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Written By Kitty
Pictures by Glynis

Colleen and Adrian are talking about the fact that someone has told the Dean about their relationship. They don’t know who told because that information is confidential. Colleen says it was just a rumor but Adrian reminds her that it is a rumor based in fact. She doesn’t know who would do something like this; he thinks it is someone who wants to ruin their relationship.

Cane and Amber are home from Jill’s house. Cane says there is no excuse for what Katherine did and he won’t forgive her. Amber thinks the whole situation is so sad. He says his uncle was great. The stories about his American mom helped him to cope. He is glad he found Jill. Amber reminds him that he has her too, and he doesn’t have to be alone again. He tells her that is true, at least until the annulment and suggests they celebrate.

Dru is on the stand. They all wonder why Ines is there. Michael questions Dru on what was going on in her life when she believed she was seeing Carmen and how this lead to her behavior. He shows the judge a photo of Carmen and Dru says that is who she thinks was stalking her. He shows Dru that same photo and asks if there is anyone in the courtroom that she could have mistaken for Carmen. She points out Ines.

Phyllis, Nikki and Victoria arrive at Fenmore’s to pick out dresses for the wedding. Nikki and Victoria are still resentful that Phyllis has sided with Jack and Victor on the Clear Springs deal. Phyllis asks if they can put it aside, they are there for her wedding, a happy occasion. She is surprised to see Lauren working and asks her what she is doing there. Phyllis tells her she is there to look at her dress order and she was told Lauren wouldn’t be there. They have a tense exchange and Lauren goes to get the dresses.

Adrian is upset about what happened. He thinks he will lose his job and wonders where he will be able to find another. Colleen thinks it is unfair and wants to know who told the Dean. Adrian thinks it doesn’t matter, but she thinks it might. She thinks they can convince the person to speak to the Dean and say they misinterpreted what they saw, and she is just his research assistant. Adrian doesn’t know why the person would do that. Colleen thinks it is worth a shot because the person who told is obviously someone who loves her and was worried about her.

Brad meets JT at the coffeehouse. They discuss Colleen’s relationship with Adrian. JT thinks her living with Jack is a bad idea. She is an adult so there is nothing Brad can do. He says a parent’s job is to do the right thing for their child. He thinks there could be another way to let her know she is making a mistake. JT is surprised he finally agrees with Brad about something.

Dr. Lynch is testifying on Dru’s behalf. He explains how he thought Dru seeing Carmen was all in her mind, but now realizes Dru was justified in thinking that Ines was Carmen. He thinks Dru should continue therapy but she should be released from the hospital. He leaves the stand. Michael talks things over with Dru and her family and they are sure that the judge will rule in their favor. They notice Ines is speaking to the opposing lawyer. She tells Michael she would like to call one more witness. Michael has a problem with that.

Phyllis, Nikki and Victoria are still looking at dresses and sniping at each other. Phyllis snaps at Lauren when she tries to help.

Adrian confronts JT at the coffeehouse and accuses him of being the one who talked to the Dean. He says this will also affect Colleen; she will be thrown out of school. He tells him that Colleen’s feelings for him are more than just a crush. JT is just glad he is getting what he deserves.

Colleen goes to see her dad at work. She tells him the Dean wants to see her and asks if he knows why. Brad says it might be about the art fellowship in Italy. He thinks if it is she should take it. She knows he would be happy because it would mean she would be separated from Adrian. He admits that is why. She tells him the reason the Dean want to see her is because of Adrian and wants to know if was him or Traci that talked to the Dean. Brad tells her one day Adrian will be a distant memory. He doesn’t think he is a bad guy, but he isn’t the guy for her. She tells him he is worrying about all the wrong things. He wants to know if she loves Adrian. She hasn’t had the time to figure that out yet but she really wants to be with him. He offers to come see the Dean with her. She wants to take care of it herself.

Michael is arguing that Ines shouldn’t be allowed to testify, she has no relevance to the case. Neil blames himself for bringing her to the hospital in the first place. Both lawyers plead their case and the judge decides to let her testify.

Amber is talking to Daniel at the coffeehouse. She is freaking out about Cane. She says Cane is so amazing and he doesn’t want her, he wants an annulment. Her heart is broken. She says she tried to call Daniel to get him to stop her before she did something she regretted. He tells her is stopping her now and suggests she go back home to LA.

JT is talking to a girl at the coffeehouse. Colleen comes in and asks to speak to him. She tells him about the Dean and he is mad that she is accusing him. She says she will get kicked out of school and wants to know if he really hates her that much. He tells her she only has herself to blame. She thinks her personal business is no one’s business but her own.

Amber comes home and gives Cane a half eaten cookie. She sends Daniel a text message. She goes to get a drink and her phone rings. She asks Cane to get it. It is Daniel, pretending to be a club owner in LA that wants to book Amber to sing.

Ines is testifying at the hearing. She says how she went to see Dru at the hospital and she accused her of cutting up her clothes and slashing her tires. She says she was scared of her and was glad she was locked up. It is Michael’s turn to question her. He asks if she was ever mistaken for Carmen. She was. He asks her about how long she was in town and about the places she went and gets her to admit it would be reasonable for someone to think she was Carmen. He says she decided Dru killed Carmen and was exacting revenge by tormenting her. The other lawyer objects and the judge agrees. Michael doesn’t have any other questions for her.

Amber comes back into the room and asks Cane who was on the phone. He tells her it was someone from LA looking to book her. She calls Daniel and pretends to talk to a club owner about flying out to LA. Cane asks her if she is really going and if she meant what she said about him never being lonely if she is around. She said she did but their marriage is getting annulled and Deano, the club owner, is willing to make a commitment and he isn’t.

Lauren tells Phyllis the earrings that she ordered are there. Phyllis says that she doesn’t need cheap knockoffs. Lauren wants to stop the fighting but Phyllis is still angry. Lauren says she couldn’t feel any worse and is visibly upset. Phyllis tells her after what they did, she should try to feel worse. Nikki and Victoria interrupt and realize that something is going on. They offer to give them some time alone but Lauren says it isn’t necessary, Phyllis was just leaving.

JT is at Brad’s office. Brad wants to know if he was the one who got Colleen in trouble. JT says it was Adrian. He asks if Brad made the call to the Dean and he says he didn’t. He asks JT again if it was him. He says he cares about Colleen so why would he do that? Brad wants him to find out who did do it. JT is reluctant. Brad tells him he wants to know who it was. Whoever did it hurt his daughter and they will answer to him.

Adrian and Colleen are discussing their dilemma. She says she is seeing the Dean in the morning. He tells her that is so she can take the easy way out and say it was sexual harassment. She says she will not do that. She tells him she asked her dad and JT if they did it. She mentions that it could have been her mother and tells him about Traci’s affair with her professor and her suicide attempt. Adrian tells her he can understand why Traci would do it. Colleen thinks she could talk to her. Adrian thinks they may never know who did it.

Amber is acting all excited about going out to LA. Cane gets emotional and says he doesn’t want her to leave. He thinks he is falling in love with her. She asks if he is sure; he says he is positive and they kiss.

At the hearing, the judge decides in Dru’s favor. She must continue her therapy but she is free to go home. Ines is not happy about the verdict.

Colleen thinks they should lie to the Dean. Adrian thinks that is a bad idea. She thinks she can transfer to another school. He reminds her that he recommended her for the fellowship and submitted her paper for publishing. It would ruin her career before it begins. He thinks it is hopeless and there is nothing they can do about it now. He wants to protect her. He is going to resign from the university.

Ines and David are talking in the hallway. She is disappointed in how the hearing turned out and worried someone will be able to link them. She says she will play it safe and leave town.

Dru and her family are still in the courtroom celebrating their victory. David comes in and says he is sorry for doubting her. He says Ines is leaving town and won’t be bothering them again. Dru tells Davis she is sorry for accusing him of harassing her. He accepts and tells her she doesn’t know how much that means to him.

Michael comes to see Lauren at work. She tells him about Phyllis showing up with Nikki and Victoria. She asks about Dru and he tells her what happened. She suggests they celebrate. He doesn’t think she is really in the mood to celebrate. She doesn’t know which is worse, Phyllis going out of her way to hurt her or her just taking it. Deep down she doesn’t really blame her.

Back at the office, Phyllis wants to know if Nikki likes her dress. Nikki tells her she likes the dress more than the bride. Nikki didn’t appreciate her fighting with Lauren in front of her. She also doesn’t appreciate her opposing her in a business matter and questions her loyalty. Phyllis thinks if she is questioning loyalty she should look at her son and her husband. Nikki tells her that family is forever but she can’t say that about business partners.

Amber and Cane are in bed having just made love. They wonder why married sex gets such a bad rap. Cane gets up to get a shower and Amber calls Daniel to tell him that their plan worked. As a thank you she gives him a website to check it. It is a dating/networking site. She gives him her username and password. He is unsure but she says she is married too and it is harmless.

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