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The Young & The Restless Update Thursday 5/24/07--Canada; Friday 5/25/07--U.S.A.

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Gloria accepts William’s proposal. She calls Michael and Lauren into the room to tell them. They are both stunned. Michael makes a joke about playing ball with his soon-to-be stepfather. Gloria says she wants to go all out with this wedding. She can’t wait for this wedding.

Jill tells Ji Min she is angry with Katherine for what she is doing to Ji Min. She thinks she is just doing it to get to her. He isn’t happy that he is causing a rift between them and tells her he is looking into other jobs, one in Thailand. He doesn’t think Katherine will change her mind. Jill thinks she can do it.

The producer of Extreme Catwalk tells Amber she can’t be on the show. Amber comes up with a scenario that might work. They want to say that Jill hates her daughter in law and Amber even had to go on the show in disguise to get past her. The producer doesn’t think it will work. Amber says she does think it will, and she knows Jill will go for it too.

Jack is surprised to see Phyllis in his office. She tells him she is there to help with his campaign, in particular, his website. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea. She tells him she needs this as a distraction. He is hesitant but agrees. Sharon comes in and is also surprised to see Phyllis. He tells her that she is helping with the campaign. Phyllis goes to get coffee. He tells Sharon he knows it’s a bad idea to have Phyllis there.

Nikki meets with Victoria. She gets a call and has to leave. Brad comes in and tells Victoria he knows that she had him investigated. He tells her that she betrayed him. She says now they are even.

Sharon wonders if Jack is doing this because he feels sorry for Phyllis. He says she needs a friend right now. She reminds him that Phyllis did this to herself and that she has to speak to a grand jury tomorrow because his friend is a blackmailer.

Phyllis sees Brad at the elevators. She tries to start a conversation with him. She tells him all he has to for tomorrow is say he doesn’t remember. She tells him that none of this would have happened if he hadn’t slept with Sharon. He says they didn’t force her to blackmail them.

Victoria calls JT to warn him that Brad knows he investigated him but only gets his voicemail.

Michael talks to William about the wedding plans. He says he is looking forward to it. Michael says that going up against his mom’s fiancé is a first for him and suggests he drop it. Meanwhile, Gloria and Lauren make plans for the wedding. William gets a call and has to leave. Lauren says she will plan a dinner with the four of them and Kevin. After he leaves, Gloria says it doesn’t get any better than this. There is a knock at the door and Gloria is served with a subpoena for her DNA.

Cane and Amber wait for the producer to find out if the network wants to go for Amber’s plan. She tells Cane how she wants to show everyone that she can do this. The producer comes over and says they have to run it by the network.

William arrives at the Athletic Club and sees Jill and Ji Min. He tells them about his engagement. They wish him well. Jill feels sorry for him. Gloria comes in and Jill congratulates her. She goes to William and tells him she has changed her mind, she wants to get married right away.

Lauren is worried that Gloria will do something foolish. She wonders if there is a way out of this. Michael doesn’t think so.

Sharon is worried about testifying tomorrow and how it will affect his campaign. Phyllis comes in and says Noah is playing with Summer in the nursery. She says no matter what happens she wants the kids to be close. Jack runs off for a meeting. Sharon tells Phyllis that she shouldn’t be there, it isn’t good for his campaign. She tells her if she is really jack’s friend she will leave him alone and stop thinking about herself. Phyllis says she will think about it and leaves. She sees Nikki with one of the workers in the hallway. The worker starts to ask Phyllis about an ad. Nikki says Phyllis doesn’t work here anymore and nothing should be run but her.

Victoria tries to call JT again and still can’t get him.

Brad goes to see JT on the basketball court and confronts him about the investigation. He warns him that he should know better than to push him and to stay away from his wife. He knows that JT wants Victoria for himself.

Phyllis sees Sharon in the break room and asks her if it’s okay to put pictures of her and Noah with Jack on the website. Nikki is there and asks Phyllis why she is still there. She says she is helping with Jack’s campaign. Nikki laughs and on her way out says that is great news, she can’t lose now. Phyllis wonders what she did to her. Sharon says welcome to the club.

Amber and Cane talk to Jill and Ji Min about Amber doing Extreme Catwalk. She calls the producer to tell her that she likes the idea and would like to go along with it. She tells her the producer doesn’t think the network will go for it. Amber and Cane leave. Ji Min talks about the last time he and Jill were in the boardroom together. She gets a call from her doctor. Some of her test results came back with strange results. She has abnormal hormone balances. They try and figure out what could have caused it. She remembers that Gloria got the coffee for her meeting that day with Ji Min. She wonders if Gloria had anything to do with it.

William tells Gloria they can leave for their wedding tomorrow. She says she has to shoot some stuff for Extreme Catwalk first but she can leave after that. He tells her she can give her DNA sample before they leave. She tries to put it off but he insists.

Sharon warns Phyllis that it will never get better with Nikki. Phyllis says one good thing about working on Jack’s campaign is that she can trash Nikki and it’s justified. Sharon jokes that hitting her with a truck isn’t? Phyllis says she would support that. She tells her that she is sorry she has to go before the grand jury tomorrow. She knows it will be hard day for her because it’s also the anniversary of Cassie’s death. She says Nick was going to be doing something special for her. She says maybe now they are doing something special together. Jack comes in and asks them if everything is okay. Phyllis says it is and leaves. Sharon tells him they were talking about Nikki. She warns him not to put too much faith in Phyllis. She means well but she is dangerous.

Jill goes to Gloria’s office and gets her calendar. She sees that Gloria went to the doctor the same say they slept together. She calls Gloria’s doctor pretending to be her and asks for a refill on the prescription. She leaves to go get the prescription.

JT gets a call from Victoria. She says she tried to warn him about Brad. She apologizes for Brad’s behavior. They both mock Brad. He goes to talk to Colleen. She hangs up and Brad comes in. He says he knows it was JT on the phone. She tells Brad she won’t stay away from him.

JT grabs Colleen and pulls her aside. She tells him that her father has a right to know that he is trying to break up his marriage. He tells her to stay out of it. She tells him she will stay out of his life if he stays out of hers.

Michael sees William at the Athletic Club and again tries to get him to drop the charges against Phyllis.

Brad sees Sharon and asks her if she saw Phyllis. She tells him that Jack has her there because he feels sorry for her. She says she feels sorry for her too. He says he doesn’t. She brings up the grand jury and he asks if Jack is pressuring her. She says he is being supportive. He says Victoria isn’t.

Victoria runs into Colleen at the Athletic Club. She asks her if she has seen JT. Colleen tells her she knows that she had Brad investigated. Victoria tells her that it’s inappropriate to talk to her about it. Colleen says it isn’t any more inappropriate than going behind her father’s back. Victoria sees JT on the basketball court. She tells him that her marriage isn’t working.

Amber is ecstatic when the producer tells her that the network has agreed to have her on the show.

Jill comes back with the prescription and tells Ji Min that Gloria drugged them with a libido enhancer.

Gloria and Lauren are picking out outfits for Extreme Catwalk. Michael comes home and tells her she should be picking out orange jumpsuits since she will soon be in prison.

Phyllis sees Brad and mentions the trial. He tells her that Summer would be better off without her. She says he is heartless and wonders who would raise Summer if she goes to prison. Nikki walks in and says she would, she’d love to raise her granddaughter.

Victoria again tells JT that she is sorry for what Brad did. They make fun of him some more. She thinks maybe they should cool it for a while. He says he is glad Brad confronted him, it made him realize how he feels about her. He wants to be with her. She tells him he doesn’t mean that. She says it is just a rebound thing and they are just friends.

Next on Y&R: Katherine tells Ji Min she is making him CEO of Jabot. David tells Nikki that Victor should be there for her. Victoria tells JT that they are just friends.

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