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Young and The Restless Update Monday 6/4/07--Canada; Tuesday 6/5/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Kitty
Pictures by Glynis

After giving Victoria the news that she is pregnant, the doctor leaves and JT comes in. She tells him that she is okay but doesn’t tell him she is pregnant.

Brad asks Sharon to have dinner with him to celebrate his divorce. She thinks that is in bad taste. He thinks that she should leave Jack for him.

Phyllis gets ready to leave Jack’s house. She tries to make Jack feel bad about making her leave. He tells her to call him if she needs anything. She tells him that the nightmare will come back no matter where she is so she might as well get home.

David gives Nikki the good news that she is really pulling ahead in the polls and has a really good chance of winning this election. They think she should practice her acceptance speech. She brings up the fact that Victor didn’t support her at all and jokes about thanking Phyllis for ruining Jack’s campaign.

Phyllis leaves and Jack gets a call from Ben. He tells him about the numbers and suggests Jack start to fight dirty.

Plum wonders if Cane knows about Amber’s website. She tells him that he doesn’t and she wants to keep it that way. She tells him that threatening her isn’t going to make her want him. He tells her he knows the real Amber and he loves her. Cane comes in. Plum introduces himself as Garrett, Amber’s cousin. He tells him how surprised the whole family was to hear she got married. Cane cays maybe he can tell him all Amber’s family secrets.

David, Karen and Nikki discuss the positives and negatives of fighting dirty against Jack. Nikki thinks she should leave it alone for now. Jack is doing enough damage to himself.

Ben meets with Jack. He suggests an automated phone call to the voters suggesting that Nikki isn’t the right person for the job. They can use Nikki’s traits against her.

Daniel is angry that Lily won’t talk to him. Kevin thinks maybe he should go see a therapist. Daniel still wants to blame Lily for everything.

Victoria comes by Brad’s house. She says she forgot her jewelry. He tells her he is on his way to pick up Abby at the airport. He lets her know that he has contacted his lawyer. She seems a bit thrown by that at first but agrees that this is for the best.

Sharon comes home and is pleased to see Jack helping Noah with his homework. Noah goes upstairs to finish. She is glad to see that Phyllis has left. He tells her that he is sorry that Phyllis was there when she got home. She says it’s okay, it’s history. She asks for a minute to make a call and calls Brad to tell him she can’t have dinner with him, she has plans with Noah and Jack.

Phyllis is at home and gets another visit from Nick. She tells him she knows this is a dream. She says she wanted him there, but not like this. Summer starts to cry so she goes to her.

Victoria comes into Nikki’s office and David and Karen leave. She tells Nikki that Brad has agreed to split everything down the middle so there won’t be a messy divorce to mess up her campaign. Nikki says that is the least brad can do, and says they are lucky that they didn’t have children or shared property to complicate matters.

Plum/Garrett tells stories about Amber to Cane. Cane mentions that they are living in a mansion. Cane goes to get a refill for his coffee. Plum asks if he can stay with her at the mansion.

Victoria and Neil discuss company business. She says she really misses Nick right now and wishes he was there for her to talk to. He offers his advice is she wants it. She tells him she is divorcing Brad and that she is pregnant. She tells him no one besides the two of them know. JT comes in and asks if he is interrupting. He passes Victoria a file folder with research he has done.

Nikki says she is sick of seeing Jack’s face and would rather see anyone else’s face in the paper. She says she would love to see David’s face there. Karen watches David and Nikki talk and looks uncomfortable.

Jack, Sharon and Ben talk about what they can say about Nikki to persuade people to vote for Jack. Phyllis shows up and asks if they started without her. Sharon says she isn’t comfortable with Phyllis’ suggestion of targeting Nikki’s marriage. Phyllis and Ben brainstorm and come up with an idea to suggest that Nikki is for legalizing prostitution.

Amber gets a text from Daniel and goes outside to talk to him. She tells him about Plum and says she needs a place for him to stay. She says she needs his help to get rid of him.

Victoria looks at the folder that JT gave her. It contains tickets and they talk in code so Neil will not know what they are talking about. After he leaves, Neil guesses that something is going on with her and JT. She tells him that with her pregnancy, she would like to cut back on her workload. She puts him in charge of the company, effective immediately.

Ben and Phyllis go through what they will say about Nikki. They are quite proud of themselves and high-five each other. Phyllis slips and falls. They are all concerned as she seems to be in a lot of pain.

Nikki takes a break from strategizing to go get a drink of water. Karen warns David to stop flirting with Nikki. She comes back and they get back to work.

Brad walks in on Victoria telling Neil about the extra responsibilities he has. Neil leaves and Brad asks her if she is doing this to get back at him. She tells him it isn’t personal and she has made her decision, and he will have to deal with it.

Neil sees Brad in the hallway and tells him he wants to be copied on all his correspondence from now on. Brad isn’t impressed with him. Neil tells him he doesn’t want him there, but he will treat him professionally and expects the same from him. Brad says that will be an improvement from how he usually treats him. Neil tells him to just give him a reason to fire him. Brad reminds him that isn’t very professional.

Phyllis asks to be alone with the doctor. Sharon and Ben go in the dining room where Ben tells Sharon that Phyllis insisted on coming over even though he told her she could have had this meeting over the phone. They agree that having her around Jack isn’t good for the campaign.

Kevin comes home and asks Daniel if he called a therapist yet. He says he isn’t going to. He asks him if Plum can stay there with them for a little while. Kevin reluctantly agrees. He calls Amber to tell her the news.

Everyone comes back into the room with Phyllis. The doctor tells them that Phyllis needs a few days of bed rest. He says that Phyllis should stay there. Sharon is not happy at all but agrees to it. Jack takes her in the other room. He tells her she is incredibly generous to let her stay there. Sharon goes out to get Phyllis’ prescription for her.

Karen comes back into Nikki’s office and tells Nikki and David about the phone calls that Ben set up. Nikki is furious and says that she wants to throw mud right back at Jack.

Amber goes over to Kevin’s with Plum and warns him to stay out of trouble.

JT and Victoria are at the coffee house discussing the NASCAR tickets he got for them. She tells him that she has to pick up her stuff from Brad’s. He asks where she will stay. She tells him that she will be at her mom’s He tells her to move in with him.

Sharon meets Brad at the Club and tells him what is going on with Phyllis. She says she is doing this for Jack’s sake and he is a great father to Noah. She tells him she wants Jack and they are meant to be together.

Jack goes upstairs to get Phyllis a blanket. She sits up and drinks some water. She isn’t injured at all. She quickly lies down again.

Next on Y&R: Victoria tells Brad she wants him to resign. David says he has an “emergency” video on hand. Jack tells Phyllis and Sharon they have found some wreckage from the Newman jet.

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