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The Young & The Restless Update Friday 1/5/07--Canada; Monday 1/8/07--U.S.A.

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Jill takes a breath and looks out the window. Kay wants her to say something about what her mother just told her. Jill think that Kay needs help. she doesn't believe that this is the truth. She can't believe that Kay stole her baby out of spite. She will not listen to Kay. She raised that boy and went to his funeral and she knows that her son is gone.

Jack arrives at Sharon's place with wine for dinner. Noah will be spending the night at Nicks', so they will be all alone. She slides into his arms and they kiss.

Nick and Phyllis watches Noah with the new baby. He obviously misses having a sister. The baby smiles at Noah and he can tell that Summer likes him. Nick knew that already.

JT and Colleen go to Indigo and Colleen offers to go and get the drinks for them since their waiter is busy. Colleen goes to order and Vincent the bartender tells her that his shift is over soon if she wants to hang with him later. He will be waiting if things don't work out with her boyfriend. Colleen goes back to the table with the soda's, and JT can tell that she just got hit on. She shrugs saying that it is the story of her life these days.

Jill doesn't think that her mother really stole Philip. She thinks that Kay's drinking has finally caught up to her. Kay shouts that she doesn't need help. What she really needs is for Jill to listen to her.

Jack loves that they are having Pig In A Blanket for dinner. They talk about Cassie and how the dinner will be comfort food. Noah would have been there but Sharon thinks that he didn't want to spend the evening with her.

Noah reads a book to Summer. It is a book that Cassie used to read to Noah all the time…

Vincent can't stop eyeing Colleen, even if she is with her boyfriend. JT threatens to go and beat the guy up but he knows that he can't attack everyone who looks at his girlfriend. Colleen thinks for a moment about kissing Korbel a few days ago. JT drags her to the floor and makes some goofy dance steps to get her laughing.

Adrian and Amber are in a lovers' embrace and they have no idea that on the laptop on the table there is an alert that a message has been received to do with Amber's research into Kay's mystery. Adrian asks Amber is she is hungry but she is only hungry for him right now, so they continue the romp on his bed.

JT and Colleen return to their table and she can't stop laughing. He made her laugh the whole time. Colleen gets a text message from Lily. She shuts her phone off. She tells JT that she is screwed.

Phyllis returns to the living room after having set Noah up with a cartoon to watch in the other room. Nick isn't in a good mood. He is fixing the toaster so that there will be no more burned toast. Nick suddenly tosses the toaster to the floor. He makes a loud noise and the baby starts crying. Noah comes running thinking that something is wrong. He feels that maybe he is responsible for whatever is making his father angry. Nick explains that he just couldn't fix the toaster and that is making him frustrated.

Sharon says that Noah should be at Nick's. Nick probably needs Noah more than she does right now. Nick and Noah are quiet about their feelings when it comes to Cassie. Sharon on the other hand likes to talk about Cassie.

Kay tells Jill that she is making her nuts. Jill has heard enough of this. Kay remembers that she used to drink night and day when Philip was born. Jill doesn't want to hear this. Kay knows that she had some thoughts that were negative. Jill understands if that is the way that she felt but she knows that Kay wouldn't actually do an evil thing like that. Nikki turns to her friend now. "Kay…Tell her the rest…"

Amber reads the message finally. The person says that his mother's name is Violet Montgomery. The person is offline now but Amber will wait to see if the person returns to the message board and has more information.

Jill is willing to listen now. Kay remembers giving the baby to someone named Violet. Finally she persuaded Violet to take the baby and the woman promised that she would raised the boy for her. Kay gave this woman the ring to help with money. The woman took the ring and the baby…and then she just disappeared. Jill has a question if all this is true. Who did she raise if she didn't have her son. Kay wished that she knew.

Sharon tells how Cassie loves Pig In A Blanket, Macaroni and chocolate cake. She made those things thinking that it would make her feel better. Jack takes her in his arms and holds her seeing as how she really seems to need that right now.

Colleen tells JT that she forgot that this is the deadline to have her application for the scholarship in the mail. She has to get home and get the papers and connect with Adrian before she sends the documents out. JT will help her. They will go home first and then go see Korbel. Colleen wants to call him first before they show up.

At the apartment, Adrian is sketching Amber as she sits on his couch. She comes over to look at it and loves the job he has done. When she walks away from him, he flips her picture up and underneath is a picture of a sleeping beauty, with cascading brown hair flowing all around her head.

Sharon wonders if Jack thinks that one can every really get over a love. Jack says that the feeling takes time to go away, but eventually it does. Sharon knows what Jack means. She has experienced it with Nick many, many times.

Nick is still really frustrated with the toaster and Phyllis tries to get him to open up. He is snapping at her and Noah is worried and Phyllis has just never seen him like this before. He knows that he has been acting like a jerk. "It's Cassie."

Jill wants to know more about this second baby but Katherine hasn't any recollection of where the child came from. Jill feels that maybe the woman stole the baby. Kay knows that isn't right. She remembers the last time that she saw that baby's face. He was in the backseat of Violet's car. She remembers seeing that sweet, innocent and precious face and then Violet drove away…Jill asks Kay to please tell her that this really didn't happen. "Please."

Jill remembers that the psychic said that Philip was at peace. She did say that but she also told Kay that there was something that she had to make right. That might mean that Philip might still be alive. Kay is starting to remember things and she really does believe that the child might still be alive.

Amber hears Adrian say 'perfect', but it comes out as a mumble so she doesn't hear his comment about the picture of her that he is sketching. Adrian gets a call from Colleen. She is sorry to bother him but she wonders if he has her paper. She can't wait till the next day to get the paper as she will miss the deadline for the application for the scholarship. She offers to come to his place to get the paper and he says that will be fine. After he is off the phone, he tells Amber that he really needs to get some work done. He likes having her there but he has a student coming over to pick something up. She promises that if he lets her stay she will be real quiet. He asks her to get her clothes on now and get out of his shirt and she leaves the room. Adrian goes to the picture of Colleen that he was sketching and he crumples it up.

Jack tells Sharon that he will always care about Phyllis, but he feels they have exhausted the nine lives that they had together. Sharon feels that things are over for she and Nick as well but Jack warns her to never say never.

Nick wishes that Cassie were there and so does Phyllis. She wanted her parents to have another little girl… Nick never thought that he would be happy again without Cassie, but Phyllis and Summer have made a difference. Phyllis knows that she and the baby will never replace Cassie. She knows that he can get mad and toss things if he wants, but she wants him to make sure that she is out of the way first. They smile at her little joke and hug. Noah is at the bottom of the stairs and he hears what the grown ups have said to each other.

JT and Colleen arrive at Korbel's place. Adrian is surprised to see JT there. He lets the couple in and hands Colleen the paper that she needs for her application. He tells Colleen to call him if she needs anything more. JT finds it funny that his students have his number at home. Amber appears and greets the couple.

Soon Jack decides that he and Sharon have spent enough time talking about Nick. This night is about Cassie and sharing her favorite foods.

Jill has no idea if anything that Kay is saying is true. She will accept this but she needs to know at the same time where Philip is. Jill isn't sure that she can forgive Kay for this. Nikki reminds Jill that this is hard for Kay too. Jill hasn't even an idea on how they could start looking for this child. Kay gets in Jill's face shouting that she can't help with this because she can't remember. Jill gets in Kay's face, nose to nose and tells her that she has to understand what she did here. "You stole my baby, and you don't even have any idea where he is!" Jill says trying to make her understand while holding the woman's face in her hands. Jill suddenly lets' go of Kay's face and the old woman seems to crumple into a ball and Nikki catches her and holds her.

Nick rubs Phyllis's feet for his bad behavior earlier. Nick tells how Cassie used to make paper maché animals and they were all over the house. Noah used to like that. He really is a good boy, Nick says. He now apologizes to Phyllis for the way that he acted. He loves her and he loves Summer. Phyllis hopes that Summer and Noah will have the same bond as Cassie and Noah did. Nick knows that they will.

Eating time is over and Sharon puts the dishes away. Sharon likes doing that. someone comes to the door. It is a delivery for 'Sharon Newman'. It is a gorgeous arrangement of flowers. 'Dear Sharon…This is the hardest card I have ever had to write. How can I sum up Cassie in a few short sentences…She will always be a part of the family…our family. The beautiful daughter we raised will be a part of me for the rest of my life…She showed me what it means to be loved…You are both with me…Love Nick." Sharon has tears in her eyes and Jack comes to her and holds her as she cries, looking at Cassie's picture over his shoulder.

JT and Colleen arrive at home. He wants to spend time with her but she has to get her papers in the mail. JT heads to the bedroom. Colleen looks at the documents that Korbel gave her and she finds the picture that he sketched of her. She hurriedly hides it in case JT is in the room.

At Adrian's place, he is working and Amber is on the laptop talking with the messenger who left the message for her. The man asks 'Mr Searcher' tells Amber that a woman named Violet took him in as a baby but then she died two weeks later. Her family member raised him. She tells how her friend is searching for a baby and it seems that Mr. Searcher is searching for his parents. She tells the man that she has to get going now but she tells him to talk to her again if he ever needs any help. He will do that. He logs off before she can ask for his real name.

Jill doesn't think that Kay could be her real mother if she could do a thing like this. Nikki shouts at Jill to stop this. Kay has suffered enough. Jill says that all they have to do is find this Violet woman and get the information they need to find her son. Kay can't help with this. "I don't remember anything about her. I don't know where she came from…"

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