Friday Y&R Update 7/2/04

The Young & The Restless Update Friday 7/2/04--Canada; Monday 7/5/04--U.S.A.

By Suzanne
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Phyllis tells Daniel that Danny is not his biological father. He is shocked but she urges him to listen to the whole story.  She talks about what a great dad and how much he loves Daniel. She puts a positive spin about how Daniel came into the
world, but he can tell that she lied to Danny about his paternity to get him to marry her. She makes Christine the bad guy, saying that she did everything she could to get Danny back and ruin their marriage. He wonders why she was declared an unfit
mother, but she doesn't answer. Instead she continues with her version of the story. He is surprised when she tells him how Christine dumped Danny for Paul Williams. Daniel is understandably upset and confused. He says he needs time to take it in,
and she tells him to take all the time he needs.

Katherine prepared a big party with tons of food and drink, party music, and servants, to welcome the friends and family members who arrive to do the intervention. They are all shocked and angry, of course. They are mostly wearing dark clothing but she is wearing a rainbow-colored caftan.  Each of her friends and family members take turns in trying to get her to remember what her life used to be like and how the booze is killing her. Kay laughs at them and makes sarcastic comments and jokes. She insults Jill, saying that if she dies Jill would probably grieve for about five minutes. Mac comes in, wondering what's going on. They tell her about how Kay waylaid the intervention. Kay asks for a hug, but Mac is disgusted by how drunk she is. She tells Kay how much she means to her and says she will lose her family if she doesn't
knock it off. Mac says she will have to walk away.

Ashley asks John what's wrong and he shares that he had wanted to be at Katherine's intervention. They are at Jabot to decide whether to take Victor's offer or not. They discuss the offer again and seem to think that taking the offer is the only way out for the company. Jack comes in and is ready to work to save the company. Jack lays out some ideas for bringing in capital. He gets very angry when they are forced to tell him that they were seriously considering Victor's offer. He says he can't run the company without their support, so he will resign. They make a half-hearted attempt to change his mind, but he wishes them good luck and leaves. Jack cleans out his stuff as he chats to John. John doesn't want him to leave and certainly doesn't want to bucker under to Victor. John notes that Jack seems to be taking it well, but Jack says he feels like a big knife is sticking in his back. He understands how they could come to their decision and suggests they get cracking on replacing him and getting the company going strong again. John maintains that he is not going to accept Victor's money after all because it just doesn't make him feel good. Jack talks him out of it, saying he has to do what's best for his company. John says that he wanted to have his son running his company when he stepped down. John is amazed that he went there to cheer Jack up but it worked the other way around. They tell each other "I love you" and hug. Jack assures him that he'll be back.

Drucilla visits the rec center, looking for Devon. She meets Jamal, one of the supervisors, and admires the place. Devon returns with some supplies that Jamal sent him out for. Jamal introduces Devon to Drucill and wisely makes himself scarce.  Devon gets defensive, wondering if she will chew him out some more. She says she wants to talk about Lily, not him. She says that Lily's been through a lot and she doesn't want him to lead her down the wrong path. They discuss the money he stole. He says he needed it more than the guy in the store. They argue and she lectures him about right and wrong. He points out that Lily was the one who lied to the cop. She says that means Lily cares about him. He says that he knows Dru was just like him when she was younger and that it was just luck that she rose above her means. Their argument gets very heated. She says she wasn't just lucky, she and Neil worked hard to get where they are. He says sarcastically that she's saying if he works hard and applies himself, he can become just as stuck up as she is. She tells him to stay away from Lily and threatens to talk to his social worker or Jamal about it. He hastily agrees to stay away from Lily. Later, Lily arrives and tries to talk to him, but he tells her angrily to go away and leave him alone. She wonders to Jamal what's going on, and he suggests that she ask her mother, since she was there earlier.

Danny and Chris discuss Phyllis and Daniel. He worries about what she'll tell him, but Chris suggests that they have to just trust in his judgement. Danny proposes that he move in with her and Daniel. She agrees that's a good idea. He thinks she should give it more thought because it's a big step, but she's fine with it. They joke about sleeping together and kiss. Later, Phyllis drops by, but Chris tells her that Danny's gone out.  Phyllis tells her that they need to talk.

Danny waits to meet up with Daniel; he places a call to Gina but gets her voice mail, saying that he is wondering where Daniel is because he was supposed to meet him. (I think he is at his place)  Daniel arrives and angrily yells at Danny for lying to him about being his father.

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