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The Y&R Update Wednesday 5/2/07--Canada; Thursday 5/3/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Kitty
Pictures by Glynis

Victor and Nikki are looking at the coverage of Phyllis’ arrest. It is online and in the paper.

Michael jokes with Phyllis about what they can do to get her out of this. Michael thinks maybe they could spin this. She tells them that she spoke to the room service waiter, so they can’t really say that the affair just came up in conversation. She threatened him with the info, and that’s bad.

Gloria is still scheming to get William. She bought muffins and is going to pass them off as being baked by her. She has been reading articles that William’s late wife wrote so she can think of ways to win him over. Michael, who is back at home, warns her to stay away from William. Michael gets a call from Jack at the Athletic Club. He tells him to not say anything to the press. After Jack hangs up, Sharon shows up. She tries to tell him that the reason she didn’t tell him about the blackmail was for his own good, so he could deny knowing about it later. He gets a phone call from someone checking on how he is, and he acts like everything is okay and he isn’t worried.

Brad tries to talk to Victoria but she is angry with him. He says he has taken enough of the blame for exposing Phyllis and tells her it was Nikki’s idea.

Phyllis gets a visit from Sharon. She asks her if she is there to gloat. She asks her to thank Brad for ruining her wedding day. Sharon asks her what reason she would have to gloat, besides the fact that she let everyone think the worst of her when the photos came out instead of saying it was just an accident. Sharon says she had nothing to do with it. This will hurt Noah. She tells Phyllis that she didn’t care what this would do to Brad’s marriage, to her marriage, or Summer or Noah and what the consequences would be. She hopes she gets exactly what she deserves.

Nick has gone to Victor for advice. He tells him to make his daughter his priority and make sure that Phyllis doesn’t go to prison. Victor advises him to encourage Phyllis to plea bargain.

Nikki is practicing a speech in front of David. Victoria comes in and tells David to leave. She asks Nikki when she was going to tell her about forcing Brad to go to the police. Nikki says she knew Brad would tell her. She is disgusted that Nikki dragged her marriage into her campaign. She said when she was growing up she wanted to be just like Nikki but se doesn’t even know who she is. She used her to further her campaign. Nikki says she thought she was doing the right thing. Brad is the problem and she should divorce him.

Gloria goes to see William. She brings him the muffins, passing them off as being baked by her. She asks him what he is working on. He is working on a hazing case and says he is behind on the Jabot case. He says he has started a list of people who need to provide a DNA sample. He leaves for a minute to take a phone call and Gloria steals the Jabot file from his cabinet and shoves it in her purse. When he comes back she says she has to go. He invites her to go out to lunch with him later. She accepts.

Jack sees Brad in the break room and asks him why he went to the police. He said he claims to be Sharon’s friend but he had to know this would hurt her. He asks if Sharon did this with him. Brad says she didn’t, why would she? Jack says he doesn’t know why Brad did it yet, but he will find out.

Victoria goes to see Nick in his office. She tells him right now he is the only person in their family she likes. He says he still wants to know why Brad went to the police. Victoria tells him that it was Nikki’s idea and she did it to benefit her campaign. He thinks that is just sick. Nick wonders if Victor knows this.

Michael goes to meet Victor. He tells him he can’t talk to him about Phyllis’ case. Victor says he wants this case to go away. Michael says he should talk to Brad about dropping the charges. Victor doesn’t want to talk to him. He suggests Michael go to William and look for a plea bargain. Michael again says he can’t talk to him about the case.

Phyllis has lunch with Victor. People are staring at her because they recognize her from the paper. He tells her he understands why she did what she did and he wants to help her. She says she wants to do what is right for her family and for the company. He tells her he thinks she should plead guilty.

William and Gloria are also there for lunch. When Gloria leaves for a moment Michael approaches him and asks him to drop the charges. He tells him it was a nice try but he’s not going to do it. Michael leaves when Gloria comes back. Their food arrives and she tries some. It is really spicy so she grabs her drink. Her phone rings and he offers to get it for her. She grabs her purse quickly because the file is still in there. He looks at her strangely.

Sharon and Brad get into an elevator together. He tells her it was Nikki who made him go to the police. Meanwhile, Nick tells Phyllis the same thing. Michael comes to see them and tells them William has offered a plea bargain that would involve Phyllis going to jail for six months.

Nick confronts Nikki about what she did. He says she ruined his wedding day. He didn’t expect it from her. He wants her to explain. She says neither of her children married well. He says she thinks she doesn’t have any blame. She tells him she has interviews to prepare for and asks him to leave.

Sharon finds Jack and tells him about Nikki. He wonders if Victor knows. He goes to look for him and runs right into Nikki. She tells him even Victor can’t get him out of this mess. He tells her she underestimates him.

Gloria, Michael and Kevin are at home. She shows them the file from William’s office. They can’t believe she stole the file from his office. Lauren comes in and asks what they are up to. They say nothing. She goes to check on Fen. Michael is furious with her. They say if William finds out she did this she is going to jail. Lauren leaves for a walk with Fen. He tells her how much trouble he could be in too for having the file. She asks him if he is at least a little curious about what is in the file.

Victoria goes to see Victor. He tells her that he is trying to get Brad to drop the charges. She tells him Nikki is the one responsible.

Nick and Sharon are together in his office discussing Noah. They need to talk to him about Phyllis. She says as much as she wants Phyllis to suffer, she would make this all go away if she could for Noah’s sake. She can’t believe Nikki didn’t take his feelings into consideration.

Brad is with Victor. He tries to convince him to drop the charges and step down from the board of directors. Brad won’t do it. Nikki comes in and says she wants to talk to Victor alone. Brad leaves. He says he wishes she had talked to him before she did what she did. They have the same goal, to get NVP back. She says he isn’t doing too well with that and should join her side.

Brad has bought Victoria some coffee beans, a special blend for her. He says he knows he has made a lot of mistakes. He says he will spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to her. She tells him to make a pot of coffee and they will go from there.

Phyllis goes to see Nikki. She begs her to tell Brad to drop the charges. Nikki asks why she should do that. Phyllis says she should do it for her family. Summer needs her. Nikki says she should have thought of that before she crossed her.

Michael is going through the file. Lauren comes back. She knows they are up to something. She tells them they can tell her now or later, but she’d better not find out on her own. After she leaves the room Michael tells Gloria she is at the top of the subpoena list for DNA.

Sharon sees Victoria in the break room. She apologizes for everything that happened and says if she could change it, she would. Victoria wonders which part exactly she is apologizing for. She says she has to go home but she suddenly gets a sharp pain in her abdomen.

Next on Y&R: Katherine tells Jill that Cane turned down her offer. Kevin says he isn’t risking jail time for Gloria. Michael and Lauren see something on Kevin’s computer that proves Jack owns Jabot.

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