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The Young & The Restless Update Thursday 2/15/07--Canada; Friday 2/16/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Adrian leaves his apartment and gets on the elevator to leave the building. JT comes from around the corner at that precise moment…out of hiding and knocks on the door to Korbel's place looking for Colleen. No one answers. He calls her phone and gets her voicemail. He leaves her a message even though he knows that she doesn't want to talk to him. He saw her car outside and thinks that she is in the apartment. He promised her father that he would check on her while he was away.

Daniel and Lily are worried about Colleen and where she could be. They haven't had contact with her for a while now and they really feel a need to touch base. They feel that her addiction to the professor is going to get her in big trouble. They can sense that this sudden disappearance has to do with him even though they have no proof of that. They set about trying to find her now, hoping for the best. They will go to all her favorite places.

Jana is sleeping when Colleen wakes. She looks around and realizes she is on the floor of some room. She sees Jana in the room with her and calls to her. Jana wakes and comes to Colleen. She tells her that Adrian Korbel has been holding her prisoner. Colleen props herself up on her elbows as she listens.

Adrian reads the paper at the coffeehouse…

Lauren reads the paper too with Kevin, Gloria and Michael. They have stepped up the search for Jana. They decide to offer $10,000 to start and they will go up from there if they need to. Gloria will even give up what she has if needed. Kevin is hopeful and he leaves to make some phone calls. "we aren't ever going to see her again are we?" Gloria says now that Kevin is safely out of earshot.

Amber offers to be company for Jill when she finds her alone but Jill says she has to go and enters the coffeehouse to find her mother. Amber follows her. Kay has news. Jill suggests that they talk about this later but Kay talks in spite of Amber being there. "The brother that we have been looking for has been found!" He is in Australia.

Cane is on the phone at work and he makes a bet on a team from Australia.

Daniel and Lily go to Adrian who they see on the patio. They ask if he has seen Colleen and he tells that if he does he will let her know that her friends are looking for her.

Michael is on the phone talking to Will about getting a search warrant for Korbel's apartment…Kevin goes out of the apartment for some fresh air. Michael gets off the phone and tells that Will is giving him a hard time about the search warrant. Michael suddenly realizes that Kevin isn't around and he grabs his coat rushing to the door.

Jana watches Colleen try to get out of the room and she tells that will not work. She has been trapped there for days and has tried everything. Colleen looks like she is about to cry when she realizes that Adrian has tricked her. She tells that she found some things at Adrian's house that freaked her out. She found a red hair extension, one of Jana's necklaces and Carmen Mesta's driver's license. Jana realizes that she was right all along.

JT has Daniel and Lily at the coffeehouse and he learns that Colleen's bed hasn't been slept in. Daniel and Lily tell how Adrian just told them that he hasn't seen Colleen since the night before. JT knows that is a lie. He just saw Colleen's car parked over there a few minutes ago, so JT is sure the professor is lying. Daniel and Lily share a worried glance.

Daniel and Lily try Colleen's number again and it goes straight to voicemail. Korbel could have just been lying about her being at his place because he and Colleen weren't supposed to be together anyway. It is supposed to be a secret…JT is in the coffeehouse and he sees the article of Jana in the paper. He wrinkles his brow…Katherine and Jill talk privately now about the possibility of finding Philip…Amber is on the patio talking to a travel agent. She wants to make sure that she and a friend will be able to hop a plane at a moment's notice if need be.

Cane is at work, trying to arrange to get out of the country. He meets obstacles at every turn. He will even be a stowaway if need be.

Kevin made it to the university and he gets rough with Adrian about where Jana could be. Michael gets there in time to stop Kevin from doing something that he may regret. Kevin calms down but still begs Korbel to tell him where Jana is and what he did to her.

Jana is sure that Adrian killed Carmen Mesta. Jana sees her mistake now was mentioning her theory of he being the killer. "It wasn't a thrill killing, I know that much. It had something to do with a work of art," Jana says. Colleen hangs her head. Jana tells that this has to do with the stolen art portfolio. Colleen still can't understand what this has to do with Carmen. Jana tells that Adrian saw Adrian with the portfolio and he decided to shut Carmen up…permanently. Colleen suddenly realizes. "Then we're never gonna get out of here."

Michael tells Adrian that he is going to be investigated and maybe arrested. Adrian is fine with that. right now he wants Michael and his brother out of there.

Lily takes off to get to class…Amber goes to Daniel and asks if he knows of a good pawnshop. He tells her to go to Pauline's. she needs a little cash and has to sell her ring.

JT takes a chance and goes into Korbel's place. He breaks in and calls for Colleen as he looks around the place.

Gloria and Lauren talk about Jana and how they can't believe that she is missing. She has such wonderful energy. The women love the way that Jana challenges Kevin. And if you want to play a trick on someone she is good with helping with that. Gloria remembers how Jana dropped everything to help Gloria change her look and go shopping. Jana is clearly an open and giving person. Lauren looks upset. It is as if they are delivering Jana's eulogy.

Colleen is upset that Adrian fooled her like this. Jana tells that Adrian has an accomplice and this all has to do with an inscription that they have to figure out. Colleen tells that she knows all about this. she just asked for Adrian's help to figure this out. Jana knows that if they give up whatever it is that these men are looking for, they will not be useful anymore. Colleen hangs her head. Jana tells Colleen that she had better think clear and realize that if either or both of these men return, they have to fight. "Please tell me you're with me," Jana shouts at her.

The second that Adrian sees Lily enter his class he tell her 'no', he hasn't seen Colleen. Lily tells that she can't find her friend anywhere. Lily knows that Colleen would have called if she were able. Daniel tells that Colleen's car is parked at his place. Adrian says that he doesn't even know what car Colleen drives. Adrian calls Colleen on his cellphone in front of her friends. He leaves a voicemail for Colleen and tells that her friends are there looking for her and that she had better call. He leaves now to go and see about Colleen's car.

JT is in Adrian's place and he looks around. He finds a piece of jewelry on the floor and pockets it. He then keeps looking around.

Gloria and Lauren laugh at the certificate that Jana made for Kevin on her computer. It was for one free skydiving lesson. There is another one that talks of Thai Kick-boxing. Gloria says that if Jana is in any trouble she will use her knowledge of kick-boxing and fight her way out!

In the room, Jana and Colleen are talking when they suddenly hear footsteps. The door opens and both girls turn to face the door. A man walks in with something in his hand. Jana wastes no time and charges the man shouting like a Banshee. "Yaaaaaaaaaaah!" When she gets to him, he extends his hand and some crackling noises are heard. Jana jumps backwards and jerks as if electrocuted. She then falls to her back and moves a couple more seconds before stopping. Colleen is stunned. "What about you? You want to be next?" Colleen tells him 'no'. He wants to know what the inscription means but Colleen doesn't know. he warns her that by the time that he returns, she had better know or else… He hits the button on his stun gun and it zaps at her as if growling. He smiles and then leaves.

Amber has been gone a while but she won't tell Cane where she has been. She turns to the doorway at Indigo and sees a man entering the club. She panics. She tells Cane that the man at the doorway is from immigration. She was at a restaurant and saw the man arrive and bust a bunch of illegal aliens. Cane panics and takes off his tie. He then sits at a table, while Amber assumes the position of employee. The man from immigration wants to talk to the owners but Amber tells that they are not there. Amber offers to walk the man out and when she does…when Cane isn't' looking, she slips the man an envelope on the way out…

Kevin and Michael return to the apartment. Daniel and Lily is there. Kevin went to the place where Jana's blood was found. He got down on his knees and he saw the blood. There was so much of it and the blood…the stain…it got bigger and bigger…and Kevin is on the verge of tears now. He just wanted to find a clue, or get a feeling. He thought that the police might have missed something but there was nothing. There was nothing.

Adrian returns and finds JT in his apartment. Adrian is immediately angry. "You better get out of here, cause I am calling the cops." JT tells him to go ahead. He would like to hear Adrian explain why Colleen's earrings are on the table beside his bed. "Why is her car in your garage?" Adrian can't answer that. That was the reason that he returned home.

Jana is in a chair now and she begs Colleen to tell if she knows anything. Colleen tells of the reliquary and how it has an inscription on it. "Two anagrams. There are two Latin phrases and some extra letters…So far we have 'k-u-t-n-a'" Jana looks over to Colleen confused. "I wonder what that means…"

Colleen realizes that Jana is right. They are going to have to fight. They hear the footsteps almost immediately and both girls get up to face the door. The man returns and demands to know what the inscription means. Colleen says that she doesn't know what it is. Colleen isn't afraid and won't tell. The man threatens to zap Jana again and moves towards her. Colleen stands before her but then Jana decides that she will tell everything that Colleen told her about the inscription. Colleen starts shouting 'no', but the man is now suddenly interested in Jana and he pulls her out of the room by the arm, knocking Colleen back to the wall and then to the floor in the process. By the time that Colleen get to the door, it has already been locked and she is trapped alone now. "Don't tell him!" Colleen shouts.

Kevin is really down but his family rally round him and tell him that he really has to show faith and really believe that Jana will get through this. Kevin grabs his coat and says that he is going for a drive on his way out.

Kay promises Jill that she will never give up trying to return what she took from her daughter. She touches Jill's hand and Jill softens and puts her other hand atop her mother's.

Cane wants to take Amber to dinner tonight but he can't afford it. He has to save for his trip home. He worries about finding his mother but who knows. He hopes that when he finds his mother, he will be able to take care of her. He hasn't much time left before he has to leave. Amber says that when she brought up marriage the other night she was just goofing around but listening to him now…actually…If they did it. He could stay in town and search for his mother as long as he wants. He knows why she wants to marry him, he thinks. He knows that she wants to get her hands on his sexy bod. "Not before the wedding," Amber says. "You're the one with the problem. I'm just offering a way to fix it."

Adrian and JT got to the parking garage and they see Colleen's car. Adrian tells that he came out of the bathroom and Colleen had disappeared. Adrian didn't think much of that at the time that it happened but now he has to wonder if something more sinister happened.

Kevin is ready to go for his drive. He goes to the underground parking and gets in his car. As he is putting on his seatbelt, he hears someone coming and assumes that it is Michael come to talk him out of taking off and maybe getting into trouble. "I've said! I wanted to be alone!" Kevin shouts as he moves to start the car. The passenger door suddenly opens and someone sits in the seat beside him. Kevin turns to the person beside him and stares into some very familiar eyes. "Jana?"

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