Thursday Y&R Update 12/14/00



Young and the Restless Thursday, December 14, 2000--Canada; or Friday, December 15, 2000--USA

By Glynis

Michael tells the office that they have gotten that dream case that they wanted. Chris just sits looking at him knowing that it means something else for her. The secretaries go back to work and Michael closes the door and tells Chris that it is not too late for her to change her mind. He is worried that things are not going to be good with Paul upset with her in Hong Kong. Nina walks in and Michael leaves, but looking very strangely as he walks off. Chris tells Nina that they have gotten the case and are off to Hong Kong. Paul has concerns, but she is tired of hearing about them. Nina tells her that she is going off with Tomas for a while. Chris senses that Nina has something to say. Paul is not as thrilled about the trip as Chris thinks. Paul thinks that this is a pretty desperate move to save the marriage. Chris thinks that it will work. Chris leaves to tell Paul the news. In the reception area, Michael sees Chris leaving and goes into Chris’s office where Nina is still standing. He tells her that he thinks that they shouldn’t be going to be going to Hong Kong. Nina tells him that he should stay out of it. He thinks that it is funny that he agrees with her and Mary. Nina picks up her coat and walks out.

Victor tells Victoria, Phyllis and Ryan that they have launched a very successful campaign and that soon they will be in the driving seat. He leaves the office. Victoria asks her to hit them with another of her ground-breaking ideas. Phyllis thinks that they should name their lucky winner on New Years’ Eve, right before the bewitching hour. They will do the fashion shoot later in the week…That will keep the momentum up. Phyllis leaves to get back to work. Ryan tries to leave too, but Ryan will not let him. She still wants to talk to him about Tricia. She tells him that Tricia was attacking her for talking to ‘Carter’ at the Coffeehouse. Tricia obviously knows him. Ryan tells her that she is not the most objective person to be making judgments on Tricia. Victoria tells him that she is going to show him just how messed up his wife really is. She walks out.

Tricia is laying down in Matt’s bed and the phone starts to ring. She walks over to the phone and considers picking it up. She does, but Matt roughly grabs her hand and throws the phone down. Tricia is startled. Matt picks up the phone and greets Sharon. Tricia is stunned. Sharon asks him if he knows what time it is. He tells her that he slept in and will be there very soon. He hangs up the phone a really shouts at her. She tells him that she is really scared of him. She wants to know what is wrong with him. He tells her that he can’t have Sharon finding out about them. He tells her to get her act together. He leaves to get dressed, but tells her that she should stay away from the phone.

Jack and Jill are in the office looking over plans for the campaign. Billy and Brittany arrive with Raul and Rianna. Billy and Brittany are pushing to go. Jill and Jack want to make sure that there is not going to be any scheduling conflicts. Jack tells them that they may be expanding the campaign so that they can take advantage of the holidays for more exposure. Jill tells them that there are going to be four winners of the contest and that they are going to come to town to meet the kids at the Glow by Jabot house. Billy realizes that he will be giving up his New Years Eve. Jack and Jill put another spin on it to make them happy. They show the kids the e-mails that they have gotten since the summer campaign. Raul and Rianna go off to the side. He is upset that Raul will be spending New Years by herself. Rianna makes it clear that she is not spending New Years Eve with Mac. Raul and Rianna come over to Billy and Brittany and tell them that they might not be up to spending New Years Eve with them. Jack wants a decision. Billy speaks for all…they will do it only if they throw an outrageous party. Jill tells them that they are going to have the party at the pool house. The kids are sent over to the pool house to start working. The kids leave. Phyllis walks in. She still has her pass to the building and Jill leaves them. Phyllis walks over to Jack and passionately kisses him. She lets him know that she is aware of the Glow by Jabot kids being resurrected. She is glad that their rivalry is now friendly. He guesses that her people have been trying to figure out a way to combat the ideas that Jabot has been having. She admits it. He suggests that she is very pleased with herself. She kisses him some more then promptly leaves.

Marissa arrives and tells Diane that she wants to take on a part-time job. Diane tells her that will be fine, but she needs Marissa to leave right away. At that moment, Leanna arrives and Marissa is stunned to see that she is there. Diane tells Marissa to just leave. Marissa leaves the apartment right away and Leanna walks in. Diane is looking for information on one of Victor’s ex-wives. Hope, in particular. She asks Diane for Hope’s address, but she doesn’t want to say why. Leanna has a price for helping Diane out. Just then, Victor walks in and stops in his tracks when he sees Leanna standing there. She tells him that she is there looking for answers and she is not leaving until she gets her answers. Victor orders her to leave, and she does. Diane tells him that she is glad that he got there when he did. Apparently, Leanna is going to do anything to get what she wants.

Kay arrives at the Coffeehouse where Mac is working. She was looking for Mac after doing some shopping. She remarks that Mac’s outfit has seen better days and she should get something a little more cool. Mac was shopping the other day and she saw a store with a dress in it that she wanted… Hint Hint. Kay is glad for the tip. Mac knows that it makes Kay happy to give and Mac doesn’t mind receiving. They hug.

Lynne tells Paul that things will be fine if Paul has to go to Hong Kong. She has made arrangements to have the company running while he is gone. He is just waiting to see if Chris got the job. Marissa walks in and tells Paul and Lynne that she is able to work part-time for them. Diane didn’t care to tell her what she was up to, but whatever it is, it is big.

Matt has changed and Tricia asks him about Ryan finding out that she wasn’t there the night before. Matt is really tense with her and just tells her that he has to get to work. He then suggests that she tell him that she was spending time with a friend. She tells him that he is the only friend that she has. He kisses her and puts on his scarf to leave. He leaves. Tricia is almost crying.

Mac brings her grandmother something to drink and sits down with her. Kay knows that Mac will be busy, but she would like to spend some time with Mac over the holidays. She thinks that they could go to the Symphony Hall to listen to some classical music. Mac tells her that Raul and Rianna want to spend some time with her over the holidays. She feels funny because they are dating and she has no one. Kay suggests that she ask someone to go out so that she won’t be a third wheel. Kay has an idea. She suggests that Mac hang out with a large group of kids, they could have a party at the house. Mac likes the idea, and it is her birthday the day after. Mac panics that it would turn into a birthday party, but Kay manages to convince her that it is a good idea. Kay cautions her that no kids will be drinking in her house. Mac likes the idea of a New Years Eve party.

‘Carter’ ends up at work and apologizes to Sharon for being late. Sharon doesn’t believe that was the real reason that ‘Carter’ was late. She tells him that he heard about the run in with Tricia the night before. Sharon warns her that Tricia is a little strange. She tells him that something happened once and it involved this guy that was a very good friend of hers. He was hit by a car that was driven by Tricia. He thinks that would explain a lot. Sharon warns him to be careful. He says that he will.

Lynne is showing Marissa the ropes on how to do her job at the office. Chris comes in and kisses Paul. He guesses that she got the job. Paul is not as excited as she would have hoped. He leaves her to tell the others that she got the job.

Ryan is in Victoria’s office when Tricia shows up with lunch for him. She is not sure that he found out that she wasn’t there in the morning but he tells her that he noticed that she was sleeping when he left. He tells her that he heard the news about her getting in Victoria’s face the night before. He questions her about the waiter at the Crimson Lights…A guy named Carter.

Paul returns to Chris in his office and tells her that Lynne and Marissa are happy for them going on the trip. Chris knows that this is going to be the best thing for them. Paul reminds her that they are going to be moving across the world. She reminds him that she loves him and she is sure that things are going to work.

Sharon is working when Victoria arrives and it is clear that she is having a bad day. Victoria tells her that Ryan is not coming around to her way of thinking about Tricia. She sees ‘Carter’ and goes right over to him. She asks him to help her with something. She wants him to help her nail Tricia McNeil.