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Young and The Restless Update Monday 3/5/07--Canada; Tuesday 2/27/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Victor is furious that Jack has gone behind Nikki and Phyllis' backs to give away NVP land in what seems to be an attempt to further his political career. Jack assures Victor that the deal he made to give the land away was a good one, and not frivolously thought out. In his opinion, not only will the townspeople love him from bringing this deal to their town, but NVP will get good press in the meanwhile. Jack has a rationale in mind that he is sure the people will like. They just have to hear it first. "Victor, this wasn't just about a zoning variance. This was an entire community resistant to the idea of a retreat. I assumed everyone would be thrilled with this decision." Victor sees where Jack is going to make his mistake. He likes to make assumptions on how things like to go and Victor's experience with political things is that you have to deal with facts to do things proper. Somewhere down the line, Victor knows that Jack is going to have some explaining to do.

Phyllis and Nikki realize that neither of them were told of the land deal that Jack negotiated with no input from either of his partners. They are not pleased. Jack is up to his old tricks again. Nikki and Phyllis decide that something has to be done about Jack and the way that he has been behaving. He was supposed to have been leaving the office work to the ladies while campaigning but it seems that he was just doing more business without telling them about it. Nikki is furious. They discuss this in the office and what needs to be done about him.

Cane and Amber arrive at the apartment and he is stunned by his stroke of luck at finding his mother and grandmother while on the verge of getting bounced out of there, to head back to Australia. Amber loves that the mother and daughter team are so classy and nice to everyone. "Remember how you said you might have to help your mom, thinking that she might be poor, 'cause that's the only way anyone would give up their baby?" If that was the case, then it isn't anymore. Jill sure has done well for herself and Amber knows that Jill's full of money and she tells Cane that. Cane cares nothing for Jill's pocketbook. It is the fact that he has a family that has him hooked and happy. A real family!

Katherine and Jill gush over how great Cole is and how happy Jill is to find out that the boy is hers. He even has a dash of hazel in his eyes. Jill loves that. Kay can't really throw all her eggs into this basket though. She does have some concerns. One in particular. Jill is interested in whatever thought Kay has to tell her about. Kay wonders if finding Cane so easy was merely a coincidence. They hardly had to do anything to find him. He fell on their doorstep. Jill's mouth falls open when Kay suggests that she and Cane have a DNA test and confirm that they are related. She doesn't like that idea one bit. Jill know that Cane would be humiliated by the suggestion that they get DNA tests to prove they are mother and son. Kay just thinks that it is wise to be cautious, but Jill just sees a big insult in the making. Kay just wonders if they should take this at face value and risk getting attached to another person who isn't her son. Kay is also concerned that Jill could get her heart broken even worse if she starts loving this person and he turns out to be someone else, but Jill feels that the time to have been worried about her heart would have been 20-years ago.

Cane doesn't have to take that flight home to Canberra after all and that alone thrills him to death. We are talking about a 20-hour flight. Amber wonders if he shouldn't return though in spite of all that he has learned. Cane doesn't want to return home. His family is in Genoa City, so he plans to stay in town. Where else would he be after searching for his mother all this time? Cane again says how he appreciates what Amber did for him but now he plans on making things right and setting her free. He will try to make things up to her for what she did for him. That will come later, but right now, he has to undo this marriage. He grabs his coat and prompts Amber to head to the door with him. Turns out the annulment is going to be easier than Cane thought. He did a little research and discovered that if you are drunk when you are married, it doesn't count. All undoing this marriage is going to take is a visit to a judge, the signing of some papers and that's that! Amber tries to look unaffected by it all, but she clearly doesn't want this.

Lily finds it romantic that Colleen was rescued by two guys who are crazy about her. She hopes that her friend looked good when she was being taken out of that burning building. Colleen doesn't remember most of the rescue, but she is sure that she looked just great. Daniel wonders if 'Professor Cradle-Robber' has been by to see Colleen yet. He hasn't. Daniel and Lily are visiting with Colleen at her place. The house is empty except for them. The teens wonder if Adrian will stop by, even though he knows that Brad hates him and doesn't want him anywhere near Colleen. Colleen knows Adrian coming by will anger her dad but…he isn't around right now…

Adrian goes to the boutique to buy some bath salts for Colleen, and Lauren happily tends to him. When Adrian is finished with his sale, he turns to find JT entering the boutique. JT tells Adrian that he made bail and that is how he got out of jail for whacking Kevin in the head when he thought the guy was no good. Adrian says goodbye to Lauren and leaves. JT quickly chooses out a gift for Colleen as well, and Lauren guesses correctly who it is for as she packages it for him. JT tries to make things light as he makes his purchase, but .Lauren is short with him. Lauren giftwraps the present while JT stands watching. He knows that she is probably upset and he asks about Kevin, much to Lauren's surprise. She tells that physically, Kevin seems just fine but emotionally…he might not be back to his old self just yet.

Kevin's not happy that JT was let out of jail easily. He wanted JT to get the real feeling of being locked up in a cell for a long time. Michael got the call that day and is at the coffeehouse delivering the news to his brother. Kevin wants the plucky PI to go down for 'Attempted Murder', but Michael tells that it is only going to be 'Felony Assault'. There is a chance that JT might not get jail time for this and that makes Kevin nuts! What JT did definitely deserves jail time in Kevin's opinion. A look of hope for justice comes to Kevin's eyes when he realizes that even without jail time, JT would probably lose his license and not be able to work that job that he loves so much.

Victor tries to be patient while Jack tells of his plan in making the deal to parcel off land that belonged to NVP. Clear Springs will be the prototype for the kind of spa that is not merely a place where you can stop for a couple of hours in your day. It can be a vacation spot for the whole family. Victor's interest is peaked when he gets the full description of the plan that Jack has. He likes the idea and thinks that even though the idea is good, actually doing this would be an incredible feat for Jack to take on. Jack welcomes the challenge. He knows that taking changes is what people like about 'Smiling Jack'. Jack has some preliminary figures and he pushes them across the table to Victor. He has been looking that people of Clear Springs closely and he sees that they could use this business venture to perk up the town. Jack knows that NVP will be greatly welcomed. It will brighten up the town. Jack feels that making a beneficial presence in this town is just what NVP needed. Besides, the land that he gave to Clear Springs wasn't going to be used by NVP. Victor disagrees with that, but still he likes this new and innovative way of thinking and gives Jack his blessings.

Colleen has a problem. She has been thinking of the two men in her life and she isn't so sure right now who she should be with. Lily doesn't see what the big rush is to be with either of the men. Colleen can't believe what her friend Lily is saying. Does she mean that Colleen should keep both men? That isn't what Lily meant at all. She just thinks that perhaps not seeing anyone at this time is a good idea. She should leave the heavy decision-making for later when she is all better and can think straight. Colleen sees her points. The doorbell rings and since Daniel is closest to the door, he answers it. It is Adrian come to see Colleen. Daniel lets the man in and shouts to Colleen that she has a visitor. Lily tells Daniel that they should get going to take care of that thing they have hanging. Daniel doesn't know about anything that they have to do that's important that day, but soon he gets that Lily is just saying this to get them out the door so the two can talk in private. Colleen says goodbye to her good friends and then she turns to Adrian who sits across from her on her family's couch. He hands her the gift and tells her that she looks great. She thanks him for saying that and says that the liquid IV diet that they gave her seems to have done her no harm. As Adrian and Colleen talk about how this all came to be, he realizes that the reason that she ran off from his place the last time that she was there was because she believed that he was a killer. She apologizes now for what she was thinking then but he understands. "It's--it's fine. I, uh... I probably would've had the same reaction. Jana was clever. She--she spread rumors, she... I mean, she planted evidence in my apartment." What really gets to Colleen is why she chose Adrian to look like the guilty party. She hardly knew him. "But she did intend to kill you... after she got information that she was after. And since you and I were close, maybe--maybe she thought... that--that I had that information. I don't know. But... when she realized Kevin's past was... more scandalous than mine, pinning it on him was a no-brainer," Adrian explains.

Jill feels that her mother is making the horrible suggestion that poor Cane be dragged to testing because it will lessen her guilt. Jill was the one that approached Cane, not the other way around. She knows that her mother is only concerned about the money and riches they have and not how the poor boy is going to feel about this if he is asked to do it. Jill puts her foot down. She will handle this new relationship with Cane the way that she feels fit. She really thinks that Kay doesn't know what she is saying and it shows.

Amber mumbles about how her wedding day should have been the greatest day of her life. Daniel thought that she said it was. It was, but now this ending it all sorts of spoils it all. Daniel tells Amber that this guy sounds like a jerk. He got Amber into bed and then dumped her. That's not nice. He thinks that her rules aren't very good ones for relationships. Amber thinks that she is handling things great. If she pouts and cries, it will be over for good between she and Cane. Daniel feels that maybe that is for the best. In his mind, it just looks like Cane wants to mess around with Amber and do nothing else. Amber says that she understands him. He has a lot going on right now. Daniel smirks. What a great excuse for bailing out. Amber lets Daniel in on a bit of what is going on with Cane suddenly finding his mother. Daniel finds the timing interesting as that seems to be the exact time that Cane dumped his wife. Daniel nearly falls out of his chair when he realizes that Cane is actually a 'Chancellor'. Amber says that Jill is her husband's mother and so that is worth the effort to hold on to her hubby. All Amber needs to do is straighten Cane out a bit to get his head in her direction. She will, of course need Daniel's help to do this. He wonders what she will have him do for her this time. He leans in to hear what she has in mind now.

Jack acts surprised when Phyllis is angry with him for the press conference revealing his plans to give away NVP land. He does understand her anger though, but assures her that this is a good deal and that all of them are going to benefit from it. Jack says that he didn't mean to alienate Nikki and Phyllis, he just came up with a new, great idea and ran with it. Jack is so sure of the deal and how good it is that he is willing to withdraw it if Nikki and Phyllis don't like his ideas after he rolls it out to them properly. He shares that Victor is already all over it and thinks that it is going to work out great for everyone involved. Phyllis looks at Jack strangely, finding it hard to believe that.

Victor and Nikki argue. She doesn't like that Victor is going to go along with Jack's idea about the land. Victor feels that he has no choice but to go along with Jack on this. He needs to maintain the man's trust in him. Nikki has had it and doesn't want to play these games with Jack anymore. Victor is surprised to hear this and isn't sure what that means. Nikki wants to just tell everyone the truth about Jack and what a liar he has been about owing Jabot. Victor isn't ready for that yet. He needs Jack to win the election first and then they can spring their surprise on the man the right way. Victor wants the company back as well, but he wants to do it in the most satisfying way. He wants the company back for the both of them, but Nikki isn't sure exactly what that means and questions who he really wants her company back for. "You know, you've turned into him. All the plotting and the manipulation-- that's what brought Jabot down, and I am not gonna stand by and watch the same thing happen to NVP!"

Jack goes into the details of the deal that he made with the people of Clear Springs. The town is pretty run down where the spa is going and so Jack knows that the people will welcome this idea. "This community's population is half what it was ten years ago. There's little economic opportunity. A development would be just the boost this area needs. This used to be the place to have a Summer cottage, back in the days Roosevelt was president." The place isn't in great shape now, but Phyllis knows that Jack will change all that if he gets things to go his way. Jack continues his presentation. "The land we so graciously donated becomes woodland conservancy, in perpetuity. We appease the green crowd and raise the tax base all in one nice little package. I can't think of a more attractive way to bring the townspeople on board. Can you?"

Amber and Daniel are talking about her situation and the plan that she wants to use to snag the Chancellor of her dreams…Amber and Daniel suddenly jump into a fake conversation about a kid at school named 'Jesse' who has the hots for Amber. Daniel says that the guy is all broken up over her getting married and his losing his chance to date her. Daniel hands Amber a number and tells her to call the guy some time. Daniel soon leaves to talk to a friend from school. Amber is alone when Cane saunters up to the table. Cane tells Amber that she should call the poor bloke and put him out of his misery. He has been watching her operate and is surprised at the speed she works at. There isn't any grass growing under her feet due to the marriage breaking up. She says she has been thinking about thinks and has decided that Daniel's friend can be the rebound guy for her after she and Cane are done. Amber surprises Cane further by asking if they can go by his place to get a few of her things since she isn't sure if she will be staying the night or not. Cane awkwardly agrees to her request.

Michael bumps into Phyllis at Newman but she keeps walking. He asks her to go with him for coffee anyway, but she flatly refuses his offer. Michael knows that he screwed up but he didn't realize the depth of the whole issue at the time and he is sorry. She knows that he is sorry but this is just one thing that an apology won't fix. Michael begs her to talk to him and try to work this out, but she just can't do it. She turns on her heels blowing him off and she is down the hall and as far away from Michael as her pumps can get her. Michael is left standing with his briefcase…staring after her like a sad, hurting little boy. They were the best of friends.

Colleen loves her gifts and the picture of Korbel's favorite impressionist…Mary Cassatt. She doesn't get the connection. She will be sitting in the tub…but this woman is leaning over a sink. Adrian could explain it all, but he doesn’t. The doorbell rings and Adrian answers to JT. This is the second time today that the men have ended up in the same place, and this time it is really awkward. Colleen hears JT's voice and shouts for him to come in. Adrian takes that time to go. Colleen thanks him for the lovely gift. JT walks closer to the couch where Colleen is as Korbel leaves the house. He asks how she is feeling now that she is home. She is feeling really great and it is all thanks to him. Yes, Adrian did help but JT did most of the work she was told. She immediately gets to the subject of Kevin and if the two have talked. "I lost it. I lost it. I, you know, I, uh, I saw some security footage of Kevin dragging a-- a garbage bag through the coffeehouse big enough to fit a body in, and... it was time stamped the day of Carmen's death, and... I thought he was responsible for hurting you, and I was wrong." JT's hindsight is 20-20 now but that won't matter soon as he will be heading to prison for what he did, he thinks. Colleen wasn't aware that all this had been going on.

Amber says that she is only taking her toothbrush with her for the night…for sentimental reasons. Cane is a little taken back. "Mm. Hey, I'm outtie. Uh, don't wait up. I'm not sure when I'm gonna be back, or if I'm gonna be back," she says as she heads to the door. He asks if that is all that there is for them. He asks if they are going to see each other again. Amber can't be sure of that. She thinks that things are going to change between them when he moves in with his mother and grandmother. Cane isn't planning to move in with the two women. Nothing like that has even been discussed yet. Amber knows that this will happen. It is the way that things work. She wants him to make her one promise though if he can. "Once you're in that big old mansion, um, be sure to go skinny-dipping and then have the maid bring you an ice-cold beer on a silver platter." She knows after that, Cane will be hooked and he will be living it up all the time. That might be the case, but he can't really see her leaving him to live it up alone. "Hey, uh, before I go, I have some souvenirs from our wedding night if you would like to see them," she offers happily. He would like to see those. She shows him the pictures on her cellphone. She is taking a shower before the wedding in the first frame. Cane loves that picture, and dares to point at a dirty spot that he jokes she missed. In the next picture she is taking a shower…without the shower curtain. He loves these pictures…Too bad he was out of it that night to remember any of them. He would like to make up for that now if she would let him. He snuggles up to her. She shuts the phone down and tells him pertly to forget about fun and games. He tries to get the cellphone off her but she won't let him have it. They are soon laughing and he has to admit that he is slowly getting used to her. She says she feels the same way. She's been getting used to him…All of him. She sure is gonna miss him. He doesn't see why not. He isn't going anywhere. She means when they officially split. "Well, then you can just call me, 'cause all those parts you're gonna miss are only a phone call away," he promises. She tells him that without a ring on his finger, she and he won't be messing around. He pulls on her hand and points out that right now, she does have a ring on her finger. She smiles. They are still married, so he doesn't see why they can't go ahead and do what married people do. She asks if he means getting annulments? But that isn't what he means. And he doesn't mean taking pictures either. He means something entirely different.

Phyllis can tell just by looking at Nikki's face that she is upset about something. She starts telling how Victor is all over Jack's idea and even supporting it, but then stops talking when she realizes that Phyllis is on board with this as well. "Nikki, Jack went over the whole plan with me. It makes sense. Not that I enjoyed being blindsided..." Nikki wonders if Phyllis will love this idea if she ends up bankrupt because of it. "If this resort flops, we might as well just be setting our money on fire." Phyllis has seen the paperwork behind this and she believes that it could work. "What are you talking about? It's not gonna flop. Has Jack had one unprofitable quarter since he's been with NVP?" There is also another concern that Nikki has thought of since hearing of this idea. "If he ends up in Madison, what then? Who's gonna run the day-to-day here? Who's going to carry out this grandiose scheme?" Phyllis starts seeing something that she didn't see before. "Okay, I'm gonna ask you a question. Don't be mad at me. How much of this is genuine concern and how much of this is your ego talking?" Nikki's jaw drops. "Oh, my god! I cannot believe how forgiving you are of him. He helps you deliver a baby in an elevator, and he's perfect." Victor enters the room and hears the ladies shouting. He demands to know what is going on here. "You'll be happy to know that Phyllis agrees with you, although I fail to see the brilliance of Jack's plan. Oh, well, as long as it makes you happy, that's all that matters. Make Victor Newman happy, that's what I live for every moment of the day. Is Victor happy?"

Michael comes to see Lauren and gripe about Phyllis needing more time to get back to the friendship she had with Michael and Lauren. "I mean, Phyllis and I have had our blowouts before, but we've always managed to fix it," Michael shares. Lauren admits that she is really finding that she misses Phyllis too. Michael is worried. Phyllis is really angry this time and he isn't sure that he can fix things with her this time.

Amber seems to have changed her mind and spent some time with Cane at his place after all. She may not be leaving now but he has to go. He is meeting with Jill at her place. "Well, I'm gonna stay here. The bed's nice and warm. And then in a little bit, I'll take off." Cane asks if Amber will be there when he gets back. She says that she has to check and see if she has a date or something later. She has to check her messages. "Well, if you don't have one from Daniel's loser friend, why don't you call me, and we'll get a bite?" Amber plays hard to get, but she is tempted by his offer of a steak dinner somewhere. He is hard to say 'no' to.

JT goes to the coffeehouse to apologize to Kevin for hitting him, but Kevin wants to hear nothing about any apology. Kevin doesn't give a damn about how JT feels after the fact that he has been busted by the cops and could be looking at jail time. "You know, Jana did a number on all of us. If she hadn't have set you up the way she did, I--" Kevin knows all about the sob story. He hates Jana as well, but what JT did was completely over the top and he needs to pay. "Well, you will be more so once you realize what it's like to have everybody treat you like a criminal, 'cause you're gonna go down, JT You're gonna go down hard."

Esther shows Cane into the main room of the house. Esther offers Cane something to eat or drink but he is fine. Jill dismisses the housekeeper and gets back to talking with Cane. Cane smiles after Esther who seemed excited. It is clear that she knows who he is. Jill and her son sit and start talking about each other. Both feel awkward about having this initial private talk as mother and son. Jill says that she doesn't have sons showing up on the doorstep all the time and that is why she is feeling a little funny about this. She is concerned that he doesn't like the way that he is feeling right now. "Oh, you know, big house like this, you know, lots of free parking, maid that'll take your coat and offer you a beverage-- what's not to like? Yeah, but it's not really my cup of tea. I'm more of a, you know, move in, make-yourself-at-home kind of guy, so..." Jill isn't sure how to take what she just heard and she sits back from Cane to read his face. "Oh, Jill, you're gonna have to forgive me if I'm a little uncouth. I'm so sorry. It's just, I grew up in the outback with kangaroos. I didn't have a mom around to teach me how to act in--" Cane is immediately sorry that he opened his big mouth. He came off all wrong. "No, I know. I know that you didn't have a mom, okay? Look if you're gonna blame somebody for that-- You know what? You know what, Cane? I really think maybe you should have a DNA Test. No, I'm sorry, we-- we should both have a DNA Test." It takes a minute, but then Cane puts together how he thinks she is processing things. "You mean so, uh, you don't get taken by some grifter. That's what you're trying to say, isn't it? You gotta find some way to protect all this stuff from the likes of me. Look, I didn't volunteer to be the baby that you threw away, okay? And if you remember correctly, you were the one who found me. So if you think-- if you think for one minute I'm here for your money, you're wrong. All I'm trying to do is find my mom, and right now I don't think that was a very good idea. You have yourself a nice day."

Nikki is sarcastic when Jack wants to talk to her. "Oh, no, no, no, no. Now wait. Don't tell me. Let me guess. You've given away the building to the national park service." She even suggests that he give away her ranch as well. Charity does begin at home. Jack knows that he deserves some of Nikki's wrath, but perhaps not all this. "I realize I should've run this by you and Phyllis first, and gotten your approval before a press conference. I'm sorry you felt left out. You have every right to feel upset." Jack does have some more ideas and wants to run them by Nikki now but she doesn't want to hear them. He suggests that they make another time to do this but Nikki just won't. When hell freezes over is the only time she'll book!

Amber tells Daniel that their plan worked really well and Cane is paying attention to her and maybe acting a little jealous right about now. She owes him big time. She offers to pay up right now. All he has to do is hang up the phone. He does. She sends him 'something special' via cellphone and Daniel's eyes light up. This makes him want to do more favors for Amber. Lily comes up behind him and Daniel shuts the phone off and turns to greet her. She has just come from class…Adriana and JT bump into each other yet again at the coffeehouse. "Well, next stop-- Indigo-- where I plan to drink myself in oblivion. And who knows? After that, maybe I'll get lucky and pass out in a gutter somewhere. Sounds like a plan?" This is JT's agenda for the rest of the day. Adrian tells the poor guy to just go home and relax. "Oh, yeah. You're the smart one, aren't you? You got the girl, you got the freedom, you got the job."

Kevin tells Colleen that he will not forgive JT for what he has done. Kevin has come over to see Colleen to see how she is doing. She doesn't think that he will go through with the charges against JT, but Kevin needs her to know that he hasn't changed and is the same hard Kevin from back in the beginning. "You see, you gave me the last bit of water on that rag so that I would be able to breathe until we were rescued. That is nothing like the Kevin I used to know," Colleen says to her new friend. Yes, it is true that JT found them and saved their lives, but Kevin doesn't think that gives him a right to one whack in the head. "No, Kevin, trust me, even I agree. He never, never should've hit you. But the truth is, he feels terrible." Kevin doesn't believe that one second. "Terrible? Why, because--because he didn't cause any brain damage, or because there were witnesses who saw him do it. I-- you know, I'm certain that he enjoyed watching me go down. That guy has always hated me." Kevin doesn't even think that the credit should go to JT for saving his life. Had he been alone, he would have gladly watched Kevin roast. The fact that JT's future is up for grabs now means nothing to Kevin. He should have thought about that in the beginning. "So are you saying that there's nothing that I could do to persuade you to drop the charge nothing?" It is out of Kevin's hands. "Colleen, you have spent the last four years telling anyone who would listen that I'm a murderer. You bad-mouthed me to the entire town and made sure everyone knew what a loser I was." She did forgive him finally though. Things are alright between them now. "Yeah, four years later. You made me pay and pay and pay, -and now you want me to cut JT A break. Why? When did either of you ever cut me a break? No. No. I'm sorry, Colleen. The answer is no. I will not forgive him. I am not gonna just let this go. I want JT To pay for what he's done to me."

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