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The Y&R Update Wednesday 7/25/07--Canada; Thursday 7/26/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Laurie
Pictures by Amanda

Lily and Daniel come home and find that their house has been robbed.  They find Devon on the floor unconscious.  He wakes up and says that someone hit him on the head and all he saw was someone going out the door. 

At the coffee house, Kevin talks to Carson.  Carson says his room was broken into and asks Kevin about his security.  Kevin buys Carson a cup of coffee. 

Cane confronts Amber about their fake marriage and says she only wanted him for his family’s money.  She begs him to stay with her. 

Michael talks to Phyllis and Nick about the trial.  He tells her how to dress (casual) and how to act (no outbursts) in front of everyone.  Phyllis gets emotional about Summer.  Michael stresses that they must prove reasonable doubt. 

Back at Newman, Brad and Nick meet in the break room.  Brad says he’s looking forward to testifying against Phyllis.  He also says that he’s glad that he’s “shed the Newman Monkey House,” referring to his divorce. 

At home, Lily and Daniel want Devon to go to the hospital.  Lily wants to call the police and report the break-in.  Daniel pretends to call Kevin but he really calls Amber.  She is in the middle of the argument with Cane so he looks at her phone and sees that Daniel is calling.  Cane says that Daniel and Amber deserve each other.  Amber again says that she loves Cane.  He loves her too but he also hates her, he says.   

At the coffee house, Carson wonders why anyone would want to break into his room.  Kevin suggests that he hire a private detective.  Daniel calls Kevin and tells him about the break in.   

Back at Newman, Sharon and Nick discuss her anxiety about the trial.  Nick says he can’t pretend to be a loving husband at the trial.  He skipped out on today’s jury selection.  Sharon just wants it to be over.  The press is making so much of her “affair” with Brad.  She’s glad that Noah is camping so he’s protected from the media.  Nick thinks some time away would be good for Sharon.  She should go to Clear Springs and do the photo shoot.  He thinks he should go with her, respecting that she is married.  Sharon agrees to drive to Clear Springs with Nick as long as they stay away from the media and the Internet.   

Jury selection continues and Phyllis is unhappy with what she sees.  She thinks the first four people will be negative towards her.  Michael gives her a B+ for her behavior.  He wonders where Daniel and Nick are.  Michael thinks they should be there to support Phyllis. 

Maggie questions the kids about the robbery.  She says it doesn’t sound like a robbery but more like someone was looking for something specific like drugs or money.  They deny her accusations. 

Kevin goes home and finds Amber crying outside his door.  She tells him Cane knows about her deception.  She assures Kevin that Cane knows nothing about Plumb’s money.  Kevin invites her in to sample some new coffee.  Amber tells Kevin that Cane hates her.  Then she tells him a story about her childhood – she got a Barbie doll from a church at Christmas.  She says that Cane is her Ken and that he is the man she always dreamed of finding. 

Cane works out his anger at the gym. 

Phyllis and Michael have lunch and he tells her to call Nick.  She says it’s not a good idea. 

Back at Newman, Sharon and Brad are in the break room talking about the Clear Springs trip.  Brad says that Sharon and Nick deserve a “good time.”  He also says he is happy about the trial. 

Phyllis calls Nick and asks him to join her.  He tells her about the trip to Clear Springs with Sharon.  Upset, Phyllis quickly ends the call. 

Maggie finished her questioning – she’s sending someone over to dust for fingerprints.  Devon goes to meet with a client but is hesitant about leaving Lily alone with Daniel.  Lily is upset that someone went through their things. 

Kevin offers Amber his couch.  She tells him how much she loves the movie, Love Story.  He leaves her to go to a meeting at the coffee house. 

Brad and Sharon run into Phyllis at the Athletic Club.  Brad taunts Phyllis about being alone.  Phyllis throws in some digs about Sharon and Brad’s affair.  Brad puts money on the table and tells Phyllis to have a drink on him, as “she’ll need it.”  Michael returns and tells Phyllis to go home – the judge is not available again until tomorrow.  Phyllis tells him that Nick and Sharon are going out of town together.   

Sharon and Brad talk over lunch and he advises her to relax about the trial.  Sharon is worried about how it will affect her son.  Brad tells her not to worry about the outcome of the trial. 

Cane comes into the club for a beer. 

Kevin pays a man at the coffee house for daily updates on Jana. 

Daniel panics as he and Lily wait for the police to come and get fingerprints.  He tells Lily she should leave, she refuses.  He gets nervous and says they both should go.  Lily senses that Daniel is scared of something or someone.  She presses him for answers and he tells her it’s “too late” for him to “fix it.”  Lily is scared and asks him if he’s sick.  He says yes, but not with a disease.  He tells her about when he was four and his dad got custody of him.  Daniel wonders if that was the beginning of his downfall or was it the night he got drunk and Cassie tried to help him and ended up dying.  Daniel says he hates himself and destroys everything that means something to him.  Daniel tells Lily the truth about their bank account and about Plumb’s money.  She asks Daniel if he killed Plumb.  Daniel says everything is the result of his porn addiction and he expects Lily to leave him.   

Phyllis and Cane talk at the bar over a drink while Sharon Brad talk about Brad’s “new and improved” attitude.  Sharon wants Brad to “improve” his attitude about her marriage.   

Michael and Nick talk at Newman.  Michael disapproves of the timing of Nick and Sharon’s trip.  Michael reminds Nick that Phyllis is his wife and Nick responds by saying that she “seems to be guilty.”  Michael says Phyllis made a mistake but Nick says he doesn’t want to participate in the “charade.”  Nick wonders if Phyllis considered the effect of her actions on his son.  Nick thinks the jury will think he is a fool for supporting Phyllis. 

When Kevin gets home he finds Amber missing and the place ransacked.  He finds a note saying that Amber has been taken.  He needs to get the money and wait for further instructions.

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