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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

JT can't sit still at the loft. Colleen arrives and he tells her that he needs to be alone. She wants to talk and so he asks how she could cheat on him. She tells him that she loves him. She really does. She says that this only happened and it was one time. She says that it is over. "yes it is," JT says. "Between us." She never meant for this to happen but he knows that she really never meant for him to find out.

Adrian is alone and he calls Colleen…

JT tells Colleen to answer the phone. He thinks that it might be her boyfriend.

Adriana gets Colleen's voicemail and tells her that he needs some school materials from her.

JT looks at Colleen's phone and sees that it was in fact Adrian calling. He whips her phone at the wall. He wonders if she is in love with Adrian but she confesses that she doesn't know who in fact she is in love with.

Colleen tries to get JT to talk to her but he has to get away from her. He leaves. Colleen calls Lily and tells her that it is over. JT hates her. "He knows everything and I don't know what I am going to do." Lily will be over right away. She tells Amber that she has to go. Amber panics. She hasn't been left alone before and isn't sure what to do. Lily doesn't care. She has to go.

Will talks to Katherine in her home. She tells the man that that she has to get a body exhumed. Jill is on the stairs and hears the conversation…

Sharon and Dru are in the elevator at Newman and they discuss the murder as they head down to the parking lot. When they get to Dru's car they see that Dru's car has been vandalized. It looks like the damage might have been done by a butcher knife. Sharon worries that whoever did this might still be around…

Jill interrupts the conversation and says that his mother is not thinking straight. Will really needs to know what this is about. Katherine tells Jill that if she wants to know if her son is really buried in that grave or not, they are going to have to do this.

Detective Sullivan arrives and does a report on Dru's vandalized car. Dru says that she knows that David Chow is behind this…

Daniel shows up at the boutique and Amber tells him that Lily had to run out for a bit. Amber leaves him at the counter, and since no one is around, she goes to try on a dress that she has had her eye on…Daniel leaves a voicemail for Lily to let her know where he is…Amber shouts out that she loves this dress. Daniel jokes that the manager is there and Amber panics, thinking that Lauren is going to catch her not watching the store. Daniel laughs. He was only kidding. She doesn't find that very funny. Daniel watches Amber tosses her clothes over the door the change room to change.

Lily gets the details of what happened with JT and tries to comfort her friend in the meantime. Lily knows that with the mood that JT is in, he is probably going to do something…

Korbel is in his classroom alone, looking over some books for class. JT comes in behind him and stares at the back of his neck for a few seconds. Adrian turns and sees the young PI glaring at him. He asks what it is that JT wants. "Oh you know exactly why I am here…"

"Why the hell did you sleep with my girlfriend?" Adrian says that shouldn't have happened. Things just got out of control. Adrian rushes to close the door. He says that he couldn't help what happened. JT won't accept that. He grabs Adrian by the collar. "You tell me what it was like sleeping with my girlfriend…"

Lily and Colleen talk and when the phone rings, Colleen runs to it thinking that it might be JT. It isn't him. It is junk mail. Colleen examines her phone and sees that someone has been in her email reading the message to Lily. "Oh my god…JT…"

Daniel calls Lily and she tells him that Colleen has an emergency and they had to deal with it…Amber is listening from the change room and hears that Daniel and Lily's dinner date has been canceled. She is dressed now and she fakes a call in the dressing room …canceling a fake dinner date…Daniel listens from the counter. She comes out in the new dress and he likes it. She tells that she had a dinner date but it was canceled. He says the same thing happened to him. She suggests they go and have dinner together. Daniel likes that idea.

Jill tries to talk her mother out of this exhumation idea. All she knows is that the boy that she raised is resting in peace and she wants to leave things that way. Kay only wants what is best for Jill and Philip. She knows that if Philip were out there, Jill would want to be a part of his life. Jill has to admit that. Kay turns to Will now. "How do we do this?" Will wasn't expecting to be asked to help this way. Kay really needs to exhume her grandson. Foul play isn't suspected. Kay tells that lately she has been having vivid memories and they just have to make sure that the boy that is buried is Jill's son. If that boy isn't Jill's, then she needs to find her son.

An investigating officer tells Detective Sullivan that there aren't any clues to give them an idea on who did this crime. Detective Sullivan has to go now but tells Dru to call if she needs help. Dru hates this. David is stalking her and he keeps getting away with it over and over again. Sharon turns and David is standing directly behind her. "Ah!" she screams. Dru who is startled by Sharon's scream lets one out too. They both huddle together like scared little cubs by Dru's car as they look up into the threatening gaze of David Chow. He smiles.

Dru immediately accuses David of slashing her tires. Detective Sullivan and a cop return and Dru tells that David is there. She questions him and he says that he only was returning to his car. He says that he hasn't any knife that could vandalize Dru's car. He says that he was at the bank and produces a receipt to prove that. Problem is that the car has been sitting for a couple of hours…Can David account for the last couple of hours? He says nothing. "See?" Dru says.

Will gives Kay the details of how to get the exhumation, but he cautions that she will have to have a good reason for having this done. Katherine and Jill stare at each other strangely… Kay thinks about the past conversations and how she came to this point. She was sorry that she had met Sylvia Browne, and she thought that she was evil. Jill was furious when she realized what her mother was telling her… "Mother?" Jill prompts. Kay turns to Will and tells him that she has a very long painful story to tell.

Amber and Daniel sit at the coffeehouse and talk. She thinks that Daniel looks like Connor Oberst. He is a musician who is really cute. Cane arrives and Amber invites him to sit with them…

JT understands everything now. How Colleen used to run over to Adrian's to get stuff and drop stuff off. Adrian looks with concern at the door as JT rants. Students start coming in and Adrian tells them that they need to wait a second. The kids back out of the room and close the door. JT can see that the professor is terrified of his students finding out what a low-life he really is. Adrian shouts at him that if he wants to talk about this later, that will be fine, but right now he has a class! He goes and opens the door and lets the kids in. "You can't hide behind your students," JT whispers.

Colleen feels she should have seen this coming. She knows that she deserves everything that she got. How is JT ever going to be able to trust her ever again. Lily tells her that she has to rebuild things. She has to stay away from Korbel for starters. Lily says quietly that she can do that. "Well then maybe breaking up with Adrian was for the best," Lily says.

Detective Sullivan checks with the bank manager and gets confirmation that David was with him for a while. Dru doesn't care about that. It only takes 2 minutes to slash tires. Detective Sullivan turns to Dru wondering where she has been the last two hours. She can't believe that Detective Sullivan would even suspect her. She gets really ticked off when Detective Sullivan tells David that he can go now.

Lily puts Colleen's phone back together and it works. It wasn't very badly damaged. Colleen has a thought. She remembers JT telling Adrian that they can have a rematch anytime that he wants one. Colleen tells Lily that JT may have gone to see Adrian. She calls Adrian but his voicemail picks up the call. Colleen suddenly remembers that Adrian has a class now. They decide to split up and try to find JT that way. Lily tells Colleen not to worry. "Everything will work itself out."

Adrian conducts his class and hands out papers that he recently marked for the students. He looks at Colleen's empty chair and tells the kids that he will soon be back. He goes into the hall and dials. Colleen answers. She knows that he should be teaching a class right now, he knows that she should be in class. He tells that JT came by and got in his face. Colleen is relieved to hear that JT didn't assault him. He is worried that she may not be okay. She is fine. He smiles. "Everything is screwed up. What are we going to do?" He has no idea. He is going to need some help on this one.

Katherine and Jill tell Will the story in their way. They start with the bickering that they used to live with before they knew they were mother and daughter. Jill tells Will that her mother might have switched the baby out of pure spite. The way it was back then was that if Jill was going to raise that child, Kay wouldn't want that. "So what you are telling me," Will says turning to Kay. "Is that you kidnapped Jill's child…" Kay does a double take in Will's direction.

Katherine tells Will that she isn't sure what the details of the events were in the old days. He understands and will help with the exhumation. He hopes that Katherine and Jill understand what this all means at this point.

Sharon wonders if David Chow really wasn't the one who slashed the tires. Dru is sure that it is him. She knows that she has to get this all dealt with soon or she is going to end up like Carmen.

Lily arrives at the coffeehouse and Daniel goes to greet her. He brings her over to the table where Amber and Cane are sitting and she is introduced. She sees that JT isn't there and steps away to make a call…Colleen tells Lily that JT went to see Adrian but now things are fine. Colleens says that Adrian was cool with her and wasn't mad. JT returns and Colleen gets off the phone. She tells that Lily was on the phone and that she was out looking for him. He isn't surprised. He knows that Lily probably knows everything. Colleen tells that she knows that he read her emails… He responds by telling her that she is right about one thing. "It sucks not being able to trust the one you love."

Daniel offers his wife something to eat but she has to get going. Amber tells how Lily is a real go-getter and does everything. Amber suggests that they all go out sometime. Lily thinks that might be a good idea. Daniel would like to go out soon. They are due for some fun and a good time out.

Dru gets a phone call. "This isn't over. You are going to pay for what you have done, do you hear me?" the woman's voice says over the phone. Dru drops the phone. Sharon asks her what is it? "It's Carmen!"

"We're done," JT tells Colleen "I can't get passed this. you…you love this guy." Colleen tells JT that she doesn't and she will do anything to prove that to him. "You can't do nothing. Nothing. We're done. I will always love you," JT says before walking into the bedroom and slamming the door. Colleen sits on the couch and cries.

Will makes a few calls and then tells Katherine and Jill that he will be going ahead with a petition the next day…In the background…a shadow of a person appears on the wall and stays during the length of the conversation…Jill wants to know what it was that Will wanted to make sure they understood earlier. He reminds them that he is the DA, and that the Statute of Limitations never runs out on kidnapping…What happens criminally with this issue depends on how things go after the exhumation.

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