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The Young & The Restless Update Thursday 8/2/07--Canada; Friday 8/3/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Laurie
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Kevin, Amber and Daniel are talking about their situation at Kevin’s apartment.  They each deny taking the money and wonder who did take it.  Someone must have watched they bury it.  Daniel says it may have been Jana.  Amber wonders how they will ever pay back the government.

Cane and Lily talk – they each say they will not forgive their spouse.  Cane apologizes for his role in covering for Daniel when Amber asked him to.

At the courthouse, Michael tells Phyllis that there is a tape with incriminating evidence against Phyllis.  All he knows is that it’s a tape of Phyllis and Brad talking.  The D.A. got the tape from David.  Michael is clearly worried.  Phyllis says she had lots of talks with Brad, she doesn’t know what they have on tape.  At worst, it could be her threatening to tell Brad’s wife about the affair if he fails to cooperate.  Michael hopes the tape is inadmissible in court.

At Newman, Cane gives Victor some revised files and fills him in on the restoration progress.  Lily is waiting for Devon to drive her home.  Amber calls Cane, he ignores the call.  Lily asks Cane if he thinks Amber and Daniel slept together.  He thinks it’s pretty likely.  Devon gets detained with work so Cane offers Lily a ride home.  Daniel calls Lily but she doesn’t answer so he leaves her a message to call him back. 

Amber calls Cane’s office and leaves him a message.  Kevin’s phone rings so Amber picks it up – it’s Jana.  Amber hands him the phone and says, “it’s the mother of your children.”  Kevin hangs up the phone.

Back at Newman, Victor tells Neil that a reporter wants to do a detailed story on the Newman Board.  Neil tells Victor to “trust him” and things will be taken care of after the trial.  Victor tells Nikki that he’s called a meeting to “clean up” her “mess.”  She looks at Brad and tells him his days on the board are “numbered.”  Is there a “morals clause in your contract,” she asks Brad?

In court, the D.A. wants to show the taped conversation because the jury needs to hear it for themselves.  Michael says the tape is prejudicial.  The judge allows the tape to be shown.  On the tape, Phyllis is clearly threatening Brad about his affair with Sharon.

During the recess, Phyllis tells Michael she is worried about the jury seeing the tape.  He can’t stop it because his “Superman suit is at the cleaners,” Michael says. 

Jana calls Amber - she needs to see Kevin.  Kevin calls the hospital to complain about Jana’s calls. 

Victor is angry that Brad spoke to a reporter.  He says the P.R. department at Newman should field all inquiries.  Victor wants to preserve Neil’s “good name.”

David is called to testify.  He said he was given the tape two days ago – it was emailed to him.  A bonded courier then sent another copy of it to him to give to the D.A.’s office.  The tape was sealed and in his possession up until he turned it in, David claims.  Michael questions why the tape wasn’t sent directly to the D.A’s office.  Nick sees the tape and confronts his wife during the next recess.  Daniel comforts his mother.  Michael wants to put Phyllis on the stand.

The hospital calls to tell Kevin that Jana hurt herself during a serious convulsion.  “Call someone who cares,” he says and hangs up the phone.

Cane takes Lily to Neil’s.  They talk about their problems and wonder if Amber and Daniel are together.  Lily says Daniel is in court and that his mom is to blame for Drew’s death.  Cane hugs Lily.

At Newman, Victor takes Brad off of the project he’s been working on.  He doesn’t trust Brad so Victor gives the project to Devon.

Michael calls Phyllis to the stand.  He asks her about the conversation.  Michael also asks Phyllis about her “state of mind” on that day.  He asks what she meant when she spoke to Brad.  Phyllis says she was just “trying to get a rise out of Brad.”  She would never have taken it any farther, she claims.  Phyllis says she was just spouting “hot air.”  She thinks Brad blames her instead of himself for the end of his marriage.

Brad offers Devon his support if it is needed.  Neil thanks Victor for believing in Devon.

David fills Nikki in on his testimony before she is “summoned” to the office.

Kevin and Amber go to see Jana.

The D.A. questions Phyllis.  She asks if Phyllis was “joking” with Brad.  Phyllis is made to look bad when the D.A. brings up things from her past.  She says that Phyllis has a reputation for “crossing the line.”

At Newman, Nikki is mad that Victor had David checked out.  David was married three times, to very wealthy women.  Victor fears David is after Nikki’s money.  Victor and Nikki agree that they make each other “sick.” 

At the hospital, Kevin and Amber see Jana.  She acts very confused.  According to the nurse, she is getting worse.

Phyllis tells Nick that her own testimony hurt her case.  She reminds Nick that she told him everything before his memory loss and he forgave her.

Cane deletes all of Amber’s messages.  He and Lily agree to call each other if they need to talk.  Cane says he saved Amber because he didn’t want her to die.

Amber asks Kevin if he still cares about Jana.  He says he doesn’t.

The D.A. addresses the jury with her closing statement.  She says the taped conversation was not a misunderstanding.  It was all about money and it was not “an empty threat taken out of context.”  Phyllis is guilty and justice must be served.

David rushes into Victor’s office and says he was almost run down.  He accuses Victor of trying to have him killed.  “If I want you dead, you will be dead,” yells Victor.

Michael gives his closing statement.  He says Phyllis is innocent even though she spoke “carelessly.”  Michael stresses that his client did not “commit extortion.”  He says that Brad and Sharon are not credible witnesses.

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