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The Y&R Update Wednesday 2/7/07--Canada; Thursday 2/8/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Sharon lets Jack in the house and rubs her hands when the biting cold gets a hold of her for the few seconds. He is cold and orders her to come over and warm him up. She warms him up with a kiss and he likes that very much. She tells that Nikki isn't back yet with Noah and that really doesn't make Sharon all that happy. Sharon really didn't appreciate her ex-mother-in-law taking off with her son like that. Jack has no new news about Sheila and Phyllis yet.

At Nick's place the crowd of people are still there waiting for something to break in the case and hoping that there will be news soon. Nick tells Michael to hang in there as they talk over the phone. Victor has put out a reward but none of the tips have panned out. Daniel sees that a picture of Phyllis, or Sheila is coming in but the woman proves to be 6 inches shorter than Phyllis would be. No one can understand why Sheila hasn't contacted them yet.

Sheila can't talk to Lauren now like she would like to. She has called Paul again to speak to her but Paul tells her that Lauren isn't around. He didn’t have time to set up this time for them to talk. Sheila is angry at first, but then she looks down at the beautiful babies and everything about her softens. Sheila tells Paul that he has to remember to tell Lauren that the babies look oh so gorgeous together and that she could just eat them up.

Paul calls to Sheila but she has signed off.

Michael enters the room as Gloria and Kevin are listening to the broadcast that Nick has put out. Will arrives and tells that Maggie is doing fine and cracking jokes like usual. Will has spoken to the judge and Michael's case for Devon will be postponed for as long as Michael needs it to be. Michael thanks the man for that. He will get the case going as soon as he can. Will will help in any way that he can. Will has every available detective working on this. Everyone wants Sheila caught as much as Michael does. Will now goes to Gloria and takes her hand. He thought that she could use a friend right now.

Noah is home and he tells his mother about the museum that he went to with his grandma. Sharon and Nick took Noah to a museum long ago, but he doesn't remember that much about that visit. Noah loves that Jack is there. Maybe they can work on his model airplane again. Noah heads upstairs now.

Paul goes to Michael and tells that he heard from Sheila and she didn't have much to say. Paul is at her disposal because Sheila will only have the walkie-talkie on when she wants to say something to him and not at other times. Michael gets a call from Nick who wants to know what the name of the hotel was that Sheila stayed at the time she was in town before. It was the Genoa City Motor arms. Nick isn't sure where Sheila is but they will be checking that place out as well.

While Michael is on the phone, Will brings Gloria something to drink from their kitchen. Kevin arrives and wants to speak to Will for a minute…He talks about Jana and how she has been missing. Will asks if Kevin has filed a missing person's report. Kevin can't do that yet because enough time hasn't gone by. Kevin worries that this thing is connected to Sheila somehow. He would like to know if Will can make an exception to this 48 hour rule thing. Will can't do anything to help until the deadline for waiting has been reached. Michael comes over and needs something from Kevin's place. They head out of the apartment together.

Jack gets on the computer and he and Jack talk about the kidnapping and what has gone on. Sharon takes this time to tell Nikki that she should have asked before running off with Noah. Nikki can't believe that Sharon is acting like she wouldn't take care of the child properly. Nikki gets on the defensive wondering why Jack and Sharon are acting like they even care about Phyllis when all they have ever done is give her grief. The discussion is about to get out of hand, but Noah enters the room and it all stops.

A call comes in and someone feels that they know where Sheila Carter is. It is a prank and Victor orders the culprit not to call again and play games like this…Daniel had no idea of all the things that Sheila had done in the past. The lady is a total whack-job. Nick is sorry that Daniel is so scared. He would like to tell the boy that Phyllis and the baby are going to be okay but… Daniel knows that no one knows what is going to happen. The important thing is that they are not going to give up.

Phyllis sits with her arms untied. "Sheila give me my baby." Sheila ignores her and tells the baby that she knows her mother. Phyllis is getting concerned. Sheila seems to think that the baby is actually hers. "Sheila…she knows you're a stranger." Sheila says that she knows who her mother is. "I will put you in the crib now…next to Scottie!" Phyllis tells Sheila that the baby's name is Fen. Sheila turns an evil eye on Phyllis now. "His name is Scottie. His name is Scottie! THAT'S HIS NAME!"

Paul, Kevin and Michael are at Kevin's place and Kevin is told all that Paul and Michael have been hiding from the police. "We want you to use your laptop to record Sheila talking. If we can isolate the sounds, we might be able to identify where Sheila's hiding." Kevin understands what Paul is saying and he can do this. The three move into action.

Nikki sits by as Noah works on a math problem. When he figures it out, he leaves the room. Sharon turns to Nikki again and asks her if she really thinks that Phyllis has been the one getting grief lately. Nikki thinks just that. Jack finds Nikki's caring nature for Phyllis now that this child has been born a little interesting as well. Nikki has enough of this and gets her coat, storming out.

Gloria tells Will about Fen and how he is strong like his parents. He is Gloria's first grandchild. She made mistakes raising her kids and she can't believe how well they turned out in spite of all that. Will is sure that Gloria was a great grandmother. She was looking forward to having a grandchild and smothering him, spoiling him and then letting someone else make all the mistakes. Will tells Gloria not to give up. He knows that someone will find him.

Phyllis gets to hold her baby. She tells the child quietly that someone will come for them soon…Real soon…

Kevin gets to work. When Sheila signs in, Paul, Kevin and Michael are waiting. Michael gets the phone from Sheila and asks her to talk with him about her future. She doesn't want to talk about that. she has her future all planned out. "The DA wants to cut a deal," Michael says. Sheila doesn't believe any of it. Michael offers Sheila the chance to have a nice, normal life without anyone looking over their shoulder. She says that she already has a new life. "Scottie is my life and that is all that I need." Michael and Paul look at each other strangely. "I gotta go!" Sheila says. "Scottie needs his diaper changed." Phyllis signs off now. Paul shouts at her to wait, but that that point, Sheila is long gone. "Did you get that?" Paul asks Kevin who hovers over the laptop. He nods.

Kevin plays the tape recording of Sheila's voice and he can't make out any strange noises that could tip them off to where Sheila is. They play the tape over and over. Then Kevin hears something. "There is a train whistle in the distance." The tape is played again and all the men hear it this time.

Jack knows that Nikki only acted the way that she did because she is stressed out like they are. Jack thinks about Phyllis and realized that he treated Phyllis badly. "She fell in love with someone else. She was just following her heart," Jack says of Phyllis leaving him for Nick. "She didn't want to hurt me." Sharon knows that Phyllis has some blame in all this. Jack feels that Nick and Phyllis just got carried away and now he doesn't blame her for anything. "Phyllis is a big part of my life, Sharon. She always will be."

Nick makes another recording for the press so that they can use it to show on television. Nick really appreciates the help they are giving. Nikki arrives and hugs her son. She tells that Noah is home with his mother. She tells how Sharon wasn't happy that she took off with the boy the way that she did. Noah doesn't know anything and Nick is grateful for that. Victor hopes that Sheila is watching all of these recordings on television.

Kevin plays the tape again and this time he hears a cow. "A train whistle and a cow…Now traffic around?" Paul's eyes light up. "I think I know where they are."

Gloria and Lauren watch the television as Nick's plea goes out. Lauren is on the phone with Nick when the tape airs. Nick gives Lauren some pep talk and assures her that Phyllis will take care of those babies. Gloria takes the phone when Lauren can't talk. She tells Nick that Lauren will call if she needs him. Gloria goes to her daughter-in-law now and holds her. "I believe that god has a special place in his heart for little children." Lauren believes that too.

"Mom!" Noah comes tearing into the room and shouts that Summer is gone and someone got her with Phyllis. Sharon tries to calm the boy but he won't settle down. Jack says that they will find his little sister, but Noah knows that Summer is going to die, just like his sister.

"Your husband's an idiot!" Sheila is angry with Nick for thinking that money will fix his little problem. She snatches Summer from Phyllis and puts her in the crib. "Give me my baby!" Sheila won't do it, but then she decides that is a good idea. She gives the baby to Phyllis and runs to the other room to get her cellphone. While she is gone, Phyllis opens the curtains behind her. Sheila returns and takes a picture of Phyllis. "Good this will be the last picture that dad will have of his little girls alive!"

Lauren wants to talk to Paul, but there isn't time for an update for Lauren.

Sheila has taken her picture and she is ready to send it…

Lauren goes to Paul and he gives her a brief outline of what is going on. Lauren is skeptical about this. Sheila always gets away. She wants to do something. She feels very vulnerable like this and she doesn't trust the cops to protect her. She and Paul both know how many times this viper has gotten away with sneaking around and coming after her. Paul pulls out a gun. It is one of his and it has one in the chamber. Lauren has known Paul for years and she remembers how to use one of these if need be. She takes the gun from him and stares down at it.

All are watching when a picture of Phyllis and the baby is downloaded onto the computer. Sharon calls and Nikki tells her that a picture of Phyllis and Summer has just been sent. Daniel notices the window and the open curtain. He thinks that he can get a closer picture of that. Sharon is worried now that Noah knows about the kidnapping. Nikki says that he might as well come up to the house then.

Sheila comes to Phyllis with clothes in her hand, and throws them at Phyllis's feet. Sheila holds the baby and waits to see what this is about. "Put them on!" Phyllis shouts at her as she holds a gun in Phyllis's face.

Daniel continues to stare at the space above Phyllis's head in the picture. Victor stares at the picture as well. "What is that?" Daniel says. "I know where they are," Victor says. "You do?" Everyone in the room turns to Victor to hear what more he can reveal to them about this.

Nick calls Lauren and asks to speak to Michael as well. Michael isn't there. "I think that we have found Sheila."

Michael and Paul set to work now. "Call me if you find them," Kevin orders before hanging up on his brother.

Paul is at the door in question now. He holds his gun out as Michael opens the door for him. The warehouse is dark and seems to be empty.

"The Sunset Oasis Retirement Village?" Lauren says incredulously. That place is just a few blocks down from where Lauren is. Lauren gets her coat. "I am just going for some air!" Lauren says…When in the hall, she takes the gun out of her purse and stares at it with determination.

Michael and Paul find a repeater in the warehouse. She has been bouncing her signal off this thing to keep hidden. "You two are a couple of cheese heads," Sheila says when Paul tries to reach her on the transmitter.

"Hey dad!" Noah says walking into the house and rushing to his dad. "It's gonna be alright!" Nick says.

Lauren gets to the retirement village and listens at the doors. Dot comes out and tells Lauren that she thinks that she is looking for Betsy and her daughter who live right over there, when Lauren describes who she is looking for. Dot rushes off and Lauren hears a baby crying behind the door where Dot indicated that the babies were being held…Inside the door, Sheila hears what sounds like Phyllis's voice. The babies are crying and she shouts for Phyllis to shut those babies up. Sheila is fighting with the walkie-talkies and having the time of it…Sheila doesn't realize it but the walkie-talkie is on and Michael and Paul can hear that she is frustrated by the babies and Michael gets a look of fear on his face as Sheila keeps shouting for Phyllis to SHUT THOSE BABIES UP! Phyllis has changed as ordered and she now wears the same clothing as Sheila. She is still unbound and able to walk freely. Sheila has her back to Phyllis now. The babies are still crying…Outside the apartment, Lauren has her senses tingling and she can't stand the sound of her baby crying while that bitch complains about it. She gets out the gun…"I said shut those babies up!" Sheila shouts…Paul and Michael listen in terror to the walkie-talkie, feeling completely helpless. They stand frozen, shoulder to shoulder as they wait to see how this is going to end…Phyllis is on her feet now. She moves slowly…slowly…slowly…closer to Sheila who has her back to Phyllis as she fights with the transmitter. The gun is just a few inches before her on the table where she stands. Sheila stops fiddling with the transmitter now, and she looks straight ahead, as if she has smelled the danger nearby. She grabs the gun and turns in one fluid moment, but Phyllis is too close and Sheila doesn't get to extend her arm to aim. Phyllis grabs that arm now and pushes up! Both have their hands on the gun and it goes flying out of both their reaches in a split second and to the carpet…Lauren has decided that the time is now. She tries the doorknob. It is locked. She pushes her weight to the door. It doesn't budge. The babies are really screaming now and there is scuffling and noise inside. Lauren stands back and throws her body, harder! Harder! HARDER! Against the door, and finally it gives way when she uses her foot on it. The door flies open and Lauren stands there with gun in hand staring at the struggling twins on the ground. They are fighting for something trying to reach past the other for some reason…trying to get something. Lauren's confused! She knew that the two women looked alike now, but seeing them together like this makes Lauren crazy. She waves her gun in their direction as they struggle, not knowing who is who…especially watching them from the back like this. She makes a decision. She points her gun. "NOBODY MOVE!"…Paul and Michael hear the new voice booming through on the transmitter and that is cause for the two men to give each other a knowing glance. Suddenly there is silence. No one moves. Paul and Michael wait for a sound but hear nothing. Not even the baby crying…BANG! Paul and Michael turn to each other, not knowing what that means…

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