Wednesday Y&R Update 12/27/00



Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, December 27, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, December 28, 2000--USA

By Glynis

Jack is marveling over his web site in his office when Jill comes in and finds him very happy with himself. She finds out that Jack has not hired anyone yet for management of the web site. He assures her that he will get someone to take care of it.

Phyllis arrives at The Coffeehouse and finds Brittany there. They talk about the revival of the Glow by Jabot house. Phyllis tries to dig for information on the whole thing that is going to be going down on New Years Eve. Brittany is smart enough to know that she shouldnít be divulging information to Phyllis since she works for a rival company. Phyllis reminds her that she knows about the stunt that Brittany pulled the summer before. Brittany has a lot to lose over that stunt. Brittany looks at her stupefied. Apparently, Brittany has forgotten who helped her out with that. Brittany gets up, obviously upset at what Phyllis has said to her. Nick comes over and questions what is going on. Brittany leaves, then Nick warns her to stay away from the people at Jabot. Phyllis gets a call from Jack who wants to see her right away. Phyllis excuses herself and leaves right away. She passes Mac on the way out.

Brittany sees Mac and asks her if she will be coming to the party for New Yearís Eve. Mac tells her that she hasnít made a decision yet. Brittany walks off to sit somewhere else. Billy walks in and sees MacÖ.He walks over to Brittany who immediately asks him if he has found out yet if Mac is coming to the party or not.

Victor is in his office telling Paul that he is concerned as to where Diane is. She has left the penthouse and he would like to know where she is. Paul has made a phone call, but doesnít seem to be able to find out where Diane has gone. Victor comes to a decision. He wants the penthouse completely bugged. He wants to hear everything that happens in the apartment. Something is going on and Victor wants to hear what it is. Paul tells Victor that he will not personally handle the surveillance. He assures Victor that he has people that can take care of things for him. Victor will not accept that. He pretty much orders Paul to do it and at the same time asks why it is that Paul canít do as he is asked. Paul tells him that he will be out of town and wonít be available. He explains to Victor that he is going out of town to be with his wife while she works on a case. Victor accepts that and will work with someone else while Paul is gone.

Nina and Tomas are in Mexico having a nice time being together. They have been skiing together and plan to drive out to see some art galleries. They will stay for dinner there and make a night of it. They kiss and are very happy with each other.

Malcolm tells Phyllis that he thinks that he will shoot the winners, then digital the images. She thinks that will take more time, but he thinks that the pictures will be better. She lets him make the decision. She is glad that he is working with them. He is looking forward to working with amateurs for a change. She thinks that everything is all set up to work. He can tell that she is beaming. She tells him that she has been worried about not pleasing Victoria. Things have been good for her at work, as well as outside of work. She is working on getting together with Jack. Malcolm thinks that Jack doesnít have a chance with Phyllis after him. She tells Malcolm that sometimes Jabot gets more hits on their site than Newman does. There is something wrong and Malcolm tries to get it out of her. She tells him that this is a big secret. She tells him that Jack asked her to find someone to work on the web site for Jabot. She gave Jack a name, but the name that she gave Jack is tainted. She had a little talk with the friend about Jack calling for help.

Diane is in Kansas at a diner. She has managed to bump into Hope who is very curious about how they are supposedly connected. Diane reveals that they both know Victor. Diane talks about the son that Diane shares with Victor. Diane wants to know more about Victorís son, because Victor never talks about her son. She wants to know the story. She wants to know the relationship that Hopeís son shares with Victor, if any. Hope freaks out thinking that Diane is trying to exploit her. She thinks that Diane is some sort of reporter or gossip columnist. She knows that Victor has many enemies. Dianeís words are not ringing true. Hope gets ready to go and tells Diane that the conversation is over. Diane is unable to stop her.

Jack and Jill are with Mac, Rianna and Raul at the Pool House. Jack approaches her with an idea. He tells her that he wants her to be with them on New Years Eve, not as a guest, but as someone that would be handling the web site on New Years Eve. He is going to give her some time to think this over. He walks out. Raul and Rianna are pleased with the idea that Jack has come up with and await a response. Jill is beside herself with anger at the idea.

Mac, Jill and Jack move into the Jabot home to discuss the idea of her working for them. She explains what she knows about the web site and how things works. She thinks that she might be able to do what Jack wants her to do. Then again she might not be there for New Years Eve. Jack thinks that she could set up her base operations in the house and come out and celebrate with the others at the bewitching hour. Jill thinks that she is just a kid and canít do what they need. She doesnít think that Mac has enough experience. Mac quickly decides at that moment that she will be doing the web site work for them. She is in. Jack reminds Jill that there is no time for them to worry about getting something else. Jill is sure that this is going to be a disaster. Mac promises that she will do her best. Jack decides to take her to get the necessary equipment. Mac makes a comment that nothing will happen without her. She walks off smiling with Jack. She would have preferred that Jack had asked someone else for help with the web site, and not her. She is really stuck on Jack. She doesnít want to talk about herself anymore. She wants to find out about Malcolm. His Christmas was good and then it was bad. He got to see his son, but not enough. Olivia thinks that Malcolm is a lousy father and she is going to limit his access to Nate. Things are really slipping out of his hands. Phyllis knows how that feels. She has been judged and has had her child taken from her. She has had Christmases without her son. All she got was a card and a photo. Her son has gotten really big since she last saw him. All she can tell him is to hang on. Malcolm tries to lighten up the conversation. She has a solution. She thinks that since it is almost New Years, they should party hard, because that is the best revenge. That helps to get you through the day. She has to work till they announce the winner of the contest and after that, she doesnít want to be alone. Malcolm is working late that night and thinks that would be a good plan for them to get together and ring in the new year. They hug.

Brittany and Billie walk in and find Jill in a tizzy. She tells them that Jack has just put Mac in charge of the Website. Brittany doesnít look pleased at that announcement.

Chris and Mary are together at Chrisí house. They were to go out to see an exhibit together. Mary bows out. She realizes that there has been some distance between the both of them. Chris would like to build a bridge between them. She wants to do this for Paul. Mary points out that there are many things that Paul wants, significant things and going to a museum with her is not a way to make him any happier. They decide that they will not go to the museum together. Mary acknowledges that Christmas wasnít very much fun, and Mary doesnít want to go through that again. She is sure that Paul wonít be concerned about them not spending time together. She knows that she has caused some of the trouble between herself and Chris, but the real problems are between Paul and Chris. She told Paul earlier that she is going to pray that the trip will be just what Chris thinks it will be. She tells Mary goodbye and quickly walks out. Chris is left to think about what has just happened.

Jill is fuming in the Jabot living room. Brittany and Rianna are watching Jill pace back and forth and they realize that Jill really hates Mac. Brittany is determined to have a positive attitude over everything. She shows Rianna the ring that Billy gave her and Rianna shows the earrings that Raul gave her. Rianna is looking haggard and Brittany notices. Rianna tells Brittany that she didnít get any sleep the night before.

Jack comes in and warns Jill to leave Mac alone.

Tomas and Nina are both having lots of fun together in Mexico. Tomas has something on his mind and Nina can tell. He thinks that they should deal with his question to her about getting married. Just then, the phone rings and Nina runs to answer it. Chris is calling. He offers to take a shower at that time. He walks out as she continues her conversation with Chris. Chris was reluctant to call, but she thought that she would take a chance. Chris is really looking forward to her trip for a fresh start. Nina catches something is wrong. Chris has been thinking about having a baby again and trying while she is on her trip. She asks for Ninaís input. Nina thinks that Chris may be making the decision out of desperation. She cautions Chris that she needs to think of what she is doing. Chris promises not to tell Paul any of this before she is sure what is going on. Nina tells her that they will sit down when she returns and have a serious talk about her situation. Tomas comes out of the shower and warms up to Nina again to have a conversation. Nina sneaks off to have a shower.

Jack is telling the kids to share any ideas that they might have for the party. Raul reminds Jack to ask for Macís input for the site. Rianna has the lap top out and they are getting ready to vote on who is going to win the contest.

Raul and Rianna discuss the video and how best for it to work. They have just finished reading all the transcripts and are shocked at how many people would like to spend New Years Eve with them. Raul hasnít seen the doctor yet, but is sure that he will be told to drink lots of fluids and take it easy. His cold has been driving him crazy. She is sorry that her special tea didnít help. She remarks that Mac is not going to be alone for New Years Eve, and they are going to find time to be together. Rianna starts sneezing and Raul catches that.

The voting is over. Jill, Jack and Mac are together and Mac tells them that she is ready to send off message telling every one that the contest is over. Jill is sure that Mac is doing this to spite her. Jill tells him that they should have hired a professional and when things donít work out, Jack will be to blame. Jack ushers her out. Mack is left alone in the living room to work on the computer.

Brittany and Jack come into the room, but Billy leaves and the girls are alone. Brittany remarks that it is interesting that Mac will be with them for New Yearís Eve. Mac asks her about the amazing night that Brittany spent with Jack. She wants to know why Billy doesnít remember it. For months Brittany was making such a big ideal about the incident with Billy and now she doesnít even care about it? She finds that to be a surprise. Just then, Billy comes in and puts on Brittanyís coat. They walk out together and Brittany smirks as they leave together.

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