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Young and the Restless Thursday, December 21, 2000--Canada; or Friday, December 22, 2000--USA

By Linda K

At Crimson Lights, Raul is frustrated that his plans to include Mackenzie in the New Year’s plans has crumpled. He tells Mac that he went through the trouble asking Jack to include her, even though she wasn’t a contest winner. And even Billy said that it was OK, really, that she come along. Mac is not chancing infuriating Jill. After all the hassles she went through last summer! And she still has to live with the lady, so they should pull the plug before she finds out.

Also at Crimson Lights, Billy tries to reason with Brittany about having allowed Mac into the party. He is doing it as a favor to Raul who didn’t want Mac to be left out. After all, Mac did work with them last summer. So did Phyllis and she isn’t coming, Brittany argues. This will be New Years’ Eve and I want to relax and be comfortable with you, she tells Billy. Billy wonders why this still can’t be possible.

Billy makes it clear that he is doing this out of a favor to Raul. He heard Raul telling Jack that he hated Billy’s guts for all that he did to him. And they could never be friends again. This probably won’t change anything, but Billy feels he has to give it his best shot. And yes, he understands that Raul is aware of this gesture. He pleads to Britt for understanding.

Raul approaches Billy and Brittany. Mac doesn’t want to come to the party now, he sadly informs them. Why? Billy asks. Does it matter? Brit asks. If Mac isn’t interested, she isn’t interested! Billy reminds Raul that Jack made a huge production out of inviting Mac. Raul blames Billy's mom and suggests they both dash out to tell Jack before Jill finds out about the plans to include Mac to the party. Billy kisses and apologizes to Brittany before he dashes out with Raul.

AT the Newman ranch’s main house, Victoria is terribly disappointed that her father is leaving to go back to his apartment. Victor tells her Diane has a new partner in crime – Leanna Love! Neither could understand exactly what the two of them are up to, but conclude that they are obviously conspiring. Victoria warns that Victor cannot monitor every move Diane makes, and suggests that she come with him. Two pairs of eyes are better than one.

Victor refuses to allow her to come with him. After all, there have been some rearrangements at the penthouse. Victoria is livid to learn that her room and practically the entire upper room had been converted into a nursery – and Diane’s room. Victoria pleads with her father to remain at the main house until at least after Christmas. Couldn’t he put aside his differences with Nikki for at least one day? But Victor can’t get over his bitterness towards her mother. Victoria is near tears after her father leaves the house.

Diane is surprised to receive Michael Baldwin’s visit. Michael presents her with a gift – which she gladly receives. Diane gives him a massive hug. Michael notices her bags are out and she admits she is planning to take a short trip. Michael asks where she is going and questions her judgment about traveling in her condition. And about leaving Victor alone at this time. Even Scrooge was no match for this merry season.

Diane ask: That Victor would take an interest in her and her baby during this season? Michael answers: Merry Christmas! Stranger things have been known to happen. Diane admits to not holding her breath. She assumes that Victor will be with his beloved Nikki at the ranch.

At the Williams’ home, the warmth of the holiday spirit is spreading. Paul asks Chris if he could invite his mother over. She says they should spend as much time with Mary as possible. “Before we leave for Hong Kong!” Paul questions. Paul recalls their first Christmas together. They spoke of Nina and Chris tells Paul about Tomas’ proposal and Nina’s hesitation in accepting after Tomas overheard the reporter claiming that he was a ‘has-been’. And that he dashed off to heal his bruised ego by drinking.

Chris had advised Nina that Tomas either admit to his problem or she should walk away from that relationship. Chris had such high hopes for this ‘perfect couple’ she tells Paul. This relationship, which had started out so strong, has turned fragile. She catches Paul’s grimace. She may have just described her own relationship.

Mary Williams soon arrives and has brought all the gifts along as Chris and Paul are so busy with the holidays - and preparing for their trip to Hong Kong. She wants to discuss plans for the week’s holiday events – church, museum exhibit. But they are not obligated. She does not want to be any trouble. After all, they have this big trip – to Hong Kong! - to think about - and she does not want to interfere. She understands how much this big case means to Chris.

Paul suggests that they open their presents early. Just one, Mary tells him. Paul runs out to fetch a camera and Christine opens one of her present – the one with the big bow. Mary calls out “wait!” Chris adores her present until she discovers that she was given a maternity dress. Mary, how could you do this to me? Chris angrily asks.

AT Nick and Sharon Newman’s home, the family put the finishing touches on the Christmas tree. Eventually, after Cassie whisks Little Noah upstairs, Nick and Sharon talk about Victor’s Christmas plans and his move back to his apartment. And Victor’s vulnerability as far as Nikki is concerned. Nick talks about how hurt his father is by his mother’s actions. Sharon feels this doesn’t have to mean it is the end of their chances together and perhaps Nick should summon Victoria’s help.

Nick says that Victoria would flip out if she knew that Diane was involved with Leanna Love. She is not subtle in regards to her parents coming back together and if she feels they have a chance, she would push and push. Meanwhile, Sharon says, Victor does not like to be pushed. Nick feels his parents have to work out their problems between themselves – and he is not optimistic.

The door knocks and Cassie welcomes Victor Newman. Victor tells his son that he has packed bags and is on his way. Sharon is really sorry to see him go and the kids will feel the same way. Cassie proudly displays her snowman centerpiece. She cannot wait for Nikki to see it. Nikki will be back for Christmas won’t she? Cassie asks Victor. She can’t wait for the whole family to be together.

Victor tells her he cannot join them for dinner, but will visit on Christmas morning. Cassie is disappointed. Victor tells her that he cannot be there in person but will be in her heart. When Cassie has left, Victor asks Nick if it were OK if he came in to drop off presents on Christmas morning. Nick attempts to convince him to stay for one more day. Couldn’t they get along just for a few hours?

In the meantime, Nikki Newman rushes towards Nick’s house and hears Victor’s voice: Why bother! It would just be a charade. Nick tells him it would not matter. At least they could all be together. Victor tells him that if he and Nikki were in the same room, there would only be tension. Christmas should be a joyous occasion and this would destroy whatever holiday spirit there is. Nikki’s eyes fill with tears.

AT Nina's apartment, Tomas wants to get it out with Nina about his behavior – his marriage proposal and his drinking. He is angry of course that the reporter referred to him as being “washed up”. He is feeling sorry for himself and it works. Nina runs to his arms. Tomas tells her she can make everything right by saying “yes” to his proposal.

Nina pleads that this proposal does not feel right. He has been turning himself emotionally away from her. He tells her he is a private, internal person. He can’t talk openly about all his feelings. He tells her his proposal was sincere and that he would appreciate an answer. Nina blinks back tears and tells him that she doesn’t have one. They have too much to work through first. She would accept whatever he had to do in response.

Tomas kisses her forehead and tells her if she feels that way, they will wait. Nina feels they should talk about Mexico. They both need time alone together and she has an idea. She calls for her son, Phillip. Nina tells Phillip that she and Tomas would like to go to Mexico without him. Where would I stay? With Dad? Phillip asks. Nina said there is Jill’s place. Phillip is ecstatic that he may spend time at the Glow by Jabot house. That would be so cool. He is so happy and can’t wait to spill the good news to all his buddies.

At Jabot, Jill accuses Mac of weaseling an invitation from Raul in order to get close to her son again. She finds it hard to accept that her son agreed to have Mac there. Mac is a bad influence on ‘her boy’ and Jack argues that she should not decide who Billy’s friends should be. Plus, he wants all the kids to be happy – it will show on the camera and Raul and Rianna want Mac there. He invited Katherine Chancellor’s grand-daughter to the New Year’s party and Jill will just have to deal with it.

Jill insists she will not let Mac ruin the party. Jack can’t believe she is willing to once again barge in on her son’s affairs. This always blows up in her face. Jill believes she has a responsibility to look out for her son ’s interest. Jill’s phone rings.

Nina has called Jill to inform her that Phillip would like to stay with her over the holidays and that he would like to attend the New Year’s party at the Glow House – if the offer still stands. Jill rejoices – he will have a wonderful time and he can stay at her house. Jack is surprised and says: Well, if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black! They both have ‘certain’ people interested in attending the party. Jill understands that Jack is right. He will allow her grandson if she let Mackenzie come to the party – and to also put an end to all her threats!

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