Friday Y&R Update 12/15/00



Young and the Restless Friday, December 15, 2000--Canada, or Monday, December 18, 2000--USA

By Linda K

At Gina’s, Ashley sits alone and receives a call from Bradley. He has been conferring with his attorney and will give her details when he joins her later. Victor Newman enters the restaurant. He asks if he could join her but Ashley tells him she that her husband is on his way to meet her. Victor assures her he won’t be staying long.

Victor looks at her thoughtfully and draws a long, deep sigh. He asks how she is doing. Ashley tells him she could not be happier. Her baby is a dream. Victor tells her that, having held her baby in his arms, realizes how much Abby looks like her mother. Ashley gushes about her and Brad’s happiness, but she soon becomes serious.

There were a number of repercussions with Victor’s last visit. None too serious, Victor hopes. Ashley prefers not to get into it and Victor understands. Ashley tells him that it only seemed logical that they both move on with their own lives. Victor answers that there are some things in life that have nothing to do with logic. Eventually, he gets up to leave.

Brad soon walks in and joins his wife’s’ table. He notices that Ashley seems somewhat preoccupied. Brad talks about Christmas plans with Abbey. He admits having a kid changes everything when you see the world through the eyes of a child. Ashley asks what went on with his meeting with his attorney. Does he have good news or is he trying to cushion the blow?

At a nearby table, Victor scrutinizes the couple while they interact.

Also at Gina’s Restaurant, an exuberant Tomas greets Gina with a kiss and praises how wonderful life is. He orders champagne. He is celebrating – having an early start to the holidays and Nina’s new book. He asks that the wine be put on his tab and is about to bound out of the restaurant before Gina reminds him to put the champagne bottle in a bag.

At the Glow House, Jill and Jack reenter. Billy is chatting with CleanQueen who repeats to his question about New Year’s Eve. That’s the big prize for the contest, Billy informs her. She did not realize that she was participating in a contest. Billy congratulates her. How do you win? She asks. Billy explains the contest procedure to CleanQueen. And if she didn’t know about the contest, she may not have seen the summer telecast. Queen admits she saw plenty of that. And she asks Billy if he and Brittany were dating. And whether he in love with her. Billy’s pulse starts racing.

He replies that this is kind of personal. Queen responds that he didn’t have to answer. Any other questions? Billy asks. Queen tells him that even when he appeared to have fun, he seemed distracted. Was she wrong? Billy asks what she saw that made her feel he was distracted. Distracted is not the right word, Queen answers. More like, you were playing a role. Billy replies nothing on the site was staged. Queen scrambles for an answer. At times he seemed close with Brittany, but at other times ... Billy is now at a loss to understand Queen.

In the meanwhile, Brittany interrupts his chat. She wants to know if Billy is flirting with his fan and wants to know her screen name so that she would not vote for her. Billy assures her the ‘airhead’ contestant would not be in the running and doesn’t remember her screen name. Billy seems puzzled. Jack approaches him to ask if he is all right. Billy jots down the name CleanQueen on paper.

At the Chancellor mansion, Esther comes back and is relieved to see that Mac turned off the computer screen for her. Mac draws a nervous laugh as she looks at the computer.

Jack recommends that the group call it quits and to reconvene back to the pool house the next day. Rianna suggests to Raul that they visit the coffee house, but Raul wants to visit Mac. Rianna joins him. Brittany slyly watches them leave, and soon, she joins Billy on the couch. Finally they have some privacy. She suggests that they pick up where they left off the other day.

Billy asks if she isn’t worried they might be interrupted. The door has a lock, doesn’t it? She asks. Billy makes a plan. They will grab their things and walk through the living room of Billy’s house pretending that they are leaving. When Jill and Jack bail, both will meet back there again. They kiss each other passionately. Brittany has been waiting a long time for this moment.

At Nina’s apartment, Sims asks if Nina’s book was about her own personal story. That, she answers, was a question she hoped he would not ask. He warns her he will not be the last to ask this question. He promises to respect her privacy, but if the book is autobiographical, it would only enhance its power. To have gone through this experience as a teenage, and now being able to write about it after all the years of searching? The book reads as a protagonist searching for her stolen child. Although she doesn’t find him, she finds herself and the courage to go on in the process. It is a triumphant story and she is a triumphant woman! This is your own story, isn’t it Nina Webster?

Nina admits to Robert Sims that yes, her story is autobiographical, but prefers to not to make it a ‘point’. Or, Sims suggests, she might just put it out there and stop any further questioning about it. He respects her wishes to keep this undisclosed, but assures that it will come up again.

Sims wonders about Tomas del Cerro. Did he influence her decision in her writing? Were they having more than a professional relationship with each other? Nina answers that Tomas is her mentor and a wonderful man. Sims brings up the rumor that Tomas has been having a difficult time. That he has lost his muse – his gift. Nina informs him that this was a very personal and private question.

Sims continues. From your reaction, I assume I am right. Nina asks him not to assume anything. Nina tells him it is not unusual for writers to experience a dry spell. Sims applauds her faith. But, based on his experience with the literary world, once the muse is lost she rarely ever returns. He is only trying to prepare her. He fears that Tomas del Cerro might have written his last great book. Nina hopes he will be proven wrong. She turns the discussion back to her novel instead of Tomas. Meanwhile, Tomas returns to Nina’s building and is preparing to unlock her door.

Sims apologizes for upsetting her. Nina tells him he had no right in deprecating a man she cares so much about - who has more talent in his fingers any other writer. In the meantime, Tomas opens the door and listens to Nina vigorously defending him and chances that a major motion picture developing from his book. The reporter tells her he truly hopes the film project comes through for Tomas, but for a literary genius to reduce his stature to write for in Hollywood? Tomas pauses to listen more carefully and to think.

At Carter’s apartment, Trisha nervously waits for him. When he arrives, both hastily enter his suite. Trisha tells him she knew last night would come to haunt her. Trisha tells Carter how Victoria went straight to Ryan to tell him how she was tripping out at the coffee house. Carter tells her that Victoria dragged him to meet with Ryan to tell him how crazy she was. Carter had no choice – Victoria was his boss’s sister. Carter did his best to cover both their butts, he tells her. Did you succeed? Trisha frantically asks. If Ryan believes her lies, I am going to lose him completely!

Carter answers. Yeah, then life goes on. You can move in here with me, he tells a dejected Trisha. Carter soon understands. His place wasn’t posh around for her. She was using him only to have her kicks, but didn’t want to dirty her pretty little hands. Trisha stares at him. You know Carter, with that look in your eye, it’s like you are a whole different person. Trisha admits she is disturbed by him and admits how little she actually knows about him.

Carter also admits his lack of knowledge about her. And lately, he has had an earful about her past. If anybody ought to be scared, it ought to be me, he tells her. And did the name ‘Tony’ ring a bell? Trisha anxiously asks what people have said about her. Carter answers: Victoria and Sharon implied that you might have something to do with his death. I am not hearing any denials.

Trisha says: I am not a bad person. Are you going to turn your back on me now? Would you blame me if I did? Carter asks. Don’t worry (he kisses her). I won’t walk away from you. Carter tells her there was no reason for them to be scared of each other, and they should just chalk everything up to a very bad day. All this only helped to bring them closer together. As long that they realize that they have each other, the rest of the world could go straight to hell.

The rest of the world except Ryan, Trisha tells Carter. He answers: Until you feel that Ryan is not worth it. Trisha tells him she will never feel that way. Carter reminds her that Ryan may not be around forever. Trisha is offended – it sounded like a threat. Carter approaches her. Do you really think that I am capable of being a threat?

Ryan asks Victoria why she was telling Carter that Trisha was a menace to the community? Victoria wonders why he is defending Trisha. Ryan screams at her. He just had his own chat with Trisha at the office earlier, and although he accused his wife of being paranoid in assuming that Victoria was poisoning her relationships with other people, it seemed that was exactly what Victoria was doing. She was making it impossible for his wife to make any friends. Victoria insisted that because Trisha caused the death of another man, didn’t Carter have the right to know? Tony was dead because of her. And now Carter was getting involved with her.

They are only friends, Ryan adamantly corrects Victoria. Or at least they might have been if you and Sharon hadn’t gone out of your way to turn the guy against her. Victoria protests. You make it sound so twisted. We were concerned. Carter is one of Sharon’s employees. Ryan says she has also no right to dictate who Carter could socialize with. Victoria wonders why Ryan is not happy that Carter was warned off Trisha – not just for Carter’s sake, but his as well.

Carter is a single and attractive man. Shouldn’t Ryan have a problem that Trisha was hanging out with him? Did Trisha not ever once tell him that she was pouring out her heart to some other man? Ryan reminds her that they were barely communicating then and she needed support. So, she struck out a friendship with some person who was kind to her. He had no problem with that, so why should Victoria?

At Brash & Sassy, Victoria demands an answer from Ryan – about whether he understood that Trisha was mentally unstable. Ryan disagrees with her and accuses her of trying to put words into his mouth just like she did with Carter. Ryan is offended that she cannot see that he could make his own judgment about his wife, and that she had to drag in some poor waiter from the coffeehouse to back her story up.

Victoria protests and continues her course. Ryan accuses her of getting through to Carter. Carter could only vaguely corroborate with her story while she asked him a lot of leading questions. Ryan’s anger grows more intense. This was a big set up with her and Sharon feeding Carter some garbage about Trisha’s past - telling him that she was dangerous. He asks Victoria when she will stop crucifying his wife. Victoria is left speechless.

Victoria insisted that he should be bothered that Trisha is cozying up with some other guy. Ryan screams out that she is raising a smear campaign. She should be listening to herself, telling him at one point that Carter barely knew Trisha. That he is some nice, innocent guy who needed protecting and, in the next breath, she was accusing him of seducing his wife. In the meantime she was going around accusing other people of being irrational.

Victoria insists that she was not jealous of his wife. She was afraid - for what might happen to him if he would stay with Trisha! Ryan informs her that he was in no danger and insisted that she drop it. Ryan stomps out of Victoria’s office, leaving her devastated.

At the Abbott’s, Jack is pleased that their web site struck a home run. He couldn’t wait to see Victor’s reaction. He and Jill both agreed they needed to hire a new web master. Jack is aghast to learn that Jill is insinuating that she coordinate the New Year’s event.

Jill’s’ cell phone rings and when she answers, both Bill and Brittany walk through the living room and out the door. Billy kisses Brittany goodbye. When Billy re-enters the house, Jill tells Billy she has good news. She has three tickets for Phillip’s favorite group in concert. Cool, Billy answers. When do we go? Tonight, Jill enthusiastically answers. And since the concert is in Chicago, they could all go together that night – as soon as she gets hold of Phillip.

Jack notices Billy is not thrilled about bonding with Phillip. Billy tells him he had other plans. Jack asks if he should break the news to Jill, but if not, he should call him in his cell if he needs reinforcement. Jill notices that Billy is trying to get out of the concert. She is dismayed. Phillip wanted this so much and he would be terribly disappointed if Billy backs out.

Billy was angry she never said a word earlier that it would be that night. Jill insisted she only just found out about the tickets and wasn’t aware that they were on some waiting list. And she reminded him she was not exactly thrilled to be in a crowded place listening to loud rock music either, but thought it would be nice for both him and Phillip’s sake. Unless, Jill asks, there was some other really compelling reason. I had plans! Billy blurts out! Really? What plans? Jill inquires. What could be more exciting that a live concert in Chicago?

Jill remembers she left her purse in the pool house. Billy frantically calls the pool house. Brittany picks up her cell phone and is trying to understand why Billy wants her to get out - immediately. He hangs up and races towards the pool house. At that moment, Jill enters the pool house and is astonished. Brittany! I just saw you leave? What in the world are you doing here?

At the Chancellor estate, Esther greets Rianna and Raul who come in to visit Mac. Both feel bad to have to cancel out on the plans to spend New Year’s Eve with her. Especially since it will also be Mac’s birthday. However, Mac is OK with this. She will schedule her party for February – same as last year. She knew about their obligation to work through New Year’s Eve, which was their big prize.

Mac admits that she visited the Jabot website. Rianna cannot believe what some people would do to get a chance to come to the party. One chick actually never heard about the contest. Unless she was doing it on purpose so that we would pick her – she was trying so hard. Which we would never do, Raul tells Rianna.

Mac laughs that they have some real winners on their hands. Did you join the contest? Raul asks Mac. Rianna tells him, how could she? Their selection was totally random. They only talked to a few people. Plus, why would she want to be there at New Year’s. But Raul thinks it would be a good idea if she were there. They would all be together at New Year’s Eve. Mac answers that, as Rianna said, the chances of her winning were a zillion to one. Raul says he was not so sure.