Wednesday Y&R Update 12/13/00



Young and the Restless Update Wednesday, December 13, 2000--Canada; or Thursday, December 14, 2000--USA

By Linda C

Michael and Chris get the Hong Kong job. He lets her know it is not too late to back out if she thinks it will hurt her marriage. She thinks she can handle it. She never makes professional decisions based on her personal life. Nina stops by and Michael excuses himself. Chris fills her in on the good news about Hong Kong. She and Paul will leave after Christmas. Nina tells Chris that she and Tomas will be taking a trip too and wanted to be there to wish her best friend, bon voyage. She also tells her that she just saw Paul and he didn't seem too happy about taking the trip to Hong Kong at all. Chris feels she is going to have to work harder to make Paul understand and she heads over to talk to him. After she leaves, Mike tells Nina that he thinks it is awful scary when Nina, Mary, and he all think this trip is a bad idea.

It's a go; Lynne is all set for when Paul leaves for Hong Kong. Marissa arrives with news of Diane's ignorance toward her when she told her she wanted to take on the part time job with them. Diane practically threw her out. Lynne takes her around to show her what has to be done when Chris comes in. Lynne asks if she heard anything about the Hong Kong job. Yes, she says and goes to Paul and let him know they are all set. She tells Paul that she spoke to Nina. He surmises that she told Chris that he wasn't too happy about the trip and admits he isn't. She tells him he is the best thing in her life and she is going to do whatever it takes to make it work.

The phone rings as Carter is in the shower. Tricia picks it up and Carter knocks it out of her hand and answers it. It is Sharon. She asks him what that weird noise was. He claims he dropped the phone. She asks if he realizes the time. He tells her his alarm didn't go off and he will be there in a few minutes. After he hangs up, he turns to Tricia and lets her have it for answering the phone. He is mad; he could have lost his job. She tells him she wasn't thinking and that he is scaring her. He says she is scaring him too because is Sharon ever finds out about them, it is all over. He says he has to get dressed. She asks his advice about Ryan. He says she is on her own, he bets Ryan doesn't even realize she wasn't home last night. He kisses her and leaves.

Over at Newman Enterprises, Phyllis, Vikki, Victor and Ryan watch the numbers grow on the Glow by Jabot site. Victor wants to know what they are going to do to turn things around in their favor. Vikki suggests they get right to work on it. Victor leaves for a meeting. Phyllis feels like her head is on the chopping block. Vikki asks for any suggestions she may have. Phyllis suggests they change their time line to vote on the contestants during the day on New Year's Eve and announce the winners that night. Then they could do the shoot with Malcolm the next week. Vikki and Ryan are happy with that plan so Phyllis heads out to get the ball rolling. Vikki corners Ryan about Tricia. They are not done talking about her yet. She tells him about the bout she had with Tricia at the coffee house. Tricia had told her that she stole her husband and now the waiter. Vikki is under the assumption that Carter and Tricia don't even know each other. Ryan wants her to lay off his wife. Well, Vikki thinks Tricia is clearly out of control and is going to find a way to prove it to Ryan. She storms out of the office. Shortly thereafter, Tricia comes in with Ryan's lunch and an apology for not making it this morning. He says it is okay; she was asleep when he left. He brings up what Vikki said about her and Carter and wants to know if it is true.

Over at Jabot, they are pleased with the number on the website. They think the kids are doing a great job bringing the people in. Jack thinks it was Ashley's idea on the New Year's Eve party was a stroke of genius. Jill wonders if anyone mentioned the changes in plans to the kids. Just then, the kids show up. They are informed about the changes and wished they were asked first. Rianna says she doesn't want to have to share Raul with Mac on New Year's Eve. Billy gets them all to agree to do the live feed from the pool house. They all leave. In comes Phyllis. Jill wants to know how she got in there. She tells Jill that she has a badge. Jill leaves to let Jack take care of Phyllis. Phyllis lays a big kiss on Smiling Jack. Jack tells her that she should be proud of herself. The top two websites in the cosmetic industry were her ideas. She tells him he is the only one she is happy about, kisses him and leaves.

Liana Love pays a visit do Diane after receiving her message. She asks her what is up? Diane thinks it is about time they make a deal. She asks Liana if she knows anything about Hope. Liana tells her that she lives on a farm in Kansas. Diane wants her address. Liana says she can get it and is curious as to why Diane wants it. Diane doesn't want to say right now. Liana says she will get if for her for a price. Victor comes in, asks Liana what she is doing there. She says he and Diane are celebrities and she is looking for a story and is going to get it whether he likes it or not. He tells her she had better leave now. She does. After Liana leaves, Diane tells him she is glad he got there when he did and thanks him for the heads up about Liana. She will do anything to get a story.

Mac is working at the coffee house. Kay comes in, telling her Christmas is coming fast and wonders if she needs any "hip" clothes, or is it "cool" clothes? Mac tells her that "cool' is better. She tells Kay she saw a dress in little shop window that she thought she might like for Christmas. Kay thanks her for the hint. Mac says she is happy to give gifts but doesn't mind receiving them too. She goes and gets a cup of coffee in a Santa mug for Kay and they sit and discuss Christmas plans. Kay suggests they have a New Year's Eve party for Mac and her friends. There will be no alcohol. This would solve her problem of not having a date. Mac thinks it is a great idea. She can't wait to tell Rianna and Raul.

When Carter arrives at work, he apologizes to Sharon and tells her it won't happen again. She asks him if it was really his alarm? She mentions about Tricia's approaching Vikki last night. Carter thanks her for warning him about Tricia, but he doesn't know what she is up to. Sharon says there is something she feels he should know about Tricia and tells him about her running down Tony on his motorcycle and killing him. She warns him to stay away from her. When Vikki comes in, she tells Sharon how Ryan doesn't believe her about Tricia last night. She is so frustrated and wonders if Nick will confirm it for her. Sharon thinks Ryan would see Nick as biased. Vikki notices Carter and goes over to him thinking he can help. She asks him if he can do her a favor. He says he will see what he can do. She asks him if he will help her nail Tricia McNeil.