Friday Y&R Update 12/08/00



Young and the Restless Friday, December 08, 2000--Canada, or Monday, December 11, 2000--USA

By Linda K

At the Newman's main house, Sharon and Victor continue their conversation about Diane. Sharon believes that in spite of Diane’s deception in her pregnancy, Victor may, in the end, stand behind the child – that is, if this is his child. The one good thing that will come from this is that the child has Victor to turn to rather than being left at Diane’s devices. That is a nice thing to say, Victor tells Sharon. 

Victor asks about Nick’s coffee house expansion. Sharon tells him things were on hold due to Cassie’s health, but now, they are anticipating work on Crimson Lights III in the new year. She is aware of his concerns for Nick spreading himself too thin, and not keeping up his responsible at Newman Enterprises. They are proceeding very cautiously and are taking what they’ve learned from their two shops and putting it to use for the third one. Victor warns that inevitably, a new shop will put bigger demands on their time. Sharon tells him his son is determined to get his way, just like his father. Victor is grateful that Nick does not entirely follow him in his steps. Victor has led a very tumultuous life, as far as his married life is concerned, and he is happy that Nick had established a strong relationship with his wife. He hopes that Nick will do everything he can to hold on to it. 

At Gina’s, Marissa rejoins Diane’s table after Michael Baldwin leaves and attempts to interest Diane in making Christmas preparations. Diane is irritated by her persistence and dismisses her attempts. Marissa complains that she doesn't have enough to do. Diane tells her to quit complaining. She has less work, more leisure time and getting the same money. Marissa gives up and leaves her alone. Diane has had the last straw when she sees Jack Abbott strolling into the restaurant with Phyllis Summers. Oh, Great! Just what I need! Another one of my exes! 

Over dinner, Phyllis wonders why she always ends up at this very restaurant with all her dates. There must be a conspiracy. Jack tells her she should stop complaining when she is finally out on the town with old smiling Jack. Phyllis asks if they are going anywhere in there relationship after that evening? Jack says she must wait and see. 

Phyllis apologizes to Jack for tying up Malcolm’s time for a whole month, knowing he might also require Malcolm's services. Jack feels there is no need to apologize, as Jabot will not be using a photographer. She ought to be flattered as they intend to imitate her work in their next contest. Phyllis is pleased. Jack groans when he sees Diane at the restaurant. Old flame, huh? Phyllis asks. Any ambers left there? Not even a cold pile of ashes, Jack tells her. Phyllis remarks that Jenkins is pregnant. Long story, Jack tells her. And a juicy one, I am sure! Phyllis is all ears. 

Diane, pregnant with Victor’s child? Wow. And people say that I am manipulative! Phyllis remarks. Jack says the idea is not so off the wall. Diane understands Victor’s colossal ego and that he would not walk away from his own spawn. Diane had stopped near their table to listen in on their conversation and nods her head in agreement. Phyllis continues: Still, these are extraordinary circumstances. Victor can’t want anything to do with her or the baby. She tricked him! Diane shakes her head sadly, but her eyes brighten when Jack brings up Hope, Victor’s wife number??. Very nice, and all wrong for Victor. He met her in a farm in Kansas and after she had her child with Victor, she realized she could not have a future with him and left permanently, which was the best decision she ever made for herself and her child. Victor does not have a thing to do with this child! 

Diane will have a very rude awakening if she thinks this baby will be Victor ’s iron shackle to her, Phyllis says. Jack wonders about Victor’s ego, whether he ended the relationship with Hope, or if she made this decision for him and, as Hope is a very private person, she is talking. Diane seems to have heard enough and silently creeps out of the restaurant.

 Phyllis doesn’t want to talk about babies, and has a suggestion to make. She is flattered that Jabot is imitating her contest idea and she is pleased how open they both can be with each other. They can talk about personal and business matters. Jack agrees that it would be nice if they could talk about work from time to time on their dates, even if they are rivals in business! Now about personal business? Phyllis asks. What did Jack have in mind for the rest of the night? Phyllis is up for ‘anything’.

At Crimson Lights, Trisha tells Victoria that she is apparently not content to with just stealing her husband, but now she is coming after Carter. Trisha tries to get Carter on her side. However, he merely gives her a questioning look, and tells her she has misunderstood the situation. Victoria and he were talking about the coffee house. After all, he is working there. Trisha tells him Victoria was pretending to, but she always had an agenda. Both Carter and Victoria invite Trisha to leave and she does, angrily. Nick enters and asks Victoria if Trisha threatened her. Only some harmless name calling, Victoria answers. Obviously Trisha's therapy sessions were not working. Victoria asks Carter to explain why Trisha has such concern for him. Were he and Trisha more than casual acquaintances?

 Carter explains that he certainly is now, although at one time he thought there would be more. He befriended Trisha when she arrived from Europe and he waited on her. He felt sorry for her. She was feeling so sad, and lonely - and he is such a sucker for this. And, not too hard on the eyes, he added. But he did not come on to her. He could never do that to his customers. And Cody noticed what was happening and warned him. He admits that befriending a married woman got him into a sticky situation, but he just had to help Trisha and had acted as her sounding board for a few months. Carter says he put an end to it after Sharon warned him she was unstable. So, he backed off right away. He is very grateful, he tells Nick, to his wife for warning him away from Tricia. And he noticed how bizarre Trisha's behavior was that evening. He never saw her that way before, and wishes he never had anything to do with her in the first place. 

At Sharon Newman’s home, Nick and Victoria enter and Victoria asks about her mother. Sharon tells them Victor said Nikki had gone off to Europe on business and will be back before Christmas. Nick and Victoria tell Sharon about wacko Trisha going nuts at the coffee house when she thought Victoria was hitting on Carter. Carter? Sharon is amazed. Don’t worry. He took your advice. He hasn’t seen Trisha since you warned him, Nick tells her. After her performance that night, I doubt that he would ever go near that wacko again, Victoria laughs. She gloats how Trisha made a complete fool of herself yet again. She is a nutcase and should have stayed in England. What bothers her is if she tells Ryan anything about this, they will get into an argument and he will think she is exaggerating. Sharon urges her to tell Ryan – he is her husband and his wife is obviously unstable and someone has to keep an eye on her. Victoria then tells Sharon how grateful Carter was for warning him. If it weren’t for her, Carter may have gotten in deeper with that woman. 

Trisha impatiently waits for Carter outside his apartment, and Carter is angry when he finds her there. He is not in a mood for another scene! He scolds her for nearly blowing their cover – they were not supposed to show they were seeing each other. Trisha emotionally launches at him for sitting next with Victoria. She is so afraid to lose him. He is the only man she could turn to for help. Carter tells her it might be too late. Trisha panics and desperately pleads with Carter to not leave her. 

Carter tells Trisha that she almost got him fired. He befriended her and this is how she repaid him? She cannot be trusted because she cannot control her anger with Victoria. She is not using her brains. She cannot beat Victoria at her own game, but has to make up a new game with rules which Victoria cannot understand and beat her at that! Eventually, Carter apologizes. This was weird for the both of them. They are not the type of people who sit around plotting revenge on someone - even if that someone was Victoria Newman. He welcomes Trisha to dealing with her problems with Victoria face-to-face and perhaps they ought to part ways. He stuck himself out for her way too many times and he can’t do this anymore. Trisha is frantic and tries to reason with Carter. When he turns away from her, Trisha grabs him. She kisses him furiously and holds him tightly in her arms. 

At the law firm, Baldwin takes notice of Christine’s thorough preparations for her trip to Hong Kong. Michael asks Chris if Paul is ready for this trip and Chris is silent. She believes this is the best option for the both of them, but there are no guarantees. This could be the last chance to save her marriage – everything is at stake and there are so many unknowns. What if she is stressed all the time? How will Paul respond to that? If she is too busy and tied down to work? Michael tells her second guessing her decision will do her no good and worrying about her decision will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. She ought to have more faith in herself and faith in her marriage. Chris thanks Michael for his advice and he leaves her to her work.

At the Carleton’s, both Ashley and Brad raise their voices during their argument. Brad believes Ashley is hesitating about the adoption proceedings because she does not want to establish a permanent connection with him. In fact, she admits, it definitely has to do with the biological father. Ashley tells him the adoption will only open a can of worms by alerting the natural biological father that there is a signing off of his claims to Abby. Brad finally agrees with Ashley, but asks how his grown daughter will feel when she realizes that he had not adopted her. Ashley agrees that Brad makes a lot of sense. She is worried, but finally agrees to let Brad talk to his attorneys while taking the greatest confidence and precaution. She believes they have weathered their first storm as a couple. 

At Paul William’s office, Paul presses Lynne to make ready for his departure. They need a plan firmly in place before he leave for Hong Kong and feels ill at ease to abandon his current clients in the middle of their cases. He feels financial disaster impending if he lends his clients to other firms for completion and they may not want to come back to him. Lynne has an idea and Paul is all ears. She feels she is capable of running the business for him. She had learned to do more than just answer calls. She invites him to test her and he does, and she also suggests that she could always reach him if she needs assistance. 

Marissa enters the office and Lynne introduces her to Paul suggesting that Marissa might be able to pick up the slack at the office while Lynne handles securities in the field. This would be a lifesaver for Marissa especially with Diane growing more depressed every day. Lynne notices that Paul stills seems uncertain.

Mary Williams enters and says this is because Paul is aware that he is making the mistake of his life. Obviously, Paul learns, she found out about his trip with Christine to Hong Kong. Mary is trying not to talk Paul out of it, but has a question. Is he positive this is the right thing to do? Paul asks how she learned about their decision. Mary tells him that she had spoken with Michael Baldwin when she went into Christine’s office. Paul tells her he wanted to tell her in person. This trip could open up a huge business potential personally, in the international market. And it may be a second chance for his marriage. Paul asks why Mary went to Chris’ office, and Mary admits she was hoping to change Chris' mind about the trip, but since their decision has been made, she can only wish them God’s speed. 

Chris calls Paul at his office and tells him that he should not wait up for her. She intents to work throughout the evening and, in fact, she plans to crash out on the couch. You are really pushing it, aren’t you? Paul asks Chris. This will all be worth it in the end, Chris assures him. When he hangs up the phone, Paul hopes that she is right – that all this is going to be worth it.