in the airport. She and Michael argue about it. The judge wants to hear from Phyllis. Phyllis stands up and tells him how much she loves her children and why she wanted to run away. Phyllis is choked up while she speaks about her kids. The judge notes that she did return for the verdict and asks her why she changed her mind. She confesses that she returned because she didn't want to take her daughter away from her husband and didn't want to leave her son. She finishes her speech by saying she hopes it counts for something.

While the judge deliberates, Nick and Phyllis chat. He thanks her for what she said about not taking Summer away from him. She asks him to promise to always take care of her children if she should go to jail. He doesn't want to discuss it, but she forces him to promise. She is very scared, so he comforts her. The judge returns and tells them that Phyllis can stay out on bail, but she has to wear a monitoring device and not leave the county. Phyllis and the rest are relieved. Paul chats up Heather (maybe he has a thing for her), telling her that he knows she's disappointed. She tells him that sentencing is all that really matters now. Heather goes over to Michael and tells him that his client was eloquent. He isn't interested in what she has to say. They trade some catty remarks. Phyllis thanks Michael and hugs him. Michael happily goes home to his family. Nick and Phyllis go home, too. She hopes it's not the last time she leaves a free woman.

Phyllis gets her new ankle bracelet (monitoring device). She and Nick meet up at home with Daniel, Amber, and Noah. Amber brings cookies, which they share. Phyllis is happy that they are all there as a family. Amber notices that Daniel is down in the dumps. He confides that he is worried because the odds of both him and his mom being in trouble and not getting any time in jail are very small.

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