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The Young & The Restless Update Friday 3/9/07--Canada; Monday 3/5/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Kitty
Pictures by Glynis

Victoria comes to see Brad at his office. She asks him to guess what she did this morning. She makes him promise not to tell anyone. She took a test – she is pregnant! Brad is overjoyed and hugs her and kisses her.

Nick and Phyllis are talking about what a good idea Clear Springs is. Phyllis thinks back to the conversation she overheard between Sharon and Brad. She tells Nick she has work to do and says she will see him later.

Neil and Dru are having breakfast at the restaurant. She tells him she has a newfound appreciation for her freedom. Neil is looking forward to her coming back to work with him. She is too, but she isn’t looking forward to seeing David.

Sharon is meeting with David. He shows her one of Jack’s campaign posters. She likes it. He goes over what else he has done for the campaign. She thinks they should wait for Jack, but he tells her he wanted to talk to her. He tells her anyone close to the candidate will be closely scrutinized so he needs to know if anything will come up during the campaign. He needs for her to tell him now if there is anything that could hurt Jack, he doesn’t want to be blindsided. Sharon tells him she had a baby when she was in high school. She gave the baby up for adoption. She tells him how she and Nick ended up raising her daughter, Cassie, until the day she died. David says he is sorry, and asks her to come up with a list of any matters that may come up and they will go over it later that day. David warns her that if she cannot talk to him in private about the things that have happened to her, she will never be able to handle a public campaign. He tells her she needs to think about that.

Dru tells Neil that she just doesn’t trust David. Neil sees David coming towards their table and says hello to him. David says Dru must be happy to have her life back, he’s happy she is feeling better. David tells them about running Jack’s campaign. He needs to take a leave of absence and wants to hand all his Granville Global projects over to Neil. Neil is surprised but accepts. He thanks him and leaves. Dru is still suspicious of him.

Victoria tells Nick she is pregnant. Nick says he is happy if she is. She says he doesn’t look happy and asks him why. Nick tells her having a baby won’t solve her marital problems. She regrets telling him. He says she has been feeling jealous of Sharon and wonders if she thinks this will make her feel better. She says her insecurities are her problem and he shouldn’t worry about them.

Sharon arrives at the office and runs into Brad. She tells him she took care of the situation with Jack. She also tells him about her meeting with David. Nick comes along and says maybe he should date Jack since he hasn’t made any mistakes. Brad says Sharon is better off with Jack than with him, and Nick sarcastically wonders who Sharon would be with then. He calls Brad a relationship expert. Sharon tries to stop the bickering by reminding them that anyone associated with Jack is fair game so they better be prepared too. Nick isn’t worried. She says she doesn’t really want her life out in the public. Brad thinks the media will go easy on her since she is a Newman and is beautiful.

Nikki and Victor wonder what David will think of Sharon when they learn her history.

Nick meets with Phyllis and tells her Victoria will not change her mind. Nick tells her Victoria is pregnant. He is worried that now that she is pregnant, she isn’t worrying about the Brad/Sharon situation. He asks what Phyllis thinks. She doesn’t want to comment. Nick thinks Victoria needs to know the truth about Brad and Sharon. He gets an idea and leaves. Phyllis calls someone in accounting and requests copies of Sharon and Brad’s expense accounts from their trips to New York last year.

Dru is at the office. Sharon tells her she is so happy to see her. Dru asks if she has seen her stalker. Sharon tells her that she met with David this morning and he is not that bad. He couldn’t have been nicer.

Nikki, Victor and David are meeting to discuss Sharon. David says she is a campaign nightmare. Nikki says Sharon’s past doesn’t exactly scream family values. Victor says neither does Jack’s. David says she was reluctant to talk to him about it so he went online and checked for himself. Nikki says they are well acquainted with her past. Victor says she also has a lot of good qualities too. David agrees. Victor says unlike Nikki, he is fond of Sharon but he realizes she could be a liability in the campaign. He thinks Sharon and Jack should stop seeing each other. David agrees and says he will work on it.

Neil is in an elevator with Brad. Brad says that David had no right to just hand his projects over to Neil. Neil says he is more than qualified to handle it. Brad wants him to assign the projects to someone else. Neil protests but Brad says Granville Global is his and he will distribute workload as he sees fit. Neil tells him that it is getting crowded in there with him and his ego.

Brad and Victoria meet with Nikki and Victor in Victor’s office. Victor is taking his daughter’s opposition to Clear Springs personally. She comes up with an alternative proposal to the project. She suggests restoring the business district. Victor will not change his mind and won’t even listen to her. Nikki tries to get him to at least hear her out but he refuses. He doesn’t want to spend the additional money that Victoria’s plan would use and wants to go with Jack’s idea. Victoria says she will not go along with Jack’s plan and Brad says he will vote against it.

Neil, Dru and Sharon are talking in the break room. Neil hates how Brad treats him. Dru agrees. Neil leaves for a meeting. Sharon tries to tell Dru that maybe Brad didn’t mean anything by it. She thinks he is a good person.

Victoria and Brad are talking. She is disappointed that her father wouldn’t listen to her. She was sure he would and then she would tell her parents she was pregnant. Brad comforts her. She is mostly hurt by her father taking Jack’s side against her.

Nick is with Victor. He is angry that Victoria didn’t tell him about the meeting. He asks what Victor thinks of her proposal. He thinks it is impractical and short-sighted. Nick agrees with him. Victor is happy to have him on his side.

Phyllis is looking at the expense reports on her PDA. She looks at the different charges and realizes she has enough proof to accuse them of spending the night together,

Nick is talking to Victoria and Brad about not including him in the meeting. She tells him she hoped to win her father over and everyone else would follow. He tells them he has a mind of his own. She says he can prove it by doing the right thing and backing her up. She reminds him that they make the final call.

Phyllis gets into the elevator with Sharon. She tells Sharon that she has an upcoming trip to New York and asks her about the Ashford Baron. Sharon remembers what happened that night. She is asking because it is on the corporate travel approve list and she knows she has traveled to New York. Sharon suggests she ask Jack since he is there right now. They get out of the elevator and see David. Sharon gives him the list she made. Phyllis wonders what it is and asks if it needs to go on the website. They tell her no but don’t tell her what the list is. Phyllis says the three of them working together will be fun. Sharon excuses herself.

Victor wonders why Nikki continues to fight him. She is worried that the company will be in trouble when they bring down Jack. He reminds her he was sick when he gave Jack the company. She is still concerned but he tells her she just needs to trust him.

Sharon goes to see Brad. She tells him how Phyllis asked about the hotel. Victoria comes in. Sharon says she will leave if they want her to. Victoria says it is ok. It’s been a bad morning but she is trying not to freak out. She tells her she is pregnant. Sharon congratulates her. Victoria asks her not to say anything. Sharon agrees and leaves.

Dru is with Neil. She is complaining about Brad. She says Victor is the only one who appreciated him. Neil thinks it is time to remind them how valuable he is.

Phyllis and Nick are talking about the Clear Springs project. Nick is worried so Phyllis suggests he fight dirty. He jokingly says that is her department and she should take care of it. He leaves for a meeting. Phyllis calls the Ashford Baron. She asks for room service and says she is planning a trip and wanted to make sure her favorite server still worked there.

David runs into Sharon in the hallway. He tells her he has gone over her list and wants to talk to her about it. He tells they all have their share of indiscretions but she also has successes. He praises what she has accomplished and says he won’t hold her past against her. He says he knows this has taken a lot out of her and offers to take her to dinner some night to make up for it. She accepts.

Neil is meeting with Nick and Victor. He tells Victor he thinks he made a big mistake putting Brad on the board of directors and in a position of power over him. Victor and Nick both agree. They think he is a real asset to the company. Neil says he doesn’t feel appreciated and wants them to prove it. He wants a seat on the board of directors. Victor tells him they think alike.

Victoria and Brad are talking about the pregnancy. Phyllis comes in and says she is looking for her cell phone. Victoria says she has to go. Phyllis tells Brad she isn’t really looking for her phone. He tells her he won’t change his mind about Clear Springs. She says he might once he hears what she has to say. She talked to a room service waiter at the Ashford Baron who remembers serving Brad and Sharon breakfast in Sharon’s room. They were both in their robes. She reminds him of what they ate. She tells him either he votes with Nick or Victoria will know what they had for breakfast too.

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