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Young and The Restless Update Monday 2/12/07--Canada; Tuesday 2/13/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Nick and Phyllis bring the baby to the office but Brad and Victoria think that maybe it is too soon. Phyllis feels that she would just be sitting around at home and letting the freak win. Phyllis sees an uncomfortable look between Nick and Victoria. They can't help but worry about Phyllis. They are sure that Jack won't mind. Actually that is part of why she is there. she would like to thank Jack for all he did for NVP.

Victor and Nikki smile as they look over the paper and see what Jack has brought on himself. They know that Jack will be full of himself when he sees this. They want him to enjoy his moment of glory.

Jack comes off the elevator getting congratulations from a co-worker. Sharon is there to greet Jack when he gets off the elevator but their talk is short. He sees Phyllis over Sharon's shoulder. "I am just glad that you are alright," he says hugging her. Nick comes out of the office and sees the hug…Sharon watches uncomfortable as well.

Lauren is at the hospital looking for Jana. She asks around.

Michael, Kevin and Gloria are at the police station. They have brought Jana's coat to the cops but the policeman doesn't think that there is any foul play. The police think that Jana could have just walked off on her own . They sympathize but they have a priority of cases to consider. Kevin can see that it will take Jana's dead body to get the search for Jana started.

Victoria is nervous now that they have found the bug in their home. Brad assures her that the office isn't bugged. She wants to know the truth. She wants to know that they are going to be okay. Brad is sure that they will be fine. They just have to decipher the code before the other people after them do.

Colleen arrives at the professor's classroom. He is working on the anagram on the board. Colleen asks him what he is doing. He greets her first, telling that he wasn't expecting her until later that afternoon. He points to the board, showing her the improvement that he has made with the scrambled letters. "Please, stop. You shouldn’t be working on that." He turns to her inquisitively.

Colleen tells Adrian that he should be teaching, and not handling this code. Adrian was going to give it to his Ph.D. students to work on but he kind of wants to handle this himself. The extra letters are a mystery to him. He has been trying different languages but nothing is working. He is turning back to English words to figure this out. He was thinking of the word, 'Koran', or 'okra'.

Brad wants to go and find Colleen. He didn't leave things well with her. He wants Victoria not to tell Colleen what they are currently working on with the code. He isn't sure that he can trust her yet.

Victor is there to see Jack first thing. They both agree that Senator Bodie got what he deserved. "you know what this means don't you?" Victor asks. "There is now an empty seat in the senate of the State of Wisconsin." Jack smiles.

Lauren goes to see Maggie. She pushes Fen in the room and Maggie tells Lauren how glad she is that things worked out. Lauren knows that Maggie covered for Michael, Paul and Lauren and Lauren is grateful. Maggie says that she didn’t cover up anything. She became a cop to do exactly what she did.

Paul has contacted Michael and he relays the message to Gloria and Kevin that Jana hasn't used her ATM cards, or credit cards. The phone rings and Lauren tells Kevin that a woman matching Jana's description was brought into the ICU just now. Kevin hangs up the phone and he and Michael go running out the door as Gloria watches.

Adrian knows that if he knew what the code was all about, then he could probably figure this thing out. He will keep trying though.

Rebecca and Brad reenter the office where Victor and Victoria are working on the code. Victor finds something. "Kutna Hora?" Victor knows that. It is a town in the Czech Republic. Rebecca has been there. There is another word... 'grab'. Rebecca tells that it means 'grave'. Everyone tries to see what the word 'grave' and a Czech Republic town might have in common.

Sharon and David exchange words in the hall. They talk about the kidnapping. David thinks that it is nice that some people have happy endings. He walks off. Someone walks by with roses. Sharon finds Nick in an office with Summer and she remarks that Jack was really devastated by the kidnapping. She tells that she will be spending Valentine's Day with Jack…

Phyllis tells Jack that she is proud of him. He single-handedly stopped Senator Bodie cold in his tracks and opened up an opportunity for NVP to get the zoning that she needs.

Lauren goes back to Maggie and gives her an update on the search for Jana.

Michael and Kevin arrive at the hospital and they talk to the nurse who confirms that a young woman has been brought into the ICU. She will let Kevin and Michael see the girl but she warns that the young woman was really badly beaten up. Michael offers to do this for Kevin, but Kevin insists on doing this himself.

Kevin returns soon and tells his mother over the phone that the woman that he found wasn't Jana. Gloria has to do something but she will get back to her son soon.

Nikki takes a moment to talk to her son about taking care of himself. She knows that he was traumatized as well. She will be available to talk if he needs her. "Men don’t' always have to be strong, you know? I've spent years trying to teach your father that."

Phyllis tells Jack that she used to wish that she had a twin sister when she was younger but not anymore. Jack can't understand how Phyllis can joke about this. She is fine at work but at home…seeing Sheila hold her daughter there… She doesn't want to talk about this now. Jack understands and suggest they get back to work. She knew that he would understand. Sharon enters the office and says that it is nice to see Phyllis back to work. Phyllis walks out. Jack tells Sharon that he is sorry but he has to cancel their date. The thing with Senator Bodie has been moved up. Sharon says that she is fine with that, but her face tells differently.

'Kutna Hora,' Adrian says. He knows that place. His parents are from the Czech Republic. There is a second set of letters to figure out. Colleen loves watching Adrian work on this stuff. He is really good at it.

"It could be the final resting place of someone related to the commandant," Rebecca suggests. She now tries to dig out bits and pieces of things that she remembers. She was in Kutna Hora and a man once dropped luggage and the contents spilled out. It was silver pieces all twisted up. The man was captures and shot. There is obviously something very important going on with this place, that makes people want to kill. Brad turns to his mother and she in turn stares at him with eyebrows raised.

Victor reports that the code is pretty much broken. They now talk about Jack and his looming political career…

David introduces himself to Jack as the new liaison from Granville Global. David tells that he is so glad to hear about what Jack did to Senator Bodie. David was in politics once and rubbed up against the man, and it wasn't good. That was when he turned to business for a career. The men decide that they should get together and talk sometime.

Lauren leaves with Fen and Michael turns to Kevin. "what do you want to do next?" Michael has the rest of the morning free. Kevin tells him to go to Lauren and Fen at home, but Michael knows that his brother needs him more right now. They hug.

Gloria finds Will at the interview room at the police station. She tells Will that Jana has been missing 48 hours and they still can't get any help finding her. Will asks if this is just maybe Jana's way of telling Kevin that it is over. Gloria is sure…positive that it isn't. If Jana wanted to blow off Kevin, she would tell him to his face. Will will help then. He will organize a small search party to look around for her. Gloria smiles.

Brad makes calls and that there are no rumors about hidden art in Kutna Hora. Victoria finds some old churches and chapels that were used to hide vast amounts of art. Victor makes a decision. They have to go to Kutna Hora and check this out.

Adrian hates that he can't solve this puzzle. "Isn't it almost time for your next class?" Colleen asks. Adrian admits that it is. She thanks him for his help and leaves. Adrian walks to the board and reluctantly starts erasing the board.

Kevin arrives at his brother's place and Gloria is there. She tells how she talked to Will and he will get the police working on Jana's place. "Thank you…that's good," he says.

Phyllis puts up a pretty good front when talking to Nick about Sheila. She tells that Jack has been doing pretty well and she is amazed at how he saved the company. Still though, something is different. Jack is usually all about business and profits…but Phyllis says that he has changed.

David and Jack talk now about politics and David gives him some ideas about what it takes to succeed in politics. Jack sees a light in Jack's eyes as he talks about politics. David smiles. "Let me tell you, when you succeed, and your man lifts his fists in victory…it's like you won the Super Bowl." David walks off. Jack smiles whimsically…Victor too smiles as he watches Jack through the blinds to the office.

Nick gives Phyllis her Valentine's Day present. It is a book. She looks inside and sees that it is handmade. It is of their wedding, her pregnancy…She loves it! Nick made it to celebrate their first Valentine's Day together as a family. She thanks him for this but is sorry that she didn't get him anything. That is fine. She is his gift and their little girl. They kiss now. "Really? You didn't get me anything?" he says joking now. She laughs. "The stores are still open."

Jack tells Sharon that he is sorry that he had to change their plans. She wishes him a good trip to Wisconsin. He pecks her on the lips and walks off. The smile on her face fades.

Victor knows about David's aspirations as a political figure. He offers David a chance to work in that field again. He says that Jack would be excellent candidate for political office.

Brad tells Victoria that the answers they needs are probably going to be in Kutna Hora. Someone knocks. Brad and Victoria hide the papers on the desk and call for 'whomever' to come in. Colleen enters and tells that she has been working on the code and has come up with a few words that might be helpful to their cause. Brad begs her to stop working on the inscription. "The closer we get to the answer, the more danger we are in."

Adrian sits at his computer. He types in 'Kutna Hora' and waits…

Will comes to see Gloria and Kevin. He has some news. Some blood was found on the jogging trail near the lake. Kevin wants to immediately go down there but Will tells him that doesn't make sense at this point. All they have found is blood. What worries Will though is that whoever lost the amount of blood that they have found…couldn't have survived.

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