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Young and the Restless Monday, December 18th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, December 19th, 2000--USA

By Glynis

Brittany is trying to lie her way out of getting busted by Jill for being in the house when Jill thought that she had left. She gets a phone call from Phillip who canít make the date with Billy and herself. She tells Billy that he is off the hook, at least for that. She doesnít like that he didnít tell her that he was going to be doing something else that night. She has tickets for a function and gives them to Brittany and Billy. Brittany even invites Jill, but she graciously refuses to go. The young couple leaves.

Matt is trying to make Tricia understand that Ryan wants to get involved with Victoria. He canít understand why she doesnít want Ryan to get exactly what is coming to him. Tricia looks up at him fearfully. Matt realizes that he has frightened Tricia and apologizes for his behavior. He tries to make up, but she doesnít let him. She tells him that she has to leave and walks to the door to open it up and Larry is there, just about to knock on the door. He sees Tricia and makes a leery look at her. Matt tells her that Larry used to live in the apartment. Larry flirts with her a little bit, and Tricia hurriedly leaves the apartment, but stops to think about what she has just seen. Larry and Matt go into the apartment and closed the door. Larry is very interested in what is going to happen next and what he is going to get out of it. Matt tells him that he is going to make it look like there are drugs being run in the Coffeehouse. he is going to get a kid to come in and think that he is working with the head of the CoffeehouseÖthe great son of Victor Newman. the kid wonít know the difference, not even when they slap the cuffs on him. Larry doesnít see how it is going to work. Matt is going to set up the buy ahead of time, and the second time that the kid shows up, Nick is going to give the kid the goods without knowing it. The kid is going to get busted in the process. Matt is sure that the kid is not going to say anything. By then Matt will not be around and Nickís fingerprints are going to be all over the stuff. Everything is going to point to Nick being the dealer. He will be in jail and then Matt and Larry are going to get their big pay out. Larry reminds him that he is not going back to jail. Matt tells him that there is nothing to worry about because they are in this thing together. Larry is feeling a little weird about things, but he agrees anyway. Matt warns him to call next time before he comes over. Larry leaves the apartment.

Brad and Ashley are together at Ginaís talking about his visit to the lawyer. Victor is at another table occasionally watching. Ashley realizes that Victor is paying attention to them and tells Brad that she would like to talk at home about the conversation. Brad picks up that something is bothering her. Jack walks up for a short visit. He is getting pick-up. He has good news for them. The results of the first Website venture was a success. Ashley isnít paying attention but Jack continues. He tells them that their web site icon quit and he has to get someone right away to take over. Jack wants to brainstorm right away, but Ashley will have nothing to do with it. Brad stops Jack from going any further and Ashley and Brad leave to pay the bill. While waiting for the bill, Ashley looks over to Victor and Jack picks up on it after Ashley and Brad leave the restaurant. He walks over to Victor and tells him that he understands why his sister left in such a hurry. Victor begs to differ. Victor reminds him that every time that Jack has crossed his path, he has lost. He tells Jack that he has failed miserably. Jack thinks that his sister has finally figured out that she doesnít need him. Jack makes a crack at Victor finally having time to pay more attention to Diane. Victor tells him again that he doesnít measure up and that he never will. Victor wishes him a good day and Jack walks off.

Tomas is listening to Nina and the reporter discuss his career and how it isnít what it used to be. He is outside the apartment and feeling rejected, he looks at the champagne bottle in his hands and walks away from there.

Raul is trying to find a way that Mac can be at the party for New Yearís Eve. He tries to convince her to go, after all, she did work on the campaign last summer. She almost agrees, then she remembers that there is no way that she can go to the party. She remembers that she canít risk being seen on camera. She canít risk it.

Tomas goes back to Ginaís very depressed and has a drink feeling sad about what he heard earlier at Ninaís apartment door.

Nina is telling the reporter that he had better go now. She doesnít like his inferences that Tomas is washed up. He tells her that he hopes that Tomas isnít losing his talent, but he is sure that Ninaís is on the upswing.

Ashley and Brad arrive home and discuss the way for Brad to adopt the child, but it will only work if Ashley has no idea whom the father is of her baby. He knows that Christian is not the father, so the father is someone else, someone that probably doesnít know that she has had the baby. It is probably someone that she met on the cruise. She probably doesnít know him and has no way to contact him. Ashley is very weary of the conversation and wants to know what Brad is driving at. He tells her that he wants to make some notices saying that he has the intent to legally adopt Abby. That would be the way to do it. He isnít going to pressure her though. He thinks that it will mean a lot to Abby in the long run. He will let her decide. He kisses her and goes upstairs.

Jill, Brittany and Billy arrive at the Abbott home and Billy goes upstairs to get ready to go out with Brittany. Jill tells her that she is still looking out for Billy and warns Brittany not to let her down. She gives a few warnings about them going out that night and then she leaves. Billy comes back downstairs and tells her that he is not really in the mood to go to Chicago to see the show that night. She tells him that she understands and that there are other things that she can think of that they should be doing instead. She takes the tickets out of her purse that Jill had earlier given her and rips them up. Billy smiles at her approvingly.

They walk out to the pool house and discuss the way that they fooled her mother. Brittany tells him that she found an old caretakerís property and thinks that would be a great place for them to be alone. Billy realizes that was the place where he used to spend time with Mac. He refuses to go with her and tells her that they have to find somewhere else. Brittany figures it out that the place that she found for them was the place where Billy used to meet with Mac. She is deflated at discovering that. Billy takes off his coat and starts kissing her. They walk over to the couch and start kissing again. They sit together and he kisses her even more passionately. She stops him and tells him that she canít. She feels that Mac is preventing them from being together. She gets up and moves away from him.

Raul understands why Mac would be uptight. He tells her that she could keep her face hidden from the camera. He really likes the idea of the 3 of them being together on New Years Eve. Rianna is feeling a little left out, but manages a smile and tells her that they will be together soon. As Raul and Rianna get ready to leave Macís house, Jill walks in and demands to know what Raul and Rianna are doing there.

Tomas arrives at Ninaís and the reporter is gone. Tomas is being sarcastic about the reporter and Nina is questioning whether he has been drinking or not. He clearly has. He lets her know that he was there earlier and overheard what was said about him. He is glad that he heard what was said about him. She doesnít believe that he is fine even though he says that he is. He pretends that he is fine and he offers to prove it to her. He pushes a velvet box into her hands and she stares at it stunned.

Tricia is home and thinking about her last conversation with Matt when she was afraid of him and realized that he sometimes is a different person. She realizes that she doesnít know him at all. He told her that he got a whole lot of her past. He told her not to worry because he will not walk away from her. She worries what she may have gotten herself into.

Raul and Rianna are at the Coffeehouse wondering what happened after they left Macís house. He is worried that Jill might have gone off on Mac. Rianna tells Raul that sometimes she is jealous of the way that things are going. She wants to spend time with Raul on New Years Eve and all he wants to talk about is spending time with Mac. He assures her that they will find time to be together on New Years Eve. Raul sneezes again and brushes it off as dust in the air.

Jill is alone in the living room of the Chancellor house when Mac tries to sneak in and get her book. Jill pounces on her wondering why Mac tried to get to her room so fast after Raul and Rianna left. Jill doesnít understand why Mac is spending time with Raul and Rianna. Jill is sure that Mac is trying to find a way to get close to her son again. Jill tells her that she just saw Billy and Brittany and there is no way that he is thinking about her.

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