Wednesday Y&R Update 12/20/00



Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, December 20, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, December 21, 2000--USA

By Glynis

Jill has her own Christmas tree brought into the living room as Kay watches on in surprise. Both Kay and Ester want to know whose tree it is, but they donít get an answer. It obviously belongs to Jill. The doorbell rings, and Ester answers the door and lets in a man carrying another tree which belongs to Kay. Jill refuses to move her tree to make way for theirs. Jill tells them that her son and grandson are going to be over during the holidays and that they have to arrange a time for when each of them can use the living room. Mac walks in, and Jill accuses Mac of maybe wanting to be around her son during the holidays.

Nina discusses her problems with Tomas. She hasnít told him that she wants to marry him yet, and they are supposed to be taking that trip together and she doesnít know what to do.

At The Coffeehouse Billy walks in alone and finds Brittany and Rianna together. Rianna sees the discomfort between them, but chooses to ignore it. As Billy takes a call on his cell phone, Rianna watches the both of them intently. Brittany is suspicious of the call, but Billy quickly tells her that it is Jack wanting to see him alone. He tries to arrange a meeting with Brittany later, but she gives him the deep freeze. Billy leaves and Brittany wonders out loud what that phone call was all about. Rianna finds it strange that Brittany doesnít know and is asking her. Brittany thinks that it is really strange that Jack would like to see Billy and not the rest of the kids. Rianna queries Brittany as to what is going on with Billy. Brittany tells her that Billy has some lingering feelings for Mac. Brittany is glad that Mac is not going to be around for the next couple of weeks as school is out for Christmas.

Raul comes to see Jack and talk to him about letting Mac be involved in the Glow by Jabot campaign. Raul is really pushy about the idea and doesnít see why Billy gets to decide if Mack can be a part of the festivities on New Years Eve. He tells Jack that he will never be friendly with Billy again. Just then Billy walks in. They discuss Mac attending the party. Raul is suspicious about Billy not wanting Mac to have fun at the party. Billy thinks that maybe Mac doesnít want to be there. Jack reminds Raul that he needs Billyís permission to have Mac there. Billy is still reluctant. Raul tells him that it is going to be Macís birthday and she will have no one to be with. Billy agrees to it. Raul leaves right away to let Mac know that she will be a part of the party. Billy tells Jack that Brittany will not be pleased at Mac being invited to the party.

Alex walks into Neilís office and decides to leave when she sees Neil reading in his office. Neil tells her to come in anyway. He thinks that she does very good work. He gives her the names and numbers of people involved in the suit. She wants to know what his schedule is going to be like over the holidays. He gets his back up and tells her that she is making too many assumptions about him. He tells her that he always takes Christmas off and Newman works with a skeleton crew. Alex reminds him that there are people that are depending on them to do a good job and she wants to have things taken care of by the 1st of January. She thinks that if they could get this dealt with as soon as possible, other people will also benefit from their good work. She asks if he has children. He tells her that his daughter doesnít live with them. He tells her once again that It is Christmas and he will not be bullied into working. They get into an argument, but Neil makes it clear that he will be spending his time with his family over the holidays and that is that. He asks about her familyÖ.about someone that she would like to spend time with over the holidays. She quickly shuts down the conversation and tells him that he should go ahead and have a nice Christmas with his hot turkey on the table. She rushes to the door to leave and Neil wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Malcolm arrives with presents for Nate. Olivia is surprised to see him and looks on disapprovingly as he greets Nate. Malcolm pretends that he is Santa and gives Nate his gifts. Nate is allowed to open one gift, with the permission of his mother. He sees the toy and both Malcolm and Nate run into the room to play with it.

Nick and his family come home after finding their Christmas tree and hauling it in. Victoria arrives and finds them putting up their tree. Cassie has named her tree "fir", as in a noble fir.

Nina is visiting still with Chris when Jill arrives to invite Nina and Phillip to dinner on Christmas. She even invites Chris. Chris tells her that she wonít be able to make it. Jill says that she will try Mary to see if she would like to come with them. Chris leaves. Jill would like to speak to Phillip who is in his room. Jill would really like to make a date to have time with Phillip and Billy and she wouldnít like to leave without doing it.

Olivia waits in the living room while Malcolm plays with Nate. Soon he comes out and Malcolm can see that she is bent out of shape. She is worried that Nate is going to be cooped up in his room playing with the game that Malcolm bought him. She complains about all the gifts. She tells him that she wants him to be at her house for Christmas morning, and then she wants him to leave by noon. Malcolm finds it strange that she doesnít want him there for dinner on Christmas. She thinks that she has the right to control the amount of time that Malcolm spends with Nate. He is not the positive role model that she wants for her son. He guesses that Neil is going to be there for Nate on Christmas when his father is clearly going to be there. She tells him that if he doesnít like it, he doesnít have to come at all. He thinks that she is hurting her own little boy. She thinks that a father would never leave his son the way that Malcolm did. He has no right to judge her the way he does. She tells him that he can come over on Christmas, or not at all. He tells her that he will let her now. He picks up his coat and walks out.

Kay and Mac sit around eating discussing Jill and her tree and how she is going to decorate it. Mac thinks that she is being naÔve. Jill is never going to let Mac go to the Glow by Jabot party. She doesnít know why she is worrying. She probably wonít get invited anyway. Kay wonders how Billy would feel spending time with Billy. Mac thinks that she wasnít invited anyway, so maybe that is for the best. Jill would just spoil it for her anyway. Kay knows that she would like to be with her friends at Christmas as well as her family. Kay tells her that her father will help to make this the best Christmas ever.

JT sees Rianna and Brittany talking and comes over to see them. Rianna leaves immediately and JT thinks that it is because she is not over him. JT is upset because she doesnít want anything to do with him anymore. Brittany tells him that Mac is not a problem anymore. He tells Brittany that he spoke to Mac and she might be figuring that she hasnít been using everything that God gave her to be a popular girl. He thinks that she could be worked on. He 8is sure that he could fix it so Abbott would never look at him again. He tells her that he could fix things for her for a little favor. She tells him that he is disgusting. He reminds her that she didnít think that last summer.

Nick and his family including Victoria stand around the tree and gaze at it lovingly. Nick remembers a time when he would go out with his father and pick at tree. The children decide to go upstairs to play and leave. Victoria worries that Nikki is not around and isnít calling. Victoria is going to call her later to see what she is up to. Victor is leaving soon and she would like to touch base with her mother. Nick tells Victoria that Victor is moving out of the ranch. Nick was talking with his father the day before and found out that Diane is up to tricks, so he is moving back into the apartment. Victoria expresses her hatred for Diane. She really thought that Victor and Nikki were going to get back together. Sharon comes up with an idea, but then decides to keep it to herself. Just then Cassie and Noah come downstairs with gifts to put under the tree. The conversation stops. Sharon compliments the children on the decorations that they have made for the tree. Victoria tells the happy family that she has to leave to take care of some things. Nick walks her to the door and both look on at the kids and remembers a time when the were little and everyone in their family was happy and together. Victoria gets a little sentimental and rests her head on Nickís shoulder as they look on at Sharon and the kids.

Philip tells Jill that he wonít be able to spend time with Jill over the holidays. She finds out that they are going to New Mexico later on and she wonít have any time to be with him. Jill comes up with an idea. She asks Phillip if he knows about Glow by Jabot. She tells him that she is a member of the Board of Directors. She offers to bring him to the New Years Eve party. Nina tells her that Phillip wonít be able to go because they will not be able to get back to attend. Jill gets her back up and thinks that Nina is just giving her a hard time. She gets up and leaves.

Jill arrives in Jackís office because he has something to tell her. He has issued an invitation to Mac to attend the New Years Eve party being held by Glow by Jabot. Jill says it will be over her dead body.

Mac arrives at The Coffeehouse and meets with Raul. They go to talk on the patio because Brittany is there. Brittany sees them walking out to the patio and winders what is going on.

Once outside, she tells Raul that she thinks that she should pass on the party.

Inside The Coffeehouse, Billy arrives and tells Brittany that Mac is going to be going to the party. Brittany panics right away and wants to know if Billy was given the choice of having Mac there or not.

Nina is sitting thinking of her wedding proposal when Tomas arrives. He has been out walking and decided to come over. He wanted to come over, but not too early. He reminds her of the night before when he proposed. He notices that she is not wearing his ring. She tells him that she needed some time to think. He wants to know the answer. She tells him that there are some things that they have to clear up first.

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