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The Young & The Restless Update Friday 4/6/07--Canada; Monday 4/9/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Kitty
Pictures by Glynis

Neil returns to the site of the accident. People have left a lot of flowers there in memory of Dru. He speaks to Dru. He tells her didn’t sleep because all he could think about was her and where she is, if she is okay. He talks about the night they brought Lily home after she was born. That night was perfect and they felt safe. He wishes they could have held onto that forever. The world doesn’t feel safe to him anymore. He wishes more than anything he could find her and bring her home.

Phyllis has come to work early. Nick meets her there. She tells him she couldn’t sleep. They talk about how cold it got last night and that Dru didn’t have a chance for survival. Noah comes in and asks if they can go see his mother now. Nick prepares him for how Sharon will look so he isn’t too shocked at her appearance. He reminds him of bruises he has had and says Sharon will look like that.

Brad is with Sharon at the hospital. She wakes up and asks about Dru. He tells her there is no news. She appears to be in pain so he offers to get the nurse. She says she doesn’t want anything; she wants to be completely lucid when Noah visits. She asks for her purse to see if she can fix herself up a bit. Brad says he can’t believe Phyllis did this to her. She says that maybe she should be grateful to Phyllis for trying to save her. Brad says no, it is Phyllis’ fault for blackmailing them over their affair. Just then Jack walks in and is surprised to Brad there. Brad leaves and Jack sits with her. Sharon starts to blame herself for the accident and for Dru being missing. Jack tries to assure her that it isn’t her fault. She is just so worried about Dru. Jack says if anyone can come through this, it’s Dru.

Neil reminisces about the first time he and Dru met. He thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, and she asked him out! He talks about how much he loves her. He can’t imagine what his life would be without her. He can’t believe that she could be dead.

Nick and Noah arrive to visit with Sharon. Jack leaves to give them some privacy. Noah gives her a hug. He gives her the comic book he drew for her. He asks if she is really okay. She tells him she is, especially now that he is there.

Brad sees Phyllis at the office and taunts her about how she didn’t even get hurt in the accident. He knew she would show up for work. She is warped and has no conscience. She says what happened is an accident. He says it was manslaughter. She asks if blaming her makes him feel better. She says they are all guilty of something. He says it is all her fault. Jack comes in and says Phyllis tried to help. Brad storms out. Phyllis says it is her fault. Jack tries to tell her it isn’t but she gets upset and says it is. He hugs her.

Noah asks Sharon if Phyllis really tried to save her. She says she did. Nick asks him to go to the nurse’s station tog et some water for Sharon’s flowers. When he leaves Nick thanks her for not blaming Phyllis. She says all she is worrying about is telling him about Dru. They agree that he has been through a lot the past year and a half and agree that maybe he should see a counselor to make sure he is doing okay. Nick says he will make the appointment.

Phyllis arrives at the accident site with some flowers. Neil is still there. He tells her a lot of people loved Dru. She asks if there is anything she can do. He says that she can tell him what really happened. She explains to him, saying she was calling Jack about the photo shoot. She doesn’t mention Sharon and Brad’s affair. He wants to know every detail. She doesn’t think that is important now but he thinks that it is. He might find something the rescue workers missed. He has to try. Devon, Lily, Daniel and Colleen arrive. They are moved by the makeshift memorial. Devon says it isn’t fair, how can he lose two moms. Lily says she will always be his mom. Neil tells them to stop talking about her like she is dead. There is still a chance they will find her.

Jack goes to see Brad. He says they will have to write a memo about Dru. He wants something other than the standard message. Brad says he wishes he could have done something to prevent this. David comes in and says he is happy to hear Sharon is okay and sorry to hear about Dru. He has had a staff member make up a memo about Dru and wants Jack to look it over.

Nick has taken Noah to the coffee house. He explains that Dru is still missing. Noah says he wants to help find her. Nick says there are lots of rescue workers looking for her. He says he really likes Dru. He wants to go to the site of the accident. Nick says he will take him there.

Neil goes to see Sharon. She tells him she is so sorry. She asks about the kids. She says she can’t believe Dru sacrificed her life for her. Neil says she shouldn’t blame herself. She says she doesn’t’ deserve to have such a great friend.

Devon says after they find Dru they should donate the stuffed animals at the site to a children’s shelter. Dru would like that. Lily says she wants to take a picture of the memorial. She asks Colleen for her phone but she doesn’t have it with her. She gets Daniel’s and is shocked to see he has pictures of naked girls on it! She asks who it is. He says he doesn’t know. He says maybe one of the guys in his class sent it to him as a joke. She doesn’t think it’s funny.

David tells Jack that this accident could garner him some sympathy votes. Jack says it wouldn’t surprise him. David says the timing is good because Nikki has a lot of momentum on her side. He suggests that he and Sharon do an interview with the press.

Phyllis finds Nick and Noah at the coffee house. They decide to postpone the wedding. She tells him about seeing Neil. She again says she thinks it’s her fault. He tells her it isn’t. She says with the way everyone is looking at her, it might as well be. He tells her there is nothing she could have done to prevent it.

Neil tells Sharon about seeing Phyllis and the memorial for Dru. She asks what Phyllis was doing there. He tells her the story Phyllis told him about what happened. She tells him that her story is almost correct. He begs her for the whole truth. She says she just can’t lie anymore. She confesses her affair with Brad to Neil! She explains how Phyllis has been holding it over her head and that she was really calling Jack to tell him about it. He realizes that this is why Dru is now missing.

Daniel, Lily and Devon arrive home. He asks her if there is anything he can do to make her feel better. She says there isn’t.

Brad tells David and Jack he has sent out the inter-office memo. David brings up the interview with Jack and Sharon again. Brad is enraged that Jack would even consider asking her to do an interview at this time. He tells him it is low, even for him. Jack tells him he isn’t the one who should judge someone else. Jack is offended and reminds him that Sharon is his fiancé.

Lily starts to make phone calls to the family to let them know what happened to Dru.

Neil asks Sharon about the blackmail. She tells him that Phyllis wanted Brad to vote Neil onto the board. He asks if she wants him to keep the secret. She says no, she is sick of trying to keep it a secret. Neil asks if Dru knew and she says she did. He says she didn’t say a word about it. Just then Phyllis walks in. Neil walks out without saying a word to her. Phyllis jokes that she never thought that she’d be happy to see her. Sharon thanks her for trying to save her life. She tells Sharon that she won’t tell Victoria or Jack about the affair. She says too many people have been hurt.

Nick explains to Noah why people made the memorial. They talk about if people go to heaven when they die. Noah thinks that if Dru is really dead, she will be someone’s guardian angel like Cassie is to him.

Phyllis leaves Sharon’s hospital room. Neil angrily confronts her and tells her that if Dru is dead, he will hold her personally responsible. He knows all about the blackmail. He thinks she is a despicable person for what she did. Jack overhears him blaming her and tries to calm him down.

Lily is having trouble reaching some people. Daniel suggests they email them and tell them to call. He goes to log onto his computer and she sees he is logging onto an email address she knows nothing about. She brings up the porn sites, the naked picture on his phone and now this new and secret email and wants to know what is going on.

Brad comes to see Sharon. She tells him that she told Neil everything. He isn’t angry with her. She wishes she could take it all back. He hugs her. Jack walks in and is surprised to see Brad there again, and says he is sorry to interrupt again.

Next on Y&R: Lily tells Daniel she is mad because he is acting like a jerk. Michael wants to know what really happened at the photo shoot. Sharon confesses to Brad that marrying Jack would be a big mistake.

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