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The Young & The Restless Update Friday 5/4/07--Canada; Monday 5/7/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Kitty
Pictures by Amanda

Kevin doubts Gloria’s feelings for William and thinks she is just after him for his money and what he can do for her. He warns her that she is playing with fire.

Lauren calls Michael to talk to him about Gloria but he doesn’t answer. He is with Victor and Ji Min. They tell him they know Jack is calling the shots but he denies it.

Adrian and Colleen are at the coffee house going over school work. He has received an invitation to a fundraiser. She tells him she is going to the same fundraiser with Kevin as a “cover date”. Adrian tells her he hopes Kevin knows they are just friends and that he doesn’t like lying to people. He asks her how she can afford to go to the fundraiser. She tells him Victoria bought the tickets. Victoria and Brad are showing pieces of art at the fundraiser and Brad is donating one of the paintings to a museum in Europe. Colleen leaves and Adrian makes a phone call to one of his contacts in Paris.

Phyllis sees Daniel at work. He tells her he read on the internet that she is being charged with extortion. She tells him that Michael is taking care of it and she can’t talk to him about it. He is still worried.

Nikki is meeting with Karen and David. They are looking at the press coverage on the Phyllis mess. They want to play up how Jack benefited from what Phyllis did. They think her best bet is to not comment. People are feeling bad for her in this situation.

Jack is meeting with his new campaign manager. He tells her Nikki is out to win and Jack needs to trust him and be willing to fight dirty. Jack says he is.

Ji Min continues to deny that he is associated with Jack. Victor and Michael warn him that if he doesn’t help them, he will be in legal trouble too.

Gloria and Kevin arrive home. Lauren confronts her about contaminating the face cream. She asks them if Michael knows about it. They deny it but she doesn’t believe them and is hurt that Michael kept this secret from her. She can’t believe Gloria would do something like this. Gloria thinks Jack is to blame for sending out the samples early. Fen starts to cry so Lauren leaves the room. Kevin calls Michael and leaves him a message to call him so he can warn him that Lauren knows everything. Gloria pulls out her libido pills and says she hopes there is enough left to help her with her plan.

Victor and Michael agree that if Ji Min is smart, he will realize that he has to go along with them. Michael says he will keep looking for concrete proof that they can use. Victor thinks in the meantime he should look for dirt they can use against Ji Min.

Adrian goes to see Brad and tells him he knows that he donated the painting so that they would withdraw the Paris job offer. Victoria is shocked by his latest manipulation. Adrian tells him that all he is doing is making the couple closer. If he keeps pressuring them, they won’t have much choice but to get married. Brad says Colleen isn’t ready for marriage. Adrian says he knows she will say yes.

Phyllis goes to see Jack. He is angry with her about all the damage she has done to him both personally and professionally. Jack’s new campaign manager comes in and tells Phyllis he wants her to leave. She can’t be anywhere neat Jack. She asks Jack if that is how he feels. He tells her they shouldn’t even be seen together until after the election.

Adrian has left and Victoria tells Brad she hates how he manipulates everyone. She thinks he should stop what he is doing. She tells him he hates Victor but he is more like him than he wants to admit. She knows his intentions are good but he always ends up hurting someone. She tells him Colleen will learn from her mistakes, like she has. She says if he keeps acting like he is, he will lose everyone he loves.

Colleen goes to see Kevin. She tells him that he is off the hook, he doesn’t have to go to the fundraiser. She tells him that Adrian doesn’t want her going with him. He tells he she is in luck, he had a back-up plan anyway.

Michael comes home and Lauren asks him why he didn’t tell her about Gloria. She reminds him that he promised her that he wouldn’t keep any secrets from her. She wonders what else he is keeping from her. He swears that she knows everything now. Lauren says that Gloria went too far this time. Michael says she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. She is his mother and he is supposed to protect her. Lauren is worried that Gloria will bring Michael and Kevin down with her. She tells him that Gloria is on a date with William right now.

Gloria arrives at the restaurant for her date with William. She tells him she thinks this will be a special night. William excuses himself for a moment and Gloria drugs his champagne. He comes back and they toast to their relationship.

Daniel is with Phyllis. He has received his review at work. It isn’t good, it says he is frequently late and his work is sloppy. He blames it on the stress of Dru’s accident and Phyllis’ arrest. She asks if he has anything else going on. He says he doesn’t and he will try harder.

Nikki tells Victor she can’t seem to escape Phyllis and is surprised she showed her face at work. She says that Phyllis being around Jack is good for her campaign though. He tells her he wishes she would back off. She says if he is so worried about how this scandal will affect business, he should being Jack down sooner rather than later.

Jack and his new campaign manager scheme about ways to improve his public image. He gets a call from Ji Min who says he needs to talk to him immediately.

Adrian is at the bar at the Athletic Club and Colleen is working. Brad shows up asks Colleen if she would like to come back to work on the Clear Springs project. She asks Adrian what he thinks. He tells he he’d love to work with her on it. She accepts. She has to get back to work. Adrian thanks Brad for offering her the position. Brad leaves and Colleen comes back. She wonders what has come over Brad. Adrian says that maybe he has finally realized she is an adult.

Lily comes to see Daniel at the coffee house. Kevin gives them their coffees. He tells Daniel that he was sorry to hear about the trouble that Phyllis is in. He says that it is just a misunderstanding. Lily leaves and he tells Kevin that in reality it is serious and she could go to jail. He tells him about his poor work performance evaluation. He tells him that he hasn’t told Lily about it yet. He is also doing poorly at school and if he doesn’t do well on finals he will be on academic probation.

Jack meets with Ji Min. Ji Min tells him that he shouldn’t publicly attack Nikki, it could upset Victor. Jack says that Victor knows what is going on and wants to know why he is worried. Ji Min says he is worried that if their partnership is uncovered, he will lose everything. He thinks it is time they sever ties with each other. Jack tells him he has covered his tracks well and he isn’t going anywhere.

Michael is working at his computer at home. He calls Victor and tells him that he has found a way to get Ji Min to do what they want.

Lily comes back to the coffee house looking for Daniel. Kevin says he went back to work. Phyllis walks in. Lily tells her that she is sorry about what happened. Phyllis says that it is just a misunderstanding. She says she hates that Daniel is worried about her with everything that is going on. She brings up his bad review. Lily says she didnítí know about that. Phyllis asks her if everything is okay with them. Lily says it is.

Daniel is back at work. He goes into one of the offices. He has a porn DVD that he starts to open to watch.

Brad tells Victoria how he went to Colleen and how he even kept his cool in front of Adrian. She doesn’t respond. He tells her that he is making an effort with Colleen. Victoria tells him he needs to call the doctor, she thinks she is going into labor!

Gloria and William are eating dessert. They sample each other’s desserts. William is starting to feel the effects of the drugs. William suggests they get the check and get the desserts to go. Gloria says that they have reached an age where they don’t have to play games and they can speak their minds. He is shocked when she tells him she thinks they should get married!

Jack’s new campaign manager has suggested an aggressive campaign to smear Nikki. Jack says she has brought this on herself and tells him to run it.

Victor and Michael have found evidence that Jack paid off Ji Min.

Next on Y&R: Jill wonders what else is going on with Ji Min. Jack tells Daniel that he knows he has been looking at porn on the company computer. Victor says Ji Min will go along with them if he wants to stay out of jail.

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