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Young and the Restless Tuesday, December 19th, 2000--Canada; Wednesday, December 20th, 2000--USA

By Glynis

Brad brings Ashley something to drink. He questions her on how to make the following year a good Christmas. With that, someone knocks on the door and Brad answers the door letting in two men who bring in a Christmas tree. Ashley is overwhelmed. She revels in the idea of having quiet time alone with her husband. They kiss. The tree is all ready and Ashley and Brad receive Nate and Olivia for a visit. Nate wants to see the baby and even though she is sleeping, Brad thinks that it is okay for them to go up and see the baby. Brad and Nate creep up the stairs to see the baby leaving Ashley and Olivia alone to talk. Ashley tells Olivia that Brad wants to adopt the baby. Olivia is overjoyed at her good fortune and canít help revealing that something is bothering her. Ashley immediately jumps on it and demands to know what is going on. Olivia doesnít want Nate to become a yo-yo, and Malcolm is making him one. She doesnít know what she is going to do. She could wait for him to change, or she could cut him off right now. She doesnít want things to become harder for her son. Ashley doesnít see that there is anything else that Olivia can do. Olivia thinks that she should cut down on Malcolmís access and let Neil spend time with Nate instead. Ashley questions if Olivia is starting to look at Neil as a father figure. She really believes that this would be in the best interest for her son. They stop talking because Brad and Nate have returned. Brad and Nate go to get the coats so that Olivia and Nate can believe. Ashley wonders if Olivia realizes that she is putting Neil in a difficult place, between her son and his brother.

Nina has just received the velvet box from Tomas. She canít open the box. He thinks that it is because she thinks that he is drunk. He tries to convince her that he is fine and that what he really needs is for her to open the box and give him an answer. He takes off his coat and kneels before her and asks her to marry him. She is looking uncertain about things. She looks at the ring and canít focus on it because she is so confused by everything that is going on right them. He tries to make her think that he is feeling okay. She is concerned about his mood changed from the last time that she saw him. His drinking doesnít make her feel very good either. She wants him to talk to her, but he only wants to talk about the proposal, unless she doesnít have an answer. In that case, he will leave and come back the following day to talk to her another time. He opens the door to leave and Chris is there ready to knock. She sees Tomas and wishes him a Merry Christmas. Chris has gifts and gives them out to Tomas and Nina. Chris immediately sees that something is wrong. Tomas thanks her for the gift and says that he will take his with him. He walks out.

At Jabot Raul and Rianna are arriving at Jackís office when they walk in. He invites them in. Raul and Rianna have something on their minds. They want Mac to be involved with the web site. Jack is not opposed to the idea, and thinks that Macís feelings must be considered. He reminds them that Mac has an issue with being on camera. Raul thinks that they can work around that. Jack reminds them that Jill doesnít like MacÖRaul and Rianna donít think that Jill will be that much of a problem. The third problem that Jack has is that Billy will be at the party with Brittany. Raul thinks that Mac will not have a problem with being at the party. She was going to have a birthday party and cancelled it because of the web site. Jack is also concerned about how Rianna feels about Mac being at the party. Jack notices that Raul is sick. He gives him a number for his doctor and tells him to go and get checked out.

Kay comes in and tells Mac that she knows that Raul and Rianna were at the house earlier. Kay is worried about Mac spending New Years Eve without her friends. Mac tells her that things might not go that way anyway. She might have plans. She might have another option. There is nothing definite planned yet. The party will be at the Glow by Jabot house. Kay questions if Mac would really want to be there will all the people that she was involved with before. Mac tells her that this was something that Raul and Rianna came up with. Kay doesnít think that this is a very good idea.0

Alex arrives at Chrisís office looking for Christine. Chris is not there, but Michael offers to meet with her. He ushers her into his office and he guesses that she is a lawyer. She confirms that she is. He tells her that he sees her astuteness and agility. He thinks that she looks like she is very sharp. They get down to business. She tells him that she is working for Victor Newman. Michael confirms that he knows Victor, and that he stays away from him as much as possible. She tells him that she knows that Chris used to work for Victor and she wants to know more about the job that she is going to take for Victor. Michael tells her that Chris handled some things here and there for Victor, but not much. He tells her that Chris showed courage taking him on as a partner, but Alex thinks that might be a good thing in some cases. Alex thinks that since Chris is not there she had better leave since no one is there that used to work at Newman. Michael tells her that he used to work there. She immediately asks about Neil. She wants the real scoop on Neil. Michael thinks that Neil may be giving her a hard time. She knows that her work is cut out for her. She has a lot of reading to do and starts to leave. She is glad that she had an opportunity to meet with a friendly face. He walks her out. Alex leaves and Michael tells the secretary that it is late and that it is time for them to go home.

Brittany has just rejected Billyís advances and tells him how he shot her down and now she just isnít sure anymore. He convinces her that he cares for her. She thinks that that maybe Billy canít have Mac, so he has her instead. She wants to protect herself from a lot of things. It would be easy for her to make love to him right now. She really wants him, but she isnít going to do it with him right now. She would feel even more connected to him and she wants that, but if she gives herself to him again, she will be making herself very vulnerable. Billy doesnít see anything wrong with that. She knows that she can be vulnerable to him and it could be something wonderful, but she doesnít want to get hurt. He does still think about Mac, but he assures her that it is in his past. She wants to be assured that he really wants to be with her and that he is over with Mac. She needs to know this very soon. Billy kisses her passionately, very passionately. She turns from him and walks out, looking back at him as she opens the door to leave.

Malcolm doesnít understand why Olivia is still upset that he went to Paris for so long. He is bitter and Neil tries to calm him down. Malcolm tries to make his brother understand that she doesnítí mean any harm. Neil doesnít understand Malcolmís point of view. He has defended Malcolm. He urged Olivia to give Malcolm some time. Neil spells it out for him. Malcolm isnít so sure. He would like to see his brother do something about what he says instead of just saying it. Olivia thinks that Neil is Mr. Perfect. She loves to compare the two of them. Neil thinks that Olivia likes to make her own decisions and he canít make her do anything. Malcolm takes Neilís hesitance as a sign that he is right about their relationship. Malcolm thinks that if Neil really cared for him he would try to sway Oliviaís way of thinking.

Nina explains why she was so concerned. Chris thinks that it is unfair for Tomas to put Nina through this. She thinks that his drinking is starting to form a pattern. Nina shows Chris the ring and tells her that Tomas asked her to marry him. Nina doesnít know if this is for real. Chris thinks that Tomas does love her, but she doesnít know the answer. Nina wonders what she is going to do without her friend, Chris. Chris reminds her that there is always the telephone. And if Nina gets married, she must do it when Chris comes back. Nina doesnít even know if the proposal still stands. Chris advises her to wait until the following day to find out how things stand. They hug and Chris leaves. Nina opens the box again and looks at the ring.

Billy is looking out the window from the pool house and thinking to himself. He closes the blinds and digs into his pocket to look at the ring that Mac had returned to him.

Mac is looking out the window from her house and thinking to herself as well.

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