Monday Y&R Update 12/11/00



Young and the Restless Monday, December 11th, 2000--Canada; Tuesday, December 12th, 2000--USA

By Glynnis

Phyllis is telling Michael how invigorating she feels after her date with Jack the night before. They are sitting in the Coffeehouse. She tells him that she isn’t going to kiss and tell. She wants him to leave things to his imagination. Michael wishes that he had someone, but still he is happy for her and wishes her luck, and promptly leaves.

Jill is asking Jack how things went with his date with Phyllis the night before. He tells her that he had a pleasant evening the night before. He thinks that he might see her again. He is certainly up to the task at hand. Jill doesn’t doubt that he is.

Tricia wakes up and realizes that she has fallen asleep at Matt’s. She runs to the phone and calls Ryan. ‘Carter’ comes out of the bathroom and sees her frantically trying to make her call. She doesn’t reach him and panics. ‘Carter’ tries to make her relax explaining that he may think that she was still asleep and doesn’t even realize that she was gone at all. He thinks that she was really something the night before. The first time that they were together, she wasn’t really into it, but the night before was really different. Tricia thinks that it may be better for her to go at Victoria face to face and not sneak around using the computer. She isn’t accusing ‘Carter’, but maybe they have been going about things the wrong way. He will walk away from Victoria if she wants him to, but he will not walk away from her. He knows that she wants to be the best that she can be. He encourages her to be herself, to show herself as someone that cannot be abused. He kisses her and Tricia succumbs to his charms once again. They move to the bed and make love once again.

Ryan arrives at work and Victoria wants to know what has been going on with Tricia. He tells her that he hasn’t seen Tricia that morning. Her bedroom door was closed so he just got ready for work and left. He tells Victoria to back off. He has told her one hundred times to butt out.

Victor walks in on Ryan and Victoria’s conversation and they start talking business. Phyllis arrives and wants to join their meeting. Victor tells her to come in. Phyllis tells them that she has found out that Jabot is scrambling to find a way to beat Newman’s campaign. Phyllis has found out that Jabot is going to have a contest. Victoria laughs at that. She enjoys the fact that Jabot is scrambling away to beat them. Victor doesn’t look as happy as the others. Phyllis suggests that they look at the Jabot line at that moment. Victoria offers her laptop to see the results of what they are working on.

Brittany is telling Billy that she is not thrilled to have to spend time with Raul and Rianna. The four of them can barely spend time together as it is. She is not trying to cause trouble. She just doesn’t think that leaving Mac out of the whole thing is not the way to go. She reminds him that they were about to make love the other night, and that maybe they should get together again real soon. Billy smiles at that and they both walk out together.

Raul brings Rianna a drink while they spend time at the Coffeehouse. They kiss and share small talk. Mac comes in and sees them together. Raul sees her over Rianna’s shoulder. They invite her over and they tell her that they are going over to Jabot later. Mac remarks that things are just like old times. Raul and Rianna assure Mac that they can still hang out together. Raul leaves to get more for them to drink. Rianna tells Mac that it would be good if Mac brings a friend with them when they go out. She even offers to get someone to go out with Mac. Mac says that she will think it over. Mac is facing the door when Brittany enter.

Brittany and Billy go to a table together and wonder if they made a mistake going there. Brittany tries to plan a way that they can get together to make love. There is no where that they can go to make love, but they will find somewhere.

Nina comes to see Chris and Paul tells her that Chris didn’t come home the night before. Paul is sure that Chris just had some work to do. He is not very happy at the trip that is coming up. Some of his contacts are not happy with his decision. He is hoping that the idea will grow on him, but right at that moment he doesn’t feel as happy as Chris does about it. Nina thinks that Paul should show some enthusiasm. He is worried about the extended stay in Hong Kong. He made the decision in desperation. He wants to believe that things are going to work out, but they still have issues that they can’t work out. He is taking the leap with both feet. Nina has to leave, but she believes that he is doing the right thing and thinks that he should believe it too.

Michael arrives at work and speaks to the secretaries. He remarks that they are getting ready for Chris to leave soon. Michael walks into Chris’s office and finds her sleeping curled up on her sofa in her office. He walks over and takes a file from under her and this awakens her. He tells her that today is the big day of their case. She is obviously embarrassed at him finding her there. He tells her that she is working herself too hard. She is sure that she is going to be fine. She wants to be ready for the case. She doesn't want to be busy with work the whole time while she is in Hong Kong. He thinks that she should be confident about her work. She doesn’t want any negativity. She is going to forge ahead and make the best out of the situation. Michael thinks that this is a very important case, but they may not get it and maybe that would be for the best. The secretary enters and informs Chris that the phone call that she was expecting is here. She was advised to take line one. Chris is reluctant to take the call, so Michael picks up the phone for her.

Ashley comes downstairs dressed for work and looking like her old self again. Brad informs her that he has contacted a lawyer to get some information on adopting their baby. Someone is at the door. It is the babysitter. Brad answers the door and greets Francis. Ashley immediately gets on her about what she wants. The sitter immediately heads for the stairs to go and be with the baby. After she leaves, Brad assures her that the baby will be fine. They both decided that Ashley should go back to work. He would prefer that she take some more time off, but she is ready to go. There is an important meeting and she has some new ideas. She won’t tell Brad ahead of time though.

Raul gets Mac a drink and Nick and Sharon arrive and find out that things are going really well with their business. Nick offers to get them some coffee. Sharon tells him that Victor was asking about the Coffeehouses. She was pleased with their meeting, but Nick is not so sure that he believes that Victor is okay with them branching out. He hopes that she is right in her thinking. Sharon and Nick discuss Tricia actually accusing Victoria of hitting on ‘Carter’. Sharon tells him that she has always had a bad feeling about Tricia and it is not going away. Nick is sure that Victoria will play it smart. Cody comes up and asks if anyone has seen ‘Carter’. No one has. Sharon thinks that maybe Tricia has something to do with ‘Carter’ being late for work. Nick kisses Sharon goodbye and leaves. Sharon can't fight this feeling that she has.

John, Jill and Jack are discussing business when Brad and Ashley walk in and surprise them with her arrival. Jill is glad to see Ashley back and they get down to business. She wanted to return because she wanted to give some feedback. She has some issues on the way that they have been handling things. They others look at each other uncomfortably. She wonders if they are really working as hard as they can. She wants to really use the kids. The winner should get to spend the holidays with at the ‘Glow by Jabot’ house. All love the idea, even Jill. She thinks that it brings dimension to the ideas that they had, but she reminds them that there is one small problem.

Tricia and ‘Carter’ have finished making love and he tells her that he has to go, but he wishes that he could stay there all day. He leaves the room. The phone rings and Tricia walks over to it and touches it wondering if she should answer it or not. It is Sharon calling with a very worried look on her face.

Mac watches as Brittany and Billy leave together. Raul and Rianna have left her at the Coffeehouse. They asked her if she wanted to come with them, but she doesn’t want to.

Jill makes a phone call to get started on Ashley’s idea of jumpstarting the campaign. Jill thinks again if Mac is going to be a part of the campaign. Jack assures her that Mac will not be involved. She is concerned with the four kids saying no to the ideas that they have.

Victor checks with Victoria to see if she knows that her mother left town. Ryan calls Victoria over to get her to look at the Jabot site. They read about the campaign that they are setting up over there. Victor realizes that the competition is not over yet.