Thursday Y&R Update 8/14/03


Young & The Restless Update Thursday 8/14/03--Canada; Friday 8/15/03--U.S.A.

By Kim
Pictures by Juanita

Isabella reiterates why people would think Christine would kill herself then pushes her under the bubbles.

Phyllis meets with Victoria, who wants to know what’s happening with Damon Porter. Apparently she’s been calling and leaving messages for him and think Phyllis might know where he is. She guesses he’s out of town. Victoria finds it to be a strange time for him to leave but she’ll keep trying to contact him. They bicker over who is going to convince him to jump ship. Victoria reminds Phyllis discretion isn’t her strong suit. Well, she got him to admit he wants to bail on Jabot once his contract expires so she doesn’t want to back off. Victoria guesses there’s more than just a professional interest in him but Phyllis denies it – she’s married. She then turns the tables on Victoria and claims she has the hots for Damon and wants him all to herself. She claims she has no feelings for the man. Phyllis thinks she should go after him. Victoria steers the conversation to his disappearance. Phyllis explains she bumped into Dru at the coffeehouse and that’s how she found out. Victoria is very pleased to hear Jabot is freaking out over this. Phyllis thinks it adds credence to his claim of wanting out. Victoria wants to make a move on him as soon as he comes back. She plans to use Michael to find a loophole in his contract to get him to come over to the dark side. She then puts her foot down – she will be the one to work on Damon. This does not sit well with Phyllis.

Nikki bumps into Dru in the boardroom. They discuss Damon’s disappearance. Nikki blows up. Dru tells her most of his work is finished so they can live without him for a few more days. Nikki thinks she’s making excuses for him because she’s the one who lured him to Jabot. She then wonders if he has a history of flakiness. Dru needed to snatch him away from her husband so there wasn’t time to go through the hiring process properly. Nikki thinks it would have been better to go slow then tells her not to refer to Victor as her husband when they’re discussing business. Dru thinks she’s peeved there isn’t any money left for her anti-wrinkle crème campaign. Nikki reminds her this is about Damon Porter abandoning them and blames her again. Dru apologizes in her own way. Nikki calms down then figures whatever happens, they will survive. Best line of the show: Dru says, “You’re having a Gloria Gaynor moment!” She tells Nikki she may look for Damon herself or torture Phyllis for more information. Nikki’s curiosity is piqued. Dru is mum at first then spills what she knows but she won’t say how she found out. She’s sure his disappearance has to do with Phyllis. Dru goes over Phyllis’ explanation about her evening with Damon. When Nikki finds out Jack doesn’t know about this, she suggests perhaps he needs to know. Damon could be leaking company secrets and they shouldn’t look the other way.

Damon shows up on Jack’s doorstep. Jack isn’t too happy and wants to know where he’s been. He reams him out for leaving town. Damon had a reason but he doesn’t care to discuss it. They called his horse farm and there wasn’t any answer or answering machine. He needed to be out of reach but he’s back now. If anything happened it could have been handled by the rest of the staff. Several products still need refining and, thanks to him, they’re now behind schedule. Damon promises to work twice as hard and they’ll be back on schedule next week. Jack does a slow burn. He reminds him how important Tuvia is to Jabot. Damon claims he didn’t know he was to be part of the rollout; it isn’t written in his contract. He’s an R&D man, he doesn’t do marketing. Jack tries to explain Tuvia is tied to him now and people may want to interview him. He gets frustrated when Damon says he doesn’t do interviews. Damon apologizes for seeming to be difficult and admits he should have come to Jack before he left. Certain rules need to be followed. Damon asks if there’s a rule against employees stealing business cards from competitors. He then asks if he’s fired; if so, he’ll say adios. Jack is fuming. He isn’t fired. Jack reminds him he’s been given a lot of leeway. Damon tells him it won’t happen again. Jack is concerned he left because of his job then tells him he can come to him about it. He’s not unhappy about his job and is committed to Jabot.

Paul comes home, looking for Christine. He checks her bedroom then is about to knock on the bathroom door but decides against it. He tells himself she’s fine. Isabella is still in there. He pours himself a drink as he thinks about his last conversation with Michael. He figures his gut instinct was wrong after all; everything seems fine. He decides to tell Christine he’s there so she doesn’t jump out of her skin when she gets out of the tub. Isabella opens the bedroom door and Paul’s mouth drops open. She’s hiding the knife behind her back. He has a lot of questions for her. She backs away from him and while they struggle, she claims she managed to swim to a nearby cabin after she was dumped in the lake and left for dead. He gets the knife off of her, grabs her and demands to know where Christine is. Isabella tells him she’s dead – she took sleeping pills. Isabella came there looking for him. He slugs her and she falls on the bed, unconscious. He scrambles to the bathroom and drags Christine up from the bottom of the tub. (I could have sworn she spluttered for air).

Paul has her on the floor and he performs CPR. Isabella has come to and has the knife in her hand. She stands behind Paul and watches him for a bit. Then she raises the knife. Michael comes to save the day! He wrenches the knife away from her and struggles to hold onto her.

The paramedics are now working on Christine. Michael comes back into the bathroom. It doesn’t look good. In the living room, Det. Weber questions Isabella. She’s sticking to her island story. He thinks she heals quickly for someone who was beaten on the head with a candlestick. She came to see Paul and found Christine at the bottom of the tub. She had the knife in case she needed to defend herself. She didn’t do anything to her.

As Paul calls to Christine and the paramedic checks her eyes, we see a black and white montage of her time on Y&R, going backwards from Michael’s second engagement to her at the coffeehouse. We even see Danny Romalotti. It ends in colour when she and Paul are making out on the beach in California. This would have been a very nice goodbye but it ain’t over. The New David Blaine coughs up the water from her lungs.

Phyllis comes home. Jack was about to hit the hay. He has a busy day ahead then the next day is D-Day. He smiles as he says may the best company win. Phyllis is happy to see a smile rather than his usual scowl. He tells her about Damon’s unexpected vacation to Georgia to clear his head. He’s about to head upstairs when the phone rings. It’s Drucilla. When he says her name, Phyllis looks worried. Dru wants to meet with him first thing in the morning to discuss Damon. Jack wants to talk about it over the phone but she’d rather meet in person.

Paul tucks Christine in bed. Michael comes in to tell them the paramedics are leaving and they would like her to go to the hospital for some tests. She wants to stay at home. The doctors are waiting outside, so Paul goes to talk to them. (Gee, you’d think after a magnum of wine and a belly full of pills she’d have to be rushed to the hospital.) Christine and Michael chat a bit about what happened. He tells her she doesn’t have anything to be afraid of now. He takes her hand and apologizes. He didn’t know what Isabella was capable of. He kisses her hand and as he’s about to leave, she thanks him. Paul comes back in and thanks him for showing up when he did. Michael admits Paul was right and he’s sorry for doubting him. They shake hands.

Det. Weber arrests Isabella. She claims she didn’t do anything. She tells Michael Christine is framing her. When she tells him she’ll need a lawyer, he says good luck. She figures it’s just Christine’s word against hers. Michael reminds her he stopped her from plunging the knife into Paul’s back. He can’t testify against her, he’s the one who dragged her into this mess to begin with. Det. Weber asks him to give his statement in the morning. He apologizes to Hank. Isabella is taken away, yelling and screaming. Guess she’ll be rooming with Trisha and Lisa at the nuthouse. (Hey, do you see a pattern here? Women whose names end in “a” become psychos. Is Sheila in the nuthouse too, or did she just hoof it to B&B? Watch out, Drucilla and Olivia! And Sierra. Am I missing anyone?)

Paul thinks Christine has passed out, so he goes to leave. When he looks back, she stretches her hand out to him. He caresses her then climbs into bed with her.

Friday’s preview: Neil finds it hard to believe Phyllis and Damon are involved. Phyllis brings up Jack’s meeting with Dru before he goes to work. Will Damon be fired after all, and will Jack send Phyllis packing after him? Stay tuned!

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