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The Young & The Restless Update Thursday 8/9/07--Canada; Friday 8/10/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Suzanne
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Cane has a meeting with Lauren, Nikki, Jack, Vicky, and Neil about cleaning up the methane found at Clear Springs. Everyone argues about the problems, especially Jack and Nikki. Their meeting ends with Cane threatening to stop construction. Brad comes in at the end and sarcastically thanks them for keeping him in the loop.

Nikki discusses her financial situation with Vikki. They are trying to clean up methane from Clear Springs, which costs money. Nikki is worried about Victor delighting in her failure.

Meanwhile, Neil fills Victor in on the situation. He thinks that NVP will default on the loan. Victor is optimistic, which confuses Neil. Neil hopes that Victor is able to keep his personal and private motives separate and warns that as a board member, he would have to object if he didn't. Neil wonders if there is some information that he has that is keeping him so confident. Victor just smiles and holds his hands up.

Victoria helps Nikki figure out how to present the methane problem to Victor, so that he won't act like it's a personal thing instead of just business. A secretary comes in to tell them that Victor will let them know when he has time available. They worry this will mean Victor is going to be a problem. They get further annoyed when they go to Victor's office after he says he has time, but then his secretary comes out and says that he is busy again.

Sharon runs into Nick in the Newman break room and is surprised that he isn't in the big meeting. He says he wasn't into facing them all today and already knows what the meeting is about. They discuss it for a second, and then he wants to talk about the next photo shoot. She reminds him that they aren't going out of town together, and he agrees. He suggests they find a local place to shoot at, and she thinks that's a great idea. They joke around and laugh. Nick tells her that he respects that she values her marriage. They joke around some more, sort of flirting.

Later, also in the break room, Sharon tells Jack that Nick agreed to no more overnight trips. Jack is happy to hear it. They talk about the meeting and problems. Nick comes in to get Sharon for their scouting for the location shoot. Jack is a little surprised that it's so soon. Sharon invites him to go along with them, but Jack has other work. They kiss, and he wishes them luck.

Nick and Sharon are at Indigo, but Sharon decides that it's not right for what they are looking for. The place looks empty. Nick jokes that they should get a drink. He does decide to take some olives, and it reminds him of Summer, so he and Sharon discuss her. He tells her about his fight with Phyllis. She wonders if he is afraid that she might run off with the baby. He says there is nothing he can do about it. Sharon tells him that she's sorry she brought it up, so Nick replies that he's sorry it's even a possibility. They discuss the argument some more and what choices he has. He concludes that he's using work and other things to distract himself from worrying about the situation. They go to another place, that has an old bank vault, and Sharon loves it immediately. They joke around. Their people go to set up a shot of the door. They shut the door on the vault just as the owner frantically says, "Don't shut that!" Nick and Sharon wonder why they don't open the door. They start to get nervous about why they can't hear any sounds through the door. Nick says that at least he can't worry about Phyllis while he's in there, since he can't do anything. He sits on the floor and asks her to give him details about how he could have divorced her and married Phyllis. They both loosen their clothes, undressing a little, while they wait. Sharon asks him if he's sure, but then she fills him in. Nick tells her that he's sorry for being a jerk. He is surprised to hear that they were talking about having another baby one day, and even more surprised when Sharon says she would still like to have another baby one day (something she hasn't told Jack yet).

Cane confronts Jack about their problem. Cane wonders why Jack is not going to come up with the money to solve the methane problem, since he is the owner of the land. Jack points out that Nikki's name is on the documents for the development. They get into an argument. Cane points out that people won't gamble in Jack's casinos if they're not safe from methane. Jack says he can get another contractor who will not care about this kind of thing. Cane says that if he does, he will get what he deserves.

At home, Devon and Lily gather Daniel's stuff in trash bags. He is surprised to find that she worked on it all night and didn't call him. She says that she didn't want company for her crying jags. This also surprises him. She reminds him that she is getting a divorce. He expected that she would be happier, since she wants it. She tells him about her night, how she was up and down about her feelings about Daniel. Devon suggests that she trust him enough to know that he will give her help. She just changes the subject and asks him to help her finish the packing. Devon makes a joke about having to disinfect the place now. They wonder what to do when Daniel arrives, but Daniel arrives before they can decide. He is surprised to learn that his stuff is already packed up. He makes a joke out of it. Daniel hurries to get his stuff out. Meanwhile, Devon starts bickering with Lily as he calls Daniel a jerk. Lily asks Daniel if he needs any help, but he says he's got it and that she's done enough. As Daniel leaves, he tells Lily again that he's sorry and thanks her, then he leaves. Lily is impressed that Daniel is acting like a decent guy, but not Devon. Lily gets irritated at Devon's comments.

Later, Neil arrives. Lily is upstairs, so Neil asks Devon how she's doing. Devon warns that she's grumpy. Neil informs that Lily that she doesn't have to get a real divorce. She knows already about it. Since they forged Malcolm's signature, they weren't really married, so they can just get an announcement of nullity. He wonders why she's not happier about this. She is upset because she felt that she had a real marriage. She abruptly excuses herself, saying she has things to do. Neil agrees that Lily is grumpy. He has a lot of work to do but asks Devon to take the day and do whatever he can to help Lily out with her transition. Devon wonders if he means get her to go out with someone else, but Neil tells him that he just means he wants her to get some perspective.

Later again, Lily wonders why Devon is not at work. He asks her for coffee, but she doesn't feel like it. He urges her to force herself to do it anyway, so she gets annoyed again. He points out to her how grouchy she's been, but she argues more. They talk about her feelings about the divorce. She doesn't want to act like the marriage didn't exist, which is why Neil's news about annulment did not make her happy. She is relieved when Devon says he completely understands. They go to the coffee house and discuss her failed marriage some more. When Lily says that her marriage was a waste of time, he points out that it wasn't and why. He points out that her marriage was not all bad, and there were some good points. She isn't buying what he says. She suggests that he say something good about Daniel and then she might believe him. Devon reluctantly does what she asks, concentrating on Daniel's hygiene. She laughs and then asks Devon to set her up with one of his friends because she wants to date. Devon is not very enthusiastic about it.

Jack is perplexed when Daniel drops by and acts in a very positive (but funny) way, telling Jack that he wants to hire him. Jack looks amused at his attitude but doesn't think he has anything for Daniel. Daniel lists all of his "qualifications" (his failed marriage, facing jail time etc.). Jack asks him to be serious, so Daniel tells him honestly that he needs a job and that it will help him with the judge. Daniel is anxious to prove that he can turn his life around. Jack asks who fired him, so Daniel tells him that Neil did. This surprises and interests Jack. Jack warns Daniel that he will be taking some flak if he works for him, but Daniel says he's prepared. While they are talking, Neil marches in and starts yelling at Jack about the methane problem at Clear Springs. Jack tries to stop him, so he can finish his chat with Daniel, but Neil ignores him and keeps going on. They argue briefly and then Neil leaves.

At the Club, Michael phones to find out if Phyllis' jury is in yet. Gloria phones Jeff (Will's twin brother) to make sure they are still meeting for coffee today. Gloria tells Michael that she plans to get very close to Jeff so that she can find out his secrets. She tells Michael that a woman just has to look into a man's eyes and listen, to get information from him. He asks if he is that way, but she assures him that he's not because he's a lawyer. Later, Lauren arrives and is explaining the Clear Springs problems to Michael, who gives his two cents. Michael realizes that he has to go talk to Victor, since he is his client. Lauren asks whether the verdict is in or not, so Michael thanks her sarcastically for taking his mind off it and then reminding him about it again. They joke around some.

Gloria meets with Jeff at the club. She can't get over that William didn't tell her that he had a brother, who's a successful professional high up in a multinational corporation. They discuss this, and about their being twins, and how they weren't close. He tells her that their mom bad-mouthed his brother as well as their father. She tells him that his brother was a terrific human being. He jokes that he had to be because he was like him. He jokes around some more about his travels when she asks him about his work. She is shocked to learn that he spent a lot of time in jail in third world countries. He explains that he was in jail because he was an American in the wrong place at the wrong time. She is skeptical and asks him more questions. He can tell that she doesn't believe him, so things get a little awkward.

Gloria phones Michael, who is at Newman, to tell him what she's learned and asks him to check his background. Michael makes sarcastic remarks about how he'll just rush to do that for her. Neil greets Michael after he hangs up. Michael asks Neil how Victor reacted to Cane's threat to stop construction. Neil says they have to chat about it, but then he sees Daniel with Jack again, so he excuses himself. Neil asks Daniel why he's still hanging around. Daniel replies politely that he works there.

Victoria massages Nikki's shoulders in her office, since she is so tense. Jack barges in and wants to discuss the possible shutdown of construction. They argue about who will pay for it. A secretary comes in and tells Nikki that Mr. Newman will see her now.

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